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Arrest Abbott! Bigoted Banshee MP Diane Abbott Should Be Arrested

Matthew Steeples suggests Diane Abbott MP should not just be sanctioned but should instead be arrested after her repugnant racist remarks

If the far-left fanatic Diane Abbott MP were an ordinary citizen, she would not get away with the disgraceful words she used against Irish, Jewish, Traveller and reheaded people in a recent letter to The Observer.


Widely condemned and called out by everyone from the frankly as much use as a damp squib that is Sir Keir Starmer to the equally useless damp squib that is the Tory party chairman Greg Hands, motormouthed moron Abbott’s decision to spout bigoted bile was beyond outrageous.


Responding on Twitter on Sunday, the buccaneering businesswoman Gina Miller sensibly observed:


“Politicians, our leaders, must be held to the highest standards of responsibility which is I agree that Diane Abbott should be suspended. But that should also apply to Suella Braverman for her racist rhetoric/racially charged language.”


It is now time for both the imbecile Abbott and the imbecile Braverman to go; it is time also that Abbott be dragged into a Metropolitan Police station and questioned over remarks deservedly condemned as “deeply offensive and deeply depressing” by even her fellow Labour MP, Dame Margaret Hodge.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Pictured Top – Previously, after drinking alcohol on a tube train, this wack job woman declared: “A photo of me drinking from a can of M&S mojito on the Overground has been circulated. I’m sincerely sorry for drinking on TFL.”


This morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples asked: “Should Diane Abbott be forced to stand down as an MP after her clearly disgraceful remarks about redheads, Irish, Jewish and Traveller people?” By 11am on Monday 24th April 2023, the majority of respondents favoured the answer: “Yes; get her out of the House of Commons” whilst less than 2% voted: “Yes; she was right.”
‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finalist and comedian Danny Posthill took to Twitter on Sunday to mercilessly mock Abbott and pretended to be her apologising to redheads such as Mick Hucknall and Ed Sheeran.
The Observer racist letter
Diane Abbott’s recent letter to ‘The Observer’ quite rightly resulted in condemnation from figures on both the left and right. This shameless woman should be arrested for her racist bigotry; an apology is simply not enough.
Responding after being slammed, the MP for Hackney stated: “I wish to wholly and unreservedly withdraw my remarks and disassociate myself from them. The errors arose in an initial draft being sent. But there is no excuse, and I wish to apologise for any anguish caused. Racism takes many forms, and it is completely undeniable that Jewish people have suffered its monstrous effects, as have Irish people, Travellers and many others. Once again, I would like to apologise publicly for the remarks and any distress caused as a result of them.”
Gina Miller
Responding on Twitter, crusading campaigner and business titan Gina Miller quite rightly remarked: “Politicians, our leaders, must be held to the highest standards of responsibility which is I agree that Diane Abbott should be suspended. But that should also apply to Suella Braverman for her racist rhetoric/racially charged language.”
Diane Abbott James Thompson-Abbott
“Like mother, like son” – The two left shoe wearing MP and her son are two utterly shameless disgraces. The pair of them are amongst those in Britain who well and truly deserve to be cancelled. In March 2020, privately educated James Abbott-Thompson admitted “spitting at a police officer and biting his colleague” via video link to Westminster Magistrates’ Court after being refused entry to the Foreign Office. As we said at the time: “Wayward Abbott-Thompson – who also appeared in court in January in regard to another eleven alleged offences (including one of most inappropriately exposing himself on a hospital ward) – plainly has anger management and most likely mental health issues, his loopy mother must now realise enough is enough: Diane Abbott must get her own house in order before she hectors a single other.”

The weird, weird words of the Labour Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

On the ex-Labour leader, who she used to ‘enjoy’ sexual relations with, Jeremy Corbyn:

“Jeremy is always right.”


On his replacement as Labour leader (but not as her lover, clearly) Sir Keir Starmer MP:

“Talks nonsense… Is quite strange.”


“On the question of Keir Starmer, I think we have to look at some of his advisors. It now seems that Peter Mandelson is a top advisor to Keir Starmer.”


“We only have to look at Peter Mandelson’s life and times to understand where he stands in relation to the wealthy and the powerful.”


“I think Keir Starmer’s problems are his advisors and he needs to be listening to his own party and grass roots party members more.”


“Keir Starmer’s people are spinning it, but in 2017, people forget you know, Jeremy got more votes than any other Labour leader and, you know, if he hadn’t had most of the PLP attacking him night and day, he might possibly have won in 2017.”


Responding to be accused of not being able to add up:

“I do know my figures.”


“Of course, I think things through.”


“I’m here, of course I’m here. I’m doing a media interview, I’m going on to do another media interview. There’s no truth that I’m not in the media talking about what happened.”


“I think I’m Shadow Home Secretary.”


Diane Abbott on the cost of recruiting 10,000 police officers:

“If we recruit 10,000 police officers, men and women, over a four year period, we believe it will be about £300,000… Sorry, I mean, they will cost, it will cost, erm, about £80 million.”


“We will be paying them the average, it’s been thought through. Of course it’s been thought through.”


“What we said is, of course, we’ll find the money to recruit the 10,000 police people by cutting the, cutting the money… I think that would give us 170, erm, sorry… We would find the money by restoring levels of capital gains tax.”


On racism:

“The British invented racism.”


“White people love playing divide and rule. We should not play their game… I don’t think saying that is racist… It was part of a sequenced debate that I said that.”


“We need unity between black, Asian, minority ethnic and Muslim people – we need the maximum public show of unity. Because time after time, in the past 32 years, I’ve seen efforts of people to organise disrupted by white people.”


On her weird views that racism is “black and white”:

“Tomiwa Owolalde claims that Irish, Jewish and Traveller people all suffer from ‘racism’ (‘Racism is Britain is not a black and white issue. It’s far more complicated,’ Comment). They undoubtedly experience prejudice. This is similar to racism and the two words are often used as if they are interchangeable.”


“It is true that many types of white people with points of difference, such as redheads, can experience this prejudice. But they are not all their lives subject to racism. But they are not all their lives subject to racism. In pre-civil rights America, Irish people, Jewish people and Travellers were not required to sit at the back of bus. In apartheid South Africa, these groups were allowed to vote. And at the height of slavery, there no white-seeming people manacled on the slave ships.”


On dogs:

“I was a postman one Christmas and I developed a morbid fear of dogs.”


On her own marriage:

“I wanted my marriage to work, but it didn’t.”


On “outsiders” and “insiders”:

“Outsiders often have an insight than an insider doesn’t quite have.”


On being an MP:

“Being an MP is a good job, the sort of job all working-class parents want for their children – clean, indoors and no heavy lifting. What could be nicer?”


“I want power. I suppose that’s the story of my life – seeking power.”


“I’m in politics to be a voice for people who don’t have a voice.”


On the Kurdistan Workers’ Party:

“There is no difference between the PKK and ISIS.”


On the vile piece of toerag and one-time friend of Ghislaine Maxwell and the late croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein that is Naomi Campbell:

“I am a fangirl of Naomi Campbell.”


On why she wanted to be Labour’s candidate to be Mayor of London:

“One of my advantages, if I was Labour’s candidate, is that loads of people know me. I’m not just talking about politics – they’ve seen me on Come Dine With Me, they’ve seen me on Pointless.”


“I am not associated with the past.”


On women in Northern Ireland:

“Women in Northern Ireland are second class citizens.”


Diane Abbott on supporting the IRA:

“Defeat for the British state would be a great liberation. A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed.”


On supposedly changing her views on supporting the IRA:

“It was 34 years ago, I had a rather splendid afro at the time. I don’t have the same hairstyle, I don’t’ have the same views. It was 34 years on. The hairstyle is gone, some of the views are gone.”


On supposedly changing her views about MI5:

“At that time, I and a lot of people felt MI5 needed reforming. It has since been reformed and, of course, I would not call for its abolition now. That MI5 has gone. It’s been reformed, it’s a different MI5 and that’s why so many of us are able to support it now.”


Diane Abbott on Mao Zedong:

“I suppose some people will judge that on balance Mao did more good than harm… He led his country from feudalism, he helped to defeat the Japanese and he left his country on the verge of the great economic success they are having now. I was just putting the case for Mao.”


Insulting white mothers:

“West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.”


On being a mother:

“I put being a mother ahead of being a politician.”


On James Abbott-Thompson, the wayward son she sent to a private school, who went on to commit various criminal offences:

“I knew what could happen to my son if he was sent to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd.”


On abortion:

“Abortion is an issue of conscience for the Labour party.”


“I believe every abortion is a tragedy.”


Diane Abbott on sex:

“Of course, sex is great. We don’t have to pretend otherwise.”


On masculinity:

“There is a crisis of masculinity in Britain because of the pressures rapid economic and social change have placed on masculine identity. A generation of men are in transit and unclear of their social role. They are also under pressure to live up to pornified ideals.”


Diane Abbott on her decision to send her criminal son to a private school:

“[It was] indefensible and intellectually incoherent.”


“I’m not the only Labour MP who sent their child to public school, but I’m the only one who’s questioned about it.”


On parenting:

“When fast food is not a treat but a dietary staple, the children surf the Internet all day in dark corners of the room and are bombarded with the latest gadgets. Things replace parental standards.”


“Tackling obesity is key… Families are struggling against a tide of junk information on junk food.”


On being demoted to the backbenches:

“I was a backbencher for a few years and there is an awful lot to do on the backbenches.”


On her political strategy:

“[I am going to stop Labour going into a] dead end.”


“In politics, the people I most despise are those who have no values.”


On defending the indefensible:

“You can’t defend the indefensible. Anything you say sounds self-serving and hypocritical.”


On her many mistakes:

“You learn from your mistakes.”


On her future plans:

“I want to write a best-selling book.”


On being intensely disliked:

“[I am the] most abused of any Labour MP ever.”


And a final word from Diane Abbott herself:

“This is going round in circles… I’ve got nothing more to say, I’ve got nothing more to say.”


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. You make appalling remarks then withdraw them and disassociate yourself from them? Huh? Sorry, dear, you wrote what you wrote.
    And as for the comment that it was just a first draft? Defies belief…..

  2. As far as I’m aware Diane Abbot is not from the Travelling community, she’s not Irish, she’s not Jewish nor is she a red head. Who is she to determine if the discrimination they face is not racism? I hope there is a “public show of unity” to condemn the bigotry she spews forth.

  3. Now that Ms Abbott is sitting as an independent, perhaps Mr Sunak might feel that her talents could be used as an advisor to his scheme to introduce compulsory mathematics to 17 and 18 year old schoolchildren.

    Some matches are just made in heaven!

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