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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Phil & Matt Show

Phillip Schofield filmed smoking shisha with his alleged ex-lover Matt McGreevy (and pictured in bed thereafter); another image shows the pair together in photograph taken at a school

Phillip Schofield has most certainly manipulated most people into thinking he’s a national treasure. He’s cried on the telly box and most recently orchestrated a ‘coming out’ that has done nothing but bolstered his career. Here, indeed, is someone, it seems, who can do no wrong.


In the aftermath of our covering claims that Schofield “orchestrated his mass coming out” in Politicalite, we have now been sent further evidence that the known for being very, very angry television presenter likely first met the former This Morning runner Matt McGreevy prior to 2011.


In a picture, shared in a YouTube video in which the duo are primarily filmed smoking shisha, Schofield is seen posing alongside McGreevy and a whole array of children in school uniforms. The latter appears to look extremely young and though we cannot confirm that there was any relationship between the pair at that stage, what is apparent is that there is most definitely more to this story than first meets the eye.


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The Phil & Matt Show – Phillip Schofield and Matt McGreevy affair – Phillip Schofield filmed smoking shisha with his alleged ex-lover Matt McGreevy (and pictured in bed thereafter); another image shows the pair together in photograph taken at a school.
The Phil & Matt Show – Phillip Schofield and Matt McGreevy affair – Phillip Schofield filmed smoking shisha with his alleged ex-lover Matt McGreevy (and pictured in bed thereafter); another image shows the pair together in photograph taken at a school.
The Steeple Times
The Steeple Times
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  1. Just seaeched philip schofield and saw
    The ballad of phillip scofield on YouTube video discuss his coming out on This Morning as it isnt a big deal to us public.
    Thankfully we all welcome people living the life they want whatever is their personal sexual orientation. Its a basic human Right.

    The issue is he had a partner.
    As for this story there is little info on line.
    I browsed now theres 1 site Tattle Life mention this that theyve been friends for a while before a possible fling.
    The press can talk about garbage yet no tabloid runs this.

  2. Phillip Schofields BFF and partner in the 2 faced grooming school Michael Schofield posted a video on twatter laughing at a bunch of face masked locals in fricking WUHAN!? He was onboard the diamond princess in chafge of “entertainment”. They are not only pervs killing the minds of Karens nationwide they have picked up the pace and are actually killing em via germ warfare! Consider yourself warned!

    • Calling the brainwashed masses Karens means you’re not completely unbrainwashed yourself, as it’s a word used by sick USA society, because men and women hate each other there. Its like all the British people who voted against EU as they’re against multiculturalism, but leaving just made us more of a melting pot culture like the USA

      • England is no different than the USA, you’re just better at hiding your hate of each other & aiming it at others. Your Jeffery Epstein will be found soon enough. The world knows at least one member of the royal family was deeply involved with ours although none of you seemed to care. It’s not surprising there has been no repercussions for this dude.

  3. This morning needs to look at the big picture, if its grooming investigate it openly, if he’s in a relationship with a 17 year old boy, would it be considered right and proper if a man of the same age was grooming, sorry dating a girl of 17?, Hmmmm!

  4. You can tell that it’s the truth or he wouldn’t of had a gagging order on the poor man. He thought it would be a great cover story that he was gay but he has also reconciled with his wife so his not exactly #Gay# is he ..
    He thinks his fame gives him the right to abuse a child and now his brothers been found guilty of sexual abuse also definitely more to the story & family

    • I agree, it seems like Phil and his brother probably suffered something as kids from a male family member or adult friend.

  5. Put it this way.

    Entering the “Industry” in his late teens, starting at the BBC, etc and still having a career within the “Industry”, over 40 years later means he has “paid his dues” and has been protected for years.

    I have a very strong feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg and more of his contemporaries will be outed.

    Whether it’s ITV, the BBC, etc they all belong to the same club that has male AND female members.


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