Wednesday, December 2, 2020

No. 13 - Kim Farry (AKA “Britain’s Shoplifting Queen”)

Kim FarryA Fulham based woman utterly lacking in a moral compass, benefit scrounger and shoplifting addict Kim Farry arrogantly yet (sadly) factually describes her criminal activities as a “very successful business. Her “work helping herself to what she’s not entitled to has netted this heavily tattooed single mother of six children over £2 million in 45 years as well as thirty convictions and five spells in jail. A lover of botox and boob jobs, in October 2015, Farry told the Mail Online: “People say you have to grow old gracefully — what a load of c**p” She also claims employers wont give her work because she’s too common. Nobody would disagree with that.


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    The Roll Call - Z-LISTERS

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    Paedophile Shawn Sullivan (AKA Shawn O'Suilleabhain and ‘The Putney Paedo’) – Convicted sex offender in Ireland, accused sex offender in America, protected in Britain


    Shawn Sullivan (AKA Shawn O’Suilleabhain and ‘The Putney Paedo’)

    Carina Reid – Chelsea, SW3 based fraudster and trollop


    Carina Reid

    Dopey drugs mule Michaella McCollum – A shameless wench – Dopey drugs mule Michaella McCollum was one half of the ‘Peru Two’ jailed in 2013 for attempting to smuggle £1.5 million of cocaine.


    Michaella McCollum

    Tory turncoat politician The Rt. Hon. The Lord Davies of Stamford (AKA Quentin Davies) – Self-serving Quentin Davies was rewarded with a peerage after defecting to Labour. He is a true example of a turncoat. Baaa!


    The Rt. Hon. The Lord Davies of Stamford (AKA Quentin Davies)

    The Horror in the Hummer


    The Horror in the Hummer

    Carol Bowditch – Pensioner spared jailed despite having sex with dogs


    Carol Bowditch

    Martina Big – The name of this “mahogany skinned” German is a giveaway.


    Martina Big

    Music promoter Mervyn Conn (AKA ‘Mr Music Man’) – Arrogant rapist and sex offender


    Mervyn Conn (AKA ‘Mr Music Man’)

    Daniela Zahradnikova


    Daniela Zahradnikova

    Kelly Brook (born Kelly Ann Parsons)


    Kelly Brook (born Kelly Ann Parsons)

    Abu Muhammed Jack Letts Jihadi Jack


    Jihadi Jack (born Jack Letts, now known as Abu Muhammed)

    Jason Shifrin


    Jason Shifrin

    Kim Farry


    Kim Farry (AKA “Britain’s Shoplifting Queen”)

    Frederick Gross and George Hammond (AKA “The Dine and Dashers”)


    Frederick Gross and George Hammond (AKA “The Dine and Dashers”)

    Alexander Wood


    Alexander Wood

    Sandra Shevey


    Sandra Shevey

    James Casbolt (AKA “Michael Prince”)


    James Casbolt (AKA “Michael Prince”)

    Ponzi schemer and associate of Raj Shastri, Alex Hope (AKA “King Popper”)


    Alex Hope

    Alwen Hughes (also known as “Alwen Harris”)


    Alwen Hughes (also known as “Alwen Harris”)

    Kevin Wheatcroft


    Kevin Wheatcroft

    Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben


    Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben

    Comfort Yinusa - London Underground worker jailed for making false accusations of rape in June 2015


    Comfort Yinusa

    Ben Fiberesima (AKA “Roky Million”)


    Ben Fiberesima (AKA “Roky Million”)

    Barbara Buchner and her two pet cats Spider and Lugosi


    Barbarella Buchner

    Debrah Lee Charatan


    Debrah Lee Charatan

    Juliette D'Souza


    Juliette D'Souza

    Mohammad Al-Sharif


    Mohammad Al-Sharif

    Mowbray Jackson


    Mowbray Jackson

    Afton Elaine Burton


    Afton Elaine Burton

    Raghad Hussein


    Raghad Hussein (غد صدام حسين, AKA “Little Saddam” and “The Terror Godmother”)

    Ampika Pickston


    Ampika Pickston

    Chris Reynolds Gordon


    Chris Reynolds Gordon (born Christopher Webb, also known as Chris Reynolds)

    Andy Carroll and Billi Mucklow


    Andy Carroll and Billi Mucklow


    Marianne Lee Travis

    Sam Barton beauty


    Sam Barton (AKA “Britain’s vainest man”)


    Josie Cunningham


    Rebecca Richardson


    Angela and Dave Dawes


    Korrel Kennedy


    Daniella Westbrook (now also known as Daniella Jenkins)


    Helen Flanagan


    Jackie Siegel


    Annabel Giles


    Edward Putman


    Benjamin Boateng


    Céline Dion CC OQ


    “Tulisa” Contostavlos (also known as Tula Paulinea Contostavlos)


    Kerry Katona


    Nadine Milroy-Sloan (AKA "Emily Checksfield", née Nadine Checksfield)


    Mario Falcone


    Stephanie Mack (also known as Stephanie Madoff and Stephanie Madoff Mack)


    Katie Price (AKA Katie Hayler, Katie Reid, Katie Andre, Katie Infield and Jordan)


    Michael and Jean O’Shea


    1. … gives British people a bad name to foreigners looking at our breed … humph … she disgraces England, not only herself but our country aswell.

      p.s. naturally I feel sorry for the shopkeepers hoodwinked by her. Not fair.
      Whatsmore, what sort of rebels / bandits / horrors is she bringing up – six innocent children and teaching them that. She makes people with the human race at heart despair.

    2. She will come out of the Fog one day and wake up to regret the tattoos, her lifestyle and notoriety, lets hope for her sake that her Children have not followed in her (stolen ) shoes and can forgive her for her deplorable behaviour.

    3. Unfortunately you can’t get any lower in EnglIsh than Z . The Russian alphabet has 33 so perhaps an Я list is needed for dregs like her. Kate and Gerry McScamm, the *********** magnates could join her too. [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS]

    4. This is why benefits have to be reigned in, pieces of shit like this get to do fuck all, not have to work and my hard earned wages are taxed so this piece of shit can live off my back.


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