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Bring Back ‘Yankee Wally’ – The Duchess of Sussex’s nemesis should NOT be cancelled

Matthew Steeples slams the vindictive campaign against YouTube sensation Sadie Quinlan – known as ‘Yankee Wally’ – by the mendacious ‘Sussex Squad’ groupies led by PR peddlers Omid Scobie and Christopher Bouzy and helped along by a bashful ‘BuzzFeed News’ busybody named Ellie Hall

The Duchess of Sussex has an inconvenient past she’d most certainly rather forget; her nemesis Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’) has just such too.


Whilst witty Welsh warbler Quinlan served her time and has openly admitted her prior indiscretions, the mendacious minx that is the former Meghan Markle has most certainly never been open, for example, about her supposed past relationship with a gay porn actor known as ‘Dirt Nasty.’ She was also forced to apologise to the Appeal Court in London in November 2021 and has been called out for being a bully allegedly also.


Now, after a busybody Washington, D.C. based ‘senior reporter’ for BuzzFeed News named Ellie Hall last week produced a somewhat lacklustre ‘article’ linking the Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister Samantha Markle to Sadie Quinlan, the latter’s YouTube ‘Yankee Wally’ channel has been closed. It was done so after the snitch-on-her-sources Hall sent her so-called “evidence” to the social media video sharing medium and thereby proved herself not to be a “reportage writer” but instead a “troll-like campaigner.”


According to joker-not-a-journo Hall, a clearly woke spokesman for YouTube named Jack Malon told her: “Upon review, we have terminated the ‘Yankee Wally’ channel for repeated violations of our harassment policy, which prohibits content targeting individuals based on intrinsic attributes. We enforce this policy equally for everyone, and channels that repeatedly violate or are dedicated to violative content are terminated.”


Responding, Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times commented: “Whilst the opinions of Sadie Quinlan might not to be everyone’s taste, she is as entitled to her views as much as anyone else. Just like with the case of Shaun Attwood – whose YouTube account has also been removed on occasions – the process by which such occurs is clearly beyond strangely and stupidly regulated.”


“Whilst YouTube is entitled to control its domain in whatever manner it chooses, the fact that a Welsh woman is ‘cancelled’ for simply discussing a topic clearly of interest to her nigh on 50,000 followers seems ludicrous in the extreme. Ms Quinlan, to me, seems as dangerous as a chocolate teapot whilst those campaigning against her – headed by PR peddlers Omid Scobie and Christopher Bouzy – are the true villains of this piece.”


Elsewhere on Friday the Daily Express reported that after the Daily Mail diarist Richard Eden shared news that he had contracted coronavirus, a clear ‘Sussex Squad’ supporter with the handle @royals_sussex trolled him with a meme featuring the reprehensibly vindictive words: “If he dies, he dies.”


Duchess of Sussex Duchess of Cambridge
Jealous to her core, the wife of the dimwitted drip Prince Harry has never managed to get over the fact that the British public love the Duchess of Cambridge yet loathe her.
Simon Rex Cutright Dirt Nasty
The Duchess of Sussex’s love life prior to bagging Prince Harry involved a fair amount of what could be termed “lowlife.” The finest example was most certainly tattooed trashbag Simon Rex Cutright.
Gay porn actor turned musician Simon Rex Cutright (AKA ‘Dirt Nasty’) – shown here in a somewhat intoxicated state in a video shared on YouTube – supposedly dated the then Meghan Markle in 200. He claims to have received a letter from her after refusing to sell his story of how they “just hung out” after doing “a TV show together” and meeting “for lunch.”
Richard Eden if he dies he dies
The clear hatred of ‘Sussex Squad’ fanatics was shown in this tweet to ‘Daily Mail’ diarist Richard Eden – an open critic of such people – on Friday after he revealed he had contracted coronavirus. Though this vicious and vile message was reported by many, it remains live on Twitter.

Can anyone solve a problem like ‘MeGain’?

  • In November 2021, the duchess was forced to apologise to the Appeal Court in London for making a misleading statement in her privacy case against The Mail on Sunday’s publishers.
  • Her very own father, Thomas, has called out her many untruths about him and others again, again and again.
  • Of her claiming having got married the day before she actually did, Mr Markle stated: “Lying about the archbishop? How can you say: ‘We’ve been married three days before we got married’? Her lies are so obvious, I don’t know why she says them.”
  • Her very own half-sister, Samantha Markle, has called the woman formerly known as Meghan Markle out as a liar on multiple occasions also. It has been proven that the duchess’s claim that she hasn’t seen her sibling in over 20 years was proven untrue when a photo of the pair 13 years ago emerged.
  • Her very own half-brother, Thomas Jr., said of her: “I told Prince Harry, I think she’s going to ruin your life. She’s very shallow… She’s a phony, a bully, a jaded, shallow, conceited woman.”
  • The former Meghan Markle has been called out on multiple occasions for spinning stories against other members of the royal family, most especially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Staff who’ve worked for her have complained that she is a bully and investigations into this remain ongoing.
  • The Duchess of Sussex is a known manipulator of the press and paparazzis and it has been claimed that she’ll “twist the truth” to get any headline she wants.
  • Questions remain as to how many times she’s actually been married in total. Some say twice, some say thrice.
  • “Would you trust this woman with a bargepole?” is something often asked of this money motivated minx.


Ellie Hall
‘BuzzFeed News’ writer Ellie Hall is a woman clearly lacking in journalistic integrity. She snitched on her own sources rather than protecting them. Shame on her.
Ellie Hall 1
That the “senior reporter” was keener to brag about getting her source cancelled than actually reporting a story speaks volumes as to her lack of decency and respect for honesty in the profession she claims to be part of.
Ellie Hall 2
This is not the work of a crusading journalist, but instead that of someone obsessed with getting revenge on someone she simply doesn’t like.
Christopher Bouzy
Clear crackpot Christopher Bouzy is another fine example of a troll dedicated to causing trouble for anyone who dares to speak out against the mendacious minx that is ‘MeGain.’ He is a troll of the very first order in spite of claiming to be a campaigner against such.
Omid Scobie 1
Omid Scobie has been highlighted in ‘The Steeple Times’ for what he truly is on a number of occasions. He is anything but an honest journalist and instead blocks real ones such as Richard Eden because he cannot face the truth. That truth? That he simply a peddler of piffle and poison on behalf of a woman and her husband who’ve insulted the Queen and her family a little beyond too often.
Omid Scobie 2
The ‘Finding Freedom’ author’s delight in the expulsion of a Welsh woman from YouTube is clear indication that he is nothing but a pathetic specimen worthy of sectioning to Siberia.
Yankee Wally troll
The vitriolic nastiness of ‘Sussex Squaddies’ was clearly shown in a tweet by someone going by the nonsensical name of ‘Diana Queen of Hearts’ @BlueNextWaves this morning. They tweeted a remark that suggested they did not care that Sadie Quinlan is now in hospital after her supporters revealed news of such in the hours prior.

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I’ve reported one channel numerous times for antisemitism, homophobic comments, and using the R word pertaining to people with developmental disabilities. Nothing has ever been done, so no,YouTube is not fair. Wally has done nothing wrong

  2. Yankee Wally speaks for the majority of us Brits, from the very poorest to the very richest. There is life away from online life & everybody appears to be talking about these two children & their questionable place in the line of succession to the British throne.
    It saddens me & worries me greatly that this 65 year old lady has had her freedom of speech revoked on two popular online platforms. Ellie Hall also has clearly failed as a so call journalist by not informing her readers of the absolute horror that comes out of the team that want Wally silenced. Seriously, people need to know what these vile reprobates threaten. The very elderly & young children don’t escape their vileness either.

    Well behaved women rarely make history & something tells me Yankee Wally will be back in some form on some platform because she feels so passionately that the law is followed & that only children born of the body of the mother have a place in the line of succession.
    We have all seen the videos & the photos of ‘the bump’ but because pictures & videos can be edited, can they be relied on?

    The British public will never let this go. I simply cannot imagine the damage all this is doing to Her Majesty The Queen & it breaks my heart to see her becoming more frail. However, this should never have been allowed to carry on this long, causing upset & anger to everyone that cares. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe have written to the Palace about this & yet still it goes on, like a badly performed pantomime that makes everybody cringe.
    As a lifelong monarchist of almost sixty years, I can only assume the Royal Family no longer care about the hurt they are causing the public. This cannot go on.

    Get well soon Sadie cariad. We all love & miss you. We all realise you were always telling the truth. If you weren’t they would never have gone to such lengths to silence your words. The truth, the real truth will always win.

    Thank you Matthew Steeples for always supporting Wally’s right to freedom of speech.

    • Wally speaks for we Canadians as well as we are part of the Commonwealth. I have read comments from Australians and South Africans indicating that Wally speaks for them. If you surveyed people of the Commonwealth, I think you’d find that she speaks for all of us.

  3. Meghan Markle bullies ANYONE who dares disagree with her or calls out her evil lies. Bouzy is a racist bully who attacks elderly disabled women with his constant lies. She lies and says women need to use their voices then she shuts other women from having voices. Bouzy is evil and so is Meghan. Hateful narcissistic people both of them.

  4. I think any Meghan supporter who has remarked about any solidarity with Ukraine and its people should denounce themselves now as all they have done is the exact same thing as Putin. Shutting down someone who says something against the desired narrative is pretty much his way right now. Disliking somebody’s point of view does not give a pass to taking away their freedom of speech. These people, however much they protest are blind, fool fascists in the truest sense. I don’t care much for Meghan, I’m not a royalist either but I do believe everyone has their right to question or critique a public individual on their behaviour. People need to wake up and realise that all this is doing is showing Meghan Markle to be a scared, ruthless and unpleasant wretch whose last resort to any kind of success is by silencing others. If I needed any push away from supporting her then this is it.

    • Couldn’t agree more, it sets a terrible precedence when free speech is banned!! How the vile Sussex Squad, Bozo the 🤡, Ellie Hall and Scooby Doo get away with harassment, death threats and just genuinely vile behaviour is beyond me. I think we all know who’s paying these vile indiduals to attack anyone who has a different opinion. Disliking someone’s behaviour is NOT hate speech!!

  5. Christopher Bouzy and Omid Scobie are hot and you lot are not. Two of the hottest hunks on the planet. Stop being jealous.

    • Jimmy, if that’s your real name, why would you think 2 guys are hot? Hot about what? Hot as in good looking? Hot as in mad? Hot as in opposite of cold? Hunks? Hunk of what? What on earth is there to be jealous of? A fake plastic whatever the hell it is and a scammer? I dont think anyone is jealous except perhaps you. Jealous that Yankee Wally is trending now?

    • Your name says it all really. These two r—-sts don’t want integration and harmony but to bring down the monarchy. They should be careful what they wish for. They are a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves!!! But narcissists don’t care, do they?

  6. I believe that H&M are using their royal status to shut people down. You’ll remember that Harry’s Travalyst had some tie-up with Google a while ago and Google owns YouTube so no prizes for guessing if some pressure was brought to bear THERE.

    MM is always saying how women have the right to be heard and to have an opinion. How come that’s only allowed when that “right to be heard” only applies to people saying positive things about H&M?

    I am PROUD to be blocked by Scobie for speaking out. That’s the problem with these people. The “truth” only seems to be what THEY say it is.

    I hope Yankee gets out of hospital soon. Many of her old videos have been uploaded to Rumble on the Yankee Wally Channel there. Maybe she will make it her permanent home. I hope so!

    Links below:

    • The account on Rumble doesn’t belong to Yankee Wally, so beware – & please 🙏 delete the link – someone’s playing stupid games! If you want to follow Yankee she’s on gettr . I have just unsubscribed from the rumble account!

    • Yankee Wally did not open a Rumble account. Whoever did this is a fake. If you support Sadie please do not follow this account. If you already have, get off of it.

  7. I’m not sure any of the Markles are credible. Samantha has been accused by her own daughter of abuse. Those tweets were unhinged: Archie a doll, picking up eggs in LA, surrogate babies, eleven
    suspended twitter accounts. Ellie Hall did tremendous damage to her case.

  8. Well done, Matthew, for speaking out with logic and passion of the horrible wrong that has been done to Yankee Wally. She is, and will continue to be, such a breath of fresh air in the world of YouTube and beyond. She has been so open about her life and it’s various ups and downs, without ever once adopting a “poor me” attitude. Many could, and should, learn from her. If her health has taken, an understandably, bad turn as a consequence, I wish her the quickest and fullest of recoveries. Her loyal supporters, of whom I am proud to be one, await her return on whichever platform and under whichever handle she chooses.

    Wishing ongoing strength and success to you, Matthew, and to our incomparable Wally.

  9. Thank you for your truthful article re Yankeewally its a sad day for freedom of speech Ellie Hall, Christopher Bouzy and Omid Scoobie there day is coming because karma is the bigger bitch We believe that Yankeewally has WON for calling out the lies of the Sussex and for that l than her GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ❤🙏❤🇬🇧

  10. Sadie Quinlan Aka Yankee Wally seeks to share her opinion on everything from corned beef to the shenanigans of the two former royals, she is witty and entertaining.. She shares her opinion using articles readily available on the WWW, over the last few months we have watched while she has been bullied and tormented by the three named in your article, it would appear in an effort to discredit and bully her into obscurity… One has to wonder who has to gain from these actions and indeed why? Surely if your offended by the content from a disabled pensioner just change the channel, or is there something to fear from the ramblings of a Welsh woman who might just be right about the surrogacy and moon bump allegations. Whatever the case if Megan and Harry can go on national television and tell “their truth” to the world, bashing our beloved Queen and Royal family without challenge and without being cancelled, then the same should apply to others.. or are we saying that only people who don’t like the former royals, have a negative view of them and their debunked truths are the only ones who should be cancelled, the minions, while the elite reigns supreme, that might work in a dictatorship but in the UK it is not acceptable… Reinstate free speech and free our wee Wally she is our wee Welsh treasure and she deserves better than this treatment …

    • It doesn’t float in the US either! We have the 1st Amendment and H can say its bonkers and that right there shows just how dim he truly is.

  11. Thank you Matthew for this article. I feel desperately sorry for Wally and I truly am worried about her. I cannot believe the effort the nutcase boozy, Omid scabies and the appalling woman who calls herself a journalist have gone to to get her shut down… At the behest of haz and meg. I really feel she was far too close to the truth, it’s the only conclusion I can come to. Wally is entitled to her opinions and should be allowed to express them. I would love for a reputable journalist … like Matthew to dig dig dig and blow the whole thing wide open. I am sickened by the elder abuse Wally has been subjected to and wish I had legal background to help her. I’d do it for free!

  12. March 2021:LA private investigator Daniel Hanks told the BBC that he was hired by The Sun to investigate MM’s life. Hanks with over 40 years of experience said he found “nothing.” No inconvient past.
    Many media outlets have reported that Simon Rex said he was offered $70,000 by a tabloid to lie and say he slept with MM. He said there was “never any relationships.” Not one mainstream media has ever accused Markle of being a “yacht girl.” On Feb 11, 2017, The Sun issued an apology for linking her to pornhub. Gossip,
    rumors and innuendo don’t equal facts.

      • Carrie,
        Can you please provide any proof that MM was a yacht girl. Please link me to any mainstream media source for this accusation. There’s a reason why not one print or broadcast media will touch this obscene gossip. Not one client, former escort or madam has come forward with any allegations. It’s okay to dislike someone but you don’t get to make up lies. Where are the many media stories linking her to prostitution? No, Quora isn’t a media source because it’s based on individual’s opinions that vary across users. Cite a source!

  13. Btw, I’m also sorry to see Sadie terminated. I thought she was hysterical. Her accent reminded me of my nana. Was everything she said truthful? Of course not. It was mostly gossip. She always said it was just her opinion. Funny lady with a big personality.Hope she’s out of the hospital.

  14. Brink YW back!!! It’s ok for Meghan to slander, disrespect, bully, put her groupies on folks yet to have an opinion gets one cancelled?!?! How’s that ok? YouTube, do right… restore YW’s channel.. y’all, let’s be fair! Ps: proof that the fams involved, if anyone should be pulled wouldn’t it be her dad and his tales? No??
    Stay blessed 🙏🏻

  15. Thank goodness there are people out there that support free speech and our Yankeewally. We must not allow bullies like Scobie,Bouzy and Hall to stop our views and opinions being heard. Maybe we should all start our own youtube channel and have Yankee as our quest to chat. I am going to see if I can start a channel if I can get my head around the technology I will and continue Yankeewallys campaign for the truth.

  16. Thanks your article is great. Isn’t it suspicious that we reported to YouTube these players were engaged in a coup to take down her channel last fall, yet Ellie hall can snap her fingers and take Wally out? Where did my tweets to You Tube go? This so called investigation is bogus

  17. Thank you, Matthew, for being a voice of reason in this insane censorship palava. No one should be cancelled for having strong OPINIONS; and they are just opinions. I think it’s hilarious Bouzy, et al, are eating each other alive bc Hall gave no credit to Bouzy or Butt Sentinel.

  18. YW wasn’t campaigning for the truth, she was gossiping for profit. She read and agreed to the terms outlined by YouTube. She repeatedly violated those terms. Whose false is that? No one forced her to speak with a reporter.SM and Yankee sound like twin nut cases in that article. A day after the Hall article, YW said this: “a good article, all true.” She quickly changed her tune when her fans blasted her for “damaging” Sam’s case. This isn’t about MM, CB or freedom of speech.It’s about someone choosing to violate the rules they agreed to follow. She has every right to her truth.Hope she’s well.

  19. I fully support this article, and keeping yankee on youtube. Sueme on youtube has started a t-shirt campaign with the image from ginge and the cringe nursery from keepnycmegatrashfree cartoon images of the evil pair its fantastic! lets all buy and support!
    The reason why I feel yankee has been taken down, is she exposed the tweets about suxsquad getting paid to report accounts and them themselves stir up hate, by being paid? surely that’s not legal? Nobody likes what ginge and the cringe are doing to our queen, they are affecting her health and they don’t care!!!!. We must stand up for the elder abuse of our Queen our monarch, this toxic pair are putting immense stress and pressure on her, in her final years on the throne. What a nasty, jealous, untalented, entitled, pair! Wally needs to come back!

  20. Kind of enjoying watching them hand over the last shreds of their integrity to the alter of Meghan. Sad truth is she probably doesn’t give a fig about any of them. All that anger and hate will be their own undoing, it’s a shame because if they invested that kind of energy and commitment into something good they would be truly remarkable instead of unsung patsies.

  21. Thank you for this very honest article. If YW did not seem to care about Markle being in hospital, it’s because most of us Megxiteers doubted her claim of having a miscarriage. We believe she used surrogates for both of her kids as we also believe she cannot bear children. There are thousands of pics on the internet that show her abdomen looking not pregnant at all, and then looking 6 months pregnant only four days later. A fetus does not grow that fast, so we doubted her claims of miscarriage as she is a pathological liar. Ellie Hall should be fired for being the least judicious reporter of all time, promising to protect Yankee Wally and then turning her in. Yankee Wally told her she did not want the article published, but the lying Ellie did it anyway. I hope she is fired for poor journalistic practices and just plain dishonesty. Free speech must not be taken away, or we will all be living like Russians do in a dictatorship. This is what Meghan wants, to control everything written about her. What people need to realize is that all YouTubers get their info about Markle from the public domain. None of them make up stories or invent crazy schemes. If Meghan doesn’t want anyone to write negative stories or make videos decrying her poor behaviour, she should not be behaving badly by perpetually lying, setting up fake charities that take 95% of the profits for her own personal use, and ghosting both her own family and the Royal Family who welcomed her so warmly. Yes, she has a very checkered past, and if that past is part of the public domain, any YouTuber has the right to talk about it in their videos. #Meghanmarkleisaliar.

    • I believe that the so-called “miscarriage” was either a FAILED IVF implant OR a 100% false ploy for sympathy in which she plagiarized one woman’s authentic account of having a REAL miscarriage AND fine-tuning the tale by incorporating a scene from a Julia Robert’s film. There are significant “tells” in her, (what was it a $60,000? paid advertisement???) such as the EX-royal being allowed to visit her in the hospital during the peak of hospital COVID lockdowns, of austere, cold decor in the maternity ward rooms (which anyone who’s had a baby knows are filled with warm pastel colors and TONS of comforting decorations, furniture, etc and inflated drama that the EX-royal’s wife couldn’t sell as authentic because she really isn’t a good actress. She can’t come up with anything original, so it’s almost a 100% guarantee that what is said will be fluffed up and badly twisted plagiarized comments she expects the public to attribute to her. The saddest thing is that while she’s telling naive, gullible followers that she’s all about “female empowerment,” the ones she targets most for plagiarizing quotes, ideas, PR and media spins – ARE WOMEN!!! From such greats as Maya Angelou, to Eleanor Roosevelt to an ordinary school lunch lady who wrote empowering notes to the students on FRESH bananas at their salad bar – the EX-royal’s wife is right up front posing as if they’re HER ideas, HER creativity, HER fashion sense, HER photographic composition, etc. What a sad, pathetic person she truly is.

  22. Thank you Matthew for this article. I love the irrepressible Yankee Wally, and I hope she will be back soon. But a lot of questions have to be publicly asked about the Sussex Bullies and their creatures. Bouzy has a VERY shady past of his own, and some of the rabid fans need sectioning!

  23. Thank you Matthew for your support of Yankee Wally. I enjoy reading articles that contain the truth and yours certainly does. The bulk of the Sussex Squad and a large number of their most vile hitters are allegedly being paid on a monthly basis by Nutmeg. Having to pay a group of people to spout hate towards everyone that doesn’t agree with them tells me that everyone with an opinion against Markle is most certainly telling the truth. It’s just ludicrous that these major social media platforms have gone right along with the Sussex Squad, Bouzy, Scobie and Hall

  24. I do feel that someone needs to take up the SS v Scientology Fair Game Policies angle It’s almost every tactic bar PI’s..yet. A Noisy Investigation. Also the comment made where the journalist had covid and the response made was ‘if he dies, he dies’ if the exact words David Miscavage said to his PI’s that followed his Father when he collapsed in the st.

  25. Oh my goodness, I am absolutely loving this call to bring back ‘Yankee Wally’! The Duchess of Sussex’s nemesis was a highlight of my week without a doubt. I can’t believe they’re trying to cancel him – what a travesty! He brought so much much-needed humor and entertainment to our lives. Please, let’s make this happen! 😂👏


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