Thursday, July 25, 2024


Bonking Bone Bombards Bonny Broadstairs – Disgraced Sex Fiend Tory Peter Bone’s Lover To Stand In East Thanet

Matthew Steeples suggests the General Election is going “bonkers in Broadstairs” after the Tories replace “bionic man” Craig Mackinlay with the lover of the disgraced sex fiend Tory Peter Bone as their candidate in East Thanet; elsewhere, petulant ‘popstar’ Holly Valance may throw her hat in for Reform in Basildon and Billericay.

Summer Silly Season Stories 2023 – ‘The Steeple Times’ Is Back

Matthew Steeples highlights the stories he’s been following during the ‘silly season’ summer of 2023 – amongst them matters Ghislaine Maxwell and Rudy Giuliani and podcasts about ‘true crime’ as a genre.

‘This Morning’ Must End – Enough Was Enough; Car Crash Interview With Michael Barrymore

After ratbag Michael Barrymore’s cringeworthily car-crash interview on ‘This Morning’ with dozy Josie Gibson, complaints are unsurprisingly made to Ofcom and in a petition; it is time for this outdated show simply to be cancelled.

Put Him Out To Pasture – “Homophobic Arsehole” Jim Davidson

As self-professed “homophobic arsehole” Jim Davidson again trends on Twitter, isn’t it time that this pugnacious pillock and apologist for the monster-paedophile Gary Glitter just finally be put out to pasture?

Woottoning Up Appearances – Disgraceful Deadbeat Dan Wootton

As dastardly deadbeat Dan Wootton makes a pillock of himself yet again, Matthew Steeples reminds of his vicious spitefulness to the utterly delightful international sensations Susan Boyle and Johnny Depp.

Tedious Toerag Twerp Trial – Kevin Spacey On Trial

As tedious toerag twerp Kevin Spacey heads to court in London accused of sexual abuse, Matthew Steeples reminds what a tedious toerag twerp this talented actor yet tainted twazzock truly is.

Reservoir Rot – Surprise, Surprise; Nothing Found After New Search For Madeleine McCann

As it is revealed that the latest ‘search’ of a reservoir connected to ‘missing’ Madeleine McCann has produced no new evidence, Matthew Steeples asks: “Isn’t it time to stop wasting vast sums and to simply close this case?”

Bring Them Back – International Missing Children’s Day 2023

On International Missing Children’s Day 2023, Matthew Steeples reminds readers of missing children whose cases aren’t getting the disproportionate resources misallocated to that of the search for Madeleine McCann.

‘The Donald’ Has Questions To Answer About Jeffrey Epstein

Matthew Steeples suggests after yesterday’s E. Jean Carroll verdict confirmed ‘The Donald’ Trump as a sexual predator, it is time for the 45th POTUS to explain the true links between himself, his wife and Jeffrey Epstein.

Coronation Chaos – Who’ll Attend King Charles III’s Coronation (And Who Won’t)?

Matthew Steeples makes suggestions as to who’ll attend the coronation of King Charles III and who won’t; an interview follows tonight on Shaun Attwood’s ever popular YouTube channel.

Mucky Madam Morphs Into Liar Lawyer – Ghislaine Maxwell Serves As Her Own Legal Representative

Matthew Steeples suggests that ‘liar wannabe lawyer’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s decision to continue to sue Jeffrey Epstein’s estate in spite of already having gotten over £16 million from the since croaked paedo is proof that she is utterly lacking in a moral compass.

FROGXIT – “What Meghan Wants, Just Maybe, Meghan No Longer Gets”; Frogmore Cottage Eviction

Matthew Steeples argues that the saga of ‘FROGXIT’ – the supposed eviction of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from Frogmore Cottage – is proof final that this pointless pair should never come back to Britain.

In ‘The Hole’ Ghislaine Maxwell – Grubby Groper Slammed In Solitary Confinement

As it is revealed noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell got slammed into “the hole” of solitary confinement after attempting to profit whilst a prisoner, Matthew Steeples again asks why her pugnacious PR peddler Daphne Barak was allowed to ‘interview’ in her in prison in the first place.

Will Meghan Markle Still Go Into Politics?

In the wake of the ‘South Park’ fiasco and her gaining worse ratings than Prince Andrew, Matthew Steeples asks if the chance of a career in politics for the Duchess of Sussex has been scuppered; 81% of respondents to a poll believe she’d never get selected.