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Unprecedentedly THAT – Scrag-End Omid Scobie’s Christmas Twitter Missive Stinkers

In using Twitter to share rabid rants about everything from Ribena to the royals, Omid Scobie simply shows himself as unprecedentedly awful

At Christmas some people hit the hooch whilst others hit the hay. Soppy scrag-end Omid Scobie, however, ain’t in that sphere and instead this week, he hit Twitter and went on a series of rabid rants about subjects ranging from Ribena to the royals.


In the most bizarre of his ‘Saviour’s Day’ period posts, instead of bowing down to his puppet mistress the Duchess of Sussex, this Cliff Richard-like oddity shared a picture of a Daily Mail headline banner featuring the Duchess of Cornwall and a child whose face he’d blurred. He grubbily accompanied it with the words: “Seriously, what is this sh*t?”


Given Mr Scobie supposedly aims at being some kind of holier-than-though woke warrior, his use of profanities might seem surprising, but actually they were instead indicators of the true character of this ex-clubbing bestie of the lump of junk that is Jodie Marsh.


As we move towards 2023 and a New Year in which PR peddling pillock Scobie will publish another tome of tediousness – this time titled Endgame (sadly it won’t be the end given his grim grift will no doubt then continue with Endgame 2 through to Endgame 100) – the Finding Freedom ‘co-author’ (who neglected to relay the involvement of the mendacious minx formerly known as Meghan Markle in that bargain bin book) decided to ask his followers a question.


He enquired: “What words do you feel are most overused in royal reporting?” before temptingly adding: “I’ll go first with ‘unprecedented.’”


Viewed by 254,000 people in less than 24 hours since and liked an astounding 2,600 times, this tweet was then followed with a discussion of how he and one of his groupies didn’t like the use of the word “that” being written in capital letters. How unprecedentedly dull this apologist for ‘Ginge and Cringe’ truly is. Now THAT’s over, next…


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Omid Scobie’s Christmas twittering spam…

Everything including reliable, Scobie had to make everything about himself and the woman that controls his every move this Christmas. Devoted and devoted in a deranged fashion, this moronic mouthpiece took to ‘the socials’ to declare:


Daily Mail
“Was the great royal burgundy parade a cheeky swipe at Meghan? The evidence” clearly sent the ‘Finding Freedom’ author over the cliff and invoked fury in him unprecedented. One is only left wondering if his employers at Yahoo! consider this acceptable conduct for a journalist on their payroll. Shame on them for not calling out this very uncalled for use of the ‘s’ word.
The modern-day version of the vapid vomit comet that is Pam Ayres then had to go further and asked his followers: “What words are most overused in royal reporting?” He sanctimoniously patronised his dimwitted devotees by declaring his dislike for the word “unprecedented.”
He then got rather overexcited about the responses to his tweet and started, in a very childlike fashion, using emojis to express his delight that a few people were taking an interest in his frankly tedious topic. Clearly being ‘liked’ is something that Omid Scobie actually wants to achieve in 2023. To do so, he’ll need to think and learn that maybe distancing himself from ‘Ginge and Cringe’ is the only way of achieving such; back to Jodie Marsh for the Botoxed bore, we think.
Concluding for Christmas, this senseless pest decided to share his views on Ribena – a perfectly likeable tipple that he clearly doesn’t like. Maybe he’s overdosed on it instead of the Kool Aid normally supplied to him by the demented dimwit formerly known as Meghan Markle.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Poor thing. He can’t help it as he merely parrots everything carrot boobs tells him. His upstairs bulb appears a bit dim. I bet that adorable little Princess Charlotte would rate higher on an IQ test. I love,love,love those Wales kids & their parents. I bet Diana would be so proud of Catherine, Princess of Wales. She is drop.dead gorgeous & both sides of HER family adore her.


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