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Vexatious Vicky, Dangerous Dan & Deranged Dershowitz

In giving “right snob” Lady Victoria Hervey airtime “deeply unpleasant” peddler of poison Dan Wootton brought new shame on GB News; elsewhere deranged “Devil’s Advocate” Alan Dershowitz’s rant about acknowledged victim of sex trafficking Virginia Giuffre just proves he’s onto yet another sticky wicket

The now convicted mucky madam sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell confirmed in an email to Alan Dershowitz that she thought the 2001 photograph of her, Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts in her London home looked “real.” Now, this week, Prince Andrew has supposedly agreed to pay up to £12 million to a woman he previously claimed he’d never met partly because of that very real photograph.


That acceptance, however, was not enough for the noxious nitwit that is the daughter-of-a-thief Lady Victoria Hervey – a wastrel wack job previously shamed for running a nasty knicker flogging boutique in Knightsbridge that closed with debts of £350,000 and for stating “f*ck BLM” in spite of her ancestors having been abolitionists – and still now she’s peddling piffle and claiming that the victim now known as Virginia Giuffre is a “scam artist” who is “playing you all for fools” and “deserves” a “prison cell full of rats.”


Last night – in an utterly disgraceful move that shows GB News well and truly as a channel suited only for the spreading of crackpot conspiracy theories – the “deeply unpleasant” Dan Wootton furthered this outrage by inviting the thick toff “you’ll never see on Mastermind” that is known in some circles as ‘Lady Herpes’ onto his show and giving her airtime to parade yet more of her poison.


Featuring this birdbrained batshit bonkers berk’s trademark “you knows” and “ums” and “ers” – which indicate only how truly mentally challenged this nasty piece of toerag who also believes Ghislaine Maxwell to be a “scapegoat” truly is – in a diatribe of disgrace lasting 10 minutes or thereabouts, grubby grifter Lady Victoria claimed Prince Andrew “wanted to prove his innocence in court.” She added that she believed he was “pressurised” by his family into settling for a “mixture of reasons,” yet couldn’t quantify what those reasons might have been. No surprises there.


Going further, this pugnacious party crasher told Wootton: “It was a setup over twenty years… Of course, it’s financially motivated. As soon as [Giuffre] runs out of money, she’s suing someone else and she’ll probably do it again. There will be another story when she blows this money… I think she’s shown her real colours… I hope Prince Andrew can put these false allegations behind him.” As was the case with Maxwell, when asked if she’d spoken with the prince, this threesome loving fruitcake most curiously declined to comment.


Elsewhere on Tuesday, Alan Dershowitz took to Rumble to join in the firestorm and also had a pop at Virginia Giuffre. After banging on about the unfathomably dumb Sarah Palin, this lawyer – who has, without showing an ounce of shame, represented “taxes are only for the little people” believer Leona Helmsley and rapists including Harvey Weinstein and Mike Tyson previously and variously has described Giuffre as “serial liar,” a “prostitute,” and a “bad mother,” who could not be believed “against somebody with an unscathed reputation like me” – bleated of a lady taking him to court for defamation: “She was pressured into accusing me.”


Worked up like a crazed hyena on heroin, Dershowitz turned to Winston Churchill and stole a great quote from the revered politician: “A false story makes it halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.” He then concluded: “There is absolutely no evidence in my case… [Virginia Giuffre] is a child trafficker [herself]… Now, my case becomes the big case because it is the only case left where Virginia Giuffre’s credibility can be tested… My hope is that everyone will agree that this was a made-up story. I have to fight and will continue to fight.”


Of the Internet, Alan Dershowitz himself once remarked: “There is a permanent record today, and it’s called the Internet… [It] knows no national borders.” Now, today, we must also remind him, Prince Andrew, Lady Victoria Hervey and Dan Wootton that their attempts to use the media to attempt to shame acknowledged victims of abuse will forever remain on permanent record. A curse on the houses of all four of these reprehensible ratbags.


“Devil’s Advocate” and “Demon of Evil” Alan Dershowitz’s not-so ‘finest’ moments…

On truth: “There are many levels of truth… The law is agnostic to the truth. It’s very sceptical of ultimate truth.”


On telling lies to the media: “There’s no federal crime that says it’s illegal to lie to the media.”


On convicted mucky madam sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell: “She must be presumed innocent.”


Asked about his one-time friend and client, the since croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein: “I’m a very strong supporter of the MeToo movement… I think of myself like a doctor or a priest. If they whell Jeffrey Epstein into the emergency ward, the doctor is going to take care of him… Every honest criminal lawyer will you that he defends the guilty and the innocent.”


On Virginia Roberts Giuffre (who he is currently in litigation with): “I have been falsely accused.”


On another victim of Jeffrey Epstein known simply as “A.H.”: “She, herself, has chosen to go by the nickname of ‘pimp juice’… [She has an] an apparent fascination with marijuana… and a long record of lying, theft, and blaming others for her crimes.”


On trials and truth (clearly said before considering his own situation and that of his old muckers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell): “All sides in a trial want to hide at least some of the truth.”


On justice: “A criminal trial is never about seeking justice for the victim. If it were, there could be only one verdict: guilty… Well, you know, all law is about injustice.”


On famous people and justice: “Every celebrity… The one thing you can be sure of is they don’t get the same justice as everybody else.”


On judges: “[They] are the weakest link in our system of justice.”


On good and bad people (in spite of his associations with some truly repugnant individuals): “Good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell.”


On money: “I never do anything for money; I get paid a lot of money as a by-product.”


On guns: “It is bigoted to say guns are quintessentially American… There’s no evidence that I’m aware of that guns reduce crime.”


On what interests him most: “I’m not a single-issue person, but I spend so much time on Israel.”


On insane people: “Well, many insane people and seriously mentally ill people seem very reasonable.”


On those that dislike him: “I’ve thought of publishing a book of my hate mail, but I don’t own the rights to the letters.”


On how he lives: “I love discomfort. I mean, my whole life is discomfort.”


On his reputation: “My reputation is more important than my book.”


On whose views matter most: “I’m never satisfied unless I get the last word.”


Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz didn’t do a very good job of trying to not look decidedly deranged on his Rumble channel on Tuesday.
Euan Rellie Alan Dershowitz
Eton and Cambridge educated financier Euan Rellie accurately summed up Alan Dershowitz after the latter wrote an article for ‘Spectator USA’ about Ghislaine Maxwell in July 2020. Of the former lawyer of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, Rellie quite correctly observed: “This guy @AlanDersh is protesting way too much.”
Alan Dershowitz was played by Ron Silver in the spectacular 1990 American drama film ‘Reversal of Fortune’ with Jeremy Irons as Claus von Bülow (1926 – 2019) and Glenn Close as Sunny von Bülow (1932 – 2008). The 111-minute film grossed £12.3 million at the box office and was deservedly lauded for its “exceptional performances” and “cunning script.” At that time, he came across as a crusading advocate and decent man, but in the years since he’s clearly moved to the dark side.
Dan Wootton Caroline Flack
‘GB News’ presenter Dan Wootton is a deservedly disliked television presenter. Pictured here with the late Caroline Flack, here is an import into Britain that the country could clearly do without. There’s nothing good about him and there’s nothing British either.

“Deeply Unpleasant” Dan Wootton’s not-so ‘finest’ moments…

On Tatler magazine: “A repulsive… bible for the elite… that makes my skin crawl… Tatler should be shunned because of the vile way it perpetuates a class system that does so much damage to society. Not Quite Our Magazine, Darling.”


On Eurovision: “We are too cool for it, but I’ve got passion for it.”


On Dominic Cummings (who’d probably have preferred even Katie Hopkins as a defender): “Make no mistake, the establishment is out to get Dominic Cummings… I despair.”


On footballer David Beckham and his singer turned fashion designer wife Victoria (whose fans responded with fury): “Weird and creepy.”


On singer George Shelley (whose fans got equally upset): “[He’s] done a Tom Daley and come out as bisexual.”


On singer Susan Boyle (whose management hit back with denial): “Volatile… Forced to shop at Tesco and travel by bus.”


On political activist and Novara Media editor Ash Sarkar (before he “shut her down” during a “fiery conversation”): “Grasping.”


On Celebrity Masterchef winner Emma Kennedy (who reported him to Ofcom and threated to sue him with the help of Carter Ruck): “Deranged Boris hater.”


Christabel Milbanke Angus Deayton Lady Victoria Hervey
Lady Victoria Hervey would now do well to stick to hanging around with washed-up wannabes like Christabel Milbanke and disgraced television presenter Angus Deayton.
Lady Victoria Hervey Mel B and Stephen Belafonte
Lady Victoria Hervey will never go down in history as a brainbox. Instead, she will be remembered as a peddler of piffle and for sharing sordid secrets of threesomes. She’d do well to shut her almighty trap and keep clear of ticketed business and parties that she would never in an eternity ever actually be invited to.

 “Anything But A Lady… More Like A Slag” Lady Victoria Hervey’s not-so ‘finest’ moments…

On herself: “I’m not stupid. I’m not a dumb model… “[I aim to become] the next Kate Winslet – but with class… I’ve had Botox of course… I suddenly thought, I’m just Victoria Hervey… Horrible.”


Of her “past lives” in crackpot clear fashion: “I have had four past lives, three of them as a man. I was a composer in 17th-century Paris, I made materials in India and in Ancient Greece I was a famous politician. In Ancient Egypt I was keeper of the oils for the Pharaoh’s wife, and I love oils so it all kind of fits.”


On working: “I do have a day job… My career always goes much better when I haven’t got a man.”


Of other people and work and money: “What annoys me is when these families have got like 12 children and we’re paying for these kids… They work out that they make more money being on the dole than having a job, they just laze around… The real irony of this is that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.”


On what she drinks in Dawn Ward-like fashion: “Unless it’s champagne, I can’t handle it.”


On the Black Lives Matter movement (in spite of her ancestors being abolitionists): “F*ck BLM.”


On having children (thankfully she’s not yet had any): “A baby is very easy – you hand them over to a nanny… I’m kind of into star signs and I want my baby to have a sign that’s compatible with mine. It’s to plan though… We’ll just have to see… We’ll do the embryos and then I’ll figure out which month I’d like the baby to be born.”


On coronavirus: “I believe in natural immunity… It’s completely hyped! The biggest worldwide conspiracy that has ever happened… [Its’] Bill Gates’ goal to bring out this vaccine to depoluate the world. I’m not going to be a lab rat.”


On being told to wear a face mask: “I storm out of any shop [that asks me to put one on].”


Of Prince Andrew’s sexual antics: “At the end of the day, he’s only a man, and he’s male, right? I don’t think anyone can expect him to just be a monk in a monastery.”


On why even Jeffrey Epstein rejected her: “I was too old for Jeffrey Epstein… [He seemed] very charming… He was a very well-liked guy… Jeffrey was a very charismatic man.”


Of the one-time mates she happily took hospitality from: “Ghislaine and Jeffrey were like Batman and Robin.”


On why Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell invited her to their gatherings: “I was pretty much used as bait.”


On hanging around with paedophiles: “For me, it just seemed like fun at the time.”


Of why she falsely thought Ghislaine Maxwell was going to disappear forever: “I haven’t seen [Ghislaine Maxwell] since September [2018] at a friend’s baby shower… I don’t think anyone is going to find her. She’s gone far away. She’s a bit like a James Bond character. She’s quite a unique person and I don’t believe anyone is going to find her… I don’t think we will ever see her again, it’s going to be like Robert Maxwell continued; she will continue that family mystery.”


Of Ghislaine Maxwell after her conviction: “[Ghislaine] unfortunately now is a scapegoat. There’s no one else to blame… It is not quite as fair as it could be.”


On Virginia Giuffre: Amongst her many tiresome tirades against an acknowledged victim of sex trafficking, this privileged pillock – described by the by-contrast lovely, late fellow ‘It Girl’ Tara Palmer-Tomkinson as “unpleasant” and “a right snob,” – has remarked:


  • “This was about to go Live on Lorraine last week. Please can someone let me know what the age of consent is in the UK. I thought it’s 17. Some of these stories sound like a case study of Regret turning into Revenge. This story has been so blown out of proportion. Or has it. Nobody knows.”
  • “People are literally murdering people in LA and getting out of jail. It’s a real life gotham city blood bath. I know Ghislaine is obviously not a saint and should pay back the trauma caused to her ‘victims’ but lifetime in jail for touching a girls tit 20 years ago and taking them on yacht, private jet and shopping trips. Come on. This has become a witch hunt. Thoughts on this? What does she deserve?”
  • “And while I’m here I may as well let out some other thoughts. That Virginia Roberts is a complete whore. She was no innocent girl. At 15 she ended up in hospital with alcohol poisoning. She’s just a ghetto opportunist whose seriously mixed up. I really genuinely wanted to feel bad for these girls but the trial gave us nothing.”
  • “And yes, drinking yourself into hospital doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a whore but it shows how mentally unstable you are.”
  • “I just can’t with the sob stories. Virginia was a classified train wreck. She wanted to go on those trips. In fact she’d do anything to be invited. During the recent trial her friend said she texted her after prince andrew and was boasting about it. Money hungry girls like her do not help the real people going through human trafficking.”
  • “You cannot compare Virginia to the character in my friends movie totally different girl was literally kept in a cage. Virginia was living the high life. I’m so sick of these me too girls cashing in and ruining it for the girls that really do need help and are desperate that are being killed and tortured.”
  • “Basically, you cannot question a victim in today’s climate. So even though Virginia was of age and clearly became a co-conspirator herself, we in the public are not allowed to question her or her motives.”
  • “Would she be suing these people if they were broke and molesting her in a trailer park? Which by the sounds of things she was dropping her knickers in all sorts of places. I also knew one of the other ‘victims’ who was also a total money hungry drug addict slut and a f*ck up. I’m so over this.”


Lady Victoria Hervey Instagram 1
Lady Victoria Hervey Instagram 2
Lady Victoria Hervey Instagram 3
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I dont think I have ever hated anyone as much as I do Alan Dershowitz.he is the worst case scenario for ugliness…gross looking .gross sounding…and probably gross smelling ..thankfully he is old.

  2. I hesitate at calling her a Lady but V ‘three in a bed’ Hervey’s disdain and cruelty for those she sneeringly believes are beneath her only serves to inadvertently reveal debauched V’s own sleazy LA life.
    And she hd choices.
    Alot of these women had no choice as defenceless children.
    Innocent little girls, abused, sold, raped, beaten, groomed and trafficked. Of course they want compensation. Why shouldn’t they?

    • Well said Alexis. You are a decent and wonderful lady and Victoria Hervey is anything but a Lady. Shame on this wicked wench.

    • Couldn’t agree more Alexis, it’s disgusting how she has belittled, not only Virginia Roberts, but also Epstein and Maxwell’s victims.
      She should be bloody well ashamed of herself.

  3. Well, I’m with Jane, except I have never hated anyone as much as this Hervey bimbo.
    She is an evil wench that thinks she is above everybody.
    Can I suggest we stop with calling her Lady Hervey, she is anything but a lady, and it is offensive to the female gender? I can’t understand why she thinks she is some sort of expert in the whole Maxwell case. I would imagine even Andy would wish for her to keep her trap shut. Who needs enemies when you have a person like her as a friend? Some of the horrible things she’s aimed at Virginia Roberts are disgusting, and I hope somebody decides to sue her for slander.
    Also, some of her off the planet statements she’s made. What annoys her are families that have 12 children then go on the dole. Well, I would like to know how she earns a crust, apart from her business going under, and creditors not getting paid. She just does the social scene and sleeps with rich business men, so in other words, just an old escort girl.
    Her remarks about past lives, I think we don’t need to say anymore on that one.
    She needs a jolly good slap across her face with a wet fish.

  4. Definitely no lady! Who is she to comment on these girls? How would
    she have reacted if these had been her daughters? Just trying to stay
    relevant, nasty woman.

  5. The “Lady” doth protest too much, I think. I wonder what sleazy “Lady” Hervey is hiding. There must be some motive behind the viciousness and intensity of her attacks on sex abuse victims.

    Could she possibly be another Ghislaine Maxwell type enabler or groomer of underage girls?


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