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Strike It Unlucky Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Car-Crash BBC Interview Compared To Those Of Michael Barrymore & Prince Andrew

Further disaster strikes for telly box twerp Phillip Schofield as he strikes it unlucky and finds his TV tell-all compared to the car crash interviews of Michael Barrymore, Prince Andrew, Amber Heard and the Duchess of Sussex

Creepy crybaby cretin Phillip Schofield doesn’t have the option of excusing what he got upto with a youngster he met first (he claims) when the whippersnapper was just 15-years-old by claiming he was at a Pizza Express; equally, he probably doesn’t have the option as to using the excuse for what he got upto with Gordon T. Gopher also.


Very much like Prince Andrew – whom tried to claim he didn’t meet the then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts because he’d been in Woking’s most famous eatery, yet paid her £12 million nonetheless – however, the anything-but-sorry Schofield’s interview with the BBC’s Amol Rajan now finds itself compared to the non-sweaty royal’s Newsnight one in terms of it being a juggernaut wreck that would have been best avoided.


Very much deservedly mocked on social media as being in the league of disastrous interviews given previously by the likes of not only the late Queen Elizabeth II’s one with Emily Maitlis – which concluded with the presenter asking: “Is there anything left that has been unsaid that you would like to address now?” to which the rotten royal arrogantly answered: “No, I don’t think so. You have probably dragged out most of what is required” – here was a gluttony of gibberish that has now been likened to such given by the blubbing bore Amber Heard, the wicked wastrel formerly known as Meghan Markle and the bombastic bully Michael Barrymore.


Responding to a tweet about whether Schofield would be considered in a “better light” as a result of his Amol Rajan interview, crusading campaigner for justice Sue Homan, the first wife of the late Stuart Lubbock – an innocent father of two who was appallingly raped and murdered at the Essex bungalow of Michael Barrymore on the 31st March 2001 – cuttingly observed: “Reminds me of someone.”


Homan’s point is indeed valid, but equally it might be time to realise that such people as Prince Andrew, Michael Barrymore, Amber Heard, Phillip Schofield and the Duchess of Sussex deserve only one thing. That one thing? Cancellation.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


This morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples asked: “Which of these car-crash interviews will telly box twerp crybaby Phillip Schofield’s ‘rant-a-thon’ to Amol Rajan be remembered as being most like?” Options given included Michael Barrymore with Piers Morgan, the Duchess of Sussex with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Andrew with Emily Maitlis and any interview given by Amber Heard. By 11:30am on Saturday 3rd June 2023, the majority of respondents favoured the option of the Duke of York’s ‘Newsnight’ nightmare.
Amber Heard Meghan Markle
Two others incapable of giving interviews without making total berks of themselves… ‘Turd leaver’ Amber Heard and daughter of alleged convicted ‘drug dealer’ Doria Ragland, the Duchess of Sussex.
Jimmy Savile Michael Barrymore
The disgraced entertainer Michael Barrymore pictured ‘worshiping’ Sir Jimmy Savile in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in January 2006. Of the late paedophile, at the time, the self-centred ex-television host – whose interview with Piers Morgan also was considered beyond repugnant – disgustingly declared: “When he came in I was blown away because it’s him and he never lets you down. I didn’t think seeing Jim and hearing Jim talking and being so personal and kind to me. I started to well up in there and thought here we go.”
Michael Barrymore disgustingly pretending to be Hitler (left) and the innocent victim of rape and murder at his home, father of two Stuart Lubbock (right).

Twitter compares the famous faces who’ve given the worst interviews known to man…

Justice for Stuart Lubbock – The people who need to man-up and tell the truth about what happened at Michael Barrymore’s home on 31st March 2001…

Michael Parker (AKA Michael Barrymore) – Allegedly loudly said: “I need a f**k” in a taxi as he left the Millennium Nightclub to return to his home, the scene of the death of Stuart Lubbock. Barrymore later lied to a coroner’s court about facilitating drug taking at his house on the night in question also.


Barrymore claimed to have been first to have discovered the body of Stuart Lubbock at 5.45am, called his manager Mike Brown before the ambulance arrived and then left the premises. He admits that was “wrong” and also bizarrely told Piers Morgan that in spite of “knowing others were hiding secrets about what happened to Mr. Lubbock” that “I am not going to say their names. I just hope they are brave enough to come forward one day.”


Mike Brown – Agent of Michael Barrymore. Called to the property before emergency services arrived.


Kelly Campbell – Had met Michael Barrymore for the first time on the night of the incident. Claimed not to have been aware of what happened.


James Futters (sometimes spelt ‘Futers’) – A paper boy turned chef. Described as “a local from the village” and a “friend and neighbour of Barrymore.” Claimed to have been the first to discover the body with Simon Shaw and stated: “[It was not] Michael Barrymore and not Jonathan Kenney [who found him].” Later, of him the Evening Standard reported: “Barrymore offered James Futters a white powder on his finger saying: ‘Do you want to try this?’ Mr Futters told the inquest that he leaned forward and licked the powder.”


Claire Jones – Then aged 17. Had met Michael Barrymore for the first time on the night of the incident. Claimed not to have been aware of what happened but told the police that she “saw Barrymore rummaging through drawers and changing his clothes before police arrived. When he left the house, he had a ‘bundle of material’ under his arm,” according to the Evening Standard. “She added: ‘Jonathan (Kenney) was rushing through the bungalow before the ambulance and police arrived. I got the impression he was hiding something.’”


Jonathan Kenney – Estate agent, drag queen and Michael Barrymore’s then lover; later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged; known for having a “record of violence.” Claimed to have been the first to have discovered the body and is now aged 50.


Justin Merritt – A dustman from Essex. Later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged. Later paid £30,000 by the News of the World for an interview in which he stated Barrymore had “rubbed cocaine on Stuart Lubbock’s lips shortly before he died.”


Kylie Merritt – Sister of Justin Merritt. She also alleged Barrymore “rubbed cocaine on Stuart Lubbock’s lips shortly before he died” (curiously in the wake of her brother selling his account of the night).


Simon Shaw – Described as “a local from the village.” Michael Barrymore supposedly “ran off” to Mr. Shaw’s house to “buy himself thinking time [for two hours] before he was questioned by the police [at 7.49am].”


In addition, others, who’ve never been identified could also have possibly been present. If they were, they should come forward or be named by those listed above.


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Both interviews were safe, otherwise he wouldn’t have done them. It’s ‘Boy who cried wolf’ material – He admitted he lied to everyone, yet NOW he’s telling the truth…..Ok. The Sun interview was similar to the ITV “Investigation”, i.e It went nowhere and hard hitting Clemmie Moodie should stick to what she knows best – Cover the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. Equivalent of having Hell’s Kitchen hosted by Ronald McDonald.

  2. Who is this inconsequential dickhead who fills internet space? Hardly worth my time.
    I had fresh salmon sarnies, crab salad, sliced spiced beef for breakfast This Morning, and not glued to a telly screen. Pond slime is far more interesting.
    I am just a plastic duck, but the summer racing season is approaching. I am training to win. 232 is my first race number, and you can win a five pound voucher towards a haircut from Nellie’s Mobile Hairdressing on Tuesdays at the village hall. Forget your horses, Matthew, duck racing is the big thing. Might I be the first plastic duck to have sponsorship from Steeple Times?

    • Is it Mr or MS Schofield? I suspect your pronouns are more nefarious,ya creep! Ya think you could produce one tear from your left eye as she who shall be not be named? We Lady C fans are very protective of her.. She has friends & fans from around the globe from all walks of life..We adore her!

  3. I don’t live in the UK and have therefore happily missed out on the decades of Mr Schofield on tv. It seems to me that this whole brouhaha is akin to the start of WWl. Que? you ask yourself if you’re still reading my nonsense. WWl started when someone shot shot the obscure Archduke Ferdinand. Of course there were all sorts of other reasons everyone was gagging for a war.
    Philip used his journalist’s card to jump the queue to see the Queen’s casket, ahead of everyone else including Beckham. And from that one faux pas, everything else has emerged. Entitlement did him in.
    One now wonders how much ITV shielded him from all his other crap.

  4. The fact that Schofield played the homophobia card to excuse his behaviour disgusts me. To state that it would be a ‘nudge nudge, wink wink’ situation had it been a young teenage girl, which he says in his farsical interview, is untrue. Own your behaviour, Schofield.


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