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Hideous Hervey & Grubby Ghislaine

Pointless prattler Lady Victoria Hervey yet again cashes in on her connections with the deceased nonce Jeffrey Epstein and his mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell

Fresh from having spouted a bag of bollocks about coronavirus and admitting she “had no idea what was really going on” with her ex-lover Prince Andrew and a potential lover who thought her “too old” Jeffrey Epstein, contradictory cretin Lady Victoria Hervey is putting herself about on the interview circuit to bang on about Ghislaine Maxwell.


Our Wally of the Week in March 2021 and Moron of the Moment in June 2020 – whose attempt at running a boutique flogging knickers with Jane Blight in 2000 turned into a debt ridden disaster – this week claimed that mucky madam Maxwell “demonstrated” how to give a blowjob to her in the 1990s and told her “dirty jokes” in addition.


Going further and plainly after as much as she could ‘cheque in’ for her tacky tales, the ultimate ‘TwIt Girl’ and dimwitted dope Lady Victoria reminisced also about Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘little black address book’ and claimed her incarcerated chum was “very pally” and “at ease” with Bill Clinton also.


Described by the by contrast lovely, late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson as “unpleasant” and “a right snob” previously, cash craving Lady Victoria cryptically concluded:


“Ghislaine always struck me as someone full of life and was always jetting around somewhere fabulous. She always had this air of mystery. She never gave away too much but she gave away enough you wanted to find out more.”


What must be remembered is this: Ludicrous lush Lady Victoria Hervey hasn’t actually seen Ghislaine Maxwell in years. Of their last meeting, she previously ridiculously and completely incorrectly remarked: “I don’t think anyone is going to find her. She’s gone far away. She’s a bit like a James Bond character. She’s quite a unique person and I don’t believe anyone is going to find her… I don’t think we will ever see her again, it’s going to be like Robert Maxwell continued; she will continue that family mystery.” Nobody will be hiring her as a clairvoyant anytime soon. Next!


Pictured top: Party princess turned pokey inmate Ghislaine Maxwell (left) and her blowjob educated subject Lady Victoria Hervey munching on an ice cream (right).


Classic clangers from former ‘It Girl’ Lady Victoria Hervey

  • “I am Lady Victoria Hervey – it doesn’t get more British than that.”
  • “Fuck BLM [Black Lives Matter].”
  • “Unless it’s champagne, I can’t handle it.”
  • “I’m an A-list celebrity and this is a C-list party.”
  • “I do have a day job.”
  • “My career always goes much better when I haven’t got a man.”
  • “A baby is easy – you hand them over to a nanny!”
  • “I’m kind of into star signs and I want my baby to have a sign that’s compatible with mine. It’s to plan though… We’ll just have to see… We’ll do the embryos and then I’ll figure out which month I’d like the baby to be born.”
  • “I’m not stupid. I’m not a dumb model.”
  • “[I aim to become] the next Kate Winslet – but with class.”
  • “I have had four past lives, three of them as a man. I was a composer in 17th-century Paris, I made materials in India and in Ancient Greece I was a famous politician. In Ancient Egypt I was keeper of the oils for the Pharaoh’s wife, and I love oils so it all kind of fits.”
  • “I feel I’ve aged 100 years in lockdown. I’ve had Botox, of course.”
  • “What annoys me is when these families have got like 12 children and we’re paying for these kids… They work out that they make more money being on the dole than having a job, they just laze around.”
  • “The real irony of this is that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.”
  • “Travelling is in my blood, and so is liking luxurious things and spending.”
  • “I haven’t given up on men, there are a few of them around, but I keep leaving every city I meet them in.”
  • “Everyone from Europe wants to buy houses in LA.”
  • “I was too old for Jeffrey Epstein… [He seemed] very charming… He was a very well-liked guy.”
  • “I’m not one of those kind of girls, I don’t like going to dinners with ten models invited… I was very young and impressionable, Jeffrey was a very charismatic man.”
  • “I haven’t seen [Ghislaine Maxwell] since September [2018] at a friend’s baby shower… I don’t think anyone is going to find her. She’s gone far away. She’s a bit like a James Bond character. She’s quite a unique person and I don’t believe anyone is going to find her… I don’t think we will ever see her again, it’s going to be like Robert Maxwell continued; she will continue that family mystery.”
  • “I had no idea what was going on [with Jeffrey Epstein]… It’s extraordinary it’s the case, it’s a wild story.”
  • “I suddenly thought, I’m just Victoria Hervey… Horrible.”
  • “I don’t want to make enemies.”


Lady Victoria Hervey Jeffrey Epstein
Most people wouldn’t brag about being linked to the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but Lady Victoria has gone as far as to brag that he rejected her.
Lady Victoria Hervey Ghislaine Maxwell
Lady Victoria (or ‘Lady V’ to those who consider this noxious nuisance a mate) has suddenly become an expert on Ghislaine Maxwell. One is simply left wondering how much she’s been paid for what is frankly not so relevant testimony about the mucky madam.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Why doesn’t she shack up with your mate James Stunt? They’d make a perfect couple. You’d have trouble getting an invite to the wedding given this article though and Christabel Milbanke and Helena Robinson wouldn’t be very happy either!

  2. Get her sent Down Under so I can thrash her arse with my nice new cane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s in need of the birch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might whack some sense into the whack job Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I hear Vicky likes money very, very much. Money hungry and no motivation for honesty or decency. Anything will do to get such.

  4. Throw Lady V in a cell with Ghislaine and see what happens. Ghislaine is the better fighter I reckon so I’d have her on at 3/1 to win. Bitch slapping will not be permitted.

  5. Ghislaine Maxwell is being defamed by Lady Victoria Hervey. She should sue her and you should shut up also and focus on the more important matter of helping dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search for their beloved daughter Madeleine. This publication has done NOTHING to help the search for FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and it is time this was put right by Matthew Steeple. He should apologise to Gerry and Kate and he should apologise now. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW.

  6. I hear Victoria is in trouble over selling tickets in Los Angeles without permission? She is shameless and stupid and she will go to jail one day if she carries on this pattern.

  7. Vicky doesn’t want the vaccine… Sounds like a movie title but she’s just a dumbass bitch with a desperate desire to rob anyone she can of a penny. No wonder she’s friends with James Stunt and Christabel Milbanke. Helena Robinson —– don’t get me going on her she’s sick in her dead dumb head. Thickest bint I’ve ever met and as for Ghislaine — she wouldn’t waste her brilliant brain on any of these fools. Ask Eleanor Berry. Eleanor knows the truth about all these scumbags.

  8. I cannot understand this cruelty to a lady of aristocratic means. She is a very, very important lady and she should be respected as she is on par with the Queen Elizabeth II in terms of importance. She should not be denigrated in this fashion as she is a very, very, very important lady and a pillar of aristocracy. This article must be corrected to reflect such.

  9. She has lost her mind but she never had it at any time. Victoria Herpes is a disease and she needs to have ghastly locks slammed in a bowl of bleach as they’re looking very filthy.

  10. I would not consider her for sexual activities given she’s definitely done the entire block 50 times via Mel of the Spiceless Girls. Jeffrey Epstein was wise to avoid.

  11. Well, I think our Lady Victoria should be renamed, Lady second hand dartboard, she’s obviously had more pricks than a second hand dartboard.
    I love how she said she felt really uncomfortable staying at Epstein’s apartment in New York, where she thought there were hidden camera’s etc. It didn’t stop her from staying there for 10 days though, did it?

  12. It’s sickening of all the hate you give Lady Victoria, she has done alot of good with charities and obviously cares about this country. If you followed her on Instagram you would know. She gets a bad rep. from the arogant media that slanders her. She has a ton of class and is very attractive on both the inside and the outside. I admire her, respect her andwill devend her, always. People need to quit judging those who are misunderstood.

  13. I have never withnessed so much hatred from the British people’s since arriving here in 1987. Tell me this? how many of you Moran’s in this comment section actually we’re there in the same room when all this was going on? Or better still have still yet to seek therapy for your own unresolved sexual issues? Keep believing what all the media tell you remote control dummies including perse Morgan. I garrentee most of your hatred hearts like a swinging brick. I actually agree with her. F*** BLM. Before you [email protected] paddy actively involved 3 years ” in a supporting US black communities ” and “miscarriages of Justice” The damage you brain washed people cause wired to the moon your political agenda Any chance you can take your vemon back to your government. Go on grow some balls. 🇮🇪 Free Julian Assanage

    • I appreciate the intellect put into this missive, but given it is so peppered with anomalies and illogic, I cannot say I get what the point is that you are actually trying to make. As for Julian Assange most especially, he has nothing to do with these particular matters.


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