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Scrag-End Scobie Strikes Again – Omid Scobie Pedals Nonsense About Prince Andrew

Soppy scrag-end Omid Scobie gets slammed for attacking real journalists over coverage of his chums’ ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix debut; his fake news rant about Prince Andrew is simply ridiculous

Whatever the tedious traitors that are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do, one person can always be relied on to come out in support of their awful antics. That person? Their ever-reliable PR peddler, you’ve guessed it, the clubbing mate of not-so-glamorous ‘glamour model’ Jodie Marsh and former Heat columnist, the rabid ranter Omid Scobie.


Taking to Twitter yesterday, soppy scrag-end Scobie attempted to attack real media outlets for their coverage of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan. Clearly as is usually the case with this as always less than amused Oxfordshire born berk, the plastic-not-fantastic ‘co-author of Finding Freedom raged:


“Remember that time when all the papers universally dedicated days of outraged front pages, hysterical coverage and venomous opinion pieces about Prince Andrew? Yeah, me neither.”


Fresh from being called quite rightly called out for his “hypocrisy” and told: “Stop trashing those of us who have been this profession for a while; we see you” by former BBC and Sky News anchor Simon McCoy in November, the responses to this piece of fake news were to the point in their disdain for the Barry Baloney he had spouted.


“You’re reading the wrong newspapers” curtly corresponded Daily Mail journalist and author of the Wasted – the betrayal of white working class and black Caribbean boys report author Harriet Sergeant whilst another going by the handle ‘TheQueenshandbag’ shared a composite of nine front pages about Prince Andrew. They pointedly accompanied this with an “oh, do you not remember when [the Duke of York] did his TV appearance?”


Continuing, others condemned Scobie’s “selective memory issues” and suggested him to be “not very observant.” Some argued that both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have been “as bad as one another” and that the actions of both men were “their choices.” One added: “The consequence was, at a time when she should have been mourning her late husband with the support of her family, the ruination of the last months of the Queen’s life.”


Elsewhere on on the socials yesterday, another of the rare few still supporting ‘Ginge & Cringe’ decided to throw one of his ever-famous tantrums and announced he’d be “no longer using Twitter.” Citing “misinformation is now being used to divide our world” as being behind his reasoning, the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle’s supplier of private-jets-on-tap, Sir Elton John, claimed the social media medium’s “recent change in policy” will “allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.” His moaning since 2016 about lacking a title hubby, David Furnish, no doubt personally directed this especially moronic missive. Pip pip Rocket Man!


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Prince Andrew tweet
Scobie’s tweet did not go down well and the majority of the reaction to it was mockery of his continual arselicking of a couple who’ve never actually even been known to have bothered to pose for a photo with him. It speaks volumes that in spite of his loyalty and devotion to PR peddling for them, it can’t be long now before the Duchess of Sussex tires of his inability to get her good headlines; will he get thrown under the bus in 2023? The likelihood seems high.
Royal family
In their Netflix debut, ‘Ginge & Cringe’ very clearly disrespected their relatives and the mockery of the Queen especially by the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle over how she curtsied to her was an outrage. That her dimwitted drip of a husband allowed his wife to speak about his grandmother in this manner reflected very badly upon him as much as it did on her. Of such, television legend Christine Hamilton asked: “What sort of man just sits with a simpering smile while his wife deliberately mocks his own grandmother?”
Scobie has shown why he uses Twitter in the past… Everything, just everything, has to be all about him; it’s no wonder he took up with Mrs Me-Me-Me Meghan Markle. Birds of a rotten feather.
Heat Jodie Marsh
Yet again today, we remind the public who Omid Scobie really is. It is time for this irrelevant sh*t-stirrer to be cancelled. In 2023, we all look forward, instead, to the return of the legendary YouTube star Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’).

Twitter reacts to Scobie’s latest PR peddling nonsense…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Just curious… How does Onan Scabies make a living.. you know, money coming in regularly in sufficient quantities to pay the rent and food?

  2. How does scoobie doobie make a living you ask. Would appear to me,the same way 👺 child Mattie & Prince Dunce do. You know by trashing their families & anyone who disagrees with them. The 2 grifters should be called their LOWness as, there’s nothing hrh ie high about them. Them.& their vile & vicious sycophantic SS think money can buy class. THAT is how dense they are. The more they talk,the more popular the BRF become. I’m especially loving the new Princess of Wales. Catherine has it all,beauty,intelligence,grace,humility,etc. Something Mattie will never any of.

  3. I recommend watching the “Duchess Of Narsussex” YouTube video from today (conscious of time difference). From Sunday December 11th. Mentions yacht girl. She always calls Harry Pr!ck Harry. 😄

  4. Lottie,
    It must be true if it’s on You Tube. I think you have your Markles confused. Radar online 2018-“Royal Disgrace! Meghan’s Brother Tell All on Dad’s Dirty Thailand escapades.” TM Jr on father of the year, TM. “My dad told me about his trips to Thailand. You can get two women for the weekend for 50 bucks. The things they will do to you are incredible. You’ll be a changed man.” He goes on to say the girls were underage and he was cheating on Doria. TM sounds like Epstein and Andrew. 35 books on MM, over 100,000 articles, two volumes of Filthy Rich, and not one of them connecting her to prostitution. Outstanding skills at scrubbing her past.Rubbish!!

  5. MS Susan, not sure why you keep defending your nasty hero Mm. You must be up 24\7 trying to dig up dirt on people who dislike her. You appear to think you could change MY mind or opinion it’s not going to happen. Query me this young lady. WHY has she not sued Tom Bowers? That in itself speaks volumes. YES, there has been things scrubbed from the internet about the two Ragland grifters. I’m merely biding my time until ole Meghan Ragland’s bullying victims are released from their ndas. Just an Fyi, I was truly cheering for her until the Oprah interview. Here is what I garnered from.that. She’s insanely envious of Catherine, Princess of Wales & she kept playing the race card.. She very well knew the Brf policy of never complain & never Explain. Not many people I know had even heard of her until Prince Dunce came into her life. I guess one could call them dunce one & dunce two! Please never underestimate us elderly people as, we’ve seen much in our lives. I do NOT hate Mm but strongly dislike & distrust her. Many of us Americans are still protective of the Brf &, especially since their bad luck of having her enter their lives. As others have said thank God Prince William was born first. One day he & his beautiful wife will be King & Queen! I just hope I live to see that!

    • There should never be a king and queen from this day forward… biggest money grab in history!
      It should be in fairy tales and nothing more….

  6. She should be jealous of Kate. Kate is saving the Monarchy by understanding it. Meghan with her bare feet and her torn jeans and her hugs…what’s up with that account?? Who would do that? Why didn’t she get properly dressed and offer cocktails on the veranda?? Poor Catherine..what an unwanted burden the entire debacle has been.

  7. Ps. Poor Thomas Markle..they dehumanized him with a flaying knife..I still can’t figure out what he did that was so destructive to Meghan..some dumb photos? A heart attack?? California life style? Deadly Doria is a mystery herself ..the quiet ones can create negative space…

  8. SM refused to be interviewed by Netflix but maintained she had a “close relationship with Meghan until 2018.” Noele Rasmussen, SM’s youngest daughter, “my mom told me she never liked Meghan. She didn’t want anything to do with her until she got with Harry.” (2016 video interview with the Dailymail.)Somebody is lying! In her court documents, SM submitted one adult pic of her with MM, no text messages, no emails, no selfies, no letters in the 23 years that MM has been a legal adult. Also admits she hasn’t seen MM in 16 years and needed her father to give her MM’s phone number. Does the independent evidences support SM’s version or her daughter’s account??? Remember in her court case she will need to prove MM lied about their alleged closeness. MM- “there was never a breakup because we never had a relationship.” Will an independent jury believe that one adult picture, is absolute proof of an adult relationship between them???

  9. One last thing- Ashleigh Hale produced dozens of pictures, selfies and text messages to show a close bond with MM. If SM had the same she would have sold it years ago. Rubbish on the “close relationship.” They have been estranged close to 2 decades. 16 years no contact.

  10. What a load of crap.. there should have been an end to this royal garbage decades ago. What a farce!
    Every country under the now “King”, should pull out, let them have it all to their greedy little selves. All alone, they wouldn’t be worth shit.

  11. Not a fan of the NK goose step either.. Good one Jane Ya think the conversation would be different if Prince Dunce & his almost x rated actress wife were on the throne? By the way I think there could be one or two squaddies posting under various names. Hoping King Charles3 has the kahones to pull the titles as Mattie wouldn’t have a platform without Prince Dunce & his family name. High ^^^^ Jane

  12. To believe that a family who has access to billions should stop living off working class people has nothing to with a Sussex Squad. To believe that another family has no right to judge when they have a well documented history of mental and physical child abuse, placing a gun against your fiance head, licking the bottom of a dog in public, sex with underage prostitutes, selling your kid to the tabloid rags. This has nothing to do with SS. The dream of a 🇬🇧 where no one curtsies or bows to another has nothing to do with a SS. It’s a dream based on the belief that no one is above another, that we’re all the same. The monarchy needs to end because it’s a mockery of those values.

    • What an odd set of comments. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s disrespect for the public is all that is apparent. Their arrogance knows no bounds. A truly repugnant pair of toerags.

  13. What’s truly arrogant is the belief that you’re entitled to parasite off poor and working class Brits. The “royals” need to get jobs!!

    • Do you consider MeGain and her drip to have “got jobs”? Or are they not actually instead profiteering from their privilege?

  14. One day people in my age group will put an end to the monarchy. They poll very low for people ages 18-24. It will be better than Boxing Day when we abolish them.

  15. I disagree with the kid throwing the eggs, a peacefull transition to a true democracy is what I favor. The monarchy can support charities, wave and smile for free. The £120 million should go to food banks and fuel for the poor.

  16. One last thing Matthew- there was nothing odd about my comments. I was replying to Lottie accusing me of being SS. Many people oppose The monarchy without belonging to any group.

  17. Harry says Royals were jealous of Megans fame!! Further sign that he is demented. She was and is a self trained hanger on with more ambition than talent. She can nimbly follow trends and spend money as a pastime. There are hundreds of her in LA.

  18. The extremely wealthy all have a cross to bear.They are all living on other people’s money. There is no greater human wreck at present than loony Elon there is an example of wasted everything.
    I resent Kate and William being put in the same fish bowl with him ..and Harry and Meghan. Boy they sure slave away for their goodies. There are some righteously stupid people sorting through this troubled world and making it far worse for everyone. Harry should buddy up to Kanye West ..Meghan and Kim could chat about shopping and self care.


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