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Website of the Week – Yankee Wally

Sadie Quinlan’s ‘Yankee Wally’ YouTube channel where she “plays by the rules” whilst exposing what she views to be the nefarious activities of the Duchess of Sussex is a must watch

Piers Morgan is undoubtedly her best known ‘hater’ and whilst the likes of the knicker-free-flasher who’ll do-anything-for-the-limelight Lizzie Cundy repeatedly bangs on about having been “ghosted” by her (for a dime), there’s a one-woman band who actually brilliantly tears down the wicked wastrel formerly known as Meghan Markle and that’s Sadie Quinlan and her ‘Yankee Wally’ YouTube channel.


Complete with a drawl from the Welsh Valleys or thereabouts, “strong Brexit, strong Trump supporter” Quinlan always begins with an announcement: “All my content is found on the public domain, it’s just my opinions and I play by the rules” (whatever they may be) and she well and truly tells it like it is. Here, indeed, is someone with a passion for taking down the Sussexes and of them she declares: “I thoroughly enjoy exposing the lies of Meghan Markle, and her husband is just as bad. I’m here till they lose titles and funding.”


Aside from uploading videos analysing what she views as the nefarious activities of the ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ for her 34,500 subscribers, Quinlan it seems keeps herself busy elsewhere and announces on her blog DirtyGiftedWelsh: “The bigger picture matters. Think. Ahead. #meghanmarkle #charlatanduchess #MEGXIT #notmyduchessever.”


Curiously, in July 2005, the South Wales Echo reported on a Cardiff “brothel madam [named Sadie Quinlan pulling] a gun on a man during a row over a car parking space.” After the then 49-year-old was jailed for this incident of road rage, at sentencing her solicitor remarked: “She accepts that she overreacted.”


Whether this is the same Sadie Quinlan is unknown, but elsewhere the YouTuber of that name declares on the National Theatre Wales community website that, aside from her interest in rogue renegade royals, she is currently working on “projects” including “justice, the sex industry, tax is theft, government transparency, despises hypocrites, changing the bankruptcy laws in [the] UK.”


Yankee Wally is a must watch. Pour yourself a strong G&T and be prepared to be amused as you get ‘De-Markled.’ You won’t regret it.


Pictured top: The woman formerly known as Meghan Markle was once snapped playing with bananas whilst her drip of a husband looked on; Sadie Quinlan, meanwhile, is definitely a cheerleader for her to slip on one.


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. “Wally” Sadie is loved and adored by many! How lucky are you to have found her and the publicity by your mentioning her can only help make her star shine even brighter!

    • We like her. If we didn’t, we’d have made her a “Wally of the Week” but because we do, we have made her website a “Website of the Week” – Please take the positive for what it is.

    • unbelievable! you must be worried reacting like this ? someone rattled my goodness. unbelievable. or maybe desperate. reporting isn’t what it was, sadly. this shows how the media only bully real people. not the fake Royals. maybe something a little more interesting please! glad i generally keep away I from such nonsense. this is a floundering load of poop at some real honesty. and sadly shows the level of unprofessionalism and propaganda, no such thing as real interesting reporting anymore sad times!

  2. She is the best and I’ve followed her from day one nearly. She is more like myself “shots straight from the hip”. And we all love her x

  3. I love Willy and her honesty. She makes me laugh ever video due does.It accent I like she. She gets carried away and goes off course Whst you hear is what you get with her. Love you Wally keep being you. Keep doing you’re video

  4. Thank You Matthew for this! I’m a Wally fan and she’s like a dear aunt to me, always honest, always tells it like it is!

    Thank You Aunty Wally!

  5. Great article! Wally certainly is both an interesting and entertaining character. There are no airs or graces on her channel. It’s her wit, honesty and her ability to laugh at herself that make her so relatable. I cannot help but laugh with her when she is laughing. Wally’s warm signs off, always brings a smile to my face too. “Cheerio!”

  6. The honesty , the laugh and so much more is everything. I work for a youtuber In America but I’m always looking for a Yankee notification first as she’s just awesome. I’ve had really poor health and watching Wally has got me through some tough times without her even knowing. Reading this just makes me love her more. She’s always mentioned her past and with out knowing how tough life in Wales can be it’s hard to understand.
    I just hope that she knows how much joy she’s brought to many and standing up for our royal family one video at a time.

  7. Love Yankee Wally!! Americans for Wally! I have been a follower from the jump. She is amazing. Always mentioning her “across the pond” family and cares for us and our country. Keep exposing JCMH’s wife!!Great article and a great channel!🇺🇲❤️🇬🇧

  8. We all love Aunty’s Wally, she is simply the best ❤ I love her videos and the way she just tells you like it is, no glitter or glamour, just the truth!
    So thankyou for this Matthew, I hope she realises how much she is admired for the way she stands up against the liar’s and bullies and the joy she brings to her many fans including me.
    The way she stands up for our Royal Family, she deserves an award for all her hard work.
    Thankyo Aunty’s Wally for making me laugh, while dusting myself off and just carrying on with it.
    Toodle Pip!

  9. I am more than happy you have found my dear Wally. Like many, she is the Auntie I have so needed. I look for her videos or posts every day. She is the most lovely woman. Her honesty and belly laugh tickle me. She has wisdom from a life so many haven’t lived and she passes that on to all of her honorary nieces and nephews. I count myself lucky indeed to have, and love, my dear Aunt Yankee.
    With love,
    Cambria from The States

  10. Wally is just brilliant, funny and honest. We love Wally and she is a fantastic watch, never a dull moment. Watched for a couple years now and having regretted it.

  11. I too am a loyal “YankeeWally” follower. She has a straightforward, down to earth personality that just shines in her YouTube world.

    Hopefully, your positive mention will bring her even more followers. I believe she deserves this!

    In the world of the “Megxiteers” and the “Fellow Royalists” Yankee Wally continues exposing and bringing new content. I thank her for her dedication to the cause.

  12. I have been following Yankee Wally from the start of her YT channel.

    She is 100% authentic, and hilarious.

    She is the highlight of my week.

  13. Me too to all the above! She’s fabulous – an absolute original!
    I’d listen to her talking about the grass growing she’s so funny! The topic information is just the icing on the cake!!
    Love her to bits
    I’m in Australia so listen to her before bed!

  14. I also love her and we are both welch she did not live far from when we were young, only wish I could have met her at the old Cwmbran picture house, keep going Wally you make my day love you

  15. 🇨🇦 Loves Wally,
    Unpretentious and frighteningly to some HONEST, doesn’t sugarcoat herself and takes the crusty coating of the Liars. Not necessarily a monarchist but stands up for what is right, I know a few people who could learn from her.

  16. Yankee Wally should really have her own late night talk show. I’ve watched her virtually since her channel’s inception. She’s a great listen before bed – she has the most wonderful voice, accent and sense of humor. A real salt of the earth type.

  17. How much does this Texan love Yankee Wally? To the moon and back! She is a Welsh breath of fresh air, whose cheeky personality and wit light up the lives of many ladies who can’t wait to get a notification that a new youtube video is up. She and I are the same age; we grew up in times that valued breeding, good manners and respect for others, including HMTQ. I so love her basic common sense and her genuine outrage that Harry’s first wife has had the effrontery to blatantly castigate the royal family on a worldwide stage. We fans find it amusing that a smart-ass little queen like Omid Scobie, would try to take her down. Never gonna happen, thank God!

      • You were absolutely right. Wiley just signed for her own weekly radio program on rainbow FM. Now her voice will go to millions. She deserves this after the treachery of Bot Sentinel and it’s owner, CB and the evil, foul-mouth Sugars. She’s climbing right over them to the top. We love you and I’m proud of you Wally, Cheerio!

  18. Thank you for your article on Wally from a very early Australian subscriber.
    Wally knows exactly what we’re all thinking.
    Could you do a piece on the so called Sussex squad who have had her & others Twitter account closed with their targeting of anyone who doesn’t love Ms Markle.
    Apparently they have a podcast that can go for a couple of hours according to someone I chatted to on social media. It’s full of swearing, hate & racism. These are the people Camilla Tominey wrote about in a recent article. They don’t mind the odd death threat either. They are xpclosely connected to the BLM people who are now targeting people’s accounts on YouTube and Instagram.
    They are trying to stop free speech. I don’t know why some of them haven’t gone to jail.

  19. Hi Everyone! Thank-you for writing this wonderful article of “GREAT”
    facts along with TRUTH! Yankee Walley is A *BLESSING* to Everyone. She has such an AMAZING natural “Funny side” along with being very ‘OPEN’ as [HONEST] along with her YouTube channel and other platforms like getting her twitter page back ASAP. We know she will FIGHT back as SHE is adored by many and fully supported. For all the GOOD SHE does along with why in the world is she being WRONGLY accused as been cyber bullied by some of MM’s Followers/aka: Hissy’z wife? We are there for her! I pray for her along with ALL of YANKEE’S followers. We are standing up for her and the REAL TRUTH! WE ARE ALL ON BOARD TO HELP HER! #FREEDOM OF SPEECH #WE LOVE THE QUEEN #YANKEE WALLY

  20. Yankee Wally/Sadie Quinlan operated one of the largest coordinated hate campaign accounts until she got her IP banned from Twitter. YouTube has already taken notice.

    Yankee Wally is a former madame brothel. Pulled a gun on a 23 year-old kid while she was having some type of mental episode. All of this info is in the public domain.

  21. I went to
    Her You Tube just as they were removing it. I am so depressed. She always cheered me up. Shame on whoever took her down😡

    • Meghan’s mob did. The paid grubbers working for the little rat. Markle thinks cancelling Sadie will make us all love the witch. No way!


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