Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Steeple Times Recommends:

In short to receive a Steeple Times recommendation service must be genuinely outstanding in every way and for every client. We can correctly be called harsh critics, especially of poor service and mediocrity… but also from time to time, The Steeple Times would like to honour a business or service that has come to our attention and is truly exceptional at what they do and offering something of true quality regardless of cost.

This recognition is awarded for free and given on merit of the highest standard, both in quality and experience. If you read The Steeple Times regularly you will know the extremely high a standard of we expect in all measures before we would say a business is just satisfactory let alone recommendable! We know that a long list of excellent and trust worthy businesses is in this world full of a poverty of services and barely acceptable quality, a huge help and if you use it you can avoid so many unnecessary disappointments that come so easily with navigating modern life, especially to those moving to a new location or adapting to a different lifestyle.


We accept gladly honest suggestions from readers, but they must have used the service or business themselves multiple occasions with only perfect outcomes and a great experience. Obviously, the readers putting forward a business must not work for or own said business. We will then go forth and as we are able and make investigations and may bestow our highly coveted “Recommended” status upon them to our 1 million British and American readers with pleasure.

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