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Maya Henry (AKA “The It Girl with a Heart of Gold”)

Maya Henry (AKA “The It Girl with a Heart of Gold”)Not afraid of lavish gestures, American socialite Maya Henry was treated to a £1.4 million 15th birthday party by her personal injury specialist lawyer father Thomas J. Henry and his wife Azteca in February 2016. Represented by New York based PR Norah Lawlor, Miss Henry was entertained by Nick Jonas, the Mariachi Azteca de America band and Pitbull at the quinceañera in San Antonio, Texas. She is described as having “a name synonymous with philanthropy and community engagement” having established a charity, Maya’s Corner, in 2010 (at the tender age of 9) and is said to be a “regular” on the Texas Tennis Championship circuit. Maya Henry also somehow finds time to be snapped with Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Harry Styles and Usher and shares photos on social media of her life that make the Rich Kids of Instagram look like amateurs.



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    Socialite who got away with murder Elvira Mullens Barney (1904 – 1936) – Elvira Mullens Barney’s lover Michael Stephen was shot dead in her Knightsbridge house in 1932. She was cleared but died of a drug overdose.


    Elvira Mullens Barney (1904 – 1936)

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    1. Wot a load of complete utter bulls**t, hello, donate ur birthday bash dosh to charity, you spoilt little s**t.
      Just have a birthday cake and a card like normal people on this planet, makes me sick.

    2. What lovely, kind generous parents to give their daughter such a party and what a lovely girl who volunteers for Hillary and had the good thought to set up a charity at just nine years old.

    3. A 15-year old with a publicist! You’d never have guessed it……. She must have a pushy mother…… Oh…. She’s called Azteca…. Never afraid to get a bit of attention, I guess.

    4. Father is a personal injury specialist lawyer, says it all about the ludicrous compensation culture if he can afford this bloody nonsense. If Maya is so philanthropic why not ask her parents to ditch the party and donate the money anonymously? Hah, not likely.

    5. Mr Dodge….can’t you communicate your thoughts in a more educated way. It beats me why uncouth Australians would be interested in the goings on in London. Show a modicum of style please. You appear witless.

    6. Mr. Dodge’s comment recalled an experience of a barbeque I attended in Australia. My wife politely asked that her steak be cooked rare. The host snapped back, ” She will have it like the rest of us.” …which was so over cooked that she couldn’t eat it. However, I am certain that not all Australians do not behave that way.

    7. The late M of Bristol tried to get a visa for Oz and was told ‘No, you have a criminal record’. Bristol snapped back, ‘but aren’t all you Australians criminal?’

    8. Mr Wayde
      Why do you assume I am an Australian just because I am down under?
      Why wouldn’t I be interested in the goings on in London, or any other place for that matter.
      I notice you make comments on the goings on in the US for instance, why would that interest you?
      For your information I am British and from London, I happen to Travel to Australia every year for business commitments. I thought this forum was for everybody to make comments, not just you sir.
      Why you would wish to assume all Australians are uncouth, and I am witless just shows what side of the tracks you really come from. People like you probably still think Kangaroos are hopping down the main street here, give me a break, do some travelling, and get educated.

    9. Well Mr Trenear Harvey, not sure why you are jumping on the Mr Wayde support train, or are you indeed Mr Wayde?? I find it strange that you are on this forum at around 7am your time, don’t you have a life? very sad. If you really think that Skippy and his chums are hopping down the main street here. Perhaps you should jump on a cheap Virgin flight, and pay us a visit. Australians do like a good yarn and a drink, and
      Judging by the avitar you have up there my friend, it looks like you too, like a drop of port.

    10. Gosh Mr Dodge (if indeed that is your moniker) you’ve got it in one. In your terms, I probably don’t “have a life”. I do indeed live a sad and lonely life, bustling away from the early hours of the morning, awaiting eagerly the pearls of wisdom that fall from your pen and the scintillating wit of that gallah Rod. I’m warmed that someone like you embraces me and calls me “my friend”. Thank you.

      There is indeed only one Mr Wayde. And while I am happy to follow in his footsteps, I would never be so presumptious to think I could “jump on his support trian”, what ever that means . You are uncannily perceptive though as my main hobby is train spotting and I could immediately indentify his engine number from my logs.

      I’m sure that if my dreams could turn to reality I could visit with you, split a few stubbies, gather a couple of snow bunnies and what a rollicking time would be had. And since most Aussies live by the sea. You’re right, as they say “any port in a storm”. And I’m sure you’re wrong about Skippy.

      Heavens. Look at the time. I must get my hot water bottle filled, prepare my cocoa and head off for an early night with another Mills & Boon to keep me company.

      I believe you chaps say “G’day Sport” as a greeting. I’ve never been up late enough to hear what you say at night. But whatever it is, I wish you that now.

    11. At Australian country fairs big, burly sheep shearers would put boxing gloves on skippies and challenge them to a boxing match. Such are the delights of Australian pastoral life.

    12. Well, Dodgy
      Much as I would like to be like Glenmore it cannot be. Are you sure that you and your cobber, Rod, are not connected?

    13. Well Pete, funny you should say that, I was thinking exactly the same thing about you and Glenmore, two tired old tarts, one a train spotter and the other a Real Estate agent, sharing a bedsit in Old Compton street, Pathetic.

    14. Glenmore wouldn’t be able to cope with my snoring. But, back to the point, when you are Down Under do you and Rod go off ‘chasing the birds’? With Rod’s bum like visage I am sure you both attract much attention.
      Oh, and by the way, we tend to talk of estate agents, rather than Real Estate agents. Just some guidance-if you are trying to be British…..
      Your attempt at wit is as sad poor old Rod’s face….ghastly!


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