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‘This Morning’ Must End – Enough Was Enough; Car Crash Interview With Michael Barrymore

After ratbag Michael Barrymore’s cringeworthily car-crash interview on ‘This Morning’ with dozy Josie Gibson, complaints are unsurprisingly made to Ofcom and in a petition; it is time for this outdated show simply to be cancelled

In the wake of disgraced entertainer Michael Barrymore’s cringeworthily car-crash-like ‘interview’ with bleached blonde bimbo Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle on This Morning last Thursday, complaints have been made to Ofcom and a petition has been established calling on ITV plc to scrap this frankly reprehensibly mismanaged show.


The 9:49-minute feature, which aired at a time when the majority of the viewing public would have been parents with young children and elderly folk, was frankly quite rightly described as nothing but a “car-crash” of epic proportions and it was an ‘interview’ that should actually have never been aired.


Our questions to This Morning’s head honcho Martin Frizell – whose presenter wife Fiona Phillips has been a “very good friend” of Michael Barrymore for at least 30 years – are:


  • Why did you so irresponsibly place Michael Barrymore on air when he was clearly not in a fit state to be interviewed in the wake of the outrage over the way in which Kerry Katona was allowed on air in 2008 whilst suffering mental health issues?
  • Why was Barrymore allowed to be placed before a viewing public looking so dishevelled and as if he’d slept on a park bench?
  • Why did cackling hyena-like Josie Gibson and her drippy sidekick Craig Doyle not intervene when Barrymore slurred his words, failed to realise who he was talking to, etc.?
  • Why, when Gok Wan intervened clearly realising the car crash disaster going on, was the segment not stopped?
  • Why did Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle not ask any questions about what occurred when Stuart Lubbock was raped and murdered at the then home of Michael Barrymore on 31st March 2001?
  • Why was Craig Doyle also allowed on air when he had earlier admitted to being in a hungover state after a night out on a bender with a rugby team given he said he’d had to spend significant time in make-up?
  • What is the current state of relations between your wife, Fiona Phillips, and her friend of 30 years plus and Michael Barrymore and why is Barrymore given the opportunity to appear on your programme so frequently in such a nepotistic fashion?
  • Why, Mr Frizell, didn’t you as chief-of-the-municipality, not intervene yourself?


Responding on Instagram to Matthew Steeples’s discussions with Shaun Attwood on his channel during their growing in popularity ‘Royals & Rotters’ segment over the weekend, a lady named Dianne Rocks remarked:


“I firmly believe Barrymore is finished. There’s definitely no place for him anyone’s life, never mind on their 60-inch television… I’ve had the luxury of working in fine dining and luxury hospitality for 35 years and I’ve had the misfortune of being in the same hotel as Barrymore. He’s definitely up there with the ‘rotters’… and let’s just say, he’s a difficult guest.”


Given this disgraceful episode has come so soon in the wake of the Phillip Schofield and #queugate scandals, it is now time only for one thing. That thing? It is time for ITV to cancel the outdated programme completely irrelevant to the modern generation that is This Morning for once and for all.


Please sign our petition titled: “Make ITV scrap ‘This Morning’ after disgraceful car crash interview with Michael Barrymore,” by clicking here. Please support it and share widely.


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Michael Barrymore Josie Gibson Craig Doyle(1)
Michael Barrymore’s appearance on ‘This Morning’ last week with the soppy sap Josie Gibson and her hungover sidekick Craig Doyle has understandably caused outrage. Frankly, Gibson can only be described as unfit to conduct interviews with a bus ticket even.
Michael Barrymore Fern Britton Phillip Schofield
Barrymore – born Michael Parker – appeared previously on ‘This Morning’ with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on 6th January 2020. He also played his ‘Strike It Lucky’ game with them remotely on the 6th May that year. It does seem that this disgraced ‘entertainer’ has been given rather a lot of airtime courtesy of the show’s head honcho Martin Frizell as a result of the 30-year-friendship Barrymore has had with Frizell’s wife, Fiona Phillips.
Michael Barrymore petition Matthew Steeples Change ITV This Morning
On 5th August, Matthew Steeples issued a petition concerning the latest scandal to hit ‘This Morning.’ The petition is titled: “Make ITV scrap ‘This Morning’ after disgraceful car crash interview with Michael Barrymore.”
Ofcom complaint(1)
Earlier last week, Steeples complained to Ofcom about the matter. Many others have been in contact to state that they have also submitted formal complaints.
Michael Barrymore Fiona Phillips Martin Frizell
Barrymore was interviewed by his friend of “over” 30 years Fiona Phillips whilst living with his then boyfriend Shaun Davis in September 2002. During the interview, the disgraced ‘entertainer’ cried crocodile tears and claimed he could not swim and could not float. Of his since deceased former wife, Cheryl, the ratbag observed: “I cannot swim. I cannot float. I don’t know why Cheryl’s doing this. We haven’t spoken in five years since the divorce. It ended nastily unfortunately. It’s sad she’s had to lie, and I don’t know why she’s lying. I know what the implication is: why didn’t I jump in and get Stuart out?” He pathetically added: “You can call me a lousy entertainer, but you can’t call me a killer. I don’t care if you call me that. It doesn’t matter. It’s anybody’s choice and when my time’s due, when I meet Stuart again, he knows. He knows nothing was done to him. Not at my house. And I know… I don’t know how Stuart got into the pool, but I am not responsible for Stuart getting into the pool and I’m not responsible for his death… When Stuart Lubbock arrived at the A&E department from the house and they moved him on to the table to work on him there were absolutely no injuries whatsoever to his body. Absolutely none. He did not receive any injuries at my house. At all. They did not happen at my house, and it is not for me to speculate.” Ms Phillips just happens to be the wife of Martin Frizzell, the head honcho at ITV1’s ‘This Morning.’ Funny that, funny indeed.
Stuart Lubbock Sue Homan wedding day
Stuart Lubbock, victim of rape and murder at the then home of Michael Barrymore, on his wedding day to Sue Homan.
Sue Homan(1)
Responding to Barrymore appearing on ‘This Morning,’ Sue Homan shared: “Wouldn’t it lovely if today was the day that Michael Barrymore going on ITV #ThisMorning to put out an appeal to help find who killed Stuart. Will never happen, will it. I wonder why…. On a positive note, I hope him gaining exposure will help someone else speak up.” Responding to a moron named Maria Davis crackpotedly claiming: “We want Michael Barrymore back on our TV screens. He’ll brighten up our Saturday night viewing,” the former wife of Stuart Lubbock, the victim of rape and murder on 31st March 2001 at the then home of Michael Barrymore, added: “24 hours in police custody would do nicely.”
Michael Barrymore bungalow
The scene of the rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock on 31st March 2001: Michael Barrymore’s then home, 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB. The property was most recently sold for £1.33 million in 2017 whilst Barrymore had paid £392,500 for it in 1998 and was forced to sell it for £802,000 in 2005 to cover costs related to his bankruptcy. Items that were seen initially beside the pool at the house when police arrived later went missing including a pool thermometer and a door handle.
The eight people who survived a night at Michael Barrymore’s bungalow.
Millennium nightclub Essex Stuart Lubbock grave(1)
The fateful night that led to the tragic death of Stuart Lubbock began at the Millennium nightclub in Essex (left); Stuart Lubbock’s grave (right). The grave is captioned: “Rest in peace and dignity Stuart. Missed by everyone who knew and loved you. 1.10.1969 – 31.3.2001.”
Jonathan Kenney Michael Barrymore(1)
Estate agent, drag queen and coach driver Jonathan Kenney was Michael Barrymore’s then lover at the time of the murder of Stuart Lubbock. Kenney was later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged. He is known for having a “record of violence” and claimed to have been the first to have discovered the bod, is now aged circa 52. In 2021, ‘The Sun’ reported he is now “in a long-term relationship with someone else.”
Michael Barrymore Cheryl Barrymore
Michael Barrymore with his then wife Cheryl. She subsequently divorced him and wrote a book, ‘Catch A Falling Star,’ about the horrors she experienced living with her abusive, drug addict husband.
Michael Barrymore Twitter block worshipping Savile(1)
Barrymore is known for blocking anyone who dares say a word he doesn’t agree with (left); he got on his knees and worshipped the vilest paedophile ever known to mankind, Sir Jimmy Savile, whilst in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in January 2006. Others present included Jodie Marsh – who branded him a “narcissistic bully” and claimed she was “terrified of him.” In a “savage dig,” Marsh ironically observed: “He’s got a major issue with vegetarians. He keeps going on and on about it. I’ve got an issue with people dying in swimming pools but I don’t keep on about it.” She added: “Had I known that I would be doing CBB with Barrymore I wouldn’t have done it but my agent at the time was useless and I found out after I got inside the house that I was there with someone I viewed as scum. If I’d have walked out my charity wouldn’t have been paid. It was vile.”
Michael Barrymore Hitler(1)
During his time in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother House,’ Barrymore understandably caused outrage by dressing up as Hitler. It simply illustrated the true colours of this unfunny cretin.
Michael Barrymore drunk Joan Collins Marie-Claire Baroness von Alvensleben(1)
At parties, this weirder-than-weird wazzock is known for misbehaving. In these shots, a clearly off-his-skull Barrymore is pictured groping and grabbing Dame Joan Collins, an unknown boy and the convicted criminal racist Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben.
Michael Barrymore TikTok bin-1
On TikTok, this mentally unhinged man shares videos of himself leaping around in supermarkets like a total twerp. In other shots, such as these, he is seen leaping at refuse bins, laid out as if dead on the floor and crashed out on park benches. Here is someone not to be laughed alongside; here is someone who needs to simply be sent to the mental asylum.

The full text of our petition

“ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ aired an ‘interview’ (if the car crash of epic proportions presented could be called such) with the disgraced ‘entertainer’ Michael Barrymore – an oddity who has previously appeared on a television show dressed up as Hitler and in an episode where he worshiped at the feet of the now late paedophile Jimmy Savile – on Thursday 3rd August 2023 at 12 noon GMT.”


“Conducted by a toady bleach blonde named Josie Gibson and her sidekick a one-time rugby commentator called Craig Doyle (who announced earlier in the show that he’d had to be caked in makeup as he’d been out on a booze-a-thon the night before with a rugby club and had a bit of a hangover), the 9:49-minute interview (available to view on YouTube) was beyond shocking.”


“Barrymore – whose then bungalow home in Roydon, Essex was the scene of the brutal rape-murder of father-of-two Stuart Lubbock on 31st March 2001 during a drug fuelled party attended by a total of nine – appeared looking disheveled in a stained jumper. He slurred his words, did not seem to know quite who he was talking to and what he was talking about and came across as heavily medicated or having been out on a bender in the hours prior.”


“At one point, another presenter, Gok Wan, attempted to intervene to move on to a different segment, but a cackling like a hyena Gibson and the drippy Doyle continued. Here, one can surmise, was a nothing but a repeat of ‘This Morning’s’ condemned as ‘irresponsible’ 22nd October 2008 Kerry Katona interview in which the since disgraced presenter Phillip Schofield made a fool and mocked a lady suffering with very visible mental health issues.”


“Gibson and Doyle and the production team of ‘This Morning’ – headed by Martin Frizell, a man called out for mocking the Schofield scandal by comparing it to his dislike for aubergies – ought to have known that Barrymore was unfit to be placed on air when he arrived at their studio. They ought to have intervened and never even placed him in the green room; they should never, ever have allowed him on air.”


“Aside from inflicting the substantial familial viewing audience (including children and elderly folk) with this scary spectacle of mentality, Gibson and Doyle also failed to use this ‘interview’ for public good. They did not ask one single question about what Barrymore knows – and he has stated he has knowledge he hasn’t previously shared in the past – of what occured the night Stuart Lubbock was raped and murdered at his then home. They did not ask him why he fled the scene of the rape and murder before the police arrived even. Instead, this useless pair of toerags banged on about how much their families loved Barrymore and encouraged him to spout frankly nonsensical drivel.”


“In the wake of Martin Frizell – a man whose presenter wife Fiona Phillips has most curiously been a longstanding close friend of Michael Barrymore – and his team being dragged before Dame Caroline Dinenage’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee for a grilling over the channel’s handling of matters sexual concerning Phillip Schofield, how on earth was this allowed to happen?”


“Formal complaints have been made to Ofcom concerning Gibson, Doyle, Barrymore, Frizell and ‘This Morning’ by a number of individuals, but it is now time that ITV acted and cancelled this toxic show for once and for all. ‘This Morning’ has had its day and it is now time that this ghastly show was replaced with something actually relevant to a contemporary viewing audience.”


The full text of Matthew Steeples’s complaint to Ofcom

“Yesterday, ITV1’s bosses failed to intervene when ‘This Morning’s’ dimwitted dunce-like ‘presenters’ Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle were ‘interviewing’ (if their actions could be deemed such given Gibson especially spent much of the 10-minute slot cackling like a hyena) the disgraced ‘entertainer’ Michael Barrymore.”

“Mr Barrymore was completely disheveled in his appearance and was wearing a stained jumper. He may have been on a bender and had clearly not been through the make-up department (earlier Doyle had banged on about how he’d needed so much makeup himself as he’d been on a boozy night with a rugby team the night prior).”


“He slurred his words and made utterly no sense in his answers to anything asked; as such, the slot should have been stopped.”


“In a situation similar to a previous ‘interview’ with a medicated and most definitely out-of-control Kerry Katona, here was an ‘interview’ subject who should not have been allowed on air in the first place as he was not in a fit state.”


“In addition, Gibson and Doyle found themselves interupted by another presenter, Gok Wan. Mr Wan, realising the car crash being presented to the viewing public, attempted to intervene to move the show on, but Gibson and Doyle shockingly failed to act.”


“The section of the show was utterly irresponsibly mismanaged and frankly producer Martin Frizell should be dragged before Dame Caroline Dinenage to explain yet another failure in the wake of the scandal relating to the equally disgraced Phillip Schofield. Have the ‘This Morning’ team not learned any lessons from that national scandal?”


“Going further, I would add – as someone who knows relations of Stuart Lubbock, the victim of a brutal rape-murder at the then home of Michael Barrymore in 2001 – I would also like to condemn Gibson, Doyle and Frizell’s team for not asking any questions to him about that. Asking about that might have made the choice to interview this cowardly individual on air actually relevant Instead, this pair of clowns simply ‘bigged-up’ this strange man and frankly presented to the public not just a comedy of errors, but also television trash that should never, ever have been aired.”


Justice for Stuart Lubbock – The people who need to man-up and tell the truth about what happened at Michael Barrymore’s home on 31st March 2001…

Michael Parker (AKA Michael Barrymore) – Allegedly loudly said: “I need a f**k” in a taxi as he left the Millennium Nightclub to return to his home, the scene of the death of Stuart Lubbock. Barrymore later lied to a coroner’s court about facilitating drug taking at his house on the night in question also.


Barrymore claimed to have been first to have discovered the body of Stuart Lubbock at 5.45am, called his manager Mike Brown before the ambulance arrived and then left the premises. He admits that was “wrong” and also bizarrely told Piers Morgan that in spite of “knowing others were hiding secrets about what happened to Mr. Lubbock” that “I am not going to say their names. I just hope they are brave enough to come forward one day.”


Mike Brown – Agent of Michael Barrymore. Called to the property before emergency services arrived.


Kelly Campbell – Had met Michael Barrymore for the first time on the night of the incident. Claimed not to have been aware of what happened.


James Futters (sometimes spelt ‘Futers’) – A paper boy turned chef. Described as “a local from the village” and a “friend and neighbour of Barrymore.” Claimed to have been the first to discover the body with Simon Shaw and stated: “[It was not] Michael Barrymore and not Jonathan Kenney [who found him].” Later, of him the Evening Standard reported: “Barrymore offered James Futters a white powder on his finger saying: ‘Do you want to try this?’ Mr Futters told the inquest that he leaned forward and licked the powder.”


Claire Jones – Then aged 17. Had met Michael Barrymore for the first time on the night of the incident. Claimed not to have been aware of what happened but told the police that she “saw Barrymore rummaging through drawers and changing his clothes before police arrived. When he left the house, he had a ‘bundle of material’ under his arm,” according to the Evening Standard. “She added: ‘Jonathan (Kenney) was rushing through the bungalow before the ambulance and police arrived. I got the impression he was hiding something.’”


Jonathan Kenney – Estate agent, drag queen and Michael Barrymore’s then lover; later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged; known for having a “record of violence.” Claimed to have been the first to have discovered the body and is now aged 50.


Justin Merritt – A dustman from Essex. Later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged. Later paid £30,000 by the News of the World for an interview in which he stated Barrymore had “rubbed cocaine on Stuart Lubbock’s lips shortly before he died.”


Kylie Merritt – Sister of Justin Merritt. She also alleged Barrymore “rubbed cocaine on Stuart Lubbock’s lips shortly before he died” (curiously in the wake of her brother selling his account of the night).


Simon Shaw – Described as “a local from the village.” Michael Barrymore supposedly “ran off” to Mr. Shaw’s house to “buy himself thinking time [for two hours] before he was questioned by the police [at 7.49am].”


In addition, others, who’ve never been identified could also have possibly been present. If they were, they should come forward or be named by those listed above.


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Good work Matthew. Excellent summary. Have been interested in this case for some time. Very sad end for Stuart and his poor dad died not long ago. His older brother was also traumatised by the tragic passing of Stuart. Barrymore is very odd and reminds me of Jimmy Saville when he speaks. He can be very sharp and aggressive, then mumbling and nonsensical. Did you see him being interviewed by Piers Morgan and Martin Bashir? There’s a definite darknesss in him. Probably pretty pleasant enough in small doses, extremely small doses.


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