Monday, June 14, 2021

Moron of the Moment – Prince Harry

With his marriage to the woman formerly known as Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has morphed into an utter bore


Prince Harry used to be a fun loving sort. He boozed, partied and enjoyed playing pranks. Now, having married ‘Murky Mucky Mendacious Meg,’ it seems those days are over.


Supposedly, according to “royal insiders” who spoke with the Sunday Express, the meddling newbie royal has banned her husband drinking not only alcohol but also tea. In addition to “quietly weeding out” many of the “party-loving Prince’s drinking pals,” the Duchess of Sussex has also tried to stop him going shooting and forced him to take up yoga.


What will this nuisance of a woman do next? Force Prince Charles to take up Tai Chi?


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  1. Charles already does Tai Chi,didn’t you know!!!Agree she’s a rank outsider as far as I can see,great Astaire number Lets face the music and Dance, “There will be trouble ahead!”

  2. my view is that Harry becoming a bore is disappointing for most but it is his loss and , for now he is besotted but this will fade in a while and he will find himself again, however it can be feared that if his bride tries to undermine the relationship with brother and sister in law , this can bring trouble

  3. Didn’t you know Charlie already does Tai Chi!?I agree,how did this happen,wouldn’t trust her to run a bath,mind you she doesn’t have to,just ask the maid in waiting!That was a great Astaire number Lets face the Music and Dance,how did it go “There will be trouble ahead!”

  4. And that’s why I said right at the offset, this marriage won’t make the 10 year mark. He’s ass over heels besotted with her at the mo, but as soon as that changes, we should see our good old Harry pot head back.

  5. This woman could bring the RF down. Harry and her should be sent to the Falkland Isles where he would serve as governor. After a couple of years Meghan would be driven mad by sheep and depart for LA.

    • Actually many members in the raf made comment about how they thought Harry was great until he married this tramp who seems like a gold digger. The bill f the royal family has tripled since he married this tramp. She is materialistic and milking him until this family is gone. She has an agenda of moving this ginger to the us. She already has destroyed her relationship with her own family and did the same with the red haired patsy. She has only celebritiy friends. When has she ever been around non celebrities? Lol too bad dumb asses cannot see that. The same losers who are controlled by narcissistic people. She is a half breed who has tainted the royals even more then the queens brats. Diana would roll over in her grave. As kind as she was she had made racist comments. Something the liberal media covers up. Diana was actually quite conservative and classy to the point she opened up about how worried about the ginger and his poor choices in life. He was and is opposite of William.

      • Well that’s odd the spelling of half my shit changed thanks to the spell check bs my point is Meghan will be moving Harry to Hollywood soon.

      • Harry is being manipulated.She has honey trapped him.She did all her homework and used to practice copying Diana’s style,mannerisms and body language (per Samantha Markle).She even used Diana’s perfume on her date with Harry to exploit his attachment to his mother.I do agree that Prince Charles has been lax with Harry.They could have easily for seen this.She is clearly blackmailing them.Notice when she said that no I can’t reveal the person who commented about the color because it will be Too damaging for them.I have a feeling that she was kicked out by HM and given an honorable exit.And she is trying to get even. She will get Even more unmasked.And how is her pregnant tummy smaller in the interview and bigger in the pics taken earlier?She is evil and will not stop now and all these Oprahs and etc.backing this tramp are actually prepping the people and the voters for Michelle Obama running for office.BTW,people
        from the same race ask the same questions about the baby’s features.Maggot/Me gain / Megalomaniac is a Machiavellian,narcissist, soul less Duch ass of Succubus. She is gaslighting Harry and when people warn him or express her reality infront of him,she plays Diana and acts like she is unloved and hounded by everyone.As a result,Harry gets more defensive about her.She plays victim so that he can rescue her.Classic narcissist using Isolation and emotional manipulation through threats of suicide.Her mother is a mental health practitioner and she couldn’t even get help from her!!I heard that her mother was even imprisoned for fraud.Before it is to late,Harry,go home!!
        Like,seriously!We can all see through her.

        • She is a gold digger like Trump and a fake news spreader. Wants the taxpayer luxury but does not want to work for it. Oh Harry is such a baby at 37 that he needs his DAD to Finance him all his life. Harry and MM are big time losers. Both peas in a pod. No wonder they are married to each other.
          Just leave the Royal Family alone. They don’t need losers like you.

        • Kim – What you wrote was brilliant and so true!! Now if the rest of victim FANS would wake up. The truth will come out and Harry’s going to be a basket case of humiliation and grief!

        • Couldn’t have said it better, I was so excited and happy for them at first Now I mean it is terrible an abuser narcissist one of the first things in a relationship they do is isolation from family and friends. She will take him for everything one day and leave . Looks like someone said it right when he said “I wish him luck he’s going to need it”

  6. I can’t stand the bitch. Who does she think she is. A complete nobody who marries into the most famous family in the world, and thinks she suddenly becomes something special. Wait till Harry realises what a turd he has stepped in, he’ll soon scrape it off his royal boot.

  7. apox on the wretched wretch of an ego struck horrrible entity filled with self serving motives.. too bad, she is a classless half breed, pin legged tramp. Sorry, but i so need to vent this…and Harry? court jesyter removed….wonder if she will hack off his nuts whilist he sleeps if he can, the FOOL! she grew up a few miles from me in darkie town, had a big afro, was,is NOTHING!! Reprehensable wretch. wake up harry, u balless jerk!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You must know the limits of your selfishness. It is important that you as a person are true to yourself and you don’t create a false identity to show or say that you belong. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex did not think so. Helping others should be sincere and unadulterated. Marriage is a serious commitment, it is not just a game that if you do not like the rules you will dislike it and make your own game. It is in her nature to be greedy and to be like a dog that is very hungry for attention and fame. It just shows her lack of class as a woman. Prince Harry is really unlucky because unfortunately his wife is a gareedy, jealous, scheming, rude gold digger. She has no respect for his husband’s family. Even if she pretends to be some sort of holy woman, that won’t work for me because for me she is a user. She’s just a trying hard fame-whore actress who is not very popular.

  9. Meghan obviously has everything she has ever dreamed of but it seems that she is throwing it away. She is causing the bad press they are getting and putting herself in limbo right now. If the public does not find her sincere and kind then out the door. By the way she has spoken about how she wants people around her to be “kind” I think she is mentally disturbed.

  10. the only words I can think of when I describe MM are 4 letter words, which cannot be put in print. As for Harry the word ‘stupid’ is sufficient.

    • No kidding! The Markle bitch has put social meejerk (sic) in a tizzy. Persecution, rampant racism and suicidal tendencies are box office poison for the House of Windsor in the court of social meeja (sic). The bleeding heart dopes of La La land are weeping into their fruit juices. The Queen should have put the kibosh onthiss nonsense and made him marry Chelsea, the arms dealer’s daughter. Now she must get tough: strip them of the titles and let them fester on the celebrity circuit. In a few years they will be yesterday’s news.

  11. Prince Harry will wake up one day in the future and realize what a mess in got himself into. He thought he had a mental illness before. His family loves him but he is hurting them in the worst way by not being a stronger person. God help him.

  12. I put full blame on Prince Charles. He let his son diss his grandparents and husband’s
    family. Harry has mental problems and does need help. We all see thru Meghan, she
    is pathetic. Has beautiful home and cash rolling in. Whoopie Goldberg even commented
    about ‘the baby could be like me’. So, it’s not only the Brits that thought that way about
    baby’s skin color. Just wish those two would just go away. By the way, why are they
    Royal anything?

  13. She is an IDIOT !!
    Take away the fame, the tweets etc. and she will dry up and go away.
    He needs to genuinely reevaluate where this is going..
    The Queen, (God Bless her), needs to stand firm with this one.

  14. UGH!!! I hope that more people see that these two spoiled brats do not deserve anyone’s attention. Neither one of them have any talent so why are we feeding into their drama. They are creating lies and fake news to shake down the royal family. I thought they wanted to be self sufficient. If so then why are they using the royal family to get fame and money deals. The very family that Me again is whining about is the family that she is exploiting to get money deals…books, tv shows, movies, etc. And then there is Harry. What a cowardly traitor he turned out to be. No way to justify it. I wish he would grow a pair of balls and set that snake oil saleswoman wife of his free. She makes him look so cheap. Such a pity.

    • Those kids are going to need help with the way their Parents are acting. They dont even show Archies face most of the time. It’s about time They started to be parents and care for their kids instead of keeping them Hostage in a Mansion that has 16 Bathrooms lol who needs 16 Bathrooms. She has no friends that have any kids Archie’s age. Take it from me being a Mum is the most awesome job ive had. That child will not know how to interact with other kids. I so hope the Royals find her and Harry guilty of Bullying because thats what they are especially Mee gain. After seeing them when they were visiting in Australia while the cameras were on Meghan she was all smiles after they stopped she was nasty as. She even threw a hot cup of tea over 1 of her aides.

  15. everyone gets it. Harry has mental issues and is spoiled rotten letting a parent of a 36 year old support him is wrong Megan used sex to get him and it worked because he is mentally 16 years old she went on a sex trip with him to Africa before she knew him the lady is a tramp

  16. You should all be ashamed of your bullying of a lovely, happy couple who’ve found freedom with the help of the delightful Omid Scobie.

  17. Harry’s own mother said he wasn’t at all bright. Basically he is as “dumb as a rock”. Look at the academic results of Harry and Diana. No it is too depressing. You can send morons to expensive schools but they still turn out to be morons. You can’t educate people with no level of intellect to begin with. Centuries of ”in breeding” is the likely reason for the vacant spaces between the ears of the royals. Some Royals do have degrees but unfortunately they are usually in History, Art or Geography. If you attend the best schools, pay astronomical fees and have personal tutors to give you additional assistance should you not come out with qualifications in Law, Science, Commerce or possibly Medicine. Based on intellectual capacity most royals should be working in a supermarket placing stickers on fruit. Markle will divorce the goose within 5 years and he will come crawling back to his family with his tail between his legs. I hope they have changes the locks before he arrives. Aside from Princess Anne I am yet to see a Royal I would even cross the road to the speak to. Other than Anne (who actually can think and form genuine opinions) the rest are monosyllabic.


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