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Mistreatment & Meghan – Samantha Markle Speaks Sense About Lady Susan Hussey & Netflix’s ‘Harry & Meghan’

WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Samantha Markle reacts to her sister Meghan’s Netflix trailer and the “inappropriate woke backlash” in the wake of the disgraceful mistreatment of Lady Susan Hussey

“When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make sense to hear the story from us?” gushes the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle in the trailer for what its promoter has deemed a “Netflix global event.” Unsurprisingly, the teaser for the forthcoming bag of bilge that has been titled Harry & Meghan has already been watched 3.9 million times on YouTube alone.


Whilst a tiny minority no doubt think it acceptable for the feckless Duchess of Sussex to take a sum estimated as high as £81.3 million ($100 million, €94.9 million or درهم367.3 million) to spill her guts and those of her drippy, delusional, under-the-thumb husband without considering the fallout, her very own and by contrast sensible sister, Samantha Markle, last night reacted to it by quite rightly declaring:


“As I watched the Netflix trailer, I felt as though I was watching a Neil Sedaka style music video about a couple who believe its them alone with the world against them at all the odds.”


“It was my observation that with the love support and resources of the British royal family, that all of the odds were laid out before them, and in their favour until the point at which they seemingly wanted more and did not want to follow protocol, or be honest in their dealings.”


“Harry claimed that he would do whatever it took to protect his ‘family.’ We are confused because for all intents and purposes, the royal family certainly is a large, lifelong family, and worthy of said protection. The implication in the trailer, though, was that his ‘family’ only includes the Montecito microcosm and excludes the royal family and the Markles.”


“If they perceive their love as the two of them against the world in a Neil Sedaka style video, then it’s only them against the world, seemingly because they have lied about, isolated, attacked and damaged through public relations, a multitude of family members on both sides of the ocean.”


“It seems easy for them to deflect from accountability to others and recoil into their own menagerie of a microcosm, all the while packaging it as some heroic move that is worthy of awards and music, videos, and books and Netflix series. Most amazing about that trailer is its attempt to embody a fairytale at the expense of the tragedies, and tragic endings of others.”


Turning to the disgraceful debacle that has followed Ngozi Fulani’s PR stunt after her unfortunate encounter with Lady Susan Hussey and the shocking mistreatment of this 83-year-old that has followed, Samantha Markle shared:


“Respectfully, I have to say that we observed it from across the pond and it was quite shocking. Everyone I know supports Lady Susan Hussey. I was shocked at the inappropriately reactive, rather than proactive woke backlash that this lovely 83-year-old royal aide has suffered to the extent of her resignation and unjust social shaming.”


“I heard the questions that Lady Susan asked Miss Fulani and given several issues, I feel this was a tragic misinterpretation of communication.”


“Firstly, Ms Fulani was wearing a glaringly and culturally, symbolic clothing ensemble, which would arouse curiosity and questioning by any reasonable person where the attire is not customary for the region.”


“That being said, if someone were standing outside my home, wearing a Samurai ensemble or an Irish jigging ensemble or a sari, I would respectfully ask where the individual is from. If the individual said: ‘I am from here,’ I might be confused because of the unique clothing and further ask: ‘No, but where are you really from or where is your family from?’”


“I would likely be fascinated, and want to know the origins of such a unique outfit and the person wearing them. I might want to know about their family, and I would be delighted to hear more. Although, somehow that it is considered rude to ask, I think that it is rude not to ask, but rather to assume or stereotype.”


“Respectfully asking allows us to learn about other cultures and people, and this is how we grow and evolve in the large, multicultural world we live in.”


“Also, considerable and worthy of note is the fact that Lady Susan is 83-years-old and respectfully and diligently served the royal family for many, many years. She is of a different generation to Miss Fulani, so perhaps it would have been customary in most cultures to extend respect to the elderly and realise that she has a different perspective and set of norms about cultural exchange.”


“I think Lady Susan did the right thing and didn’t want to draw assumptions, but rather respected Miss Fulani by asking and caring enough to do so. Based on everything I have seen, it is my opinion that there was entrapment occurring. The set up was racially driven to stimulate controversy around the British royal family targeting an 83-year-old woman to make an example out of and to shame. It is inhumane in my opinion, and shame on those, who are so irrational, and not capable of personal integrity and maturity, or human compassion enough to find other ways to work out their personal issues regarding racism as it pertains to their own lives.”


“I think Lady Susan should have also been provided with the opportunity to learn about this woman’s culture, without being dismissed and socially shamed abruptly. This could have been a win-win situation, and given all factors and variables.”


“I believe that Lady Susan ought be restored of her dignity, respect, and social prestige that she has worked so long for, and does not deserve to be stripped of, because of what seems like a staged encounter to spin a narrative that raises the public hackles, and is unjustly damaging to the British royal family, and certainly to Lady Susan.”


“Lady Susan should be fully exonerated and this matter of seemingly false accusations, constituting, incitement and the abuse of an elderly citizen should be investigated.”


“I might also add that was has been said about Lady Susan assisting my sister at the behest of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and reporting back that my sister was allegedly difficult seems to correlate with a motive of vindication. It is also reported that there is a link between the organisation Miss Fulani represents and my sister.”


“When I was getting my masters degrees and studying multicultural counseling, I learned that it is wrong to make assumptions about others cultures, and not ask questions, because that can be construed as stereotyping, and each individual within a population or cultural group, does not adhere to culturally specific norms. We respect individuals by asking them what their personal preferences are regarding communication and take it from there.”


“I just wanted to qualify in case anyone wonders why I am commenting when I’m not a British citizen. We are all human and with my degree in counseling, and what I know multicultural counseling I felt it was important to mention some aspects of that matter that many may have overlooked.”


Follow Samantha Markle on Twitter at @SammyMarkleReal.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Pictured Top (left to right) – A caricature doing the rounds of the Duchess of Sussex mocking her money motivated ways; Lady Susan Hussey, an 83-year-old whose mistreatment has been outrageous, and the then Meghan Markle with her sister, Samantha Markle, in happier times.


Twitter handle
In exclusive comments to ‘The Steeple Times’ last night, Samantha Markle shared her views on the disgraceful mistreatment of Lady Susan Hussey and her thoughts on her sister’s forthcoming Netflix series. She tellingly observed: “As I watched the Netflix trailer, I felt as though I was watching a Neil Sedaka style music video about a couple who believe its them alone with the world against them at all the odds.”
The Sun The Mirror
The mistreatment of Lady Susan Hussey that has followed the “racism storm” orchestrated by Ngozi Fulani’s decision to go public about something that should have been left private continues to dominate headlines. “Kiss Means War” declared ‘The Sun’ of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s “Netflix ambush” of the Prince and Princess of Wales’s US tour.
The Sun
Shared as screenshots by @lolamorrisons on Twitter an article from ‘The Sun’ that references how the late Queen tried to broker a “peace deal” provides further evidence of how mistreatment of others remains very much on the agenda of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
Frogmore photo
On social media, mistreatment was also on the agenda as a result of the Netflix trailing airing. The @RestingDollface account mused of one image shared: “Someone please get OPRAH on the phone. She needs explain how THIS pace was ‘so small they couldn’t stand-up in it,’ because us cost-of-living struggling plebs don’t understand.”

Outtakes from Netflix’s “official teaser” for ‘Harry & Meghan’ (watched already 3.9 million times)…

Netflix 2
Netflix 5
Netflix 7
And finally… ‘Mistreatment Meghan’ – The face says it all… As always, it all just has to be all about her.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. 2019- Polk County State’s Attorney on why he chose not to prosecute a case SM filed allegeding harassment. “It would appear this story is fiction and is a shameful and inept attempt to garner more publicity which impinges on the complainant’s credibility.” SM also alleged she never abused her daughter. Court documents published by the Dailymail in 2018 dispute her account. Since when did SM become an objective, unbiased, credible and informed source on the royals? One contact with MM in 16 years and 0 contact with any royal makes you an expert on them? Since when???

    • Samantha is someone I find sensible and rational and quite the contrast to her sister, the Duchess of Sussex, and in fact you also Paula/Susan or whatever your name actually is. It is clear that you are a Sussex Squaddie. Next.

    • Susan,thought you didn’t like the DM? Make your mind up! What is up with these pics of Merchie & Lilibucks? Is that pic of lily actually Harry as some have suggested? Did MM & Haz use a surrogate? You seem to be the expert on them so,would be much appreciated if you could answer these questions honestly! Hope you’ve had an opportunity to curtesy to the new & gorgeous Catherine,Princess of Wales! We in America absolutely LOVE Catherine! 😇

  2. Samantha Markle has got it wrong siding with this racist website. She should support her sister and condemn Steeple Times for abusing her sister continually. Meghan is a heroine to so many and such an achiever and Lady Husstey is a bigoted racist who should be stoned in the stocks.

    • Walter,calling for violence? Not a good look.on you. So now, printing the truth is abuse? I think there’s ample evidence your heroine the actual abuser & bully. Since they live in the US those titles should be removed stat! 🤔

  3. Walter Oh Walter. Grass seems always greener but never is. Meme is “Caucasian” yet will never agree to it and will never agree that she has a silver spoon which will tarnish with time. Edward and Simson of the 21st Century. Remember that the “worm turns” and when it does there is no going back!

  4. Samantha Markle should SHUT UP and KNOW HER PLACE. Her sister was right to ditch the hicks in her family and Prince Harry was right to ditch the racists in his.

    • Shut up & know her place.what is her place MS Angela? Sounds like reverse racism to me. People are on to this racism card. Try some actual facts instead of always playing the racist card.🙄

  5. Send Samantha Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d like to buy her a Castlemaine XXXX or fifty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She says what we all feel about her stupid Sheila sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I see that your old friend Basia Briggs has been sharing gossip about Lady Susan Hussey. Can you not tell her to shut her fake lipped trap? Such a plastic ghostly looking woman who said awful things to the Daily Mail Richard Eden today about Polish people as well. I hear Lady Colin Campbell and her don’t get on and I can see why. Why would anyone listen to such a gossiping ghoul? How much does Richard Eden pay her? He’d do better to get a better source as her warped opinions have no relevance to anyone.

  7. Samantha Markle is right on so many subjects. What a pity Harry didn’t meet her before he met Meghan. She would have stopped him making a very big mistake. As for Basia Briggs – I never understood why SteepleTimes ever wrote about her. She lowered the tone.

  8. Walter,calling for violence? Not a good look.on you. So now, printing the truth is abuse? I think there’s ample evidence your heroine the actual abuser & bully. Since they live in the US those titles should be removed stat! 🤔

  9. P.S. Basia Briggs, A friend of Sir Christopher Meyer she claimed. Went to his memorial but sends emails saying “funny” when he got beaten up. She’s the David Pun of memorial services, she’s an Eva Harold and a Sandra Shevey rolled into one. Could be a stand in for Marie-Clara von Alvensleben also but I know she likes her given she was at the book launch about her mother. Richard Eden should write about that. Stable hand woman who turns up for a free canape and bit of cheap prosecco with Lady Meyer.

  10. Silence would have been the best thing Meghan and Ngozi could have learnt but they are attention seekers and troublemakers. Lady Susan was very unlucky to have crossed both their paths but she will bounce back.

  11. Always found Basia common with a K. Rude in Colbert. Looks down nose. Not likeable. Article today got laughed at during lunch at Colbert. Even staff laugh at her. Not with her.

  12. Samantha Markle and father have been wronged by Prince H, he should control his wife, make her learn respect, birch her

  13. Susan?? Walter?? Fulani? Harry..Meghan…Andrew…Ghislaine… ugly white men that lust after children….geez…Samantha may be the voice of reason for all we know.

  14. Harry is ,I think, actually stupid. It is looking like a degenerative case. He is dumber today than yesterday …IQ is not a Royal prerogative. Meghan is crass and fraudulent. Those expensive clothes always look like they would rather be at the party without her.

  15. Ngozi Fulani should as all here keep saying know her place and as for Basia Briggs don’t even get me started. I remember her having a fisticuffs with Georgina Bruni the expert on UFOs in Kensington many a year back with Sally Farmiloe present. All very tawdry to be honest but that is what these social climbing sorts are. Fulani wanted to use her trip to the palace to personally PR, now Basia Briggs is latching on via telling tales to Richard Eden. They are actually just upto the same tricks.

  16. Her clothes look like they would rather be @ a party without her. EXCELLENT! High ^^^^ to you Jane. One would think with all her money she could hire a designer. I’ve only seen roughly 2 things that look decent on her. If she does have a designer they apparently don’t like her & intentionally dress her crappy. 🤔


  17. James O’Brien- “Are Harry and Meghan the better fairy tale?”
    Daily Express 12/5/22- “BBC viewers switch off The EarthShot prize minutes into show.” Geo-tv- “Meghan and
    and Harry trailers gets 6 million viewers.”
    Hello- “more comments than any Netflix trailer.” MM’s podcast debut at number 1 in 6 countries, Harry’s book hit number 1 on Amazon. Kate and William’s YouTube channel attracts about 30,000 views per month. O’Brien got it right, the financially independent royals sell better than the tax funded royals. W+K live in 5 homes off the labor of working class Brits. W+K need to get real jobs! Get off the backs of people in food lines. H+M pay their own bills, they need to do the same. Shameless parasites!

  18.“Millions of Britons at risk of poverty, cold-home deaths as energy prices soar.” Tell them we can’t find a better way to spend the 120 million pounds we give to a small family of free loading billionaires. The British public owe the royals nothing. Not another pound!

  19. In the same sense, the U S owes the 2 grifters in MonteShitShow nothing. She’s using Haz as she seems to have other males in her life for social climbing. She would NEVER have her current platform without Harry! Money doesn’t buy class or humility. Those 2 virtues are something Catherine,Princess of Wales was born with. DuchASS Pinocchio is quite pathetic In.her attempt to take down the Brf. This is why the American public are turning on those two. We still feel a deep kindship to the Brf & have huge respect for them. I’m pretty sure I could turn on a fake tear or two myself. 🙄😥

  20. Hi Lottie,
    H+ M don’t take £120 million from poor taxpayers, they work at real jobs. Looks like your country loves them: The RFK award last night. Also huge congrats to Architypes, they just received the People’s Choice award for best podcast of 2022. This is based upon the voting of Americans. The podcast is currently ranked no 2 in society and cultural podcasts in US, #17 in all spotify podcasts in US. Top Americans like Mariah Carey, Serena Williams, Andy Cohen all appeared. W+K need to get off benefits and get real jobs! Just saw the pics from the RFK awards. Two words on MM: Absolutely beautiful!😍

  21. TMZ just released a new show on H+M. It completely trashes the Markles. TMZ admitted to paying TM for set-up interviews where he trashed his daughter for cash. TMZ on SM, “she came out of the woodworks, she knows nothing about Meghan.” It shows an actual interview where SM says, “I never had a relationship with Meghan.” This isn’t what she claimed in her lawsuit. Meghan’s attorneys can use this against her. It shows several unflattering interviews SM and TM did for cash. Loved it!😃😃

  22. America does not like the grifters. The Prince & Princess of Wales are universally loved & admired. ALL the polls in America say Catherine,Princess of Wales is way more popular than mm.. We were actually pulling for her until she started lying on & denigrating hers AND Harry’s families. What normal.person does that? Susan,while you’re on the line here, why haven’t you answered my queries about Merchie & Lilibucks? Did they use a surrogate or not? Why does she seem to apply dark tanner when she plays the race card? Where would she be without Harry & that title she claimed to not care about? Just so you know,the vast majority of Americans have a deep respect for the brf! How about that little boy in Boston in the Royal guard uniform presenting the gorgeous Catherine, Princess of wales with flowers. Dignity & humility can’t be bought. That’s something you SS will never understand. All the $$$ will not buy your money hit show 2 that or respect.


  23. Meant to say,money will not buy dignity,humility or grace. Catherine was born with it & mm just wings it & fails. Also,you’re not changing anyone’s opinion of the fake royals. They blew it with us during the lies on the Oprah interview. Just so you know nobody hates them including me. We’re just sick of their nonsense. The BRF must release those aides of H&M from.their Ndas. They must be vindicated from MM’s bullying! KingCharles3rd PLEASE release them all from.their Ndas. Mm.must be called out on her lies & bullying. Seems she has a history of this. Sure don’t see her going after Tom Bowers so,must be a lot of truth in his book.”Revenge”.

    Release those assistants from their Ndas immediately! Let them tell the REAL.truth NOT H & M’s embellished truth.🤔🙄


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