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Mervyn Conn (AKA ‘Mr Music Man’)

Music promoter Mervyn Conn (AKA ‘Mr Music Man’) – Arrogant rapist and sex offenderMillionaire music promoter Mervyn Conn thought he could get away with whatever he wanted but was jailed in October 2016 for 15 years for two rapes and an indecent assault. This Wimbledon based monster, who variously represented Marlene Dietrich, Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash, was previously jailed for two months in 1989 for yet another sexual assault. He will now rightly be forever disgraced.


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Carina Reid – Chelsea, SW3 based fraudster and trollop


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  1. more like fred west or the yorkshire ripper frrom what i hear

    his wife perjured herself in court giving him a fasle alibi. she said they spent the whole of teh summers together then teh prosecution said he dropped you off at your holiday home in dymchurch teh whole summer, just visiting y9ou there at weekends. its in his book mr. music man . the hudge said to ex-chorus girl laura conn, ;your jaw dropped when the book mr. music man was produced proviving you did NOR spend teh whole summers with him;

    the prosecution said to her , ;if you dont want to get caught out don;t tell your husband to write his autobiography! what is teh penalty for attempting to pervert the course of justice?

    ted sinclair
    12 ashburton close

  2. as soon as i find out this pervert is appealing i will write to the lord chancellor requesting his sentence is increased on the grounds that he and his wife conspired to pervert the course of justice by them agreeing she should give a false alibi. just imagine if all offenders could get their wives to stand up in court and say on oath in front of judge and jury, ‘he didnt do it, he couldnt have had the opportunity, he was with me the whole time’. this really makes my blood boil, it makes a mockery of giving evidence on oath and the sentencing tariff will need adjusting if he appeals

  3. what you need to do is tell the court of appeal that his conviction is sound because why would a husband and wife perjure themselves by concocting a wholly false alibi if he wasnt guilty as charged, just as with rolf harris making the ridiculous alibi that he had never been to cambridge until the video was shown of him on bbc its a knockout in …CAMBRIDGE!

    similarly, mervyn conn was never left alone for him to rape until his book was produced produced showing he spent the summers…ALONE AT HIS WIMBLEDON HOME! liars never prosper, particularly where their evidence is on oath and transcribed.

  4. jerry lee lewis has accused conn of running a child prostitution ring at wembley, hiring children to sell programs at the concerts then abusing them and procuring them as prostitutes to his celebrity friends. trisha walker-cunningham said at kingston crown court ‘i am giving evidence because i want justice for these poor children’. so two people have independently said conn was running a child prostitution ring with his wifes help. please will anyone with more information on this topic now contact the london metropolitan police. dont let this old pervert get away with it again

  5. laura conn was living off immoral earnings all those years, why else would she have lied on oath about being with him all the time. how many wives would give a false alibi to a man who committed multiple child rapes over 30 years unless she was herself involved. what did she think he was doing embroidery all the time he was alone for months on end…and how could she forget she spent each WHOLE summer holiday without him. she was a soho call girl when they met so of course she knows how vice operates

  6. Just wondered where the Jerry Lee Lewis and Trisha Walker_Cunningham comments came from. Can you shed any more light on these , ie links to websites etc

  7. sicko pervert child molester woman hating pug ugly repeat offending paedophile. i hope he gets the welcome he deserves at wandsworth prison. if i had to share a cell with that low life i would let him know that raping small children can serious damage his reputation among other prisoners. gary glitter, max clifford, rolf harris, mervyn conn, fred west, peter sucliffe, myra hindley, harold shipman, murse allette creeky sickos, all deserve our loathing, and those that help them like laura conn. prosecute her

  8. trisha walker-cunningham said it on oath at kingston crown court, she was a prosecution witness. she used to work for conn in london and said she saw what went on. she wont deny it because she already said it on oath. she said ‘what he was doing running a child prostitution ring is a whole new court case. jerry lee lewis has posted on the internet that mervyn conn was procuring small children to act as child prostitutes fro his celebrity friends, conn got his lawyers to write to jerry lee lewis and say if he didnt remove the comments he would be sued for libel. well guess what, jerry lee lewis can say it openly now because you cant defame a man found guilty of indecently assaulting margaret malloy {upheld on appeal} and now found guilty of two child rapes and a serious sexual assault. what is important is that both these people knew him and both said he was running a child prostitution ring.

    so how did conn do it , was it complicated…no, it was easy. what conn did was pretend he had work fro tehm at the festival of county music selling programmes, telling them tehy would need to dress as cowgirls. one girl came along in her school uniform. he then groomed tehm with promises of money and work, tickets to shows and teh chance to meet celebrities like rolf harris and jimmy savile and chris denning. so why do i single out these 3 celebrities? well they were all close friends of his. his boss in 1963 and 1964 was joe collins and working with him he helped produce teh 1963 and 1964 beatles christmas shows with brian epstein.. so who presented these childrens christmas shows? none other than his friends jimmy savile, rolf harris and chris denning. so heer we have 4 paedophiles all organising christmas shows together. here was he roots back in 1963 of the westminster paedophile ring with mervyn conn and his wife laura as the main organizers. if his call girl wife denies it let her explain why she perjured herself. perjury carries no maximum sentence. of she had pilled teh alibi off then her husband would have had an absilute defence and been found not guilty

    • I still don’t understand 3 things
      1) How you what Trisha Walker_Cunningham said in court , unless you were there
      2)Where and when Jerry Lee Lewis posted his comment on line
      3) How anyone knows which prison he is in
      Only reason for these questions/doubts is I have paid some interest in this case and other than on some random blogs there is no other substantiation of these remarks, would be helpful if you could add links as to how you know/discovered this info

  9. yes and before that conn , born cohen, was running a clip joint in soho called romanos where he would act as go-between when celebrities wanted prostitutes, age was never asked by him

  10. I still don’t understand 3 things
    1) How you know what Trisha Walker_Cunningham said in court , unless you were there
    2)Where and when Jerry Lee Lewis posted his comment on line
    3) How anyone knows which prison he is in
    Only reason for these questions/doubts is I have paid some interest in this case and other than on some random blogs there is no other substantiation of these remarks, would be helpful if you could add links as to how you know/discovered this info

  11. does anyone here know who to contact to get charges brought against laura and mervyn conn for conspiring to pervert the course of justice and her for perjury?

  12. Having sat in on some of this case as I live locally I would only clarify that Trisha Walker-Cunningham worked again for Conn in 2012 before being fired for incompetence. Therefore her evidence was largely dismissed as she was either knowingly working with Conn which would not reflect on her very well, or a disgruntled employee. I certainly felt she was the latter. Also I agree with Tinkerbels comments here, I have searched the jerry lee Lewis comments and there is no trace. He’s been convicted yes and will serve his time, but attempting to dramatise this further or connect it with other crimes is dangerous.

  13. i have too confirm that conn was procuring children asking them to come along when the rest of the staff had gone hiome, pretending to offer them pocketmoney for working at his shows. he then sent them ‘telegrams’ saying they were needed for work and when they arrived he raped them. he then groomed them to act as prostitutes for his celebrity friends.

    he did this over 30 years, it was his modus operandi. god knows how many more children will come forward, its another jimmy savile, who, incidentally was his close friend. he got him to his his festivals of country music , and worked with him and 2 other convicted paedophiles at the beatles christmas concerts in 63 and 64, they were chris denning and rolf harris.

    its no co-incidence all these friends are now all convicted paedophiles. that is exactly what a paedophile ring is

  14. Wendy, Do you have evidence? If so I would ask why have you kept this information to yourself and not shared with the Police for 30 years? None of the connections to talk about (Saville etc) were mentioned in the court….. I am really concerned that unless you have real evidence, just saying stuff and connecting things is doing no-one a service. If you have evidence, take it to the Police, if not then do not post dangerous speculation. I am all for someone being convicted for their crime, and serving their time as Conn will. I am not for people posting un-validated things on social media for sake of it. How do you know this and what proof do you have? If you don’t have an answer for either of these questions you should delete your post.

  15. i think its so important that we are completely fair, even to those who are convicted paedophiles and already found guilty of raping children as conn was. i must point out that the charge against conn of attempted buggery of a child was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

    i think conn did himself no favours by claiming he was found not guilty of an earlier attack he made on a teenager in the 1980s of serious sexual assault in which he aggressively groped her breasts and genital area. in fact he pleaded guilty saying it was a ‘moment of madness’. these moments of madness, it transpires, were frequent.

    most the points contained in this thread were made at conn’s trial, not on unchallenged internet blogs. i am not sure how it is ‘dangerous’ for posters to put the record straight when it is to correct the lies of a convicted paedophile? is anyone here claiming conn was NOT found guilty on appeal of a serious sexual assault on a 19 year old?

    if they are then they should read the telegraph which i assume is a trusted publication

    or the court of appeal judgment itself. or details of his closest friends, also convicted paedophiles

    that brings us to the laughable idea that people should go to the police to repeat what they have just heard in the kingston crown court when it was the police and cps bringing the case against him!

    in that crown court case conns involvement in the beatles xmas shows, hosted by rolf harris, jimmy savile and chris denning was exactly what was ascribed in.

    conn was such a good friend of savile that he asked him to compere his festival of country music in 1974 (source : billboard magazine)???

    trisha walker-cunningham gave evidence against conn in kingston crown court and she said ON OATH that conn was procuring children to act as prostitutes for his celebrity friends. trying to slag this lady off as a disgruntled employee is ludicrous when she is a bigger country music promoter in nashville than conn could ever be. anyone who went to the last disaster of a country music festival he put on would realize that, it collapsed owing everyone a fortune and most the theatre was curtained off to try and hide all the empty seats. a sign of his incometence was holding it the same day as a major wembley football match which led to chaos and disastrous ticket sales.

    walker-cunningham was a straightforward and honest witness who said ‘all i want is justice for these poor children’. she also said he should face the music. in contrast , we have conn, who consistently showed no remorse, and got his counsel to reduce the poor victims to tears through vicious cross-examination…i suppose the money was good was it?

    dont try and rebuke posters here for repeating what was said in the crown court, it just makes peopel question YOUR motives

    • I am that 19 year old that was assaulted by conn all them years ago. He pleaded guilty (eventually) but did no jail time. He ruined my life. It is such a pity he did not do the mere 8 weeks in prison he was charged with. Any lives might be different today. He appealed his sentence not the verdict… but he was found guilty …. and is guilty ……

  16. i used to be a big fan of conn’s country music festivals and collected all the souvenir covers and tickets, as well as the merchandise.

    i heard rumours that he was convicted of attacking margaret malloy but my mind was put at rest when i read his book ‘mr music man’ where he says he was cleared on appeal. so it was with a sense of outrage i then learnt at the crown court hearing his conviction was upheld on appeal.

    that is even before it got into the fact he had been taking children to a derelict hut on wimbledon common for sex. needless to say, i burnt my whole collection of autographs and wembley memorabelia related to teh country shows.

    i think sicko paedos such as conn should get a mandatory life sentence, and those that aid, abet,counsel or procure their activities. i suppose that is what being in a ring is, those that make it possible for others, such as spouses living off their immoral earnings, or celebrity friends having a ‘pimp’

    eucchh sickos

  17. i dont know much about this case but have been a lifelong beatles fan. the 1964 ‘another beatles christmas show’ was produced by joe collins and he got mervyn conn as his right hand man to do all the work, working closely with rolf harris, chris denning and jimmy savile. if you go through the beatles archives its not hard to dig out

  18. more on mervyn conns boss here

    conn says himself in the express his involvement in the beatles shows

    He says in the express..”When he began in the music business more than half a century ago, there was “none of this TV talent show business you havetoday” he says. After running the legendary club Romano’s in Lon- don’s Soho where his mother would cook the food and his father worked behind the bar, he joined forces with Joe Collins (father of Joan and Jackie) and staged the first Beatles’ Christmas shows.”

    so who did he get as comperes..none other than his old mates rolf harris and jimmy savile, the same man he chose to host his own country music festival

  19. ok, so this is a legal point. what do you call it where a wife provides an alibi for her husband who is up on child rape charges, saying he cant have done the crimes for which he is now convicted because he spent each summer with her and the family. then we look at his autobiogaphy mr music man and find he used to leave them down at their holiday home in dymchurch. not like she could have forgotten bearing in mind they still own the holiday home there..

  20. so you want to know mervyn conns role in the westmnister paedophile ring? well conn was mister big, he made it all possible. as trisha walker-cunningham the mich respected country music promoter told kingston crown court. conn would get girls to come to see him, pretending to offer them work selling programs and telling them to dress in costumes. he would then get them to work as prostitutes for him to the rich and famous including his best friends jimmy savile, chris denning and rolf harris

  21. jerry lee lewis was touring the uk at the same time as the christmas beatles shows, and was managed by conn. lewis married his 13 year old cousin and when the press found out lewis fled. the great britsih public booed him and threw rotten fruit and bad eggs at the stage. lewis has since said on the internet that conn procured child prostitutes for celebrities, conn got his lawyers to make lewis take it down threatening to sue. the same tactics that savile used.the police need to speak to jerry lee lewis and trisha walker-cunningham.

  22. did you know that the five fingers outstretched is a satanic ritual, max clifford and jimmy savile used teh same pose if you google photos of them. so too the staring eyes used by harris and savile is intended to mermerise and disorientate victims, the only solution is to get in their first and disorientate them back, what in boxing is called feinting. you show the left arm as if to jab from the left then instead throw a right uppercut. ie, switch to the left then launch from the right. if ever smeone raises teh 5 fingers at you like conn in the photo, swerve left and uppercut to the right, but very quickly. above all else avoid the hypnotic gaze they use to disorientate you like gary glitters pose with the 5 fingers. if ever one of these perverts uses the 5 finger posture or stares in a hypnotic way, remember swerve left and jab right

  23. oui, cest vrai… if attackers like conn had done this on adults rather than poor innocent little children they would have knocked his f’ing block off

  24. You seem determined to make these connections and so what can I do? You also seem very focused on Trisha Walker-Cunningham, her evidence, and how big she is….(??) so gorgive me for questioning what your motives are. Did you not hear the rest of the case and evidence? I did not know either people before this case and so who am I to judge who is the biggest deal, to be honest I do not care…. I am just saying that Conn has been convicted of certain things, this other stuff posted here from my memory is complete speculation. One thing that frustrates me about these type of postings is that saying that you knew about this for 30 years means that you are guilty also of hiding a crime. I am sick of people being brave on the internet after the fact, if you know something report it at the time. If not you are failing society… we have to stand up and protect each other not stay silent. I wont post anymore and I wish you luck with whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

  25. Seems to me judging by the comments a lot of people were in the Public Gallery at KIngston Crown Court during this trial . At least one of the comments on here is incorrect , I know because I was there also.
    I guess if the Trisha Walker -Cunningham evidence is true the police will now be investigating it , although would they not need victims to come forward first ?

  26. Agreed Tinkerbell. (OK so I lied, this will be really my last comment! 🙂 ). My interest was peaked today and I googled Trisha Walker Cunningham. She worked for Conn for “ten years” and then “after a 20 year hiatus” again in 2012 for the Country Music festival in London… It seems a long time to know this stuff whilst continuing to work with Conn. Not a great testament of character in my view….
    Is there not a case for withholding evidence or similar? Anyway,…. I’m really off now, good luck all, may see you all in the public gallery again! Bonne Chance Pierre!

  27. yes its true, these 11 and 12 year old children who were attacked should have gone to the police at the time or kept their mouths shut. didnt they realize the duty they had to society? how selfish…

    what were they worried about? that they wouldnt be believed? feel misplaced guilt? confusion? like a rag doll? or threatened by rich lawyers? or ripped apart in the witness box? or publicly humiliated and made to relive their ordeal in public?

    if you want to know why most had to wait 30 years for justice its because nobody would have believed them. when you get 10 children and witnesses all revealing the same m.o, describing in detail the inside of conns house, the telegarms telling them to come urgently, what the inside of his office was like,the stench of stale tobacco on his breath and of cheap perfume on his hair, how he locked the office door before raping them, had his wife and family stay at dymchurch the whole summer, promise the opportunity to meet his ‘celebrity’ friends, then you have a case. children who told people what had happened AT THE TIME. in one case a judge, and how she wanted to get over it without the ordeal of a court case. yes, these children and witnesses were so selfish, werent they? what makes witnesses remain silent is that lawyers feed off these paedophiles like vultures. they forget that they have one duty ABOVE providing their client the best defence and that is the duty not to mislead the court. one classic line at the trial was when walker-cunningham was being cross examined she was told ”i have some emails here on my computer in which you praise conn”. 10 minutes later his defence barrister said”,…but i cant find them…”

    then we have an alibi defence being run where the spouse claims her husband was never left alone to commit attacks even though defence counsel must have read his autobiography where he gloats how he left his family at dymchurch all summer. are we to velieve that defence consel made no attempt to substantiate this alibi defence in which the spouses perjured themselves?

  28. how could trisha waler-cunningham have come forward before the trial or in the previous 30 years if no victims had come forward?

    sh did exactly the right thing, as soon as they decided to come forward she corrorated what they said, which is EXACTLY what a prosecution witness is supposed to do

    trisha walker-cunningham never said she was the victim!!

    somebody has to say there was an alleged assault vefore someone can have witnessed it. if they said nothing had happened what could she be a prosecution witness to?

    so what is all this bs about waiting 30 years and should have come forward sooner?? someone should get out their books on logic. on crimewatch they say were you a witness to this crime or that crime not were you a witness to no crime!

  29. conn said in his statement, page 5 ( comment on statement page 4/22)

    ”I believe in 1969 there were only about half a dozen girls of which Jackie (Mortimer) was one.

    She developed a regular hardcore of girls who worked at the festivals each year.They were girls that she could rely on to do what was needed. It was high-pressure work. A lot of these girls were in their mid-twenties.

    She knew exactly what was required from the girls, who not only had to be attractive but clever and tenacious.

    She never employed anyone under the age of 17. The girls needed to be mature.

    The tasks these girls undertook are as follows:

    …..4. Acting as guides, taking artists from hotel (Royal Garden Hotel, Hyde Park) to Wembley Arena for sound checks and rehearsals”

    At the trial Jackie Mortimer said she did not interview the girls, Conn did so himself.

    Conn usd to interview them after 6 pm after the rest of the office staff had gone home. One girl came along in her school uniform, and told Conn her date of birth.

    these are the same girls Conn attacked then got to use as escorts to stars staying at the Royal Garden Hotel.

  30. i am trying to look for what i call a middle path through what i have read.

    i think it was just and right that the children should decide for themselves whether they wanted the ordeal of a court case after being attacked. i read that a lot of them chose counseling. I certainly don’t think its appropriate as one poster here said to criticize them fro waiting 30 years since I don’t think they would have been believed without corroboration of other victims.

    one thing I notice is that the children told at the time very respected people what had happened to them, and this counseling itself proved to be of huge evidential value because it proved beyond doubt that the m.o. they describe now is exactly the same m.o they said 30 years ago, and that it was the same m.o. each of them experienced. some of the children were attacked in THE SAME ROOM (4th floor of Conn’s office) as Margaret Malloy for which he had already pleaded guilty. What is interesting is that they didn’t just say this now but 30 years ago.

    Some were taken to Conn’s 32 Burghley Road Home. The judge said to Laura Conn, ‘was your home chinzy as the victims described 30 years ago to independent witnesses’, and she said ‘no’. well i have looked at some old photos that were in magazines and it was chinzy.

    Next they all knew that you could only see Conn’s back garden if you went right over to the windows. This is because it was an old dairy cottage with very small windows rather than the modern desian with 6 foot plus windows.

    one child described the inside of his Rolls Royce which she could not have know he owned at that time if he hadn’t been in it, and the gap in his teeth and that he smoked cigars. Conn, a compulsive and habitual liar, told the court he didn’t smoke cigars or have a gap on his teeth.

    They described being asked to look after cases containing 1000 pounds each after the show, Conn said they didnt handle program sales so had no cash. He also said he could not have locked the children in the room because there was only a combination lock outside.

    Then his own defence witness Ken Salter said they split the money into 1000 pound bags in case they were robbed. He also said he knew when Conn’s door was being locked because he heard the key drop on the floor when Conn was locking it. This is because Conn would be wrestling with the children at the same time as locking the door from the inside, hence the key would drop.

    As an independent person I then have to consider Trisha Walker-Cunningham. I think if she had gone to the police 30 years ago the first thing they would ask is have the children told you they have been attacked? What she KNEW was that Conn claimed to be ‘interviewing’ them after 6 pm when all the other staff had gone home, and that they were told to entertain and escort the celebrity friends. This is what she was able to corroborate and what Conn denied. This is why she said ‘all I want is justice fro these poor children’. Her testimony was crucial. She was also able to explain HOW the ring operated and how Conn organized it. Without the victims coming forward though she would have been powerless to corroborate anything. I for one would like to thank and congratulate her for her courage coming forward.

    The ‘hiatus’ referred to above of 20 years was NOT in Trisha Walker-Cunningham’s career but in Mervyn Conn’s, In that 20 year period Trisha went from strength to strength and now has a personal wealth in excess of 100 million (source :Forbes Magazine). Conn tried to make a come back which failed disastrously, He intended to franchise the Wembley Festival’s but after it lost so much money Ticketus the backer sued Conn and he was forced to make a payment or be declared bankrupt.

    I found some internet links which show

    1. that Conn dumped his family in Dymchurch, taken from his book Mr. Music Man.


    2. that jerry lee-lewis was looked after by Conn at the Royal Garden Hotel, Hyde Park


    3.that conn was exploiting as many as 100 children in the ring


    4. That the children’s role was what Conn called ‘hardcore’. Looking after the celebrities and whatever they wanted


    I hope this helps. I have been a great admirer of Trisha and thank goodness someone with her good reputation was willing to stand up and be counted.

    Here is a link where she she received the Award of Merit from the tennessee governor for over 30 years tireless contribution to nashvile country music. He said, ‘there is no doubt that the country music industry owes you a dedt of gratitute. This is reflected by how many fo the gid names have come to this award ceremony. Thanks particularly to Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks and Shania Twain. They all nominated you and observed now you brought country music into the mainstream and popular with all ages as family entertainment. Your charity work has improved the lives of countless war veterans’.

  31. Thanks for this post Nancy . Just wondering where you had found access to the document for link 4 and if you have access to the whole thing. As I stated before I am interested in what he had to say about the whole list of allegations

  32. Tinkerbell, you won’t get a response no matter how many times you ask. It’s very clear that the person posting all this in here is under multiple names with Walker Cunningham as a theme is out to post as much rubbish as they can. – All lower case, the same spelling mistakes and in the same voice. Even Pierre bless him.
    Lots of twisted words purporting to be facts which is very sad….. just random links to Conn’s book.
    Please read my comments again Lowercase Writer, I have never, ever, criticized any of the victims for not coming forward that would be despicable, only T W-C for failing to report it immediately.
    I have children myself, and if I suspected this behaviour in a person I knew I would not hesitate to report it, I can’t see how I could work for the man again and again. As they say on the trains in London “if you suspect it, report it”.
    Social media gives people the power to say anything without check in the hope people might believe it, sadly it seems to be a strong theme looking at the global politics we have today. I find this a very dangerous part of modern society. We seem to forget about the need for honesty & facts and in its place just post what we want. I for one do not believe that this is right.
    So I would implore to the Lowercase Writer – Conn has been convicted and is in prison. You are clearly angry, but I ask you to seek peace via counselling rather than posting venom. You will be happier in the end.

  33. Denzil , not all of the posts are completely in lowercase with spelling mistakes. Also Nancy’s links 3 and 4 provide access to what looks like a summary of his statement perhaps used by his defence barrister. I just hope someone can point me in the direction to paperwork that will solve my own curiousity. It does seem like some of the other posts have been copied from other blogs and not everybody could have been in the public gallery as it only had about 12 seat (if that)

  34. Hi Denzil,

    I agree with you, Let’s try and discredit the other posters and their overwhelming evidence haha.

    i Am disgusted they can’t type and properly too haha.

    That is definitely far worse than sticking up for serial convicted paedophiles haha.

    Don’t throw your toys out your pram because people here are disgusted that one of your heroes has been convicted of multiple child rapes over 3 decades. I wonder if your attitude would be more caring to others if he or his celebrity friends had attacked you

    If ever you need a babysitter you will probably choose Conn or one of his friends haha.

    When you suggests that multiple people saying COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS are all the same person, it displays some sort of inferiority complex.

    You are the ONLY person in the country, let alone on this well respected forum, who is sticking up for Conn.

    You display a complete lack of empathy and care towards others in society, Did you know many of Conn’s victims are still having counselling?

    So Denzil, you seem interested in the psychology of other posters so let’s consider yours.

    The PCL describes psychopaths as being callous and showing a lack of empathy, traits which the PPI describes as “coldheartedness.” The criteria for dissocial personality disorder include a “callous unconcern for the feelings of others.” There are now several lines of evidence that point to the biological grounding for the uncaring nature of the psychopath. For us, caring is a largely emotion-driven enterprise. The brains of psycopaths have been found to have weak connections among the components of the brain’s emotional systems.

    [You seem to meet the type 1 definition]

    I promise I won’t post again, I know it would get you very cross again.

  35. Searching the web – Lowercase writer has been prolific in posting fabricated stuff about this case trying to connect it to all kinds of other cases. TOPIX being the main M.O. These other posts even include personal addresses and names of innocent people. I have reported it. Not cool….. You might be angry Lowercase but don’t go an commit your own crime. Do you know who lives at those addresses now? I guess not… You could be putting peoples lives at risk.. Stop now and find peace.

  36. What I found most interesting was reading Conn’s statement where he admits he employed ladies to entertain celebrities at the hotels but then says he did not verify their ages because he did not interview them.

    How credible is it that he would not have known they were underage?

  37. I don’t think Denzil is trying to stick up for convicted offenders at all, he was just pointing out that a lot of the posts on here contain reference to posts on other blogs ie topix that are unsubstantiated and mainly from overseas. In this instance the offender has been punished, thank god . Wendy’s posts seem the only place where there are links to documents other than what he said in his book and various historic newspaper articles , including an interview with the offender himself.
    I would still like to know where links 3 and 4 in Wendy’s post were sourced from

  38. Here is page 13 of Conn’s statement.

    He says he shared his office at Wembley Arena with Ken Salter and the door could only be locked from the outside by a combination lock.
    This was important because the children all said that Conn had a ritual of locking the door before attacking them.

    Conn called Salter as a defence witness at the trial. Salter was asked,
    ‘If you were sitting outside, how did you know when the door was locked’.

    Salter replied, ‘ I knew the door was locked because Mervyn used to drop the key when he locked it form the inside’.

    This blew out the water another key aspect of Conn’s alibi, that the door to the office in which the children were systematically attacked (Conn’s m.o) could not be locked.

    They were sent telegrams telling them there was work for them, and the chance to get tickets to shows such as ‘Mutiny’, and an opportunity to meet his celebrity friends by escorting them. When they arrived he would lock them in, tell them to dress as cowgirls, and rape them.

    Conn claimed his assistant Jackie Mortimer used to interview all the escorts/ program sellers. He called her as a defence witness. Mortimer said on oath, (in bold is where she raises her voice, ‘ I REPEAT I DID NOT INTERVIEW ANY OF THE EMPLOYEES. Mervyn Conn did that after 6 pm when the rest of the office staff had gone home’.


  39. If you wonder why Conn always locked the door, remember he had already been caught by his accountant attacking Margaret Malloy. His accountant walked in and caught him mid-attack. So this cunning fox became he would always lock the door.

    I suppose people wonder why Conn pleaded guilty to attacking Malloy when he denied the recent charges. The reason is that his attack on Malloy was witnessed and his accountant gave a statement verifying the attack. If Conn had pleaded not guilty, his accountant would have been called as a prosecution witness.

  40. I thought the thing about the lock on the lock on the door pertained to his West End office and not an office at the Festival ? Surely he wouldn’t be interviewing at the Festival as the girls would already be working for him?
    Also why doesn’t somebody just post the link to his whole statement rather than just certain parts of it ? Surely its better to see the whole thing so it will put everything into context

  41. I have found this site very informative. I have seen on the Metpolice website that they are appealing for more victims of Mervyn Harold Conn to come forward.

    I have noticed one similarity between Conn and Stephen Port the serial killer. Conn belonged to a lot of dating sites including JDate and Sugardaddies. I only know because ladies told me they had met him when I belonged to them. They told me his profile was often under the name of Curtis or other pseudonyms. Their descriptions of their encounters with him were never favourable. If any ladies here met Conn on those sites could they come forward to the police. I got chatting with the lady who Conn called his long term girlfriend at the trial and she said she had only met him a few times before the trial and that they met on a dating site but he needed a statement from her. What sort of witness is that?

  42. Chas , I find it hard to believe that you got chatting to”his long term girlfriend” and that she would have told you she had only met him a few times. She would have had no idea who you were for a start , you could have been a journalist or a police officer .Also the fact he is/was on dating sites has no relevance to what he has been convicted of

  43. All seems very fishy to me… almost it is the same person posting as much “post truth” style messages as possible… but then I might be wrong…

  44. Some of the comments in these remarks in these posts are true Denzil and could only be known if that person had either sat in the public gallery or had access to statements or a court transcript . They are facts that have not appeared in his book or on other blogs ie Topix etc. I still want to know how they know these things as I have searched for an online transcript and can’t find one , also I’m not sure if a transcript would be public due to the nature of the offences and the anonymity of the victims

  45. Neighbourhood Watch although you are entitled to your opinion, as are we all , I for one find your comments unhelpful at best and puerile at worst. If you have nothing constructive or informative to say I wouldn’t bother if I was you

  46. Conn was incredibly violent towards his victims.

    Margaret Malloy said, ‘The man is a pervert. It’s disgusting the way he took advantage of me in his position as employer. I can’t tell you how happy I am he is behind bars.’

    Malooy said this with reference to his first period of imprisonment for attacking her.

    Miss Davinder Lachhar, prosecuting, said Conn summoned her to his top floor office on the pretext of asking her to bring him some tissues to his top floor penthouse office. He wrapped his legs around her to stop her moving. \She was left bruised and her clothing ripped. He only stopped because his accountant interrupted him. This is the same office he attacked schoolgirls.

    Source: Times, London. Thursday December 7th, 1989. Section: Home News. British Library Record number:

    Personally, I think we should bring back the death penalty for these violent sexual predators. Conn showed a total disregard for the emotional well-being of his victims, was always brutal and used the same m.o.

    One of his victims had to have an abortion which caused her lifetime trauma, Conn continued his predatory attacks after the Wembley festivals ended, preying on women on dating sites such as SugarDaddies and JDate.

  47. Conn’s house at Convent Mews Wimbledon was within walking distance of 3 schools, and his second home at the Oval, Dimchurch, close to a childrens theme park.

  48. Can I just make one small request?

    Can readers of this forum please contact the metropolitan police if they have been a victim of this serial sex monster Conn?

    What exactly did he learn from his first period of imprisonment in the 1980’s?

    I would also ask readers to petition the American Government and Bureau for Homeland Security to seek extradition of Conn after his prison sentence. Throughout the 1980’s Conn travelled freely between the K and USA under what was called the ‘Visa Waiver Programme’.

    This programme meant that those frequently needing to travel to the USA could do so without visa by signing up to the programme. It required them to declare themselves free from criminal convictions involving gross moral turpitude, and to declare ALL criminal convictions.

    Any false declaration was a federal offence carrying up to 10 years in federal prison.

    There was also a second federal offence committed of obtaining a visa advantage by deception, carrying a further 10 years federal imprisonment.

    So what sort of thing did the federal government want to achieve by this legislation? Well, it was to prevent those likely to break the law from entering the USA, such as paedophiles or terrorists, what one could call the scum of the earth.

    Conn chose not to declare his conviction for attacking Margaret Malloy to enable him unrestricted travel to the USA free from visa applications.

    I am very concerned that when Conn is freed he will once again attempt to evade public scrutiny by choosing to travel again to the USA.

    Heaven only knows how many Americans he will attack, Trisha Walker-Cunningham from Nashville made this very clear.

    I would like to make an impassioned plea that readers petition the USA and Donald Trump to extradite Conn to face American justice.

  49. Dear Tracey, I think perhaps a sense of perspective might be due here, Conn will be almost 90 years old by the time he gets out. I think you, Trisha and the great nation of the USA will be pretty safe by then.

    I am personally more concerned about Trump tweeting us into the next 3rd world war…! What is he thinking??

    • That made me smile! Good to see you back Denzil, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away! Though it has been pretty quiet on the comments and rumours front lately, perhaps you can bring them all out of the woodwork

  50. Tracy , he was not sent to prison for the attack on Margaret Malloy , he received a suspended sentence . Also I am pretty sure there are probably a number of people with criminal convictions who have travelled to the US and not declared them ! Finally do you really think that Trump would extradite somebody who entered the US over 30 years ago , especially as Trump has been subject to various historical assault accusations ?

  51. Howdy,

    I was much taken by the news that UK country music boss Conn was incarcerated again for raping children.

    Now, someone said that Conn was not incarcerated for the aggravated sexual assault of Margaret Malloy..

    At the initial Crown Court hearing Conn was sentenced to 8 weeks in penitentiary.

    He was taken straight from the dock to prison. He appealed the sentence, arguing that an immediate penitentiary sentence was too harsh. This appeal was made while he was in the penitentiary.

    Margaret Malloy said herself in an interview with the Times, England, (mentioned above) that she was delighted he was put behind bars.

    The confusion arises from the fact that his penitentiary sentence on appeal was then suspended for eight weeks.

    In Kingston Crown Court the judge pointed out that at the earlier trial it was only suspended securing him release because an attorney friend said he was otherwise of good character….

    His time served while already in penitentiary reduced the 8 weeks suspended sentence.

    Note that both at the Crown Court and the Appeal Court an 8 week custodial sentence was imposed, one suspended the other served.

    The Bureau of Homeland Security has a very different attitude to you in the UK. Federal crimes rather than state misdemeanors always result in extradition proceedings. Any offense involving border security is always federal. Visitors from the UK are often surprized to find themselves shackled for entering the UK without declaring convictions, but here in the US it is normal.

    I can confirm the sentences for the 2 visa offenses Conn committed are 10 years each, I could probably dig out the the statutes for you but, hey, maybe you need to research it yourself!

    To better explain why we view this so seriously, some of the offenders such as Conn who have been released early would face the death penalty here. We never understand why you are so left wing in your treatment of perpetrators. We have a right to bear arms precisely to defend ourselves from guys like Conn. The ladies here are allowed to use lethal force in self defense.

    I asked around about Conn’s involvement in procuring ladies on dating sites and its true it turns out he lured ladies using false identities over many years, in this one he calls himself Curtis.



  52. Conn has used the US Visa Waiver Program for many years, telling them he has no convictions,

    Here is a copy of the document he relied upon. Conn relied upon this to obtain visa exemption. The documemt was knowingly inaccurate. It did not reveal the earler conviction because the sex offenders register did not exist at that time




  53. Here it says he was convicted with 4 others left on file. Does anyone know why the 4 left on file havent now also been investigated.

    In this article from the Daily Express it makes clear Malloy’s ordeal only ended because Conn’s accountant walked in. All later attacks he locked the door.

    He plied the children with alcohol first which I understand is a separate offence



  54. Where do you guys find all this stuff? The only things I have seen before are the Telegraph and The Sun articles about Margaret Malloy but there seems to be a source of information , particularly pertaining to his statement , that I can’t trace.I know I have made this comment before but any pointers/ links to these sites would be appreciated. Thanks(in anticipation!)

    • Long shot, considering the date this was posted. But I’m still interested in reading more about this case. Anyway, did you ever get hold of any court statements?

  55. mmmmmm Tink, I have the feeling there is only really three of us in here…. You, me and lowercase (now exclusively Uppercase as lowercase writing has now ceased since I called it out :-)) All of this can only come from one person as far as I can tell; Clues are…..clearly US based, obsessed with Trisha Walker Cunningham and how successful she is compared to Conn, likes to post evidence and other random stuff on the same Russian server, has had access to evidence, and was in the trial… Who could this possibly be?

  56. I know Conn was Mr. Big in the underworld, he could’t help boasting in his book that he was friends with the Krays when he bought out half of Soho.

  57. The one fing I hate more than this ****** Conn are the psychos and paedo lovers here who candy arse around sticking up for him. ”Scuse me m’lud but repeat offender Conn had his feelings hurt when freedom of information documents were released showing how he got children drunk and raped them on wimbledon common in an old hut’,


  58. Not commenting upon any particular case, any person may obtain a Crown Court transcript upon payment of a fee. It is treated as a freedom of information request.

    On my understanding, it is Crown Copyright so reprinting in toto may breach the copyright holders rights. In general, less than one tenth of any copyrighted material may be reproduced under creative licence.

    In my understanding of this case that would be under 25 pages.

  59. Not sure a case that lasted at least 3 weeks with at least 13 witnesses would have a Court transcript that was only 25 pages long! Also the witnesses would only have had access to their own statements and only in the court before giving evidence

  60. Ok so this has now got ridiculous… I did not write that last comment but it proves how easy it is for someone to change their name. For the record I have always said that Conn has been found guilty and should serve his time. I am just passionate that what we post is the truth…

  61. So I looked into this today and it seems audio recordings may be able to be bought from the companies that serve Courts in the UK but a written transcription needs the Judges approval which is normally very hard to gain (you need a very good reason).

  62. It was just a coincidence I sat through a three week trial, then posted dozens of comments here discrediting every other poster than one who by coincidence always followed my own posts and corroborated exactly what I said.

  63. Thanks for backing me up there, curious how you too have such a profound interest in this case even though you never knew him or attended the trial, just what you read in one article you read in the Telegraph you say…very likely.

    • You have no idea whether I knew him or attended the trail , which incidentally, I did. As for the children coming forward at the time ,I think it would have been too difficult and I think if they had he wouldn’t have got the sentence he deserved

  64. I just want to make the point that the children should have come forward at the time Tink, and that its really just me writing all these objections. When I said the victims are all mental I didn’t mean because they were violently assaulted by a sexual predator, you know that don’t we, I mean you, or is it us..I can’t remember.

  65. The continual dialogue here is becoming rather tedious and the emails I receive from those defending Mr Conn equally so. This bastard is guilty of abuse and he deserves all the punishment he gets and more. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

  66. None of the above comments are from me, and given I can’t control what people post in my name, I will post no more and so anything that follows will not be from me either….au revoir and a happy Christmas to all.

  67. Why do you say you think its strange I sat through a 3 week hearing in which paedophile Conn was found guilty, then come on here not making even one word of criticism of him?

    Yes I saw the victims running from the witness box in tears after being shouted at and called liars, but why do you think I should guve them a single word of support?

    I think we are breing too harsh on Conn, who are we to judge a man who for 30 years has raped children then dragged them through the courts and branded them liars?

    It was not unusual that Conn said was hard-of -hearing and couldn’t hear the witnesses testimony, then as the judge noticed, his hearing miraculously recovered the following day after their evidence was concluded.

    I found the hearing very entertaining, particularly the witnesses reliving their ordeal all over again, of how they were all attacked in the same room that Margaret Malloy was attacked in.

    It’s the law of the jungle and the strongest and fittest should survive so I wish Merv all the luck and children should just take their chances when he gets out. A bientot!

  68. Thanks Tink, I couldn’t have put that better myself. All we wanted was to uncover the truth, wasn’t it?

    Not listen to all those witnesses who included a judge, the family and friends of the victims who were told at the time of the attacks, and the counseling they had afterwards.

    Why would we want to take their word over Conn despite him pleading guilty to the same thing in the 1980’s?

    If only there were more people like us Tink, not swayed in any way by unanimous jury verdict following a 3 week trial resulting in 2 convictions for child rape and another for serious sexual assault?

    Hopefully with all our comments casting doubt his appeal will be successful, what do you think Tink?

    The one thing we mustn’t talk about though Tink is the risk of re-offending, that if e are successful and he is let off his 15 year stretch that he will reoffend all over again, just as he did after Margaret Malloy.

    That is what I mean by ‘search for the truth’, When we know that he will re-offend if released, we can use that truth to our advantage by talking about everything else but that fact.

    How did that person define psychopath earlier? And why did he say I met that definition? I suppose he meant you/me/us Tink, back to you…

  69. I am completely neutral in this debate, but would like to make one contribution.

    When I read some of these posts defending paedophile Conn, I always look for motive.

    We now know that Conn is appealing his sentence. His argument is the mental instability of one of the victims. She needed extensive counselling after the attack, and the defence is arguing that if she needed all those years of counselling then she must have been mentally unstable before the attack.

    The second ground for the appeal is that another victim had claimed she had been sexually assaulted by another 2 men, both friends of Conn, and the police did not pursue those cases. This is how paedophile rings operate, with victims being passed from friend to friend.

    I would point out that in the 1970s police investigations always favoured those with money and power, look at the police investigations into Cyril Smith for example. If those cases had been brought now the likelihood of prosecution would have been far greater because now the cps not the police itself determine the prospects of successful prosecution. Also investigative techniques have significantly advanced. Sio while allegations against Conn’s friends in the 1970’s did not proceed, that was more due to institutional barriers rather than whether Conn’s friends were innocent.

    Those allegations were not mentioned during the trial because as a point of law there was no evidence that they were not true. Had the claims been tested in Court and Conn’s friends fouund not guilty then it may have been admissible, but even then only at the discretion of the judge.

    I also think the Court took an exceptionally dim view that the defence did not mention prior to examining the victim in the box that these previous allegations had been made.

    My own view is that the defence wholly ignored their duty not to mislead the Court. Did it not occur to the defence that if advance disclosure had been made to the police then Conn’s friends might also have been brought to justice at last? As a direct result they were not even interviewed.

    This is what paying for an expensive defence team gets you.

    1.First you mislead the Court, a point not lost on the trial judge. The allegations were first raised with the victim in the box in front of the jury, not even asking the judge in chambers for leave to raise the topic. This was an attempt to feed the information to the jury, then for it to be ruled inadmissible, but with the jury already having heard it and unlikely to be able to forget it.

    That is an attempt to mislead the Court.

    Second, you avoid the inconvenient possibility that Conn’s friends will be interviewed and charged also because the opportunity to investigate them has already passed.

    Thirdly, you use that court ruling that the previous allegations were ruled inadmissible as the basis for your appeal. How much does all this advice cost I wonder?

    Fortunately, in this case we have similar fact evidence which corroborates the witness testimony, not least the attack on Margaret Malloy and other children, plus the other cases left on file from the original trial.

    Now let us examine some of the posts made here which attempt to defend paedophile Conn.

    One poster here states,

    ”Searching the web – Lowercase writer has been prolific in posting fabricated stuff about this case trying to connect it to all kinds of other cases. TOPIX being the main M.O. These other posts even include personal addresses and names of innocent people. I have reported it. Not cool….. You might be angry Lowercase but don’t go an commit your own crime. Do you know who lives at those addresses now? I guess not… You could be putting peoples lives at risk.. Stop now and find peace.”

    This type of scare tactic is often employed by defence teams. it is not an offence to call a convicted multiple paedophile a sex offender.

    Nor is it an offence to reveal his whereabouts. that is the whole purpose of a sex offenders register.
    Are we not supposed to know that Conn has a property at The Oval, Dymchurch which he has used for many years as a ‘bolthole’. In fact I think it is in the public interest to reveal it.

    These bullying tactics would have worked very well on victims in the 1970’s, which probably explains why Conn’s friends were not charged. That is hardly the basis of an appeal.

    Next we have attempts to ‘kindly discourage debate,

    erbell says:
    November 29, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    ‘Neighbourhood Watch although you are entitled to your opinion, as are we all , I for one find your comments unhelpful at best and puerile at worst. If you have nothing constructive or informative to say I wouldn’t bother if I was you’.

    This was in reply to someone saying they were disgusted by Conn.

    Next we have an attempt to intimidate and discourage a key prosecution witness, trisha Walker-Cunningham,

    ‘Please read my comments again Lowercase Writer, I have never, ever, criticized any of the victims for not coming forward that would be despicable, only T W-C for failing to report it immediately.’

    Then we have telling other witnesses to delete their posts,

    ‘I am not for people posting un-validated things on social media for sake of it. How do you know this and what proof do you have? If you don’t have an answer for either of these questions you should delete your post.’

    Again, telling victims posting here to seek counselling because they are venomous,

    ‘You are clearly angry, but I ask you to seek peace via counselling rather than posting venom. You will be happier in the end.’

    I would implore other victims to come forward, as the Metroplolitan Police have here:

    ”If anyone wishes to come forward with any further information concerning this case please contact 020 8721 4251. To give information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit”

    This is the Mps link.

    Please do not be bullied and intimidated by these threatening posters here, telling you that you ‘may be committing a crime revealing where Conn lives or for commenting upon his convictions.

    The fundamental principle of English law is that you cannot defame a person who has already been found guilty, and in this case in the 1980’s as well.

    Personally, I think Conn’s appeal has a chance of success because of the money he is throwing at it.

    It must cost a lot to get legal teams to try and bully and intimidate people making legitimate comments on a well-reputed internet site. Does this remind you of anyone, Jimmy Savile maybe? Did you know that Rolf Harris has attempted many times to appeal his convictions and it has only been the fact that new victims have been prompted to come forward that he is still in prison.

    I am only posting here because I think we have a duty top protect the young and vulnerable, the poor and the weak. Not sexual predators who bully and intimidate with legal threats, hints and innuendo.

    If I had my way I would throw the key away with Conn, Does anyone here think Conn could ever not be a danger to children upon release?

    Finally I will move on to the 2 points of law regarding his appeal.

    1. It was the decision of Conn’s own legal team to employ an ‘ambush defence’. To spring on the victim other allegations made prior to that made against Conn. To do so without advance disclosure to the police, cps, or the judge in chambers.

    So don’t shed crocodile tears when the evidence is ruled inadmissible! If you want to gamble, accept they are high stakes. Don’t cry foul and say ‘we will appeal because you didn’t allow the evidence we dliberately din’t give advance disclosure of’.

    Now, for an appeal to succeed on this ground, the appeal court must maintain that as a point of law the trial judge was erroneous in disallowing its admissibility. I would here mention the foreseeable consequences of failing to give advance disclosure. One is obstruction of justice. By failing to give the opportunity to interview Conn’s friends against whom allegations were made, others escaped possible investigation. This was why, after all, the defence did not want to reveal the allegations until the victim was in the box.

    Should a defence team be estopped from relying upon evidence which involves illegality? Well, it’s like the Colin Stag case where a confession was disallowed because it involved a ‘honey-trap’.

    In this case the evidence was disallowed because it disclosed an illegality. If a lawyer KNOWS an allegation of rape has been made he has a legal duty to disclose it,. What he is not entitled to do is sit on it and spring it on the victim in court when a different defendant is on trial?

    Why? Because it then becomes impossible to investigate the conspiracy or risk indefinite adjournment or the 10 million pound case collapsing altogether.

    I congratulate the trial judge for her decision. Why should the defence be able to have a case adjourned for 2 years when tehy knew all along of teh other alleged attacker friends of Conn. They are estopped from using the evidence as ammunition against the victim because the whole reason the victim can’t respond is because the attackers can’t be brought to court. Nor can they be arrested, charged or convicted, and those convictions used as evidence against Conn.

    The most fundamental rule of evidence is found in equity, that you cannot benefit from your own wrongdoing. the defence ran a catch-22 ploy. What that means is that they would try and discredit the victim in the eyes of the jury by mentioning previously untested allegations; and if the judge ruled it inadmissible they could appeal on that very point of law.

    Appeal Court judges are not puppets operated by levers and strings, and the police and cps are not there to be made a mockery of.

    We have a robust legal system based upon equity and fair play, where influence cannot be bought.

    In my humble opinion, I would cite Dennis Henry QC, sadly deceased, who imprisoned Ernest Saunders in the Guinness case. He said to him, ‘In all your actions, greed was in the saddle.’

    Running this defence was in no way to advance justice, it would not be employed by the likes of you and I.

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Certainly don’t employ 20,000 pound a day legal teams to try and run rings around the trial judge, Court of Appeal, cps and police.

    Also, don’t try and say one of the vctim’s is mentally unstable when it is because you have violently sexually assaulted her. If somebody ran up behind me and attacked me, I would be mentally unstable too.

    Finally, don’t object to references to expensive legal teams trying to run rings around Court of Appeal judges when they are the ones that had their evidence ruled inadmissible in the first place.

  70. FFS , I did not post the last comment on here. Whoever posted this sick comment in my name I hope you are proud of yourself. I have never condoned what he did and never would. I hope that he rots in jail.
    Please can the moderators on this site check the email address of the person posting as me as none of my previous comments have been in the same vein as the one posted @ 10.27pm on 21.12.16.

  71. As I mentioned, I like looking through old press cuttings. We know that Conn was a lifelong friend of Chris Denning. As long ago as 1963/1964 they were involved in the organization of the Beatles Christmas concerts.

    So why is it so important that his close friend is Chris Denning? Well, Chris Denning was convicted again in October 2016 (2 months ago) for passing children he groomed to his friends for them to abuse. Who did we say his other close friends, apart from Conn, were? None other than Gary Glitter.

    Newspaper article dated 8th October 2016.



    The Judge Alistair McCreath told Denning, ‘All this suffering was inflicted for your own selfish pleasure’.

    Doesn’t that sound like his friend Conn?

    So Denning, Conn and Glitter all friends sharing children and all surving long stretches for child rape, as is other friend Rolf Harris. That is a paedophile ring.

  72. I did not post the other 2 comments with the links to other sites in either. I think that is pretty lame when a site allows 2 people to use the same “name” with different email addresses. Also William Pettinger I was not trying to discourage debate , I just found the comment made by Neighbourhood watch quite childish –
    neighbourhood watch says:
    November 27, 2016 at 1:11 am
    Mervyn Conn Paedophile Ponse Turd
    Twiddler Mr Mucus Man
    Favourite Song Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
    would you not agree that there are more constructive ways to voice your disgust. Out of interest how do you know what Conn’s appeal is being based on ?

  73. Just for the record I did posted the last 2 comments.

    Let me also point out that even if I am a psychopath, who are YOU to judge me. I enjopyed my imaginary discussions with myself aka Denzil and hope I have had teh last laugh and hopefully helped Merv.

    Of course I need to keep postung and asking questions here so I can gather information to help Merv’s appeal. Questions like, ‘how do you know what Merv’s appeal is based on, I thought only I knew that’

    I would say this site is lame, That makes me look really cheap and psychopathic. The sort of person who goes to Conn’s trial for 3 weeks then comes on here singing his praising and arguing the toss with people who call a spade a spade, and a disgusting paedophile what he is.

    I think Conn is worse than a turd on my shoe because at least I can wash the turd off, Conn is a bad smell that won’t go away like his paedophile friends who he shared children with.

    That is EXACTLY what his pal Chris Denning was imprisoned for 2 months ago, offering children to his celebrity friends.

    One thing I notice is that nobody mentioned that Jimmy Savile was also a close friend of Conn’s, he got him to compere the Wembley Festivals. I’m a big fan of Jimmy Savile too and can only imagine how they spent their days while Conn’s wife was conveniently out the way at their bolthole at The Oval, Dymchurch, which they still own. I remember Conn’s wife from the trial, she told the judge and jury that her hubby couldn’t have raped all those children because they were inseparable. That’s until Conn’s autobiography was produced by the prosecution where Conn says he dropped his family off at The Oval , Dymchurch, the whole summer every summer. The judge said to Laura Conn, Your jaw dropped when the passage was read from your husband’s book which directly contradicted your evidence. The moral here is if you don’t want to get caught out then don’t tell your husband to write his autobiography’.

    lets gloss over the fact that if Laura Conn had been believed her husband would have got off, they thought they had a watertight alibi.

    My main purpose for posting on this site is to try and discredit all the other posters and the site itself in the hope that Conn gets off on appeal, I think that is a worthwhile public service. I attended the 3 week hearing, it gave me a real thrill. I really do have nothing better to do and live locally so thought what the heck, I will go along each day to the trial to get some perverted thrills. I also managed to get along to the Fred and Rose West trial which was great fun.

    Now please try not to use any foul language about that dear couple, its not worthy and you really should delete any such posts along those lines.

    If you look closely you will notice that I ask loads of questions but never actually say anything myself that is helpful even though I went to the trial.
    What i learnt from the trial is that Conn really has perfect hearing, he told the judge he needs to use subtitles to watch tv. Then miraculously after the victims had given evidence he can hear even the faintest whisper.

    Now I can come on here and pick holes on all the other comments, I enjoy that too and with luck I can help Merv get off.

    When I say ‘would you not agree’ what I mean is ‘let me try and convince you that your disgust at the old bugger is unfair’. To that you would probably all reply, ‘your lack of disgust shows you to be a psychopath’ and pervert which of course I am.

    I do like Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Conn and all his other paedophile friends

    We all know really that Conn is a ponse and a turd, but what fun it is for me to come on this site ‘flaming’ pretending to be the voice of moderation.

    I want to say I support his wife Laura Conn for giving evidence IN HIS DEFENCE which attempted to give him a CAST IRON ALIBI.

    Attempting to give an alibi to a serial paedophile is very worthwhile. that is my objective too.

  74. First, the only thing that keeps all the paedophiles named here behind bars is more victims coming forward.

    Ay poster here who deliberately discourages witnesses or victims coming forward is probably attempting to pervert the course of justice and/or obstructing justice.

    For victims and witnesses to come forward relating to hisotric sexual assaultsa on children they need to know where the offender lived during that period or still lives. Publishing the address as The Oval, Dymchurch is legitimate because victims would otherwise be unable to identofy the paedophile Conn as their attacker. There is no cloak of invisibility or mask of anonymity for convicted paedophiles, As a community, we are entitled to know where the risk of serious assault may present itself.

    The Sex Offenders Register is a public document giving the right to know where sex offenders live.

    I would call that poster who suggested it was a crime to make that disclosure a psychopath; one cannot help but notice his posts were always followed by another purporting to agree with whatever he said, Both we are told attended the trial and a cursory analysis of their prose and grammar reveals them to be the same person, Tinkerbell, Denzil, whatever you will. If anyone here is to be reported it will be you. What you are guilty of is a crime against humanity.

    Regarding Conn’s appeal,

    We have the appeal citing that one of the victims was mentally unstable following the rape, Well who wouldn’t be?

    Section 6A(2), CPIA 1996 provides

    4.11 Where a defence statement is served, details of an alibi must also be provided. Section 6A(2), CPIA 1996 provides:
    ‘A defence statement that discloses an alibi must give particulars of it, including –
    (a) the name, address and date of birth of any witness the accused believes is able to give evidence in support of his alibi, or as many of those details as are known to the accused when the defence statement is given;
    (b) any information in the accused’s possession which might be of material assistance in identifying or finding any such witness in whose case any of the details mentioned in paragraph (a) are not known to the accused when the statement is given.’

    Regarding the point of law for Conn’s appeal, that evidence of previous accusations against Conn’s friends was ruled inadmissible by the trial judge.

    Conn’s defence team clearly failed to satisfy part (b). It knew of other people against whom similar allegations had been made, but failed to disclose them.

    It jeopardized a 10 million pound trial, and had the trial judge not swiftly intervened to rule the evidence inadmissible, it would have resulted in a mistrial.

    You simply cannot ambush a victim in the witness box, and let Conn’s friends escape justice by not revealing the information to the police for them to investigate prior to the trial.

    Let’s say the defence were right and se had made unsubstantiated allegations against Conn’s friends in the 1980’s. Well for goodness sake get straight on the phone to the police and get their identities, pull them in to be interviewed under caution as alleged paedophiles.

    Spring it on the victim in Court and the judge will say that’s not cricket, not fair play, unsafe, untested, an ambush, hearsay, unreliable, contumelious, obstruction of justice to obtain an unfair defence advantage. Above all, NOT the sort of evidence we will allow the defence to rely upon.

    Of course , the real reason the defence did not go to the police with details of Conn’s friends is that they would probably employ what is called a cut-throat defence, that means reveal Conn’s attacks to save their own skins. What I find most distasteful
    is the contempt the defence have shown to the trial judge in trying to manipulate the jury and Her Lordship by introducing evidence in clear breach of the CPIA.

    Now this decision to rule the evidence inadmissible is the basis of an appeal. DO YOU THINK THE COURT OF APPEAL ARE IDIOTS

  75. ps I think me sitting through a 3 week trial for which I have NO connection then posting more than 50 messages on a forum which exposes paedophiles like Conn, all messages of which offer him words of support, is not asking ”out of interest”.

    It is also inconsistent that I reveal after WEEKS that I attended the trial, don’t you think? Wouldn’t that have come up slightly sooner haha

    You load of shmucks never even guessed that I’m only here to help Merv and that is why I was at the trial every day, I ‘lived locally’ so wanted the mental exercize haha.

    Didn’t I have you all going you losers

    Thanks Denzil

  76. Whoever is posting comments using my name please stop. It’s causing me undue stress and hurt . I was at the trial as a witness for the prosecution so, no, i did not hear the rest of the trial, I was advised not to by the police, hence my interest of what was said as long as it is the truth and not comments copied from other sites. I hate Conn with a passion that none of you will understand and hope his appeal fails and that he is never released in his or my lifetime

  77. Although you are entitled to your opinion, as are we all , I for one find your comments unhelpful at best and puerile at worst. If you have nothing constructive or informative to say I wouldn’t bother if I was you.

  78. As a prosecution witness too, I like coming on the forums defending the very person I gave evidence against…obvious really. I really loathe copying and pasting and grammatical errors too.

  79. ” long as it is the truth and not comments copied from other sites..”, curious isn’t it that Denzil said the same thing haha

  80. For the record I have always said that Conn has been found guilty and should serve his time. I am just passionate that what we post is the truth…

    I did have my doubts due to the content and time of the post!
    So who do you think is making all of these other posts ?

    Yes we both just want the truth as long as it helps Merv, so please don’t hurt my feelings by rebuking me for slagging all the other posters off and say its just someone with a grudge.

    2 different Crown Court judges have convicted the old paedo Conn on completely different evidence in 2 trials 20 years apart. Its not hard to spot an arse-licker pretending to be 2 people both searching for the ‘truth’, really performing a damage-limitation exercize. If I was a prosecution witness I wouldn’t wait 3 weeks before saying something in any what critical of Conn. Also, if I was a prosecution witness I would already know the truth and not be on here looking for it.

  81. ps you have really hurt my feelings telling me off for sticking up for an old paedo. I like Rolf Harris too, i suppose you will hurt me again by telling me off for that also. I just am passionate to find the truth about Rolf, not just things copied and pasted, or the work of one malicious person posting millions of comments about dear Rolf. Im not playing mind games or trying to put doubt in your mind in any way, lets just say the truth is still out there shall we, rather than what unanimous jury verdicts have already found. Please dont hurt my feelings a second time or I will be forced to reveal I was a prosecution witness againt Rolf, but still am searching for the truth and disregarding EVERY other comment as the work of a maverick. The only person I discuss the xase with is coincidentally someone else who disregards every comment critical of Conn.

  82. Let me be sure I have this right.

    We are supposed to be concerned that a poster here has suffered ‘indue stress and hurt’ who had not UNTIL THAT SAME MOMENT revealed she was a witness for the prosecution?

    Well unless my logic fails me, if you want sympathy and people sensitive to your predicament, maybe she should have given some clue from her previous posts that she disliked Conn, let alone was a witness for the prosecution.

    To be honest it just doesn’t ring true. I read her posts where she tells others not to post rude comments about Conn, and her comrade-in-arms (ie. herself) told others to delete their critical posts.

    Another mystery: it was only when someone pointed out how unlikely it was that 2 people here could both attend attend the full trial and be unaware of each other that she said she was not attending as an observer but as a prosecution witness.

    She says,

    ”You have no idea whether I knew him or attended the trail , which incidentally, I did.”

    Why does she say ”incidentally”. If she was a prosecution witness she would have said something other than that, said it like it mattered rather than a piece of trivia, certainly in a way that would make one think, ”I better be sensitive to her feelings”.

    To me the word ”attended” is not akin to having been a witness for the prosecution, any more than Conn would have said he ”attended” the trial. The correct word would have been ”participated” or ”was involved”
    in. No , I think its bullshit.

    What I think is we have one person letting it slip out in two personae that he/she attended the trial, then on realizing the improbablilty, switches it to being a witness needing sympathy. Show me one previous post made by here where she implies she was a witness or against Conn.

    Further, why would she say she is seeking ”the truth” from this forum? If she was a prosecution witness she would simply have come on here and TOLD US WHAT THE TRUTH WAS IN THE FIRST PLACE, ie that she was a victim or was attesting to the facts a victim gave. More importantly, the substance of what she witnessed and how it was of assistance to the prosecution.

    This is quite appropriate since no identities are disclosed.

    Then we have this early post by Tinkerbell (Denzil).

    ”Only reason for these questions/doubts is I have paid some interest in this case and other than on some random blogs there is no other substantiation of these remarks.”

    ‘So here she tells us she has ”paid some interest to this case”, has ”doubts” that other blogs are ”random” and that there is ”no other substantiation”.

    NOw I will tell you what I think, please don’t tell me I’m being peurile. or am hurting your feelings, or should delete my post.

    I think you/Denzil have been working for the defence and are employed in damage limitation. Try and make yourself look like a totally implausible prosecution witness, someone full of doubts still seeking the truth, and you make the case against him seem weak.

    Just as if I said I was a defence witness and saw Conn raping a child.

    Shame on you.

  83. Also it didn’t help your cause saying a poster ”shouldn’t bother” registering her disgust here. What sort of prosecution witness in a child rape case would say that!!!!!

    I can’t think of anything lower than pretending to be a prosecution witness. Also, what sort of hypocrite would argue the toss here avout whether the children should have come forward sooner when she herself doesn’t even disclose she was a witness at the trial.

  84. As a Silk I have followed this forum with considerable interest.

    I have 2 observations.

    1. The evidence against Conn was overwhelming and the alibi defence he employed was wholly discredited. What is clear is that Conn did not spend the school summer holidays at their Dymchurch home. Why did he lie about that?

    2. Conn is appealing just as he did in the Margaret Malloy case. Yet in this case he is appealing the rape convictions not the sentence alone.

    So what is the status of the previous C of A ruling in relation to the present case?

    Well the C of A is obliged to take into consideration his admission of guilt in that earlier case and draw an adverse inference based upon similar fact. Conn admitted a serious sexual assault in the same room (top floor office) on another victim in the Appeal Court previously,

    So the current rape convictions cannot be unsafe in law merely because accusations made against Conn’s friends were ruled inadmissible in his trial.

    The reason why is that even if the evidence had been ruled admissible he had still pleaded guilty in the Appellate Court to similar facts.

    This is why the Telegraph crucially pointed out that other cases were taken into consideration in the Malloy case.

    A defendant can choose to do this rather than be charged separately to spare significantly higher sentences. So Conn was admitting in the Malloy case that there were other offenses to be taken into consideration. Compare this to a victim having made ”other accusations” against Conn’s friends. Conn made a formal admission to the Appeal Court that he was guilty and that he wanted other offenses to be taken into consideration which the new Appeal cannot disregard.

  85. So what you are saying is that in the earlier case Conn had pleaded guilty in the Court of Appeal to multiple sexual assaults and cannot appeal to the same Court a second time. He would first have to appeal to the House of Lords to overturn the earlier Court of Appeal ruling?

  86. Yes I see, he has already pleaded guilty to the t.o.c’s in the Court of Appeal in the Malloy case which only the House of Lords can overturn.

  87. All seems very fishy to me… almost it is the same person posting as much to criticize the moderators as possible… but then I might be wrong…

    I for one have found this site very informative.

    Yes there have been some disagreements but what do you expect, that everyone says the same thing..get real

  88. Well abouts now its a shame folks can’t live in harmony, always feuding. I mentioned this to folks at my local alehouse and we all agreed Conn got what he deserved, and folks here who say no more or less seem to get last orders from one or two who shall be nameless to be sure!

    When I was a lad this sort of thing never went on, kids in Tipperary could be on the streets playing all hours and the townsfolk kept an eye open. If one of my boys lived in Wimbledon or Dymchurch I wouldn’t feel safe

  89. I only breathe a word here because dear Margaret Malloy was from Ireland, a slip of a girl new to the world of work and London. Only a month after arriving Conn had attempted to rape her and she returned vowing to staying in Ireland thence. Its a coincidence because she called him a bully too.


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