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Yankee Wally v Omid Scobie 2022

As ‘MeGain’s’ bestie Omid Scobie claims Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’) is “on a watch list” with the “good folk at South Wales Police and Scotland Yard” and the “Fixated Threat Assessment Centre” also, the popular YouTuber reports him to the police herself

Whilst the Duchess of Sussex was quite rightly forced to apologise to the Appeal Court in London for making a misleading statement – which the BBC described as her (rather conveniently) having “forgotten events” – in December, it seems her number one PR peddler, the wretch that is Omid Scobie has turned his attention to the popular ‘Yankee Wally’ YouTuber Sadie Quinlan and isn’t allowing her to forget her own past.


Yesterday, in an 11:09-minute YouTube upload that has been watched over 17,700 times and ‘liked’ by 3,500 already, Quinlan shared a tweet from Scobie that described her as a “racist” and “deranged criminal.” He went further and claimed: “Don’t even waste a second on what that deranged, racist criminal thinks. Leave it to the good folk at South Wales Police and Scotland Yard, whose Fixated Threat Assessment Centre have [Sadie Quinlan] on a watch list.”


Understandably upset by the harsh words of this so-called “royal editor” for Harpers Bazaar and self-proclaimed New York Times “bestselling author,” Quinlan – who made clear she had no prior knowledge of how Scobie could know of such a listing – decided to respond by herself calling the Metropolitan Police.


She remarked: “The last thing you need Omid Scobie is somebody calling you ‘deranged’” and added: “I am not a criminal. I shall take this absolutely all the way I can. When that lovely police officer rings me back next week from the Fixated Threat department, I am going to take it to the highest level.”


Of two others she believes have connections to such matters, Quinlan added: “Let’s have the bloody lot. I’m watching you and I’m going to make charges against you if I can… I’m coming for you… I am absolutely tamping [Welsh adjective meaning ‘extremely angry’] mad.”


The lesson to mouse-not-a-man Omid Scobie and his associates here should be laid clear: If you give it out, expect it back – especially when you take on the force to be reckoned with that is ‘Yankee Wally.’
Omid Scobie tweet about Sadie Quinlan
The tweet by Omid Scobie, posted on Twitter on 19th February 2022 at 7:11pm, in which he described Sadie Quinlan as a “deranged, racist criminal.”
Omid Scobie 1
In August 2020, the ‘Daily Mail’ shared that plastic-not-fantastic Omid previously worked at gossip magazine ‘Heat’ and partied with the ‘glamour model’ Jodie Marsh. They mentioned how somebody had “airbrushed” Meghan Markle’s “entry on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia… to include more flattering details days before her romance with Prince Harry became public” and illustrated the ‘Finding Freedom’ author’s “drastic transformation” in two very different photographs. Mr Scobie is someone who most definitely would like his past forgotten, but curiously he doesn’t want to allow Sadie Quinlan to have hers forgotten.
Omid Scobie 2
Illustrating himself to be anything but a real journalist, “influencer” Scobie told the ‘Women in Leadership Publication’: “A casual follower be forgiven for thinking that royal news is just fizzy commentary on the pomp and soap opera of The Firm” in their spring 2021 edition. He self-importantly added: “Reaching millions on Twitter has also enabled my own views and advocacy to travel further” and concluded: “I want to do everything I can to ensure that individuals from every background can get a seat at the table.” Here is someone far from a journalist; here, in fact, is someone who should just be called out as the Duchess of Sussex’s PR peddler.
An analysis of Omid Scobie’s Twitter feed clearly shows that a large proportion of his followers are a bit like himself: FAKE.
Duchess of Sussex Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Sussex – pictured giving the clearly far more dignified by far Duchess of Cambridge a right old glare – likes to stir the pot. One of her chief pot stirrers is most definitely Omid Scobie – a poison pen pest described by Nikolay Kalinin in ‘The Steeple Times’ in July 2021 as “a washed-up, childish clot” and someone with “no legitimacy in the media industry.”
When he’s not bragging about wearing Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior or sharing photos of his dog, Yoshi, on his Instagram account, the ‘Finding Freedom’ author constantly bangs on about how he believes the royal family to have racist elements. His speculation is rarely supported by anything other than unnamed sources that give his suggestions little to no credibility.

Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’ responds to Omid Scobie calling her a “deranged, racist criminal”

“All my content is found on the public domain with just my own views and opinions and I do follow the fair use and the fair dealing guidelines”


“I think this tripped me over the edge… They can get their just deserts. Scobie wrote this in reply to whatever her name is, Amanda @MattaOfFact.”


“I like it Amanda I thought you did a fabulous spiff of me and if gets you a bit of extra money after your ten grand from your gopher Lee and whatever money you manage to scrape from your Patreon. You’ve got every begging bowl on the Internet opening and waiting for the money, haven’t you? So, make a bit of money off me, my pleasure, fill your boots.”


“But anyway, Scobie replied to this and this is what he said: ‘Oh dear. Don’t even waste a second on what that deranged, racist criminal thinks. Leave it to the good folk at South Wales Police and Scotland Yard, whose Fixated Threat Assessment Centre have her on a watch list.’”


“Right, OK, so I thought to myself it’s got to be done. Now, you know what I say and I’ll say it again and I’m an absolute manic about it. Do not waste police time. Don’t do it. If you’ve got a little problem, your neighbour is giving you gyp, banging on a wall, wait until the next day and ring 101. Don’t dial 999. Don’t ring the police unless it’s urgent.”


“Having said that, who am I to judge what is urgent and what’s not, but you’ll find that yours truly will take an awful lot of s**t before I ring the police. Because, well, well this is the way I was taught.”


“I even apologised to the police officer today saying that somebody could be needing them a lot more than me. He said, erm, in his London accent: ‘Well, don’t worry about it Sadie,” erh.”


“Anyway, let me tell you what happened. So I see this and I’m thinking: ‘One step too far, one step too far.’ So, then I go looking online for whatever the Fixated Person’s thing is and I found all this information.”


“So, I’m thinking, I don’t wanna [sic] ring the police. I do not want to ring the police. So, yes, I can give them that [sharing a screenshot of what information is required], I can give that, I can give that, I’ve got a passport, I’ve got a licence, so I will do that, I do that.”


“Right ‘o. OK and then I got the number for Scotland Yard so I thought maybe I’ll ring them and ask them because I couldn’t find a number for the Fixated Threat people and I didn’t, at the time, see where I could fill in a form.”


“So, I’m on the phone waiting now. This is Scotland Yard. I took a screenshot the minute that they answered at 11:43am. You can see the time at the top there [sharing another screenshot], 16:36 so it is not even an hour ago now and then I found a form that you could fill in on that webpage that I just showed you and so I wrote down everything that I could.”


“Meanwhile, 25 minutes on the phone to Scotland Yard. ‘I’ve been told I’m on your list. It’s all over Twitter and also it has been claimed by Omid Scobie, a journalist, that I am on your ‘watch list.’ I am horrified.” I couldn’t put it all in one, so I scrolled.”


“’Please can you confirm this as a matter of urgency, if this is true? And if it is, why? This has upset me beyond words and I am also extremely cross at the insulting nature of Mr Omid Scobie’s claim. I look forward to your reply ASAP.” Then I said: “Regards.”


“Now, while I was in the middle of filling all this form in, though it didn’t take me long, Scotland Yard answered the phone to me, so then I am on the phone to Scotland Yard and, erm, they answered at around about 4:30pm and I was on the phone to them until about quarter to five.”


“And I spoke to an absolutely, and I’m not just saying this, he was so kind to me because I was almost crying. I was beside myself, I have to be honest because, I mean, erm, I’m not trying to get sympathy here, but I can’t bloody walk. How am I going to stalk anybody? And if I can’t walk, do you know how hard it is for me to post a letter? I’ve got to beg the postman, if I catch him when he delivers a letter. I can’t get out to the postbox, so as far as malicious letters and stuff, everything I do is online.”


“So, they answered the phone and I spoke to him and I explained and he said: ‘Well, you’ve hit lucky today, Sadie.’ I said: “Oh, why’s that?’ He said: ‘Well, because I’m covering here on the main switchboard, but my main job is in the Fixated Threat department.’ Ha ha ha… On my life, on my life, that’s his job. Ha ha ha…”


“So, he asks for my name, my date of birth and all the other things, my address and off he went and he came back and he said, and by now I am crying and I said: ‘Look, I’m worried sick about this.’ I said: ‘I’m not a stalker’ and he said: ‘We’re going to ring you back about this, Sadie,’ he said: ‘And who was the person that made this complaint?’”


“I said: ‘I believe it is Omid Scobie, but it could be somebody else. It’s on Twitter.’ He said: ‘Here’s a reference number.’ Here we are. He gave me his number, the policeman’s number and a reference number and there’s the ‘umpty’ [sic] form and that’s where you can get it if you want to fill it in.”


“So, erm, I’ve haven’t rung South Wales Police yet because I think Scotland Yard is all I need because I’ve looked at this Fixated Threat thing and it’s all based in London Metropolitan Police. So, I thought no, I’m not saying that the Welsh are organ grinders. Not the monkey, the organ grinder. Yeah, Metropolitan Police will be the organ grinder and we are the monkeys, I know that.”


“So, I’m waiting now to hear from them, probably next week and, erm, that’s that. So, I’m not letting this go because, what, what I don’t like, I’ll tell you what I don’t like: I’m not a racist, I can make jokes about people with black skin if I want to. Like, Ricky Gervais. If you don’t like it, don’t bloody listen to me.”


“I am not a criminal anymore. I am an ex-criminal. I’ve paid my price to society twenty bloody years ago.”


“Scobie, you, don’t throw stones unless your own house is clean and what’s the other one, er, ‘deranged.’ Now that, now that hurts because when you’ve been to a psychiatrist for the best part of ten years after you’ve been made homeless and God knows what and you are antidepressants and you’re doing OK thank you very much. And I can hold, I can string a sentence together, I can think coherently and there’s been times, and I don’t mind telling you, I wasn’t able to do that.”


“So, when somebody calls me ‘deranged,’ it kind of, it kind of trips a switch and it’s an angry switch because when you’ve worked hard on your mental health, when you’ve worked bloody hard to get your mental health back to normal, the last thing you need Omid Scobie is somebody calling you ‘deranged.’ That is very, very harmful and to call me a ‘racist’ is wrong. I’ve told you: My son-in-law is the same colour as you.”


“I am not a criminal. I shall take this absolutely all the way I can. When that lovely police officer rings me back next week from the Fixated Threat department, I am going to take it to the highest level.”


“And there’s two other people I’m after too. I’ll tell you who they are now. You [sharing a screenshot of the Twitter handle of Unstoppable-Chi, @dumielauxepices], Lorenzo, I know, you. I know it’s you that busted me in the beginning. It’s you that got into the ‘me-we’ group and it’s you that exposed my criminal past for all to see.”


“You hide in the shadows, you little creep. You hide in the shadows and you pop up with some really cruel things. You have been stalking me because you know more about me than what I know myself. I’m watching you, I’ve been watching you for two years, but now been as we’re going to bring it all out in the open, let’s have the bloody lot. I’m watching you and I’m going to make charges against you if I can.”


“And you [sharing a screenshot of the Twitter handle of Gin Perdide, @GPerdide], you little bastard. Who are you? You were watching me. Everytime you talk about me, you put the word ‘criminal,’ ‘convict,’ ‘madam.’ You’ve got a, I don’t even know who you are, but I’ll tell you what, I will get Twitter to find out who you are and anybody else who keeps calling me a ‘criminal’ or a ‘racist’ or ‘deranged.’”


“Those three things are like red rags to a bull and my birth sign is Taurus the bull and my birthday is the same day as the Queen. We are built with the same steel backbone. I’m thirty years younger than her. God bless her and I will come for all of you, but meanwhile, meanwhile, you can just sit there and s**t yourself quietly and I’ll be coming for you.”


“Thanks for listening everybody. I’ll be back later. Honestly, this will wash over me. It’s just right now, I am absolutely tamping [Welsh adjective meaning ‘extremely angry’] mad.”


In her uniquely chirpy ‘Yankee Wally’ style, in the description box, Quinlan added

“Sorry, I forgot to say Cheerio!”


“Now you’ve seen me at my worst…. Or, have you?”


“It’s very hard for me to keep an even keel when someone’s upset me so badly.”


“People that have mental health problems, never ever get them totally ‘fixed.’ They are usually suppressed with antidepressants and antipsychotics. I’m on huge doses of both.”


“But, when Scobie has the audacity to call me ‘deranged’ … It triggered me in a way only other sufferers can understand. “


“Heck, I have not worked with therapy counselling psychiatrists and drugs for 20 years to be diagnosed as DERANGED!”


“#omidscobie said a very very bad thing. and he will learn not to verbally abuse those who are not as strong as him


“And everybody else whose insulted me. You will all be made accountable.”


“I LOVE MY ONLINE FRIENDS DEARLY and I will defend you too.”




Responses to Omid Scobie’s vexatious tweet about Sadie Quinlan

Tweet 1
Tweet 2
Samantha Markle
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Thank you so much for supporting Yankee Wally. She is one in a million, salt of the earth. These lot really are beyond cruel to a lady who only wanted Justice for the Royal Family. S oboe needs removing as a so called Royal Reporter. The man is a shameful disgrace, allegedly bullying & stalking an old age pensioner. Surely there are laws against this behaviour & he is ridiculing her past struggles with mental illness. Is his employers ok with this shockingly disturbing behaviour?

  2. Steepletimes aka Mathew
    THANK YOU! I know you defend those who cannot defend themselves.
    That makes you extremely rare and precious.
    I don’t want or need anyone to tell lies about me! The truth is bad enough and probably the most shockingly surprising thing is, that the more they expose my past, the more support I get! I just CANNOT understand where all my support has come from. I never went looking for it or ‘pushing’ for people to like or subscribe…..I ask for nothing. But I’ve never lied and I think that after a while. People know I’m really honest and human and old! People relate to honesty and that’d what I am. I thank every single person who has stuck up for me on twitter ( where bouzy got me banned from) I’m still supported there with our new ‘logo’ a 🍅. I won’t give up exposing Meghan Markle and Harry and omid scobie and Christopher Bouzy for the utter frauds that they are. Harry and Meghan are using ROYAL MONEY to hire hit squads to try and shut me up or shut me down. It seems to be having the opposite effect!

    Please sue me meghan. I am, but a poor bloke pensioner with nothing of value…… but an honest heart which is priceless. Plus I’m WELSH !

    How d’you like THEM 🍎apples sussexes huh?

    • Thank you ‘Yankee Wally’ – You are someone who has then courage to stand by your convictions and unlike the cowardy custard Omid Scobie, “tells it like it is.” I salute you and that is why I published your comments in full. Keep up the good work and I hope to meet you one day.

      • This article lacks all the basic principles of journalism: objective, balance, fairness. The name calling is what you see on social media.Did you attempt to get both sides? That’s what a real journalist would do. This is complete rubbish. Do better! Find someone else to meet besides a former criminal who sold the bodies of abused girls. Do better!

        • Here’s a fact: Scobie lies about being “mixed race”. He is 100% caucasian of mixed ethnicity and has made a lot of effort to change his physical features. He does the bidding of his employers in order to shut down free speech in the name of “misinformation”. That’s called censorship. By the way, you do a fair bit of “name calling” yourself.

  3. Scooby is so far up MEgain and Mr Markle’s ahole he can’t see straight. That Harker’s Bazaar doesn’t fire his sycophantic ass is bad journalism.

  4. I am beetroot red here Mathew Steeples! You answered me! I’ve hero worshipped you for a long time. And for you to defend me is beyond my wildest dreams. TRUTH is all we need. And no more wasting taxpayers money on hiring expensive PR to shut the old bag in Wales up! Meghan Markle used a surrogate. TWICE. Sue me Meghan. SUE ME MEGHAN you big fat ugly liar. Using MY taxes to shut me up! You American tart.
    Thanks Mathew! 👍

  5. I love Yankee Wally and I’m glad she’s putting it all out there. Scooby and Harry’s wife are crazy to think that they can control people’s opinion of all of them. Is ok for Harry and his wife to lie and trash the RF but,,, no one can express their feelings about them!! What is that? Nah,,, it doesn’t work like that.

  6. Yankee Wally is the BEST! I started listening to her videos because I wanted to hear an authentic British voice, one that gives an authentic British opinion of MM. I love how she reads articles from newspapers in the UK, she is fun to listen to. As for Scobie Doooo, Harpers Bazaar should be ashamed, goes to show how far that mag has fallen. The remark he made about the USA, and our diverse workplaces…that’s a joke.

  7. How nice to read refreshing coverage of a 4 year long bullying campaign against Yankee Wally by the self proclaimed “Sussex Squad,” and their ilk. The lengths and depths these people go to to harass and intimidate an honest pensioner is disgusting. They’ve been getting away with their targeted harassment for far too long. Some of these people have admitted they’re being PAID by Markle (either directly or through her camp), and they’re dead set on shutting anyone up through targeted harassment who dares to share an unflattering OPINION of her, the merching Duchess, a public figure with political aspirations. Don’t believe me? Look up Christopher Bouzy on Twitter and see the defamatory remarks he’s made about Wally in the last 24 hours alone. So we have Scobie and Bouzy on record… how many do we need for conspiracy charges? The Sussex Squad podcast should get us there post haste. Enough is enough! You should hear the remarks they’ve made about the Cambridge children. Actual threats! The whole lot should be thrown in gaol for treason. Yankee has done more to defend the Queen and direct successors against these off-kilter individuals than many Sirs and Dames have done. She’s done nothing wrong and been victimized for far too long. Thank you for covering the bullying, as so many in the media have refused to do.

  8. Loving all the support for Yankee Wally (Sadie). I sincerely hope something can be done about the targeting that has been going on and the offenders pay a price of some sort.
    There is so much hate out there and I worry when Yankee Wally doesn’t post for a day or two.
    Thanks Matthew for highlighting this story. I have been following Steeple Times from Canada (after you were on with Shaun Attwood)

  9. Thank you so much for supporting our Wally. Like the majority she can see straight through the American actress and her whining husband. Where so they get off calling us all racists and trying to shut us up because we don’t believe their paid for waffle. Please America keep them, we don’t want them back. I don’t know why Mr Markle wants to come here, we’re a country of racists and the cameras trigger him- but not the ones that they have alerted for PR purposes.

  10. I have followed Yankee Wally for over a year and she is a lovely, warm hearted and honest, and she has a great sense of humour, she is loved by thousands! Unfortunately, there are people who believe only their opinion should be voiced… Yankee Wally is speaking for thousands too! She is wonderful! And harmless, if you aren’t afraid of tomatoes ;^)

  11. Hi Yankee Wally , from the very first video of you’re I came across I was hooked, I loved you’re humour,/ laughter,you don’t take you’re self to seriously but you say it as it is.
    Am sorry that you are going through this but who would’ve thought it’s going to be the Welsh Wally that’s going to teach Scobie the social climber a lesson.I mean Jodie Mash she was a right tart in her day, We all know about Meghan’s past. Scobie will cling to any skirt that he can hands on if it get up the greasy pole.So luck keep the video’s coming hope Twitter will start taking peoples complaints a lot serious now. Instead of being run by Christopher Bouzey/ Sussexes/ Ian Sexton. Love you d9nt let the bastards get you down You’re better than that/ ya.x

  12. Scobie conflates “race” with “ethnicity”. He is 100% caucasian and has obviously gone to a great deal of trouble erasing all traces of his ethnic heritage.

  13. Hey everyone ….stop praising me! It makes me really squirm ! There’s talk out there now that I never rang Scotland Yard and I’m lying.
    I promise you all, I’ve never ever lied to you in the past, present or future. I would never have told you about my past because well, it’s got nothing to do with my “work” which is saving the Royal Family. They had no experience of the type of person MM was m and how could they? Unfortunately it’s very hard for the Royals to mix at street level. That’s not their fault, they do their level best. But I suppose owning a brothel, & employing about 100 staff. I had 84 shifts a week to cover & I learned a lot about women

    • Thank you Sadie for your viewpoint. I have allowed comments from both sides in this matter in the interests of journalistic integrity, but I know you understand that I totally back you in your views on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I personally think them and their attack dogs are an utter disgrace and that Omid Scobie is a mouse-not-a-man.

    • Sadie,
      I’m sure you’re aware your own daughter Carys has condemned this shameless exploitation of women. She has labeled you a “criminal and a poor role model.” You have the shameless audacity to brag about criminal activities that’s so destructive to the mental health of vulnerable women. God bless these poor souls you sold.

      • Ms Quinlan has served her time and paid her penance. She is NOT a criminal any longer and you should be careful with your use of words. We have allowed your opinion here for the sole reason only to show how ridiculous it truly is. Shame on you.

        • “Owning a brothel,84 shifts a week to cover, 100 staff. ” What a way to show “penance.” Absolute rubbish from a “journalist.”

          • You should be careful of your use of English. Clearly, you are a little beyond the realms of reason. Next.

  14. Thank you so much for supporting Yankee Wally. I have been horrified at the way she has been attacked by C Bouzy,Omid Scobie and the SS Squad. Many people have died to defend our freedom of speech. It is not up to the above to terrorise Wally for expressing her opinion. She scares them because she is more intelligent and articulate than all of them put together ❤

  15. I Love you Yankee and I’m so upset this BULLY OMID SCOBIE is getting away with bullying you, it’s against the law to publicly publish any persons life on social media Check with Legal Aide Thur your city’s courthouse I’m in Los Angeles Ca and wish I can help more, although if you need anything I mean ANYTHING don’t hesitate to reach out to me

  16. It’s a well know fact that our citizen journalism is where we get most of our news from today , as these citizen journalist do personal research themselves and hours of it ……
    I enjoy listening to Yankee Wally on YouTube she is a breath of fresh air , her hours or research, she is an intelligent lady , nobodys fool ,she has us laughing with funny story’s , crying with sad stories , she a wealth of knowledge know more about what goes on in this world , look at all the subjects of information she educates her viewers, about airplanes, history of the Royal Family ,
    current political information,
    She is a kind loving soul , she tells you what going on , what we all think but don’t have the guts to say it !!
    She has not broke the law, speaking her mind is called freedom of speech
    I hope she get her platform back on YouTube
    I know she has viewers from around the world , one platform she definitely should join is TRUMP SOCIAL for her American viewers

  17. Yankee Wally. I couldn’t find you Saturday morning March 19th, 2022. I went nuts when I got the story. Your my fav youtuber. I so love your content- right down to the teeth- my hubby going through the same. We need you back! Such a nice lady, with, proper Grammer and a great voice. I’m 60 yrs old- stay home/ dogs. I’m from S.E. Iowa USA- please 🙏 😢 fight your way back! Prayers my lovely lady……

  18. We need citizen journalists like Wally to expose the lies & deceit being pushed by MM & her husband. As British citizens, we are entitled to know the proofs regarding their children, who are listed in the Line of Succession! M & H have created a miasma of smoke & mirrors for too long on this subject. Time the truth was known by all. As for H – he wants to stifle a free press as he doesn’t like us knowing the truth about his sordid wife. No wonder he is on the Board of the Aspen Group! H & M are behind youtubers being closed down & like Trevor Coult MC being demonetised for exposing the truth, yet they feel free to lie about our Monarchy, our Royal Family, or press & the British people. Thank you for giving Yankee Wally the platform to expose the bullying she is being subjected to – from a camp which esposes kindness!


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