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Malin Baker Bogue (AKA Lord Bailey’s ‘Red Dress’ Partygate Pisshead)

“Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks…” once enthused “daughter of a wealthy San Francisco businessman” Malin Baker Bogue, a blonde bimbo who’ll now go down in history simply for having got smashed and crashed into a buffet table whilst dancing to The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York at a clearly rule breaking knees-up during Covid lockdown 2.0 on 14th December 2020. The boozy ‘Jingle & Mingle’ Christmas bash in honour of the failed candidate to be Mayor of London Shaun Bailey was held in the basement of the Conservative Party’s Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1 offices and at least 24 rule breaking individuals were present.


Prone to exhibiting all the ‘qualities’ of a brash American abroad and one desperate to be welcomed in England, here is a feckless, fun-loving sort who ‘likes’ a group titled Alumni Polo on Facebook who also suggests she enjoys surfing; there doesn’t, in fact, seem to be much serious about her.


“When I dance, they call me Macarena” boasted the “pro-Trump lobbyist” Stonehaven senior consultant in one post – clearly not realising she’d be subsequently exposed for slobbering around doing just such by the Mirror in June 2023 – on the social network in March 2023 whilst in July 2018 the then 28-year-old told Alex Fraser of Reuters of Donald Trump: “I do find it curious the amount of opprobrium and time that protesters dedicate to the freely elected leader of a free country, that they don’t direct towards the visit of somebody like the president of China.” Talk about profound.


Between 2nd and 9th November 2015, bashful and bombastic Bogue joined the now-ex-MP The Right Honourable Nigel Adams as part of the Conservative Friends of Israel delegation and by 2019, she’d become a director of special projects for Boris Johnson’s Tory leadership campaign. At around that same time, this clearly pushy political ladder climber was working for steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta’s controversial Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG) whilst claiming to be “on gardening leave” – so supposedly did not break rules by “volunteering” in “a personal capacity.”


Now condemned by The Right Honourable Michael Gove MP even for “terrible” and “unacceptable… indefensible behaviour” that involved “flouting the rules designed to protect us all,” red dressed reveller Bogue’s future now looks deservedly uncertain. After all, if she and her arrogant cohorts – whom also numbered the billionaire property tycoon Nick Candy and twirling partner Jack Smith, a parliamentary assistant to the Tory energy minister Graham Stuart – are allowed to get away with this, why shouldn’t all the ordinary members of the public fined for breaking rules be refunded also?


Conservative Party HQ party 14th December 2020 Lockdown 2 coronavirus COVID
Of what went on at the 14th December 2020 event, ‘The Guardian’ observed: “Jack Smith was pictured in a festive jumper and green trousers dancing with Malin Bogue, who was wearing a red A-line dress, to the song ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues. The pair took turns to twirl each other around, laughing, while dancing in front of a sign that said: “Please keep your distance.” The pair were dancing so frantically they knocked over wine glasses as they accidentally bumped into a table. Smith is a parliamentary aide to the Conservative energy minister Graham Stuart. Bogue is the daughter of a wealthy businessman from San Francisco. She worked on Johnson’s leadership campaign to replace Theresa May as leader in 2019. While she volunteered to work for Johnson’s campaign, it was revealed she was paid by Sanjeev Gupta, the industrialist whose practices left 5,000 UK jobs at risk. She now works for the lobbying firm Stonehaven as a senior consultant.” Others present, aside from Shaun – now Lord – Bailey included Ben Mallett OBE and the Tory donor developer of One Hyde Park Nick Candy. The event is now, yet again, being examined by the Metroplitan Police after one attendee was heard to say in video footage of it shared by the ‘Mirror’: “As long as we don’t stream that we’re, like, bending the rules.”
Malin Bogue dancing with Jack Smith
The enthusiastic dancer twirling around with a clearly off his skull, comedy jumper wearing Jack Smith – just before the pair of them smash into the table behind them.
“When I dance they call me Macarena” declared the Tory activist back in March 2022; little did she know that subsequently her deranged dancing habits would come back to bite her in the bum in June 2023. Will she be dancing on into 2024 and beyond or just watching from the sidelines? Either way, a stint on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ definitely doesn’t beckon.
Vote for Trump London
The American export illustrated her enthusiasm for her home country by posing with balloons back in July 2018 in a feature for ‘Reuters’ about Donald Trump. Yet again, that red dress she so clearly loves got yet another outing.
Anything but a shrinking violet… Appearances in ‘The Telegraph’ and other papers have focused on her “adoring foxhunting – no matter what British class warriors think” and her views on gun control. ‘The Sunday Times’ focused on her campaigning for Boris Johnson whilst linked to controversial businessman Sanjeev Gupta’s empire.
In the sea
Here’s a lush lass who even seems to like reading trashy mags in the sea.
Party dress
Personal partying before party politics… Getting dressed up seems to be constantly on the agenda for little Miss Bogue; perhaps she’d do best to leave the real politic to the adults.
Liberty Steel Greensill
The Twitterati are not fans of her and one, Jack White, pointedly observed that she “became a campaign aide for Johnson’s 2019 leadership campaign in April 2019 while still working [for] Greensill funded Liberty Steel.” One is left asking why her employers – whose bosses including Peter Lyburn at Stonehaven have been involved in controversies prior – bothered doing any due diligence when they signed her up to their payroll.
Twitter Thomas Borwick
Associations with The Hon. Thomas Borwick – the son of the former MP for Kensington Lady Borwick (AKA ‘Call Me Victoria’) – have been highlighted additionally. Borwick’s links to Cambridge Analytica and the scandals of that firm’s involvement in Brexit and with Russia have been repeatedly highlighted in ‘The Steeple Times.’
The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale of New York’ – written by Jem Finer and Shane MacGowan in 1987 – has reached the UK Top 20 on 19 separate occasions since its original release in 1987, including every single year at Christmas since 2005. It has sold millions of copies in the UK and is Great Britain’s most-played Christmas song of the 21st century. It’s certainly a song that Malin Baker Bogue will never forget; it’s also one she’d probably rather never hear ever again.


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