Sunday, September 17, 2023

Matthew Steeples: Uncensored

Premiering tonight at 9pm tonight, Matthew Steeples will launch his ‘Uncensored’ chitter-chatter show on YouTube

Tonight at 9pm, Matthew Steeples will go live on YouTube to launch a new channel where he will discuss topics uncensored.


Steeples, who has enjoyed many discussions on channels such as that of Shaun Attwood and thanks such people for their kind introduction into the world of online chitter-chatter, will now be talking about cancel culture, wokery and Ghislaine Maxwell with freedom. He will, in addition, use the words “golly gosh” and “wally” without censorship and if YouTube decide to cancel him, so be it.


Matthew Steeples will be live tonight at 9pm GMT. Please tune in and please have your beverages at the ready.


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Pictured top – Matthew Steeples ‘bowled over’ in Hyde Park in a photograph by snapper-to-the-stars John Stoddart (left) and with Suzie Cooke of the late, great La Brasserie restaurant and the legendary actor Steven Berkoff (top right) and with the brilliantly bonkers Navjot Dhanoa and ‘Sodem Stop Brexit Man’ Steve Bray (bottom right).


House of Lords
Matthew Steeples at the House of Lords. Pedestrians are something that frankly he’s not that interested in.
Arthur Woodham
With the late, great Arthur Woodham – owner of Arthur’s Café in Kingsland Road, Dalston, London. Arthur loved Smirnoff vodka and consumed such with Matthew Steeples and other friends at La Brasserie in Brompton Cross, SW3. He was a legend and is very much missed.
With the legendary stalwarts of The Magnet – landlords Nichola Munn and her partner Will, Karen, Samantha Hawkins and barflies Jenny Faulkner, Kate Taylor, Max O’Connell, June Hutchins and Mario Garcia.
Liz Brewer Peter Godwin
With the PR to the stars Liz Brewer – whose clients have variously numbered Dame Shirley Bassey and Ivana Trump – and the late, great Peter Godwin, owner of the best and very much missed La Brasserie.
Catherine Bearder
With the crusading ex-Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder – a tireless campaigner against the nonsensical disgrace that is Brexit and a lady whose political skills are clearly not being followed by those currently in the government of the bag of bilge run by Rishi Sunak and his henchman ‘30p Lee’ Lee Anderson MP.
Barbara Minto
With Barbara Minto, a legendary lady who transformed the way people write business documents. Barbara Minto will go down in history as one of the most skilled wordsmiths on the planet and her Minto Pyramid Principle is something that everyone should adhere to.
Alexa Jago
With actress and film producer Alexa Jago – a lady whose talents including having played Ted Bundy’s wife and having produced the award winning film ‘Kajaji.’
Amelia Wright Rebecca Haynes
With the delightful Amelia Wright – wife of television star Matthew Wright – and Rebecca Crawford.
Felicity Kendal
With Barbara Minto and Felicity Kendal CBE at Daphne’s – the best restaurant to dine at the bar and to consume ice cream with whisky.
Idi Amin
With a legendary friend from Sainsbury’s Belgravia, Idi (nicknamed ‘Idi Amin’ for good reason).
Jane Morris
With the best retailer in London, Jane Morris. Percy Bass, her store, is the most wonderful emporium of weird and wacky delights. Do shop there.
Jenny Chelsea
With the lovely equestrian Jenny Taylor (formerly known as Jenny, Viscountess Chelsea).
Tony Discipline
With ‘EastEnders’ star turned fireman turned barman and all-round-legend Tony Discipline (whom I nickname ‘Tony NO-Discipline’).
Alexis Parr
With the very most wonderful writer and exposer of Meghan Markle that is my dear friend Alexis Parr.
Claire Rubinstein
With my dear friend Claire Rubinstein – a truly superb ex-BBC PR lady whose brain and brilliance is second to none.
Performing ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (allegedly).
Performing ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (allegedly).
“I will not be cancelled” – In the mouth of a crocodile at a party in Notting Hill, London.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Well, well,well, Matthew Steeples, you wear red very well. Also, many thanks for reaching.out to Elon on behalf our beloved Wally.. You’re our hero.😇😎😍


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