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She’s 83 – Ridiculous Lady Susan Hussey Twitter Race Storm

Matthew Steeples suggests that though Lady Susan Hussey should not have said what she did, the pile on against this 83-year-old has been ludicrous given Ngozi Fulani happily attended a reception hosted by the Queen Consort when she previously suggested “Meghan is a survivor of domestic violence from her in-laws;” one of those in-laws is the Queen Consort

Some have claimed “she’s just a silly old bat” whilst others have argued “she’s a racist bigot” of Lady Susan Hussey in the wake of yesterday’s Twitter storm about this octogenarian now former Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth II and now former Lady of the Household under King Charles III.


In fact, I’d counter that Lady Susan is simply an 83-year-old lady who got it wrong, but whose unnecessary but not wanton words are hardly worthy of the media pile-on mostly caused by supporters of the constantly self-publicity seeking Duchess of Sussex.


“You can’t reform this [kind of] bad apple” raged the eternally foaming-at-the-mouth, bombastic bore and leading ‘Sussex Squaddie’ Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu of Lady Susan – who was a key member of the late Queen’s ‘HMS Bubble’ during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown. Whilst this was predictable, was Dr Mos-Shogbamimu accurate in her analysis? The answer is most definitely ‘no.’


Tellingly, in spite of the quick reaction of the royal family to the widow of the late chairman of governors of the BBC Marmaduke Hussey repeatedly insensitively asking a domestic abuse campaigner named Ngozi Fulani where she was from, this ‘story’ has taken on a life of its own. In reality, though the media would do better to focus on more pressing issues affecting the nation, such as the cost-of-living crisis, here most definitely is something that the ‘woke’ wanted us all to get very worked up about instead.


In a statement after immediately forcing Lady Susan to “step aside,” Buckingham Palace shared:


“We have taken this incident extremely seriously and have investigated immediately to establish the full details. In this instance, unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments have been made.”


“In the meantime, the individual concerned [Lady Susan Hussey] would like to express her profound apologies for the hurt caused and has stepped aside from her honorary role with immediate effect. All members of the Household are being reminded of the diversity and inclusivity policies which they are required to uphold at all times.”


Previously, now “left insulted” Miss Fulani – who curiously went on Good Morning Britain this morning to pipe on about an incident she’d yesterday suggested she’d rather forget – has bizarrely also been known to have had a pop at the very lady who hosted the event she attended yesterday, Camilla, Queen Consort of the United Kingdom. In March 2020, the Sistah Space founder very pointedly tweeted of the Duchess of Sussex’s stepmother-in-law:


“I admire Meghan for speaking out. According to clear definition, it seems Meghan is a survivor of domestic violence from her in-laws.”


What on earth then was Ngozi Fulani – whose parents were born in Barbados and who herself is British – doing spending two hours attending a reception hosted by Camilla, Queen Consort? Why on earth would she want to ‘hang out’ with someone she has previously effectively suggested to have been an abuser?


Equally, given it was such a “trauma” for Miss Fulani, why doesn’t she now put an end to this frankly ludicrous Twitter storm and let a long-serving 83-year-old simply retire peacefully to the sidelines?


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Pictured Top – Lady Susan Hussey (right) with King Charles III and his wife at Royal Ascot in happier times.


Ngozi Fulani
The Right Honourable The Lady Hussey of North Bradley GCVO – who is played by Haydn Gwynne in ‘The Crown’ – should not have spoken to Ngozi Fulani in the way she did at this week’s reception, but the reaction to her remarks has been somewhat of a ludicrous Twitter storm and media pile-on at a time when the nation should be focused on the cost-of-living crisis and other problems. Astoundingly, Miss Fulani has previously “accused the royal family of domestic violence against the Duchess of Sussex” and of the Windsors once remarked: “I admire Meghan for speaking out. According to clear definition, it seems Meghan is a survivor of domestic violence from her in-laws.” Why then, did she even wish to go to a reception with one of those abusive in-laws, Camilla, Queen Consort of the United Kingdom?
Ngozi Fulani
In spite of claiming that she didn’t want an 83-year-old woman to be subjected to abuse and ridicule, the ‘Sistah Space’ founder opted to name her on social media channels including Twitter. Hardly the actions of someone not trying to garner publicity for herself and who’d rather forget an incident supposedly unpleasant to her.
Shouty Shola Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu
Predictably, the eternally angry ‘Shouty Shola’ (AKA Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu) took to Twitter to try to make out this ‘Twitter storm’ was actually all about the Duchess of Sussex. The keyboard warrior spouted complete nonsense in remarking: “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told you of racism in Royal Family & household. But she was vilified, abused & violated for speaking the truth. Ngozi Fulani’s experience with Lady Susan Hussey wasn’t isolated, one off or a ‘bad apple’ at Buckingham Palace. You can’t reform this.”
Equally predictably, the Duchess of Sussex ensured her “supporters were whipped into a frenzy Wednesday” by getting a mate of hers, Minnesota professor of American studies and feminism Duchess Harris, to tweet a picture of herself with her son, Archie, and her mother, Doria Ragland standing on. The Sussex Squad certainly do love a ‘pile on’ and clearly the wicked wench formerly known as Meghan Markle did what she always wanted to do to Lady Susan Hussey – serve up a dish of revenge cold.

Twitter reacts…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. The key question is whether we are convinced that Mrs Fulani’s rendition of the conversation has not been exaggerated. Had I been this publicity seeker I would have embroidered the conversation is such a way as to paint Lady H into a corner.
    There is a great danger in this country… 80% of the population probably think Lady H has been set up in a mean and nasty way but dare not say so. When no one is allowed to express a view then revolutions loom. Well done, Matthew…good piece

  2. It must have been a trap to let Lady Susan carry on asking the questions she did. Fulani must have known, right at the start, what she was being asked…she said on Radio4 that she gets asked all the time and she also said she is proud of her African heritage, so she could easily have said something to put Susan Hussey at her ease, instead she let the poor woman talk herself into a clumsy cul-de-sac.

    • Funny thing is Ngozi ISN’T African like at all she went with an agenda dressed in traditional African dress with her fake name Ngozi fun fact her real birth name her parents gave her is Marlene Headley she went with a purpose because she hates the Royal family but yet loves Markle and someone needs to look into her charity because lots of DV victims are speaking out that Marlene denied them help because they weren’t black and therefore had too much privilege

  3. Ngozio Fulgani is milking this to what she sees as its full worth. She is definitely on the make for publicity for herself. Doing that and pretending she doesn’t mean to cause further hurt to an 83 year old lady who has already lost her closest friend the Queen is disgusting. I see this for what it is — a hateful opportunist using the race card for no good reason. I hope no one else is ever so stupid to invite Mrs Fulgani to a party. She’s not a gracious guest.

  4. I’ll go out on my own here as clearly this is a racist website frequented by Daily Mail readers. Lady Hussey is a bigot of the old school and she thinks blacks, Irish, gays, dogs, etc (as she’d call them) should know their places. She probably would have a sign at her window saying such. It is wonderful that she has been exposed. Well done Ngozi! Your work has been amazing! Take down Nigel Farage next and others like them also!

    • Thats why in her 60 years as working with The Royal Family there haven’t been any complaints against her? Yet, a know Squad member with ties to Meghan and BLM meets her and cries racism! It’s outrageous and nobody is going to believe it anymore bc race baiting and fake calls of racism have made everyone question their validity. MARLENE was also extremely quick to go on tv and start asking for money, it disgusting!

    • Well Sir Walter,why would you post on a racist website? 🤔. Personally, I find you to be another race baiter. Read any good fairy tales lately? Here’s an idea,ask the vile SS which fairy tales they prefer! There is not a racist bone in Matthew Steeples body! You should do some self examination though. As people in.the American south say, Bless your heart!

        • Hi Jane,thanks for your kindness.Yes, Walter could be living in lala land. It would appear that the vile& vicious SS live in a perpetual state of fairy tales.

  5. Do NOT send Nogzi Fulani Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sounds like a Sheila I would not want to have a single Castlemaine XXXX in my manor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a twisted dingbat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orf with her locks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She’s now said she felt “violated” – I’d like to ask why she went to the home of someone she thought to be an abuser who inflicts violence on Meghan Markle. Not rational behaviour unless you had had the whole thing planned in advance.

    • Exactly and if she didn’t want to be grilled on her fake African heritage maybe she shouldn’t of dressed in traditional African clothing complete with a necklace made out of teeth plus her smelly looking dreads oh and let’s not forget her fake name Ngozi Fulani she probably should’ve had her name tag say Marlene headley her birth name this woman is a fraud

  7. I see the trick Ms Fulani is playing as the trick that it truly is. She should be ashamed of herself – bullying an old lady is just plain wrong. Let me near her. I would not gently move her hair to see her name tag. I would tug on those locks until she screamed like Violet-Elizabeth Bott. Nasty woman.

  8. Lady Susan Hussey should have known better than to engage with a woman of this sort. Surely all those years of experience would have made her away of the one way cul-de-sac trap she was taken down from the minute she first met Ngozi Fulani. I am sorry for Lady Susan but this will all blow over and she’ll be welcomed back.

  9. Like your, as ever, measured incitefull take Matthew. I can usually spot a position addicted societal smoozer seeking his/her 15 minutes as often as poss from a hundred paces. Whats curious is the chucking under a bus so quickly of a long senior successful establishment fellow smoozer by the personally-survive-at-all-costs class: Wow I thought anything north of an Assistant Bank Manager had light bent to aid automatically.

  10. MS Fulani is a typical race baiter. Funny how this has come out just as the Prince & Princess of Wales are in America. These morons know how the vast majority of Americans have huge respect for the Brf. Ole Mm & her vicious Ss are eaten up with envy that we absolutely LOVE Princess Catherine & we have no respect for their fake Duchess! We also see how she tries some silly stunt any time Catherine, Princess of Wales has an important engagement! It’s comical to watch. Hey squaddies, your’e ole duchess will NEVER outshine Princess Catherine!
    #mmthe👺 child

  11. Check YouTuber PaulaM from today. She says MS Fulani was a plant & mm is using merchie to attack KingCharles3rd! I think we all pretty much suspected this. Personally ,I feel we should boycott Mattie & Haz Dec 8th netflix thingy. Just read a couple fairy tale books because, there’s probably more truth in them!

  12. The funny thing is right after this incident , both Sistah space and omid scobie both had their begging bowls out…
    It was a set up

    • Thank you Jenny. The “woke ” concept is not the “bright young thing” the followers feel it is. What a ridiculous response to a very understandable comment. If people get any more thin skinned they will bleed to death.

  13. Real name Marlene, daughter of Gladstone and Mildred Headley, who put her ‘transcript’ on Twitter, sugar, funded by Black Lives Matter and mates with Shouty Shola. Will the BBC and Sky News offer an update given their pile on yesterday?

  14. Someone should write a sequel to “Jack & The Beanstalk”! Perhaps it could be called ” The American Stalker “! We all know ole Mattie pretty much stalked Haz (allegedly 🙃😲)! All these race baiters could be incorporated in the new fairy tale.


  15. Thank you Jenny. The “woke ” concept is not the “bright young thing” the followers feel it is. What a ridiculous response to a very understandable comment. If people get any more thin skinned they will bleed to death.

  16. I love when people say the quiet parts out loud: Tom Bower, “I have no problem with Harry, it’s Meghan I’m after.” Angela Levin, “Meghan looks very white in that picture.” Lady Hussey, the godmother of William is a gem. Four times she asked a British black women “where are you from” and touched her hair. She did this in front of two witnesses and she thought it was okay in public? Can you imagine these people in private? CNN, Washington Post, NY Times and other American outlet are having a field day. Our press is also taking no prisoners. They’re confirming what MM said about our media and the royals. Keep saying that quiet part loud and clear!! The world is listening.

    • She DOES look white is true. Oh nooo, Lady Hussey touched some phony woman’s hair. That same con artist touched some other woman.Can we say “double standard”? Lady Hussey is owed some apologies! Funny how the almost X rated actress never went after a black man. Could it be true female narsussex plays with dolls?? 🤔😂

  17. I’m interested in people, particularly from different countries and cultures, so in the past I have been guilty of perhaps asking too many questions. Is that racist? I don’t think so because I’m asking a fellow human being about his/her experiences, that’s all. Naturally if anyone appeared uncomfortable I would apologise and move on. I’m 72 and lucky enough to have a very large family with several ethnicities and races. I have chatted with them all and not one has appeared uncomfortable. Am I racist?

  18. No you are not. The reactionaries are racist. The present identity crisis is making racists where there aren’t any. They make something pitiful out of anyone who is questioning themselves. Weak people like others to look needy.

    • Exactly it’s like the boy who cried wolf if EVERYTHING is racist when something that’s a real racist situation happens no one will believe it anymore I’m over it frankly

  19. Thanks for the info SusanR..Funded by BLM says it all. The head woman of that organization stole millions from the org & bought multimillion dollar homes for herself. Blm,antifa,etc,just more race baiters, preying on innocent black people & others to enrich themselves. Mr Steeples,perhaps one day,you can interview youtuber PaulaM? She’s very informative & a huge d supporter of the Brf.

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