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Flipping Randy Andy’s Bathtub Bonk Pad

WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Belgravia bonk pad – where Prince Andrew allegedly shockingly had it off with Virginia Roberts in the bath in 2001 – is relisted for £2.6 million just months after it sold for £1.75 million in April 2021; we share the first ever seen photos of that famous tub and ask: “Does its presence add value?”

Everybody in the world has now seen the infamous snapshot of Prince Andrew with his chubby fingers wrapped around the waist of his alleged victim Virginia Roberts at the Belgravia home of Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001. Nobody has ever discredited that photograph and nobody has proven that the bathtub in the bathroom that adjoined the first floor landing where they were snapped was anything other than a full-sized 5-foot-6-inches long.


Everyone in the world has also seen the floorplan of the first floor of Miss Maxwell’s former London home, but now, today, The Steeple Times can exclusively share an image of that very bathtub in which the lady now known as Virginia Giuffre claims the Duke of York supposedly had sexual relations with her on 10th March 2001. That still unrenovated home, 44 Kinnerton Street, is now on the market for the sum of £2.6 million – a sum £850,000 higher than it sold for less than a year ago.


Whilst everybody in the world now knows that the now convicted mucky madam daughter of the pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell faked a photo of herself at an In-N-Out burger joint in August 2019, photographs of the now somewhat tired bathroom in London, SW1 prove it to be a space where two people could easily have cavorted. In sharing them, they show Prince Andrew’s porky pies for exactly what they are. Two people could very easily have fitted into that rotten tub.


Offered by an exotically named firm of real estate hawkers who go by the name of Wellbelove Quested, the 1,573 square foot, three-storey former home of the mucky madam Miss Maxwell is marketed as “charming” and having “plenty of potential.” It is described as “requiring updating,” but unsurprisingly no mention is made as to its tawdry past. A photograph of the very bath where ‘Randy Andy’ allegedly bonked on that fateful night bizarrely features in the marketing material, but somewhat more carefully imagery of the landing area has been left out.


Asked by The Steeple Times for comment, a leading local estate agent – whom wished to remain off the record – remarked:


“Any previous sale at either £1.45 million or £1.75 million seems suspiciously low. At £1,653 per square foot today, it sounds about right in terms of an asking price, although some buyers might be deterred by The Nags Head being so close.”


“As for the activity that may have gone on inside there, I am of the view it adds a bit of interest to the marketing, but neither adds to nor detracts from the value.”


“Equally, now I see these pictures, it looks to me that Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Roberts were all standing in the doorway of the front bedroom of the first floor that day. It begs the question: ‘Why?’”


Contacted earlier in the day by a reader of The Steeple Times who alerted us to the sale subsequently, Andrew Quested of Wellbelove Quested somewhat lackadaisically opined in response via email:


“My clients made a good purchase. I think you will find a lot of properties have a past resident that is not always good… I do understand your thoughts [about the links to Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and the Duke of York], but these things pass.”


Occasional contributor to The Steeple Times Jack Hine, however, took a different view. When approached Friday, the Hove, Sussex and Belgravia, London based dealer in vintage memorabilia stated:


“That bath, whatever it’s murky heritage, has royal pedigree and it’s got a grimy, unrestored appearance. ‘Where there’s muck, there’s bloody brass,’ I say.”


“There’s always going to be ghouls out there with a desire for such, so I advise whoever buys 44 Kinnerton Street to most certainly not to put what could become one of the most costly bathtubs in history ever in the skip.”


“Prince Andrew’s antics in this tub may well cost him well north of £10 million and I’d suggest that the new owner of this house will get tens of thousands for that tawdry tub. I’d definitely put in a bid.”


Ghislaine Maxwell Kinnerton Street bathroom
This photograph of the first floor bathroom at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia proves one thing – those that said that the tub is too small for two are nothing but loopy liars.
Ghislaine Maxwell bathtub statement
When asked about what occured on the night of 10th March 2001 in the first floor bathroom at her Kinnerton Street mews house, Ghislaine Maxwell responded: “[Virginia Roberts] then characterized [sic] things took place in my bathroom in the bathtub itself. The tub is too small for any kind of activity whatsoever.” The picture of that very same tub used in marketing material by Wellbelove Quested proves exactly to the contrary.
Ghislaine Maxwell Kinnerton Street floor plan first floor
The floor plan shared by the likes ‘The Daily Mail’ and ‘The Sun suggested the first floor bathroom at the house to be 7-foot, 4 inches by 7-foot, 2-inches. Floor plans shared by Wellboved Quested suggest that the room is actually 8-foot, 4-inches by 8-foot, 2-inches. There was most definitely plenty of room for two…
Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew Virginia Roberts first floor Kinnerton Street
Why did they stand on the first floor landing when the only entertaining areas were downstairs? Were they progressing upwards? Was Ghislaine Maxwell leading her friend Prince Andrew and a concubine to a bedroom? Who took the photograph? Many questions remain unanswered, but it’s now clear that the bathtub could easily have fitted two.
Floorplan 44 Kinnerton Street Belgavia Ghislaine Maxwell
A floorplan of 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia. In it, mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s home is clearly shown to be a place where ‘public’ entertaining took place on the ground floor, whilst ‘extracurricular’ activities took place on the upper two floors.
44 Kinnerton Street bannister Ghislaine Maxwell
These photographs of 44 Kinnerton Street, taken in July 2021, provide proof that the bannisters seen in the March 2001 photographs remain inside said property. The setting in which Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts were captured was indeed most definitely genuine. In the same month, the new owners of the property displayed a poster at 44 Kinnerton Street for a festival that was to be held in East Anglia from 31st July 2021 to 1st August 2021. The event, the EA Festival, was hosted at Hedingham Castle – home to Jason and Demetra Lindsay – in Essex and had a line-up that included model and advocate Arizona Muse, film director Mike Figgis, ‘Countdown’s’ Susie Dent, sex commentator Rowan Pelling and comedian Josh Berry. The same open doorway also showed something else… The very same bannister that was shown in the photograph Prince Andrew, Virginia Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell appeared in.
Prince Andrew nonce bathmat
In November 2020, ‘The Steeple Times’ featured bathtub mats featuring Prince Andrew’s face and the caption “nonce” that were available for sale through Priced then at £23.61 ($32.30, €28.29 or درهم118.61), these 61cm by 43cm polyester microfiber items clearly proved very popular as they are no longer on the site. Clearly, there is a market for bathtub memorabilia that references the Queen’s supposed favourite son.

The Names & Numbers – ‘Mucky Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bathtub Bonk Pad’ – 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES, United Kingdom

  • 14th January 2022 – Property website values the house at £2.11 million ($2.88 million, €2.53 million or درهم59 million), a sum 19% lower than the current asking price for the unrenovated property.


  • January 2022 – Estate agents Wellbelove Quested offer the mews house for £2.6 million ($3.6 million, €3.1 million or درهم1 million), an extraordinary increase of 49% on the sale price just 270 days earlier. The house is offered on a lease of 127 years that commenced on 24th June 2014 and previously on their website Wellbelove Quested had marketed the house for a higher price of £2.75 million ($3.738 million, €3.283 million or درهم13.731 million).


  • July 2021 – The Steeple Times reports on repainting work to the outside of the house being underway. An open door reveals the infamous staircase bannister to still be in-situ.


  • 19th April 2021 – Records confirm the house to have been sold for £1.75 million ($2.39 million, €2.09 million or درهم79 million).


  • March 2021 – Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer offered cash from the “pending sale of her £1.45 million ($2 million, €1.74 million or درهم28 million)” home as part of a package when they sought bail for the mucky madam for a third time, the Daily Mail reported. This sum was 44% lower than the September 2020 asking price and 400% higher than the January 1997 purchase price.


  • March 2021 – A Knightsbridge estate agent told The Steeple Times: “Knowing the street as I do, 44 is one of the smaller houses which I assume it to be a little over 1,000 square foot in size. Depending on the condition, I estimate the freehold value to be circa £1.8 million to £2 million ($2.5 million to $2.7 million, €2.2 million to €2.4 million or 9درهم million to درهم10 million).”


  • December 2020 – Members of the Maxwell family attempted to raise finance on the property but are not successful, The Steeple Times learns from a financier with connections to the Maxwell family and their representatives. They were rejected, were rejected on the basis of the “toxicity” of their familial name.


  • September 2020 – Estate agents Aylesford list 44 Kinnerton Street for sale for £2.6 million ($3.6 million, €3.1 million or درهم1 million) on (it was claimed) a freehold basis, a sum 797% than the January 1997 purchase price. They subsequently later reduce the asking price to £2.1 million ($2.9 million, €2.5 million or درهم10.5 million) “according to a leading property expert.”


  • August 2019 – According to Insider, a woman with “long hair [who] appeared to be in her 60s” was seen entering the property. She “denied that the socialite owns or lived in the house, claiming instead that the elusive socialite lived elsewhere down the street.”


  • 10th March 2001 – Prince Andrew allegedly had sexual relations with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts in a bathroom in the property. He continues to deny this occurred whilst claiming that a photograph of himself with Miss Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell on the first floor of building is a fake also.


  • 22nd January 1997 – Ghislaine Maxwell paid £290,000 ($396,000, €347,000 or درهم5 million) for the three-storey leasehold mews house. It is situated at the heart of the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Estate.


  • 1989 to 1995 – Ghislaine Maxwell is known to have resided at 69 Stanhope Mews East, South Kensington, London, SW7 5QT. Her father bought it for her two years before his mysterious death and she reportedly “groomed and befriended Minor Victim 3 in London, England, between approximately 1994 and 1995… Maxwell introduced Minor Victim 3 to Epstein and during those interactions, Maxwell encouraged Minor Victim 3 to massage Epstein, knowing that Epstein would engage in sex acts with Minor Victim 3. During those massages, Epstein sexually abused Minor Victim 3” at that very property. It was sold for £267,000 ($365,000, €320,000 or درهم3 million) on 15th March 1995 and then again for £1.75 million ($2.39 million, €2.10 million or درهم8.77 million) on 30th August 2019.


And finally… Some other images of the ‘Mucky Madam’s’ crib

1 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
The ground floor sitting room has a somewhat sadistic quality about it. Rather like a doctor or dentist’s waiting room in its styling, here is a room where the mucky madam no doubt just prepped her victims for their prey upstairs. How many chairs does one need for such a purpose?
2 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
This place is anything but homely. It is, in fact, scary.
3 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
A kitchen that wasn’t for a coffee and a chat; a kitchen where saintly types like Delia Smith and Mary Berry most definitely don’t belong. Ghislaine Maxwell is personified as a woman as clinical to her core.
4 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
The mucky mistresses’ master bedroom. God only f$%king knows went on in this creepy crib.
5 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
Another supposedly innocent looking room that was likely a torture chamber.
6 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
The bedroom Andrew, Ghislaine and Virginia posed next to. It is currently set up as an extra sitting room rather conveniently, but doesn’t look like a place anyone has bothered or would even to sit.
7 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
The house even has a roof terrace. It looks f$%ing rotten, just like its former owner, mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of murdering pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell.
8 44 Kinnerton Street Ghislaine Maxwell
And finally, back to that bloody bathroom… It even has double shower. It’s hardly small, is it? It’s perfectly feasible that Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts could have very easily fitted in there also.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Terrific I’ve wanted to see the place!! No, not cozy in the least. Looks airless in those rooms. Makes one want to cross the street to the exhausting clutter of the Nags Head..and drink and stay late..oh, but that nice big tub is perfect for a willowy teenage girl and a plump prince to get to know one another …she said he politely thanked her for the lovely time. YIKES.

  2. I don’t think this is the same property as this belongs to a German family Schneidelbaum who are from Stuttgart near where I live. I suspect you have the wrong property

    • Clearly, you have not read the article. The building was confirmed to be 44 Kinnerton Street by the estate currently marketing it.

    • You ignore the floor plan you pillock. You ignore the address. You ignore the estate agent Andrew Quested. Are you thick or just a Ghislaine Maxwell, Brian Basham and Jay Beecher plant?

    • Deranged bloke with dodgy name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not someone I’d want to share a Castlemaine tinny with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT come Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need locking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are mistaken. You have the wrong address. I suggest you speak to the Germans who own the property. They will confirm this. I often think you may jump into articles without establishing the correct facts

    • You clearly do not understand the facts of the matter. The house for sale was the one-time home of Ghislaine Maxwell and this was confirmed by the estate agent currently selling it: 44 Kinnerton Street. Do keep up.

    • And what does, your email domain have in this game? Why are you so keen to attack our articles, Mr von Mossop?

      • I will be calling Cheyne Capital too. There is no evidence on their website of this man. He is playing games. Is this Jay Beecher? Is this Brian Basham? Is this Ross Gow? Which one of you is it? Come out, come out from wherever you are hiding.

  4. Brilliant work by Steeple Times!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT send this filthy bint Maxwell Down Under!!!!!!!!! We do not need her or scum like her!!!!!!!!!!!! As for this house, burn it to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only way to rid the nation of this stain on humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT save the bath either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn, baby, burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s the wrong house you will be burning
    I suggest you may be wise to go and see the house and you will see with your own eyes it belongs to a family who have the largest bakery business in Stuttgart.
    Journalism doesn’t work when you make mistakes with your fact checking

      • Check with the estate agent. You will find I am correct. It’s owned by the same family since 2003; the Schneidelbaums. I know this as I’ve stayed in the house

        • Did you have sex in the very same bathtub Otto von Bonkshit or did you head down Mossop Street and do some shagging in the loos at The Admiral Cod? You are clearly a twat.

        • Now the plot thickens.
          Pray tell Otto Von Fergie
          I would love to know when you stayed
          there, and under what circumstances.
          You will be telling us next that your a close
          friend of plain citizen, Randy Andy, and he’s
          Just a misunderstood, non sweating pizza lover.
          Let’s have some actual facts from you, instead of just inuendo.

    • And journalism also doesn’t work when you try and discredit the facts, that are plainly there for everybody to see, even a moron like you.

        • You talk crap. I shall be calling Cheyne Capital on Monday morning to enquire as to whether you work there. You are most likely Jay Beecher or another bogtrotter. Now bog off.

          • I am only pointing out facts. Your ignorance is there for all to see. You are all such a lynch mob of fascists

        • As a longstanding supporter of this esteemed publication, how very dare you Otto Von Mossop. You are a newbie here and I’ve never noticed you until the Ghislaine Maxwell stories popped up. You are not one of us and you are not welcome. Go away.

  6. I have come to the view reading these comments that if somebody said to Otto that something was blue, he would insist that it was red. If others confirmed that it was blue, he’d say that it was red. Otto is somebody who just does not listen to reason. There is no point debating with him as he is obstinate and clearly incapable of accepting a clear truth.

  7. I agree with you Otto, it doesn’t look to me to be the same house as didn’t she have a red front door. This is the issue with the press. They never get anything right, the Daily Mail has it right and they never published this …….

    • Oh dear, oh dear. Mr Von Mossop or whatever he is called is now using multiple pseudonyms to post comments to support his fallacy.

      If you want to do such whatever you are called (Otto Vom Mossop / Hamish Bassington-Bosworth / Swami Nemi Chandra Jain / associate of the Maxwells), you might try doing it from different IP addresses.

      The one you are using,, for the Von Mossop, Chandra Jain and Bassington-Bosworth identities has been noted.

      • Ive no idea who Otto is but he makes some excellent points. A good press proprietor knows when to admit his errors. I suggest you start to pen a retraction. If not this publication is nothing more than a twitter feed

  8. I regularly eat at Salloos on the corner. Best lamb chops in London ! I will ask them next time I’m in there as they know everything going on in the area

  9. Von Mossop probably actually lives in Peterborough on an estate full of houses that look like those on Brookside Close. He probably isn’t actually an employee of Cheyne Capital at all. The public should be told his real name.

      • Why are you being so nasty to your readers. It seems like you will alienate all of your support. Apologies to Otto or we will all leave and not read this anymore

        • You are very welcome to cease reading and commenting with your fake names. In fact, please do just such. We do not need your “support” as it amounts to zilch, zero and nothing whilst our genuine readers are wonderful and remain welcomed always.

  10. The person posing as multiple identities thinks himself very funny. Sex trafficking of young women is not funny. Ghislaine Maxwell is not funny. None of it is funny. Prince Andrew’s alleged abuse and the confirmed abuse committed by his friends Maxwell and Epstein is not funny. Funny in the head Von Mossop or whatever his name is should stick his unfunny head up his very own arse. That might actually be funny.

  11. There was no abuse. No rape, nothing at all. The girls were prostitutes and drug abusers and threw themselves all over these men. Then when some money seemed available they look back retrospectively and say all this nonsense. How you believe otherwise is shocking

    • Hartley, you should be bloody ashamed of yourself, do you think all Maxwell’s and Epstein’s victims are liars?
      The whole thing goes much deeper, with many big names involved, and I don’t think all these scum bags will ever be brought to justice.
      Even if some of these girls were drug abusers, as you say, does that entitle scum like Epstein to abuse them? and don’t forget they were under age. The facts remain that Maxwell recruited under age girls for Epstein’s perverted ways. Would you be saying the same thing about Saville if the girls were drug users??
      If you have nothing constructive to say, bog off and read the Beano.

  12. The person with the fake name is trying to claim that Ghislaine Maxwell did not live in the house with the red door. Where did she live when in London then and why was she trying to call Kevin Moran of The Nags Head as a witness for her if she didn’t actually live opposite such a place. The estate agent has confirmed that the house was Maxwells, the records confirm such and nobody other than him/her is trying to claim that 44 Kinnerton Street was anything other than the Ghislaine Maxwell London home.

  13. It is clear that this photo is of the bathroom and the fittings have not been updated so this is proof that Maxwell told lies about the tub being too small. She clearly had thought about this strategy and being a deviant like her daddy, she thought it clever to come up with this clear lie. It is ridiculous that a person/people here are trying to pretend that this isn’t what it is.

  14. I must admit I don’t like the property at all. It lacks warmth and being cosy. Looks like your typical mews central London house. Nothing at all special. Ghastly kitchen layout. The tub also doesn’t look to small either!


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