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Pillock Peer Pulled-Up – Former Policeman Lord Paddick Moaning About £342 Per Day House Of Lords ‘Working Conditions’ Is Laughable

That the policeman turned peer Lord Paddick is moaning about “working conditions” in the £342 per day allowance paid House of Lords is laughable and ludicrous suggests Matthew Steeples

A minute, it seems, in the age of social media, is now a long time in politics and this morning with news that – if he’d not quit before he’d gotten pushed – Boris Johnson would have been chucked out of the House of Commons for 90 days for his lies comes proof that too many were fooled by this charlatan for far too long.


Yesterday, however, elsewhere on Twitter, another politician proved himself utterly ludicrous when he whined and whinged about his working hours being too long. In spite of being able to access a daily allowance rate of an astonishing £342 per day for sitting from 11am only, former policeman turned prattling pillock Lord Paddick moaned:


“Last night I got home from @UKHouseofLords 4 hours earlier than the night before…10:30pm instead of 2:30am. 11am start today, predicted 10pm finish, plus all the preparation time. I’m 65, many colleagues are older. This is unsustainable. So tired.”


The openly gay Liberal Democrat and one-time I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestant then added:


“My point is, you cannot expect to have proper scrutiny of the government under such circumstances.”


Showing himself as completely out-of-touch with a public living with the catastrophic calamity of the cost-of-living crisis, the deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service between 2003 and 2007 was met with deserved public outrage.


Of a Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London who saw his share of the vote slip from 9.8% when he first stood in 2008 to just 4.2% when he stood for a second time in 2012, the former Tory minister Steve Norris observed: “You were happy enough to take the peerage, Brian. Bit rich to start complaining about the workload when you’re only in your mid-60s. You could retire, but of course you’d keep the title.”


Others, going further added: “Cry me a river!” whilst one, going by the name Jay, raged of a man known for somewhat curious views on narcotics: “Is on he on drugs or something?” Clearly illustrating that Lord Paddick – whom took a fee of sum unknown from The Mail on Sunday in February 2023 and also recently declared a contact with the “Are you OK?” folk at ITV Studios – has made an utter berk of himself, another, Russell Hart, pointedly added: “If you haven’t got the mental and physical capacity, maybe you shouldn’t be sitting in a law setting chamber.”


Turning back to the equally work-shy Boris Johnson being quite rightly condemned and being made out as a ludicrous liar and a disgraceful deceiver akin to Phillip Schofield, on the BBC News channel this morning, respected journalist Sir Max Hastings – a onetime supporter turned now dedicated critic of the former Prime Minister – declared:


“What has happened to Boris Johnson is a result of his own conduct… The ‘Trump defence’ or the ‘Berlusconi defence’… I called him ‘morally bankrupt’ in The Times the other day.”


“I think it is a moment of truth for the Conservative party and the British people? Do we want to go the Trump route, the Berlusconi route, where we’re guided by celebrity culture?”


“I think it is vital for the future of the Conservative party and the British public that we say that: ‘The truth matters’… I don’t hate Boris Johnson, he is what he has always been, the dog who does what he does to the British lamppost.”


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This morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples asked: “Is Brian Paddick correct in whining about working conditions in the House of Lords being ‘unsustainable’ and causing him to be ‘so tired’ given members can claim upto £342 per day?” By 11:30am on Thursday 15th June 2023, the very, very clear majority of respondents (60%) favoured the answer: “No; he should quit” whilst a further 36.8% plumped for the response: “No; he should like or lump it.”
Brian Paddick overworked House of Lords tweet
“So tired” Brian Paddick’s ironically titled book ‘Line of Fire’ might now deservedly come back to bite him in his clearly not-so-sorry bum. After making such a prized pillock of himself, isn’t it time he just took a permanent leave of absence from the Palace of Westminster that clearly so exhausts him?
Brian Paddick responds
Illustrating himself as completely out-of-touch with reality, the self-declared “he/him” Lord Paddick remarked: “I think it’s going really well” in response to the many calling him out. Responding ‘StillJill’ observed: “Surprised [Brian’s] got the time or energy to tweet. He must be exhausted, poor bugger.”
Brian Paddick topless
Brian Paddick has been known even to tweet pictures of himself topless on occasions. Surely, such activity must be very tiring for him; it’s certainly not something anyone would actually want to see in spite of him declaring one such image as being shared because of “popular demand.” Frankly, here is a man who should stop moaning and instead find himself, at the very least, a dressing gown.
Brian Paddick weird and wired
As a policeman, this self-promoting self-declared fan of the concept of anarchy received much criticism. He now declares that his interests in parliament include nationality, rights, asylum, immigration, crime, justice, civil law, London, Norway and the USA. Given how “tired” he is, perhaps he’d do better to retire and do some gardening.
Brian Paddick I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here jungle 2008
In November 2008, Lord Paddick went participated in ITV1’s ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ Now, aside from being “tired,” he also finds the time to hire himself out as a speaker for the AAE Speakers agency. His fee is not declared on this American firm’s website, but no doubt he can keep himself awake when a big budget booking arrives.

Twitter reacts to Brian Paddick’s ludicrous and laughable tweet…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


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