Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Mucky Madam’s Mark Twain Moment

As she faces sentencing for sex trafficking, morally bankrupt mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell turns to the words of morally superior Mark Twain; all they really have in common is mutual experience of financial bankruptcy

As deranged and delusional as only a woman who “makes monster moves” and “growls” in front of prison guards most certainly has to be – qualities apparently moulded into her by her equally deranged and delusional crook father – it must be said that when she gave a TED talk in 2014, the since convicted mucky madam sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell did exhibit obvious intellectual intelligence.


University of Oxford educated and the holder of both a BA and an MA – courtesy, it must be remembered, of her decidedly dodgy daddy bunging a fair wad of wonga to the college both she and her school chum Dame Cressida Dick attended – Miss Maxwell (AKA ‘Mrs Scott Borgerson’ – if he’s not given up on her and run off with his sexually “saucy” yoga partner) is now gunning for an appeal against her conviction.


As part of a strategy they believe will set this sordid sex trafficker free, the Maxwell family are using their @RealGhislaine Twitter account to peddle yet more piffle about their “beloved sister.” The account has attracted 10,000 followers and some media attention, but most responses to it have without a shadow of a doubt been beyond negative.


Yesterday evening whilst currently facing a long wait until sentencing on the 28th June, taking a turn further into the bizarre after babbling on about the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ favourite child – a child he also allegedly abused, if you’d believe a word that morphs out of the mouth of onetime owner of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph Lord Hartwell’s daughter Eleanor Berry – @RealGhislaine went for the “intellectual” angle and tweeted:


“‘When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not. But I’m getting older, and soon, I’ll remember only the things that never happened.’ Mark Twain.”


In sharing this, the Maxwells may think themselves clever, but they seem to forget that though Mark Twain shared having been bankrupt financially once with them, he most certainly wasn’t also morally bankrupt like their evil, murderer father. Unlike the pension pot plunderer’s kiddies with a still missing £500 million on their collective consciences, Twain paid back his creditors in full and unlike them, history remembers him fondly. History and especially the pensioners cheated out of comfortable retirements will never remember the duplicitous Maxwells in that way.


On the last day of January, obviously irritated at the way in which their seriously sinister sibling was quite deservedly being presented, @RealGhislaine shared another laughable tweet. It read:


“The narrative that says ‘she’s the daughter of a bad man, she’s treated badly, she goes with another bad man’ it’s so simplistic… It’s just intellectually lazy and it’s wrong.”


As crusading author Kirby Sommers highlighted in Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography, Robert Maxwell once remarked: “I have a beautiful daughter and she’s just like me.” As, we have pointed out repeatedly when quoting it: The word “beautiful” should be replaced with “deviant” and it is jolly well time the mendacious Maxwell family faced that unsavoury truth.


To purchase a copy of ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography’ by Kirby Sommers, click here.


Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell might like to think of herself as a bit of a brainbox, but forevermore she’ll be remembered for sex trafficking young girls with the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and for teaching the dimwitted dumb disgrace Lady Victoria Hervey how to give blowjobs.
Ghislaine Maxwell TED 2014
Ghislaine Maxwell has spoken on TED and at such events as the Westchester Digital Summit. In promotional material for such she was referenced as “a private helicopter pilot, a trained EMT, and a qualified ROV and Deepworker submarine pilot.” They added: “She speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian,” but neglected to mention that in addition to her American, British and French passports, she bizarrely told lawyers at Boies Schiller & Flexner that she was “a citizen of TerraMar” in April 2016.
@RealGhislaine Tweet 1
The @RealGhislaine ‘Mark Twain Moment’ tweet didn’t exactly go viral. It was liked just 24 times, quoted once and retweeted by 3 other accounts.

Responses to @RealGhislaine’s ‘Mark Twain Moment’:

“F**king what? The whole family is delusional lmfao.”


“This is so disgusting! Your basically say all those women are liars, f**k outs here. This account is pathetic.”


“You wouldn’t know Mark Twain if you ran into him! He wasn’t a sick person such as yourself. #guilty #pedophile.”


“If I raped a bunch of kids (like you), I’d probably wish for that outcome as well.”


@RealGhislaine Tweet 2
The @RealGhislaine ‘Bad Man’ tweet was equally badly received and only liked 28 times and retweeted by 3 other accounts.
@RealGhislaine Tweet 3
The second part of this missive, complete with a link to a toady interview with Ian Maxwell in ‘La Repubblica’ on 31st January 2022, was liked only 18 times.

Responses to @RealGhislaine’s ‘Bad Man Moment’:

“Let’s be honest. For donkey’s years, your sister has had the media on her side with the rich and famous for her own aggrandizement and projects. You are lucky you are given a platform to speak. Most people are not.”


“Whichever way you cut it, you cannot get beyond the fact that your sister had a business with/was in business with Jeffrey Epstein and that she herself or her reps have admitted to his misconduct. She could have done something to stop it. So why didn’t she?”


“When your sister was deposed she could have said something. She didn’t. That was her choice. She could have gone to the FBI herself. She didn’t. These were conscious decisions she made. She does have to bear responsibility of her own decisions to keep quiet.”


“If your sister was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s, she could have told the FBI, she could have called trafficking hotlines. It’’ not as if she was not extremely well connected, including to Clinton, Trump, Gates, Jobs, Rothschild, Kerry… She was better connected than 99.9%.”


“Ghislaine Maxwell traded on being the daughter of Robert Maxwell and girlfriend/associate of Jeffrey Epstein. She didn’t have a problem with being associated with them when it served her purpose. Only now is it a problem…”


“I guess we need to see the sex photos to prove her brother is wrong.”


“What a vomit inducing family.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. It seems that this so called Lady who talks a load of codswallop, has a knack of turning everything she touches into dust, like her great Hollywood career:

    In December 2003, Hervey secured a small part in the 2004 American film RX opposite Colin Hanks (son of Tom Hanks) as a waitress in a diner. Go girl go.

  2. The whole family are delusional, and think they are untouchable.
    Also, can somebody explain to me why on earth it needs to take so long to sentence somebody, are they waiting to see what HRH, sorry, Randy Andy comes out with over the next month or so?

  3. The insightful humour and depth of Mark Twain was never intended for the Maxwells. He would not have approved of them in the least.They are “word trafficking” Mr Twain and he is inappropriately over age.How his casual American wisdom relates to their brittle lives up in the ether belt is beyond me. Why not employ Machiavelli, he had their best interest in mind. Her defense, across the board, is in need of a master mind. The family, the embarrassingly unstylish attorneys and the endless complaints about the unromantic conditions in American jails are by now beyond redundant. By the way, anyone else curious as to how Andrew Windsor is planning to say or do anything under oath?? Now that is an up and coming tragedy…Andrew secreted away speaking his version of the truth. Wouldnt it have been easier for him to say “Oh my goodness I had no idea how old these girls were.I was framed by my besties.” Loyalty among thieves in evidence . I think he was being advised by Ghislaine. Bossy pants Maxwell the ring leader, whose original intent was to out run the law and lie and lie and lie…ad nauseum..
    Vox Populi (thank God)..

  4. Not sure about anyone else but is anyone else looking forward to watching the documentary on Ghislaine Maxwell starting on 18 February? I think it will be really watchable. Ghislaine was gorgeous looking, rich, intelligent lives in a very large family house in the heart of Oxford (I stood near to it and it’s mainly hidden with vegetation in 2020). It stands on a hill in stunning parkland with paths and trees. I was with 20 somethings on a lovely summer’s day walk of 5 miles and had to explain to them about the Maxwell family. They couldn’t believe that they were looking at the once family home. But of course they had heard snippets of news on Ghislaine and Prince Andrew. It’s almost surreal it happened here in academic and quietish Oxford.

    • Thank you darling Jane. You would have liked to have been there. Yes it was quite amusing to be with five 23 old graduates starting their first jobs and yet not one not knowing the Maxwell family! I explained briefly the Maxwell dynasty that Robert was a Newspaper magnate. Hell I met people who worked for his publishing company Maxwell Press. He was a slave driver, came to this country with nothing. He wasn’t liked at all by his employees and he sacked many if he didn’t like your face after a while. Not a kind, nice man at all I would contest. Then he plundered the pensions of thousands of diligent hardworking employees that had served him for over 50 years. It was a disgraceful act. I heard accounts first hand. Just awful. Well strangely I have been at arms length that is connected some how with the Maxwell family. I found myself albeit as a very young girl working at N.M Rothschilds Bank in the City on St. Swithins Lane. I was employed by Sir Anthony Alt (Deputy Chairman, Rothschilds) as his assistant. I met many of the Rothschilds. The Parisian one Nanthanial I think I used to call him up to tell him about conferences and stuff. He lived in Paris and we would just talk on the phone about life and generic stuff. Did he need a wife I used to dream? The head guy the Chairman and who was a Rothschild was very stand out with a flash of thick white hair. The board room was awash with fux and shouting and dick waving. Hilarious for a young girl and they would all get drunk on whisky all afternoon in the boardroom. So many stories I have of working in London! Anyway Antony was a bit of a pig. He would be chauffered in every morning in his huge Bentley car, breeze into the office then order me to go get his cigarettes from his Bentley car as he had forgotten them. Well boo hoo! That thing was huge and I could stretch my whole body width ways across it. I got them and gave them to him. How I wanted to throw something at this head! Anyway we both worked together on the Maxwell brothers court case vs pensioners. That is once their father had fallen off a boat in the middle of the ocean never to be seen again the money passed to the boys, wife and family. So the pensioners took them to court. All the casepapers me and Antony Alt were witnessing and reading. They were all marked up TOP SECRET in red on each document sent by Courier. It really was fascinating to be part of it all and to know I had all this information and could have just gone to the press. We also had a secret little tiny book with the famous 5 Arrows on the front with all the top people in London like the Prime Minister all the MPs, diplomats, VIPs and all the Maxwell familys home telephone numbers. I could just pick up the phone and dial any of them. I stole one of those books when I left the job. Haha. That’s why I enjoy work because you never know whom you may encounter, or what, whom you will be dealing with. It’s educational. You don’t need college. I’ve been lucky enough to be picked for some plum jobs (including the BBC whom headhunted me and Harper Collins as an editorial assistant) without any college degree. Infact once I left Rothschilds to go to work for a Fund Management Company, after 6 months they headhunted me to go back. I would have liked Antony Alts job. I learned he had moved on to Northern Foods heading that up. He has written a book on vintage photography.


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