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DumbPrince – Dimwitted Dunce Prince Harry Makes A Prized Pillock Of Himself (Yet Again) With ‘Oily Elton’ And ‘Titleless David’ In Tow

As Prince Harry slithers like an unwelcome oil slick back into Britain, it seems that even his own family don’t want to see this #DumbPrince; couldn’t he have just attended court via video link?

Like the olive oil slick in a paddling pool that the three of them truly are, yesterday, Prince Harry unexpectedly slithered into the Royal Courts of Justice with his private jet provider Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish in tow. There was expectedly a no-show, however, in the form of Mr ‘Call Me Lady’ Furnish’s ‘nightclub hunk friend,’ Danny Williams, however.


Seeking damages against Associated Newspapers Limited – the publishers of amongst other things the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday – this tedious trio had no need to actually turn up and could have appeared by video link even. Though ‘privacy seekers,’ they did not follow a course of action of slipping in the back door though and stormed through the assembled paparazzi at the Fleet Street entrance to ‘have their day in court.’


No doubt forced into bringing a case in which most rational people would rather neither side wins by the moaning, mendacious menace ‘MeGain’ – a woman herself once forced to apologise to a court for her own misleading statements during her own legal actions against Associated Newspapers – the decided drip that is the Duke of Sussex got his lawyer David Sherborne to whine on his behalf. He alleged that the renegade royal was “deprived of important aspects of his teenage years” by the “alleged unlawful activities of the publisher of the Daily Mail.”


Today, we ask Prince Harry, Sir Elton John and titleless David Furnish: “You’re after a payout from Associated Newspapers for infringing your privacy… Now, man-up and tell the real truth: Do you want a bottle of olive oil and a tub of Elizabeth Arden ‘todger cream’ each to go with that?”


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


This morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples asked: “Was it necessary for #DumbPrince Prince Harry to turn up at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday for a hearing he could have attended via video link? (“Who paid for his private jet?” is another question; Sir Elton John?)” By 11:30am on Tuesday 28th March 2023, the majority of respondents favoured the answer: “No; private jet disgrace.”
Last night, an interview with Matthew Steeples by Shaun Attwood aired for its premiere on YouTube about the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle and her drip of a husband Prince Harry. It was filmed on Saturday 25th March 2023 (prior to the Duke of Sussex turning up in London unexpectedly) and covers topics numbering the forthcoming coronation of King Charles III and issues regarding Frogmore Cottage, Prince Andrew and his feckless live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York and whether the modern monarchy is “fit for purpose.” The matter of Prince William’s younger brother’s drug taking was also discussed as was whether this should affect his residency in the United States of America.
Todger Royal Courts of Justice
As he arrived at court yesterday, the Duke of Sussex bumped into a member of the assembled paparazzi. Whether intentional or not, it attracted much mockery on social media and amongst comments came one from a Twitter user going by the name of ‘Baeyes.’ She amusingly declared: “#DumbPrince caught rubbing his blue todger on unsuspecting cameraman.”
Prince Harry Hair Royal Courts of Justice
King Charles III and the late Diana, Princess of Wales’s son was mocked widely over his decision to jet into London for the court hearing. One Twitter user shared a photo of his arrival at the Royal Courts of Justice and captioned it: “If you can read this, my fake hair fell off.”
Daily Mail Kind Charles
Amusingly, turning to whether the Duke of Sussex will get to meet his “estranged family” during his “whirlwind visit to the UK,” a reporter for the ‘Daily Mail’ suggested “KIND Charles” [sic] “is working from Highgrove before flying to Germany for [a] state visit.” They added: “The Prince of Wales is away with his family as children are off school for Easter.” Perhaps, given he’s free of the Duchess of Sussex, ‘HazBeen’ could head off to the newly reopened Boujis and down a few Crack Baby shots with the chums he ditched when he went off to America for his “worldwide privacy tour.” It might do the wretched wreck some actual, real good.
The late Alan Clark once said of Michael Heseltine: “An arriviste, certainly, who can’t shoot straight and in Jopling’s damning phrase ‘bought all his own furniture,’ but who at any rate seeks the cachet. All the nouves in the party think he is the real thing.” David Furnish would love a title, but like his wealthy chum The Right Honourable The Lord Lebedev of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation (or ‘Evgeny ‘Two Beards’ to his mates and a man who got a title courtesy of another of their chummy ‘club,’ Boris Johnson), he is able to buy rather a lot of furnishings courtesy of his husband’s estimated £375 million fortune.
Sir Elton John and his titleless husband – whom, if you’d believe his April 2016 whining to the ‘Daily Mail’s’ Sebastian Shakespeare, would like to be called ‘Lady John’ – like to spend as much time as possible with Prince Charles’ second son and his avaricious wife. The non-working royals like to sponge off the very, very, very rich popstar and his hubby and, let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be clinging to their coattails if they the 75-year-old old geezer and his 16-year-younger sidekick were living in a council house in Peckham.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Honestly, for Harry to even been mentioned in the same sentence with the word “privacy” is the height of hypocrisy. Like Judas before him, he’s sold his privacy –and that of his family, his former friends and acquaintances —for filthy lucre with which to buy Meghan more ill-fitting rags to wear around their Olive Garden McMansion. Harry and Meghan don’t want privacy and never have —they want to be in the papers EVERY DAY, but only of course if those papers are saying what THEY want them to say. This isn’t about privacy, this is about Harry and Meghan declaring war on anyone being able to say anything about them that they don’t like.

  2. What a bloody hypocrite, he’s doing very well keeping a low profile isn’t he? Also flying in and out on a private jet, do as we say, not as we do. Why he couldn’t have done this over a video link, I’m not sure. Yes I am, it’s because he wants to be seen and not forgotten, he’s turned himself into a bloody joke.

  3. Harry invents reasons for his madness as he goes along . Meghan invents reasons for her high profile as she goes along.The result is high profile madness ..Harry made a long, obviously unnecessary, trip to Britain as a taunt to the entire country. I thought he looked delighted to be just beyond the bare knuckle punch in the face William would so like to give him.
    I’m wondering why a portion of the population thinks he should be at the coronation?? Why on earth does that matter?
    You know, it isn’t just the things they don’t like …it’s anything THEY didn’t decide to project. Meghan is a Stepford Celebrity me thinks.

  4. Am I the only one who finds Harrys’ use of the family nicknames ( Pa and Willy and Gran ) to be embarrassing ..he makes it sound like they live in a clap board shack up Bear Hollar ..and hold their bib overalls up by one strap.

    • I think he chooses to “name drop” the nicknames to REALLY drive home how IMPORTANT he is, how close he is to the royals that matter, etc. It also, especially in William’s case, “devalues” them and Harry is nothing if not a madly jealous brat. “His room was bigger….he got an extra sausage I didn’t…..whine…whine…whine…”. I swear, that whole book reads likes the world’s longest drunken text.

  5. Hope America revokes his visa & refuses him re entry. The sick puke is advocating for psychedelics. Unfortunately we’re stuck with his nasty loser wife but not him. Do NOT believe the news week poll as most Americans didn’t even know about that skewed fake poll. America does not want a monarchy but if we did, it wouldn’t by those 2 pukes. We still have huge respect for the rest of the Brf.
    # MMThe👹woman

  6. Breaking news: Buzzfeed: Meghan Markle was granted her motion to dismissed SM’s entire defamation case. Judge Honeywell, “The plaintiff cannot plausibly allege the defendant publish the book.” Judge Honeywell also accused SM of altering MM’s statements on Oprah. Honeywell: “Plaintiff’s (SM) altered version of the statements differs in substance from anything Defendant said. She called these lies, “fatal to the plaintiff’s claims.” SM tried to play the judge for a fool and got just what she deserved. Karma!! It further reads: “Defendant (MM) may renew her request for fees under the statue at the conclusion of litigation.” I hope she does go after legal fees; this case has the real potential of bankrupting SM. This is a devastating defeat for SM and the toxic media that has provided a platform for a court convicted child abusers! #Truth wins! #Levinson 2.

  7. One last thing: Huge congrats to MM for winning the Gracie award for Best podcast of 2022. #We love you, Meghan! Keep fighting. And if she files again, take her down a second time.

      • I would be extremely honored to work for her. I loved her podcast, Suits, documentary. I think she’s someone who came from a very unhinged and severely dysfunctional family. She overcame this and made a huge success of her life. She doesn’t take a pound off the public. She has never broken our laws, so the hate isn’t justified. The estimated 1oo million pounds for the con-o-nation is a disgrace. Robert Lacey, “there is only one self-made millionaire in the royal family and that is Meghan Markle. I admire her greatly and will always cheer for her. Go Meghan!!

      • Sir Matthew, bet some of these low IQ sugars are algorithms, copy & pastes etc. I’ve noticed they most often reference buzz feed as their source.


  8. Wow! It’s a fascinating 32- page ruling. The Judge concluded that NONE of the statements made by MM were “defamatory or false.” SM vows to fight on. “It’s not over.” LMAO! Judge Honeywell-“The court questions Plaintiff’s (SM)ability to state a claim for relief,” if she chooses to move forward with an amended complaint. She’s telling her that the case will be dismissed again, and she might incur legal fees. SM should have known she was in trouble when her own attorney admitted that “it’s not the strongest case” at the dismissal hearing in Feb. Peter Tikton, who lost this case for SM is also the attorney for Trump. He was just indicted by a grand jury. Maybe Scammy needs a new attorney. In January, Thomas Markle’s 1-million-dollar lawsuit against Jeff Raynor was dismissed and the judge slammed him with legal fees The Mirror: “Samantha Markle ‘faces ruin if she has to pay Meghan’s legal fees if case dismissed.” May she meet that fate. This “mother” wanted her own daughter, Ashleigh Hale, deposed and grilled in court. Who does that?

  9. Nate the Lawyer: “Samantha Markle’s case was dismissed.”(Crying face emoji) No worries mate. She’ll find another grift: Failed book, no takers on the podcast, fake another “Diana like” paparazzi car accident and sell it to TMZ. She can always try another Rasmussen v Winrock, the lawsuit where she claimed she slipped and fell while “walking” on Winrock property. That was also dismissed. The fact that the media would use her as a credible source tell you a lot about the BM. Levison 2 is sorely needed. #Doreen Lawrence

  10. Meghan is a stepford person…she has a sociopathic approach to survival and a very out of sync super ego. These people always attract cheerleaders..that they incorporate into their imaginings. It’s a rat race…Lily Tomlin said it…” The trouble with the rat race is , even if you win you are still a rat”. There is no prize or honor waiting for Meghan ; Harry is Meghan’s head cheerleader.

  11. July 2019-Florida’s State’s Attorney on SM’s accusation that she was hacked. “The computer forensics detective completed his examination of the four devices.” (SM’s 3 phones and PC) “His examination showed there were no background programs on any of the devices, in other words, they weren’t hacked.” In regard to the alleged Diana-like car accident with paparazzi. “It would appear this story is fiction and is a shameful and inept attempt to garner more publicity which impinges on the complainant’s (Scammy Markle) credibility.” He concludes, ” Prosecution of this case isn’t warranted.” Is SM credible? Noelle Rasmussen, “she (Scammy) would spit at me, pull my hair, punch me.” Is it normal to spit on a child? Why was she never vetted by the BM? Brian Cathcart, founder of Hacked Off, “The story of the British media is a story of dishonesty in journalism.” Levison 2!

  12. Guardian -March 28,2012. “Daily Mail made 1728 potentially illegal requests to private detective.” Many of these illegal press intrusions were made against ordinary citizens. #Milly Dowler. #Stephen Lawence. #Baroness Lawence.

  13. Excellent post Jane.. One day Mrs frosty todger will meet her match. All those innocent people she 💩 on, on her way up, will throw that same 💩 back at her. #A


  14. MM read this poem from Maya Angelo on her podcast. ” You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt. But still, like dust I rise.” Yahoo-April 3, “Meghan to be honoured with award from oldest women’s foundation in US.” In style- “Meghan Markle is adding another award to her already impressive collection.” The Women of Vision award will be given to her in May. Congrats. M+H were also named #13 in the top most 100 influential people in 2022. Not bad for two “irrelevant” people.😃

  15. Jamie Sasson, attorney for Scammy- “the entire case was not tossed out.” This is completely inaccurate. Judge Honeywell- “7 counts for Finding Freedom Dismissed with prejudice.” Scammy can never files these again. “three counts for Oprah -Dismissed without prejudice.” This is clearly a dismissal of all 10 counts. The 14 days to amend the complaint was given because Florida’s law require a judge to give a complainant (Scammy) 14 day when her attorney makes technical errors.(ie, Sasson “alterning” the statements made by MM on Oprah) Judge Honeywell-“Plaintiff’s attempt to plead a viable cause of action maybe defeated by her (Scammy) own evidences.” The evidences and facts of this meritless case can never be changed. “The court questions the plaintiffs’ ability to state a claim for relief” if the case is amended. In Sept 2022, Mr. Sasson was fined $50,000 by Judge Middleton for filing a meriless case and introducing false evidences in the Trump v Hillary case. CNN- “Judge scorched and sanctions Trump’s lawyers (Sasson and Ticktin) for lawsuit against Hillary.” 2009-Ticktin’s law license was suspended twice. These are Scammy’s attorneys while she’s facing paying MM’s entire legal fees. You reap what you sow!

  16. * Furthermore, Judge Middleton referred his claims against Sasson to the Florida Bar Association for further action. He stated that he believed the introduction of false evidences in the Hillary case was “intentional” by Mr. Sasson. The altering of MM’s statements from the Oprah transcript was clearly intentional with the purpose of strengthening a weak case. Tickton at the dismissal hearing, “this isn’t the strongest case in the world.” 14 days can’t change that fact.

  17. April 23-National Scot/News. Most Britons “not interested” in Coronation- YouGov poll-52% not interested only 15%very interested. How does the Tory government justify spending an estimated 100 million pounds on this nonsense? How does it make sense for the government to pay 8 million pounds on distributing the new picture of Tampon Charlie in schools and government buildings? Why did the government pay 1 million pounds to set up big screen tv throughout London? Why no funds for NHS workers? The government has money to waste on a con-a-nation that very few Britons are interested in. I thought the royals were popular! #Not my King!

  18. Quoting self piteous musings is a bad sign.
    Susan , you reference money constantly, are you attracting bad Karma young lady😂
    Meghans money is cheesy She got it doing cheesy stuff and flouncing around winking at the boys. What is so great about Meghan’s money??


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