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Lizzie Cornish

Lizzie CornishLizzie Cornish is a plainly bonkers Twitter troll who believes that the convicted paedophile Rolf Harris is innocent of his crimes. Devon based Cornish’s handle states: “ROLF HARRIS IS INNOCENT! I’m a woman pissed off by Lying Women, &also by Greedy De-Sensitized Corporate Bastards who seem intent on ruining my Beautiful Planet”. This deranged loon plainly needs help given she has tweeted over 12,900 mad missives between 2009 and 2015.



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  1. If she has a child, perhaps she could send it to Rolf. When it comes back, she will no longer believe this bull. My friend got groped by Harris years ago and it has ruined her life. He is a sick bastard and I am glad that The Steeple Times was amongst the first to expose his vile antics. I hope his evil wife pays too. She knew full well what went on and my only other comment will be that the daughter has a lot to answer for also.

    • I do apologize for not being a Prole, Fiona and therefore having a mind of my own, one that is intelligent enough NOT to believe what the media have told us. Er…did you know the media were FUMING with Rolf’s lawyers for them using Leveson against them and thus The Persecution of Rolf began? No? Well, you do now……. HUGE Miscarriage of Justice…Please, feel free to ask me ANY questions you want about this case. Happy to help educate, if I can….Thank ye.

      • Lizzie
        Your friend Rolf is so vile that he should never have been allowed into the country.
        We need tough immigration laws to prevent pervs like the third rate Harris entering the country.

      • You need to be sent to hell. You are as bad as Rolf’s dirty b**h wife and that dog of a daughter. You would have joined in wouldn’t you Lizzie Cornish. What a cow you are.

    • No, last time I checked, I WAS a she, but the way we’re polluting the planet at present, who knows WHAT I might find next time I check….Gender-Changed Fish, and Chips anyone?

  2. I am surprised you have published this article but if you read this Lizzie, I’d like to know your views on the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann. If you are a good woman, as you claim, have you supported the Find Madeleine campaign? You really ought to spend your time tweeting about that as I do believe you could help in dear Gerry and Kate McCann’s efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. Please help. It will be much more productive than running around supporting Rolf Harris.

    • You certainly have taken a substantial interest in the McCann case, Ms. Trott. How many words would you estimate that you have formed in support of (or in gathering support) for this very good cause? More than a million? Two, three? I am sure that Steeple Times readers would love to know more about you. Are you related to the McCann family? Did you know Madeleine or any member of the family? You are rather an interesting phenomenon, yourself, if I may say so.

    • Madeleine’s parents and the police are the ones to deal with this, Gillian. My heart goes out to them both, it must be torture each and every day. I have lost two babies, one half way through pregnancy, so I know just a little of the deep anguish they must be going through…To lose your child and not know where she is, what’s happened to her, etc…living hell. I have read some desperately unkind and inhumane things about this case from some seemingly very odd people on the internet…Sadly, there are way too many of those folks….I doubt Mathew will allow this on here, as he seems to be wanting to attract those very kind of folks to his page, it appears to me….

  3. Rolf Harris is INNOCENT. Lizzie is quite right. He has been unfairly jailed by the establishment whilst they protect real pedophiles like XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS]. You should celebrate Lizzie rather than pillory her. She is a good woman and rightly sticks up for a genuine national treasure. Jimmy Saville was innocent too and his name has been so wrongly ruined. Think of what these two did for charity.

    • In having an opinion, in researching Rolf’s case, in daring to see things in a very different light to you, Carol, I ‘deserve to go to hell’ ? Really? Gosh…..

  4. You might make her kill herself by outing her. You should not do this. Do you want to be held responsible for the death of another troll?

  5. Imagine her naked. Imagine having sex with her. What a horrible thought. Of course Rolf Harris isn’t innocent.

    • Probably best not to, William, old bean. I’m 60 years old next month and everything which once was in the right place, is now in the wrong place, although, it’s not really, as being older, it’s now all in the right place after all. I would like though, as a forthcoming Elder, to be treated with a modicum of respect..and I have absolutely no desire to imagine you naked, or even to imagine you at all. Thank you.

    • Thank heavens for that. I don’t DO sex at any post, Sweetheart, even those which are 50 shades of Creosote. Have a lovely evening. Oh..and if you have any EVIDENCE to back up ANY of the allegations against Rolf, DO let me know, please and I’ll forward it to Operation Yewtree, as they couldn’t find a bloody thing. Thanks, Sweetheart.

    • I am sure we are all scared witness at the idea of being interviewed by some thick plod from Tiverton

  6. What follows here are my views. I have also copied and pasted this, Matthew, so if you remove anything, or change it, I will know. Obviously, you may not even let it on here either. That’s OK, I’ll post it elsewhere..

    Right, here we go…

    Rolf should NEVER have been sent to trial in my opinion The CPS were appalling letting these women go to Court. Absolutely NO evidence whatsoever existed, or exists, to this day…

    TWO were in deep debt, one having got herself out of this by selling her Rolf Story for $66,000 one year PREtrial, which should have been enough in itself to STOP any trial…She also had to admit, in Court, that she’d lied in her statement, as she’d (in my view) embellished her story outrageously by claiming she’d met Rolf on the first day of her tour here in the UK, then spent the rest of the tour here ‘watching the weight fall off’ her, after what she alleged Rolf did to her…She didn’t meet Rolf until just a few days before going home. She’d said she’d lost nearly a stone during her tour…(WOOPS!) changing the reason for this, instantly, to she must have been homesick… ??? She also stated, when questioned about her having had anorexia YEARS before she ever met Rolf that her doctor/counsellor misunderstood her… ??? She ALSO had to admit in Court to having told ‘an outright lie’ to the Op. Yewtree officers she met in Australia, after they’d asked her NOT to go to the media. She should never have been seen as a reliable person.
    Also, the former head of the public prosecutions in New South Wales said that the trial, in his opinion, should NEVER go ahead, as anyone who sells their story to the papers, pre-trial, may have other motives.

    Leigh Park? NO evidence whatsoever exists to place Rolf here, EVER. ‘Victim’ said it was around time of Moon Landing, (July 1969) Rolf WAS in Australia, EXACTLY has he stated in Court. This can be proven very easily as he was filming out there for much of that year. She stated he’d been singing ‘Two Little Boys’. This wasn’t released until November 1969, becoming the Christmas number one.

    WHY would Rolf Harris, MAJOR star at that time, be appearing at a small hall on the largest council estate in Europe (at that time) when he was also on our TV screens every weekend with his own HUGELY successful show?

    TWO men came forward to say they recalled Rolf being there, one said around time Diana Dors was there, one said around time Sid James was.. Both these artists were there 10 YEARS APART. BOTH can be traced to Leigh Park online…Diana opened The Crown Bingo, Sid an extension to a shopping centre. One of these men said he got an autograph for his daughter…neither daughter, nor autograph was produced as evidence…Neither do we know if either of these two men knew the woman concerned….

    She stated she was on stage, at the head of a queue, 7/8 years old, Rolf crouching down to sign her piece of paper. She says he was looking at her warmly, then states his eyes were very cold (??)..So, he’s crouching down, to be at her level, pen in one hand, paper in t’other, yet, somehow he’s allegedly able to put his ‘hairy’ hands (Rolf has never had hairy hands, find photos of him as younger man on Google images and he held his hands up in Court)…on her legs, going up to her vaginal area, over her clothes, doing this twice, second time far more forcefully.


    She is ALSO at ‘head’ of queue, so a whole pile of folks are RIGHT behind her, staring AT Rolf, (as people do with a famous person) yet no-one saw him, nor stopped him…..


    This woman was also declared bankrupt in 2013….

    She was ALSO on her Twitter page a while back sayng she was going to be writing her story, which no-one would believe.


    To this day, there’s not a ticket to this gig anywhere on the internet, not a programme, not a poster, not a write-up, not a photo ANYWHERE. Nothing.

    It is my view that Rolf was NEVER at Leigh Park…I’ve even phoned the staff up at Leigh Park and they too are deeply concerned, as they know NO-ONE who has any memory and they told me that families live on Leigh Park for GENERATIONS so there would still be MANY people there who’d remember Rolf being there…

    And WHY would the local newspaper miss the opportunity of having Rolf, SO loved and SO popular all over their front page to boost sales? The police searched through SEVEN YEARS of their archives around this date, but found not a SINGLE WORD about Rolf. !!!!????

    Miss Cambridge…She STARTED the trial in ‘It’s A Celebrity Knockout’ in one part of Cambridge, in 1975, aged 13//14, being a waitress (?). However, MID-trial she transmorphed into being 16/17, at ‘Star Games’ in 1978 in a totally different part of Cambridge….and no-one batted an eyelid.

    Now, DS Gary Pankhurst admitted in Court that the police had been sent the entire programme of ‘It’s A Celebrity Knockout’ from 1975, as yes, it DID exist. Guess what? Yes, NO Rolf! This is when Ms. Wass, prosecution lawyer started flitting and flatting around, desperately trying to infer that a MYSTERY GUEST was going to be in this programme at the end of the show, which didn’t seem to be on the film..and would be impossible to trace via the internet back then, as er…there wasn’t any internet…

    Then, LO AND BEHOLD, a bloke recalls Rolf being at Star Games…tells The Mirror, the Mirror find the video and bam, Rolf then becomes The Biggest Liar In The World, according to Ms. Wass, because he’d insisted he’d NEVER been to Cambridge until recent years.

    Rolf wasn’t lying. WHY would he be so stupid as to lie about being in a programme he could be traced to? He just had NO memory of this programme at all. Search for the Youtube video of Freddie Starr telling Phillip Schofield that he, Phillip, had NO memory of EVER having interviewed world famous racing driver, James Hunt…after Phillip was trying to infer Freddie MUST have remembered being on a show with Savile…Schofield HAD to confess this was true and he just had no memory at all of that interview….

    Rolf was bussed into Star Games, with other celebrities…It was on the OUTSKIRTS of Cambridge, so no dreaming spires or University buildings to jog his memory.

    Tonya Lee, when asked why she lied about meeting Rolf at the start of her tour, not at the end, said that it was a long time ago, around 28 years and she was not a robot.

    ROLF, however, at 84 years old, was made out to be the nastiest, most manipulative liar in Christendom, by a very, very ruthless and clever lawyer.

    Finally, in regards to Miss Cambridge, we KNOW Rolf was there at ‘Star Games’, but what we do NOT know is if Miss Cambridge was, as the trial was not stopped when this new information came to light….Her story was just ENTIRELY CHANGED and that was that….WHY????? HOW can this be LEGAL????

    Bindi’s ex-friend, known as ‘J’. She wrote in her diary, during the holiday she said she was abused on, that she was having a GREAT time. ?? She also spent YEARS of her life going to Rolf’s house, being inseparable with Bindi, having a lovely time, never being frightened of Rolf at all. Even when Rolf moved away, 30 MILES away, she followed the family there, going over to stay with them, being perfectly happy to it seems..even happy for Rolf to drive her home. She was 30 MILES from her family, yet, she WANTED to be there.

    IF the father of my best friend had been sexually abusing me there is NO WAY I’d have even stepped foot in her house ever again. I’d have been a wreck….

    Now, interestingly ‘J’ said she WAS a wreck whenever she was around Rolf, having to down ‘shedloads’ of gin, at least 5 glasses, to hide her panic attacks. My own daughter suffered these during a horrible bout of vertigo when a teenager. You CANNOT HIDE panic attacks, NOR could you hide being stoned out of your brain on 5 glasses of gin!

    She even said that she managed to control the sweating during her panic attacks and that no-one noticed.

    Oddly, her mother stated she did notice a few panic attacks….

    Now, her parents…..

    They kept Rolf’s letter of deep apology (and that’s ALL it was, an APOLOGY) for SEVENTEEN YEARS, yet, did NOTHING about it, EVER.

    Her father was a respected medical professional, wealthy, so lawyer’s fees would NOT have been a problem for him…Yet, he did nothing at all. His daughter told him she’d been abused since the age of 13, yet he did nothing. They said it was due to her being an alcoholic. ???? No, they did NOTHING AT ALL. In MY mind, this seems to say that they simply did NOT believe her allegations of child abuse.

    She too had financial problems, or rather, her BOYFRIEND did. Yes, despite all that she said about her life being ruined, she not being able to communicate with anyone, etc.etc..she had a boyfriend and it was HE who was in deep debt with his bird sanctuary. That’s why she asked Rolf for £25,000 to £30,000.

    Also, when Rolf ended their relationship, or rather, their series of meetings, for that’s what it was, around 8/10 over a period of 11 YEARS, that’s less than once a year (and in my view, she engineered each one of those opportunities) she went ape-shit, and THAT is when she threw the ‘child abuse’ allegations at him, saying the ODDEST thing, that telling her she looked “lovely” in her swimsuit was the same as him physically molesting her. ???



    We’ve ALL told children they look ‘lovely’ in outfits, ALL of us, to boost their confidence..and she may well have said to Rolf “Do I look OK in this?” for all we know…

    He was made to feel TERRIBLE about this…by her..and by Ms. Wass, who got him to beat himself up more and more about it.

    Rolf is a very kind person and the thought that he had truly hurt someone would tear him apart…It is VERY easy to make deeply talented people feel total shites about themselves, believe me, as it so often goes with the brain-pattern of deeply creative people who are often very fragile inside about how they see themselves…

    NO WAY would you keep going to the house of someone who was abusing you. No WAY!

    There was another woman who found her way into Rolf’s life too, after he and Alwen had kindly taken her in when she was really down on her luck. They’d done this for others too…because they’re both very kind and loving people…

    This woman found her way into Rolf’s life too, just as the other had…It wasn’t Rolf chasing them, in my view, but totally the other way around….

    Rolf LOVES Alwen….He loved her from the moment he saw her….and when he bumped into her not long after, at an art gallery, where both were exhibiting, he told her how BEAUTIFUL she was, then picked her up in his arms and ran all the way down the gallery with her… :0)

    But, shit happens in people’s lives and wrong decisions are taking when temptation appears from nowhere.

    Rolf could have had affair after affair after affair, his whole life long, with rich and famous women too. Tom Jones OPENLY admits to a whole STRING of affairs…but he STILL goes home to his wife of over 50+years marriage..

    What matters is that their wives love them enough to give Unconditional Love and it says all that needs to be said about the men concerned when a woman can do such a loving thing….Rolf’s family worked through it, and forgave him..and that is ALL that mattered. It was NO-ONE’s business but theirs…

    When ‘J’ found out about this second woman, she again went ape-shit, this time to Bindi, calling this woman ‘ugly, old and a cow’. NOT the words of an abused child, but the words of a very jealous woman…in my view…

    The shocking libelous lie about Broadmoor. No, Rolf did NOT ‘stalk Broadmoor with Savile’ as The Sun said (remember, The Sun is owned by Murdoch who was fuming with Rolf’s lawyers from Leveson Inquiry)…

    The TRUTH is that BROADMOOR **ASKED** Savile to work for them, to ‘soften’ their image…and to bring in some family-orientated celebrities to do this. Thus, Rolf went there to a Summer Fete, ONCE, as did many others, Pan’s People amongst those others…Broadmoor issued a statement saying that AT ALL TIMES Rolf was accompanied by STAFF and NOTHING untoward happened when Rolf was being shown the hospital. Pan’s People were accompanied by ARMED guards when they were shown around.

    Did I also mention that Steven George, the man who used to be Alizon Pink, is the person who told this Broadmoor story about Rolf..and he’s got a BOOK out about it, it coming out in 2012 and, if I recall correctly, it being updated in 2013. Strangely, when on ‘This Morning’ telling his Savile story, he made NO MENTION AT ALL of Rolf being there too, ONLY coming out with this part AFTER Rolf had been pronounced (wrongly) guilty.

    He was a former patient of Broadmoor, the top mental hospital in this country. He says his father arranged for him to be sent there, both his adoptive parents being paedophiles…

    The Vanessa Feltz story. ODD, isn’t it, that even now, so long after, we’ve STILL never seen this film of Rolf allegedly putting his hands up her dress? This is because no film showing this exists. ODD too that the police said they’d looked at the film and verified it, when Vanessa herself said that the film was shot from the waist up….You see, lots of canoodling went on during these Big Breakfast Bed interviews..and if you look on Youtube you’ll find Paula Yates lying on the bed with Michael Hutchence, whom she later had a child with, her hands all over his crotch, literally..Also, Rik Mayall, playfully launching himself on top of Liza Tarbuck for a moment or two, Liza taking it all in the fun way it was meant, not getting insulted at all….

    We have NO idea if Rolf and Vanessa were larking around, none, nor if what she alleged took place…NONE.

    Linda Nolan….(getting tired now) …, her allegation was interesting, because she’d kept silent for decades too, not even telling her other sisters, despite Coleen being felt up a bit by Savile…nope, not a word… Then, Linda comes back into the spotlight doing Big Brother…She’d been on Benefits before this, in a bad state financially…Big Brother solved that…DURING Big Brother, she said that she’d had sex with many men, but her husband was ALWAYS watching (it’s on Youtube ‘I’m a Nolan, not a nun!’)..and it was a great way to orgasm. ??????

    Next thing we know, she’s sitting there giving interview after interview of how shocked she was when young of Rolf abusing her…..LOADS of lovely money was possibly rolling in with this new turn of events though….

    Read Jim Davidson’s book about Operation Yewtree ‘No Further Action’ to find out his feelings on Linda Nolan…whose husband, now passed on, was found to have allegedly stolen some money from Frank Carson’s dressing room once…He just about managed to keep his temper with her on Big Brother, refusing to rise to any bait that was put out….

    Rolf also has many folks in Australia, in the entertainment world, who don’t like him. They refer to him always as an ex-pat, which hurts him deeply and he gave an interview many years ago about this, how it upsets him so much…They resent his success, they resent him making it over here, they resent him living over here, even though he’s flown the flag for Australia throughout his entire life! They are LOVING putting the boot in now…..

    Some of the ridiculous stories told by the women the CPS brought in from abroad…Miss Malta saying she thought she was going to be raped, then, she had a photo taken with Rolf after. ??? the mother and daughter from New South Wales, who put the cartoon the daughter had drawn with Rolf earlier that day up in her bedroom, despite them saying he’d abused both of them ???? The make-up artist from Oz who alleged she’d been groped 24 times (!!!????) in one day…and who said he was well known as ‘The Octopus’


    She let a man grope her TWENTY FOUR TIMES? Yeah, right! Even the judge, Mr. Justice Sweeney, said, in his summing up, that the jury were NOT to take notice of this ‘Octopus’ remark as it came from just ONE person…

    On and on it goes….on and on and on….

    Meanwhile, an 84 year old man, with a SIXTY YEAR, TOTALLY UNBLEMISHED career sits in prison, hundreds of miles from his family, utterly bewildered that anyone would EVER think he’d EVER hurt a child….

    There is so much more, but I’m falling asleep here as it’s now so late….

    Rolf is NO PAEDOPHILE at ALL! He is kind and gentle and adores inspiring and teaching children and adults alike..and he’s been doing this ALL his life long….

    My GOD but we should ALL be out on the streets for Rolf, screaming our heads off about this shocking miscarriage of justice and demanding that those with deeply £vested interests in all of this be sent to Court to explain their actions!


    Oh..and one last thing..the alleged child porn. There wasn’t any and THAT is why the CPS didn’t prosecute him, but they let the public think they COULD have…Go to a blog called ‘Rolf Harris – Beyond Reasonable Doubt or Miscarriage of Justice’…read it, as it’s great…then go to the comments underneath and find the comments of Chris Brosnan…READ them…and weep for Rolf…just weep for him….and weep for yourselves for EVER believing the BULLSHIT that Murdoch and Dacre wanted you to believe, helped out by the CPS too….

    • Please take your diatribe elsewhere in 2016. You are not welcome here with your nonsensical campaign to free a depraved, evil, perverted paedopphile named Rolf Harris. I hope he dies in jail and I hope you’ll see sense and stop pestering our readers with your nonsense.

  7. Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED… Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED and I’ll say it again Lizzie Cornish is DERANGED…

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