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Spare Us Meghan Markle – Samantha Markle On Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’

WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Samantha Markle shares her thoughts on Prince Harry’s tittle-tattling tome ‘Spare’ with ‘The Steeple Times’; she slams it as likely “cold, malicious and reckless” and wishes he’d “spare us all the hypocritical pity party”

Following on from our interview with Samantha Markle yesterday – quoted extensively elsewhere including by Richard Eden for the Daily Mail and Jack Wright for MailOnline this morning – we today publish the thoughts of the estranged half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex on her husband’s forthcoming tittle-tattling tome, Spare.


In comments exclusively to The Steeple Times via email, Ms. Markle observed:


“With regard to the book Spare, I have [like the rest of the planet, obviously] not read it [yet], but the idea that there was an alleged request or appeal for money between Harry and King Charles and when King Charles turned him down, reportedly he said he would go ahead with the book seems like extortion on the surface and blackmail.”


“We can only hope that the book will not be slanderous and scandalous, but after everything that has transpired it seems like such a cold, malicious and reckless disregard for his own family especially the father who has given him everything. Just like my father gave my sister everything, they seem to be two peas in a pod where using and disposing of others, when they don’t get their way is concerned. Some people are not capable of empathy remorse shame or gratitude.”


“In all of the pictures that were salient in the media throughout his life, Harry never seemed to be unhappy as a member of the royal family so [his] statement now does not intersect with visible evidence of a lifespan.”


“Many around the world have noticed the same thing. it almost seems like grasping for straws as a coping strategy for the discomfort of being in denial.”


“More than anything what is glaring is that while he posits the idea of mental health as being so important, neither he nor my sister seem to have any regard for the mental health of their families and others whom they have stepped on. They preach about peoples’ voices needing to be heard but they don’t care about the voices of those whom they have knowingly wronged. Their hypocrisy has been noted globally.”


“Prince William has honoured the legacy of his mother beautifully and carried on with integrity and loyalty. [He understands the concept of] role models [and the] importance of family. Prince Harry, on the other hand, seems to use the victim card as a crutch for accountability and integrity in every area of his life, in my opinion. I like the title of the book only in that maybe he should ‘spare’ us all the hypocritical pity party.”


Turning to her thoughts on the reaction to her interview yesterday with The Steeple Times, Ms. Markle concluded:


“This was an excellent article and I’m so grateful to you for your objective, honest overview.”


“Everyone else was afraid to tell the truth and an attorney in London told me that there was an entrenched media agenda against me. PRs were being paid to write nasty articles about me and everytime I would speak the truth, it never got printed.”                


Follow Samantha Markle on Twitter at @SammyMarkleReal.


Pictured top – Samantha Markle (left); The Duke of Sussex’s book has already been embarrassingly reduced to the bargain basement bin at Waterstones – where it is priced at £14 down from £28 (centre); the mendacious menace, the Duchess of Sussex, will no doubt be less than amused to learn of the bookseller’s move and of her sibling’s latest comments.


With his tackily titled book already in the half-price bargain basement bin, the Duke of Sussex will likely to turn to the rotten weasel PR peddler Omid Scobie to help him flog a few extra copies.
Christopher Bouzy
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no doubt also engage the vile trashbag troll Christopher Bouzy also. He was quite rightly called out by Samantha Markle yesterday and currently, very deservedly, also has legal troubles of his own.
Markus Anderson
Another oddity the pair could turn to for assistance in PR-ing the pointless, pitiful book is Markus Anderson. A PR party or two at Soho House, perhaps?
On Twitter, the half-sibling of the Duchess of Sussex slammed her and stated: “My grandmother would roll over in her grave to see what my sister has done to this family and I think it disgraces the family name. My dad worked very hard at his craft and did a sensational job, to give us the life that we had. #Markle.”
Twitter 2
Going further, Samantha Markle modestly added: “And like any family, we are not perfect, but we are far from what the media have portrayed us as and did not deserve that. It’s OK, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and we all know it gives us a great sense of humour!”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. They simply just come across now as to entitled spoilt brats that everybody is sick and tired of.
    I gave this union, 10 years max, and when she is tired of him, or when he is of no further use to get her where she wants to be, he will be dropped faster than a hot potato.

  2. Every time I see an image of CB,I get the heebie geebies. Ugh! To Summer’s point, yes we have almost lost our right to free speech. Hopefully with Elon Musk buying Twitter will be a good start. The conservatives have been bullied & shutdown for 8-10 years. Quite frankly I want EVERY voice heard, right,left,in between etc. I darn sure miss our gal Yankee Wally! SHE was treated VERY unfairly by social media.


  3. Amazon Charts(UK, week of October 30,2022.)
    Rank #1 most sold- Spare UK
    Rank #1 most sold for US- Spare.
    Amazon top 100 books.
    The Diary of Priness Pushy’s Sister. Rank- #1,075,159. This clout chaser is highly qualified to determine what sells. Huge influencer in the publishing world. Her book was self published after she failed to find a traditional publisher.

    • Rachel Ragland appears to be the champ.of clout chasing. She wanted privacy so WHY does she still use that title to cash in on the BRF. She would be nothing with Harry or that title. Let’s demand DNA on those 2 kids. You know the Los thing? Baby has to born of the mother & not a surrogate.. I’m on the side if the British citizens &.if they want DNA tests it should hapoen.


    • Clout chaser,THAT is an excellent description for MM. I believe a lady from Deal or no deal said she had a kid before Harry? I see the Sue ie litigation Queen hasn’t sued or disputed her. Does make one wonder WHY.🤔😏

  4. Clout chaser? That would be Princess Pushy herself. You just keep.trying SusieQ.. You’re so darn cute trying to defend that indefensible mattress actress. You know she kissed a Prince & turned him into a frog?🤑.. She’s like a pile of 💩 that you just can’t get rid of the smell.


  5. The clout chaser is the wannabe queen of the World Rachel Ragland! She snagged a British Prince but oopsie,she’s still simply the same failed R rated actress. That gal must consume some huge fruit loops. 😂😅

  6. SM’s real family values: abandoned her 2 oldest children when they were infants, lost custody of her youngest daughter due to physical abuse, currently estranged from all 3 of her children,never met her own grandchild by her daughter Ashley, estranged from her own mother, trolling a half-sister she hasn’t seen in 16 years? Hypocrite heal thyself!!

  7. Samantha seems to be a lovely person who calls out bs when she sees it. Both Meghan and Harry make their cash out of hurting everyone else’s mental health but then lie and pretend they care about mental health (only because they get money out of supporting these so called mental health places that charge people a fortune to belong to them). Utterly disgusted by Meghan and Harry using others as their personal cash cows. Wish they would move to another planet!


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