Thursday, April 25, 2024


Editorial SubmIssions to The Steeple Times

The Steeple Times is interested in what you do if what you do is interesting to our select readership – they are wealthy and are already well informed, but if its good and you have great images we will publish it to our readers. 

The Steeple Times Publishes articles on a daily basis about architecture, interior design, historic and interesting multi million pound property sales and real estate offerings, collectors cars, art sales, unusual auctions and so forth from all around the world.

Here is what you should send us:

Photos and Images

– Send as many images as you have of the project: a  minimum 800 pixels wide.

– We prefer highest resolution JPEGs.

– Have a lot of photos? Put them in a .zip or .rar file

– Let us know any image creator credits that you would like us to include, we can’t always promise to do this.


– We need detailed and structured text description including the name the project and the category you feel it would be for.

– Provide a link to your website, if you are selling something that’s all great, but if you sell something because of traffic from us, then please get in contact and at least say thankyou and let us know.

How to send the files to us?

– If you have large number of files, use it cost you nothing.

– Select the files you want to send us, then use [email protected] as the email address to sendto.

If you have any questions, please use our and we will be in touch. If we require any further information we will let you know.

Thanks in advance,

Features Editor The Steeple Times