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Two Faced Phillip Schofield – Weird Presenter Deservedly Labelled “Chief Narcissist,” A “Liar” And “Hated” By Eamonn Holmes

Two faced Phillip Schofield, once a patron and “famous friend” of the 2 Faced Theatre Company, is quite deservedly labelled a “chief narcissist” who is a “liar” and “hated” by Eamonn Holmes

The now 63-year-old “silver soufflé” that has now morphed into “salacious sloppy seconds” that is Phillip Schofield once supposedly disgustingly joked about “paying someone a fiver to drink bleach and die” to a “youngster” on Snapchat.


Indicative of someone with a brain clearly stir fried and nothing but the morals of an alley cat, here is a creepy creature who was once somewhat ironically a patron and “famous friend” of a theatre company called 2 Faced who was last night slammed as a “chief narcissist,” a “liar” and “hated” by fellow TV sofa host Eamonn Holmes.


Going further in a GB News feature with Dan Wootton of the warbling wazzock Schofield’s “relationship” with a now 27-year-old one-time actor who is curiously currently being represented by the ritzy law firm Mischon de Reya LLP, Holmes raged:


“It’s a total cover-up, it’s a total cover-up. Those in authority had to know what was going on and they thought they’d dodge a bullet – which they do and they do constantly.”


“With Schofield talking about those who speak out against him – namely me, Amanda Holden, you [Dan Wootton], you’ll be included in the toxicity that goes on… Dr Ranj, of course too. You sit there and suddenly think, no mate, you’ve had it your way for far too long.”


“This nonsense that he wrote today about toxicity, it’s a happy place and whatever… What planet does this man live on? He created an atmosphere where people hated him. People would avoid him in the corridor. He didn’t look at anybody, he didn’t know peoples’ names. Holly doesn’t know peoples’ names either. This is legendary within the production team, that how distant they are and how they just don’t care.”


“Not only should Phillip go, but Holly should follow him out the door. I don’t think you’ll ever see Holly back the couch again.”


“I think now that a few of the Loose Women, if certain executives are moved, maybe they’ll have the courage to tell the truth about what it is, but he was so rude, so dismissive of the Loose Women and you go and you ask and you say: ‘How about Schofield?’ and nobody rates him.”


“He can’t read autocue. His big, wide eyes, shouts when he speaks, like that. He’s rude to everyone around him as has – Nadine Dorries has talked about him as well.”


“My father always says: ‘You can watch a thief, but you can’t watch a liar’ and you don’t know what’s fact and what’s with fiction with him.”


“I think Phillip was absolutely right about toxicity, but, my friend, the toxicity is not with me, Dan Wootton or anybody else, the toxicity is with you and your mates in management and everybody kept you in power and abusive power for so long.”


“If I’m guilty of anything, it’s for speaking up for all those researchers you ignored, all those producers you treated like dirt, all those people who are texting and phoning Dan Wootton and saying: ‘We feel now empowered to come forward, come out and tell the public the truth’ because the truth is the public can’t handle the truth, the public don’t want the truth. They think you’re a little broom cupboard person and they grew up with you and your lovely and adorable and whatever, but you let your fame and your power corrupt you.”


“I didn’t know, but I’ve subsequently found out from a very, very good source, because [Schofield] would arrive much earlier in the morning than I would for the programme, that [the boy] was delivered from Phillip’s London home usually on a Friday morning because Thursday was ‘playtime’ – er, when he and Phillip would hit the town.”


“And then, he obviously stayed overnight and there are records to show that he was brought in the next day separately… in cars paid for by ITV… unless Phillip paid the bills separately, but it would still have to go through the accounts office and they’d have seen that and known.”


“[The boy] was a lovely fella, a really talented fella… He never once talked to us about any relationship, but we knew he was in a bad way. He was in a bad way, fragilely… And, erm, he seemed to go through a lot of money in his life… He needed a lot of money.”


Separately, taking to Twitter prior to the airing of the interview Holmes added:


“Just telling the truth in the face of a coercive controller… A lie unchallenged becomes the truth… Not on my watch it doesn’t Pip. Tonigh is for all my workmates over the years who frightened and ignored by you and your controlling, coercive behaviour. All you who no one listened to. I’m here for you.”


“Schofield has just put out a delusional statement. Like Holly, he puts it on Insta Stories, so if it goes wrong there is no record after 24 hours. I’m reluctant to give the liar any more publicity, but believe me Pip, if you are looking for a fight, you have picked the wrong person!”


In a 2014 showreel, two faced twerp Schofield – whose scumbag ex-policeman brother is now in jail for sexual offences – answered his “lover” asking him about “what we’ll both be doing in three years’ time” with the cryptically creepy comment: “Well, if I’m still getting away with it, I’ll be a happy man.” Most tellingly however, this rotten ratbag neglected to what “it” might actually mean.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


A Two Faced Twerp – This morning Matthew Steeples asked: “How will history remember Phillip Schofield?” He added the hashtags: #PhillipSchofield #Schofe #Schofield #DrRanj #EamonnHolmes #Eamonn #RuthLangsford #Ruth #AmandaHolden #DanWootton #DermotOLeary #AlisonHammond #GylesBrandreth #MatthewWright #RichardMadeley #JudyFinnigan #ITV #ThisMorning #television. By 11:30am on Tuesday 30th May 2023, the majority of respondents very clearly favoured the option: “A nasty, bitter bully.”
Groomed By My Drama Teacher
Somewhat ironically, two faced Schofield once appeared in a segment titled: “Groomed by my drama teacher.” He has also been known to dress up in a dress; endearing or just plain weird?
2 Faced Theatre Company
The now disgraced and loathed by virtually everyone ex-presenter was once a “patron” and “famous friend” of the 2 Faced Theatre Company run by his ‘chum’ Simon Schofield – who happens not to be related to him, but whom he considers his “rock” supposedly. The 2 Faced Theatre Company is now listed as dissolved; curious that, very curious indeed.
Gordon The Gopher Amanda Holden I'll Take It On The Chin Phillip Schofield
Two faced Schofield is known for whining and in one tweet – before he threw a hissy fit and quit leaving missives on Twitter – the warbling wazzock moaned about being the “easiest, most fun person to work with” but being subject to “hateful and wildly untrue stores from nameless ‘sources.’” He concluded: “Obviously, I’ll take it on the chin… I just hope you know me better.” Clearly now, most plainly didn’t.
Phillip Schofield Jimmy Savile
Two faced Schofield is also doing the rounds on Twitter in a series of memes and caricatures; here, at The Dorchester in London, he’s mocked up as the late paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

Wacky and weird, two faced Phillip Schofield’s worst moments…

On himself (in spite of being condemned by everyone from Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to Nadine Dorries MP):

“I am only about 26 in my head.”


“If I was a pig to work with, I wouldn’t get asked back.”


“My dad was the archetypal charming man. If I’ve inherited even a small bit of what he had, that would be enough for me.”


“I’m incredibly sentimental, although I’m not one of those people who doesn’t chuck anything out; I don’t keep used tea bags, just special mementos.”


To his supposedly now suffering one-time ‘friend’ turned ‘runner’ (for a time) on This Morning, [*REDACTED*] (whom he met when the young whippersnapper was allegedly somewhere between 10 and 15 years old) asking him about what they might end up doing in three years:

“Well, if I’m still getting away with it, I’ll be a happy man.”


On the world in general:

“We live in a world that has very sharp edges. It can be very bitter.”


On Holly Willoughby (who subsequently has distanced herself from the crying cretin):

“Holly is my rock.”


On being gay (in spite of hidden such for years):

“I thought maybe I was bisexual.”


“If you ask anyone who is gay, they know, there is no confusion.”


“You never know what is going on someone’s head when they think they are leading the perfect life.”


As he cut off invited guests on ‘This Morning’ who he believed misgendered LGBTQX+ sorts:

“We’ll get back to the show and we’ll get back to 2017 and not get back to medieval Britain in just a moment.”


On his now ex-wife’s keenness to be rid of him:

“My wife Steph never tells me to take on less work; she’s just glad to have me out of the house.”


On birthdays:

“I hate birthdays.”


On putting wine ahead of family:

“Wine is the biggest passion of my life without question.”


“I don’t do anything by halves and wine is an expensive passion.”


On preferring to travel alone:

“In general, I’d say that I need to be with the right people in the right place, although one of the best holidays I ever had was alone.”


On quitting Twitter:

“I have another secret Twitter account.”


“There’s nothing that winds me up more on Twitter than people who are stupid and who say the most ridiculous things.”


On the people he’s interviewed:

“I’m not being arrogant or blasé, but I got a bigger buzz sitting opposite Jean-Bernard Delmas at Château Haut-Brion than I did from interviewing Elton John, Liza Minelli or Whitney Houston.”


“You can tell when you look at someone and think: ‘He’s on the brink of fainting’ or that certainly something’s not right.”


On offending people:

“I love the fact we do break taboos.”


Asked why he and Holly Willoughby skipped the 13-hour queue to attend the lying-in-state of the late Queen Elizabeth II:

“Have you got nothing better to do with your time? … Why should I apologise?”


On ghosts and his past life:

“[I have] a rule about never borrowing money… [I was] ‘murdered’ in a past life over a debt… I opened the door to silence and felt horror wash over me. Three steps in, and I saw them – two murdered bodies on the floor. knew they were my wife and small child. Horror turned to fury. I knew why they were dead. I owed money to two brothers who worked at the end of the street in a sawmill. The brother [then] found me, dragged me outside, punched me to the ground and, as my head hit the mud, he repeatedly stamped on it until I was dead!”


“Our back garden is allegedly haunted by a ghost called the Grey Lady. When one of my daughters was three, she said she’d been speaking to a lady in the garden and we went running around trying to find this woman. There was no one there.”


On refusing to go near churches:

“Going into a church reminds of the terrifying vision of [past life] death… [I am] not willing to take the risk again.”


To a flower pot that he felt got in his way on television:

“Go back to where you were, go back to where you were… Only I can see them.”


To Lady Colin Campbell (whom he was interviewing about her latest book on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex):

“For someone who allegedly moves in aristocratic circles, isn’t it all a bit tawdry and undignified? … Paul Burrell, who’d have thought we’d quote him, said of one of your previous books on the Queen: ‘You can only be a true, reliable witness to history if you are there. Lady Colin Campbell was none of these things.’ … You are a gossip. Well, you’re a gossip, but only when it suits you.”


Whilst interviewing television personality Kim Woodburn (who responded by slamming his rudeness):

“I know why people reacted in the way that they reacted to you. It’s because of the way you make me feel sitting on that sofa. You are already making me feel controversial. [You are] confrontational… We’re just asking you a question.”


On dealing with problems (in spite of being the creator of many himself):

“I’m a very good clearer-upper.”


Whilst shockingly sharing a list of ‘names’ of Conservative politicians live on-air with then Prime Minister David Cameron of those he believed might be abusers (he was subsequently forced to apologise and pay £125,000 to Lord McAlpine, an innocent man):

“I have those names there. Those are the names on a piece of paper. You know the names on that piece of paper. Will you be speaking to those people?”


On the ‘work’ he has done:

“I’m not a workaholic.”


“I do have a rule about how much I will take on. The last thing you want is to be on TV too much and for people to be sick of you.”


On being on television:

“I am very conscious of the fact I am in peoples’ living rooms every day and they feel like they know me.”


“I meet people who are so sniffy about daytime TV… Ghastly.”


“I don’t want people turning on the telly and going: ‘Dear God, not him again.’”


Two faced ‘Schofe’s’ extremely curious history… “What’ll come next for this raging ratbag?” is indeed the question…

Gordon The Gopher (also known as ‘Gordon T. Gopher’) was two faced Phillip Schofield’s puppet ‘friend’ on ‘Children’s BBBC’ (‘CBBC’) between 1985 and 1987. The yellow puppet gopher with red pads – which were said to “represent lobster claws” – is amongst the many that the now former ITV ‘This Morning’ presenter turned upon. Of the puppet, Schofield once told ‘Heat’ magazine: “Gordon the Gopher is in rehab. It’s all gone horribly wrong for him. It’s a shame. I’ve got a restraining order against him and we don’t speak. He’s quite bitter and he has been ever since I got my role in ‘Doctor Dolittle’ in the West End and he didn’t get offered the part. It was the straw that broke the gopher’s back.”
Phillip Schofield claims not to check Twitter anymore; he has also said he has a ‘secret account’ so most likely does monitor the many thousands of messages slamming his utterly reprehensible antics.
Phillip Schofield with his now convicted and now jailed criminal 54-year-old paedophile brother Timothy Schofield in happier times. After the verdict earlier in April – in a case where the television presenter’s civilian police officer sibling was convicted of three counts of causing a child to watch sexual activity and three counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child – in a statement released by his lawyer, Phillip Schofield remarked: “My overwhelming concern is and has always been for the wellbeing of the victim and his family. I hope that their privacy will now be respected. If any crime had ever been confessed to me by my brother, I would have acted immediately to protect the victim and their family. These are despicable crimes and I welcome the guilty verdicts. As far as I am concerned, I no longer have a brother.” Timothy Schofield was also found guilty of three counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity and two of sexual activity with a child at Exter Crown Court and had told the television presenter that he’d “had time together” (including watching porn and masturbating) with a child whilst the ‘This Morning’ host was doing the washing up in his very own kitchen.
On 8th November 2012, Schofield handed the then Prime Minister David Cameron a list of names of alleged sex offenders in the Conservative Party which he had found through research on the Internet. That list was partially visible to ‘This Morning’s’ millions of viewers and as a result one person on it, Lord McAlpine, sued. Subsequently, the broadcaster was quite rightly forced to issue and unreserved apology and a statement that read: “ITV and Phillip Schofield have now reached agreement with Lord McAlpine to settle his libel claim, made in relation to the This Morning programme broadcast… ITV and Phillip Schofield apologise unreservedly to Lord McAlpine, have agreed the terms of a statement to be made in open court, and have agreed to pay him damages of £125,000 and his legal costs.” According to ‘International Business,’ “the ITV settlement [was] reportedly less than McAlpine was seeking. However, the peer’s lawyer, Andrew Reid, said he was ‘pleased’ with ITV’s admission that it was wrong and called the settlement ‘pragmatic.’ … Reid told the BBC: ‘The Schofield stunt added fuel to the fire that was already there and we had to take that into account.”
Now former ITV1 ‘This Morning’ co-host Phillip Schofield cringed and looked as if he was about to snap when approached outside his West London home by GB News presenter Ben Leo in November 2022 about the ‘Queuegate’ scandal that utterly disgraced him. Here is a mouse-not-a-man who wrongly assumes that he’s some kind of national treasure worthy of not a jot of criticism.
The ‘This Morning’ host is known for being a very angry and bitter man. Like Ferne McCann (pictured right), a fellow presenter on ITV1 with a reputation for being an utter rotter and for having had a child with a monster who threw acid over innocent people in a London nightclub, he is also known for being incapable of owning his own mistakes.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I am loving it —I hope enough bilge will burble to the top so that we see the back of Holly the Dolly and they clean house at ITV’s executive suites. McCall needs to go —the very fact they had the nerve to tell Dan Wooten that he would only get a new contract if he quit spreading “rumors” ( which we now know are FACT ) about Schofield AND if he stopped reporting negatively on Harry & Me-gain is enough to cause heads to roll. McCall and her “woke” self need to be out on the street.

  2. I am just thankful we have people like Matthew, who speak out and get the truth out there about these horrible, vicious people who STILL permeate the entertainment industry. What is happening now is that NOTHING has changed post-Savile.

  3. So sad for the runners!!! I wonder how many will be willing to step up and tell their story and put whatshisnuts behind bars with his brother. That would be a happy ending for sure!

  4. The time has come for everyone who was gagged, sacked or bullied by this lot to go as a group to the police, to their politicians etc and to demand justice. This is about stopping the exploitation of children and youth and we know there is a big effort happening to legitimize grooming and worse. Anyone who is minimizing this in any way is a disgrace. And how would Schofield feel if one of his daughters was targeted at her first job by a man old enough to be her grandfather?

  5. ….Notice too how Holy Holly was his ‘rock’, his best buddy who went on holiday with him, was “Never as proud as i am today” when he came out, yet as soon as this story bubbled under the surface, she made herself as distant from him as possible, wanting nothing to do with him anymore. Upset that her ‘brand’ may be tarnished too? Do we believe she was lied to as well? No chance.

    • ‘Video unavailable
      This video contains content from ITV_plc, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.’


  6. Phillip hasn’t been seen since it all blew up has he, apart from the “I am looking sad in my car” photos. Keeping a low profile.

    Or is he going to do a runner?

    Mind you, that’s what caused all the trouble in the first place…….


  7. British society at its best i see, everyone jumping on their moral hi horses. just remember this man has broken no laws [that we currntly know of] its not illegal not to be perfect, so he has a few character defects maybe the british public an media that put pictures of schofield as pedo saville need to look at themselves and if you think destroying a mans life attacking and ridiculing his personality [and dont bother saying hes destroyed his own life, because having an gay affair with a younger man is NOT illegal] is fine just to get your media coverage an sales boosted, and every person thats jummped on the slag and destroy schofield band wagon can say hand on heart they have a perfect personality have never behaved in a selfish rude or bellittling way to another human being has never been self indulgent or arrogant, or been atrracted to someone younger than yourself at some point in your perfect life, well here Mr or Misses’ perfect human is your bag of golds stones. if however you do not fulfill this criteria, I wqould suggest you go and knock your neighbours door and ask them to start casting the stones at you.


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