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UnAppealing Ghislaine

Former federal prosecutor suggests convicted mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s chances of getting an appeal will have “major hurdles” and will “have to meet a very high standard”

Last week, our world exclusive about a bathtub in Ghislaine Maxwell’s former home in Belgravia, London went viral and was subsequently picked up by the MailOnline also.


The image we shared clearly illustrated that the now convicted mucky madam and sex trafficker had told porky pies about the size of that particular room and its tub and now, yesterday Law & Crime News published an article suggesting that her chances of an appeal being heard are weakening also. Here is a once powerful player now incarcerated and deservedly on the ropes on and here is someone whom the walls are caving in on.


In a feature referencing the drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s conviction having been confirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Tuesday, managing editor Adam Klasfeld quoted a former federal sex trafficking prosecutor, Mitchell Epner, who remarked: “[Ghislaine Maxwell has] major hurdles [to obtaining a new trial.”


The counsel, who now works for Rottenberg Lipman Rich PC, cautioned:


“Having said that, there are some clear distinctions between her situation and that in the El Chapo case.”


“There’s a question whether it was inaccurately answered on purpose, meaning that the juror told a lie in order to try to get on the jury or accidentally. With El Chapo, the supposed lie was that the jurors were not paying attention to the instruction to avoid media reports about the El Chapo case. So that’s a very different situation.”


“So, for all of those reasons, I think that the El Chapo decision does not preclude Ghislaine Maxwell from being able to get an evidentiary hearing or a new trial. It simply shows that she’s going to have to meet a very high standard.”


Ghislaine Maxwell is due to be sentenced on 28th June and potentially also still faces a second trial also. She also has incurred costs likely in excess of £7 million to date and if she had half a brain, this wicked wastrel woman would do the sensible thing and try and cut a deal. Given she’s just as deviant as her late daddy, however, that seems still highly unlikely.


Pictured top – Ghislaine Maxwell living it up at Royal Ascot with her equally under the kosh former chum and likely lover Ghislaine Maxwell and the now incarcerated daughter of the pension pot plunderer ‘The Bouncing Czech’ in happier times.


Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein innocent
In this image both the former socialite and now convicted sex offender Maxwell and the taxi driver turned teacher turned croaked paedophile Epstein look a picture of innocence. Now attempting a route to an appeal, ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ decidedly deviant daughter should realise that her days on the social circuit are numbered and she ought to do the decent thing – fess up some of the other names in involved in her and her one-time lover’s evil antics.
Isabel Maxwell Kevin Maxwell
Isabel and Kevin Maxwell have done all they can to try and protest their sister’s innocence before, during and after her trial and conviction. They continue to peddle utter piffle about such through their website and elsewhere through interviews and social media channels. Their crocodile tears are not helping anyone, most especially the furious victims who will now likely drag the mucky madam through the civil courts.
Scott Borgerson
Where is Scott Borgerson? In 2016 in secret and unknown to her siblings, Ghislaine Maxwell married this mysterious and somewhat strange man – a shady character who has shown his deviance by using fake names and having faked a British accent during the purchase of the hideout ‘Tuckedaway’ – yet though he offered help during the bail process, he didn’t even show up at court. Allegedly seen out on the razzle dazzle with a somewhat saucy “yoga enthusiast” with an “ass that could crack open a walnut,” here is a mouse-not-a-man who has clearly forgotten his wedding vows. There doesn’t seem to be any “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer” for this submarine loving sort.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Can you stop with your inflammatory bias reporting. What respectable real journalist used the word “ mucky “ in almost every sentence. Insufferable. You rank well below in gutter of impartiality. Loaded and inflamatory.

    • It will continue to be used of the “convicted sex offender mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell” now and forever. If you don’t like it, I frankly I couldn’t give a bloody damn. Pip pip!

    • Esther, I really do not understand why people like you, read the articles on the Steeple Times, but then just love to be offended.
      Not sure why the word Mucky so offends you? I’m sure most people who are impartial, could think of a few choice words, more colourful than Mucky, to call this evil Madame.
      You obviously mix in her circles, that’s why you, and others like you just can’t accept the evidence that is there for all to scrutinise.
      My biggest complaint with this whole saga is, why does it take six months to sentence this evil, Mucky, Mucky, Mucky, child procuring slag of a woman?
      I wonder if Mucky will be her jail house nick name when she’s somebody’s bitch inside?

  2. Love the use of “mucky madam” – You called it first. It is her much deserved moniker. May she rot and then burn in hell. Evil witch.

  3. Sorry for offended delicate ears but it’s what she really is..a saw enjoying Mickey mud and Rowling un it delightfully…think that she considered all these victims as rot!!!! Evil witch…if they are rot… what is she herself? No name can describe her. I hope she spends the rest of her miserable life in jail to meditate upon her abhorrent actions…she makes me nauseated…she thought her money places her above anything….like all the powerful of this sinister world😖😖😖😖😖😖

  4. You’re literally the most biased “””””””journalist”””” this side of the Atlantic. Your sickening article is factually false, unnecessarily inflammatory and sounds like it was penned by a mentally challenged 6 year old. Ghislaine will be free. Roberts/Giuffre/Krispy Kreme glutton will be in jail. Bradley edwards won’t be able to afford his badly required nose job, and Kate aka [NAME REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS] will be back to selling herself to any man that has more than $10 to his name. And seriously, attacking Isabel and Kevin? Yeah, sounds like a top idea, mate.

  5. Here comes Ian Maxwell again, his face frozen in a stressed mask. His rhetoric just so tired and meaningless that I wonder if he is even aware he is speaking out loud. He must be receiving plenty of self piteous messages from central lock up in Brooklyn..I feel Ghislaine dumps her despair all over anyone who will listen. She has been described by her attys as courageous and strong etc etc .but I think she is a coward with attitude. She needed to externalize constantly keeping the shallow stuff important. Ian thinks she will win her appeal..he has begun to point out the sacrifices he has made for her ghastly
    situation. He has begun to pity himself. I cant lose interest in this thriller, Ive tried damn it!

  6. So unappealing is Ghislaine that Andrew has decided he didn’t know her after all. I fear Andrew is as dumb as a bag of door knobs. Ghislaine is speaking with her attorneys six times a day, complaining about being murdered while studying Russian. I have tried my best to become bored by this thriller, but I can’t…I am so shocked and apparently I like it.
    Poor Ian Maxwell, his face is a stressed mask. He has repeated the same strange logic until Im not sure he is aware he is speaking. He now has slipped from Ghislaine pity to self is time and time is money, especially when it is funneled through Brooklyn central lockup.

  7. I thought my first message was not entered properly there are two that double talk..oops..
    Dear I have a brain.. please reconsider your assessment.


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