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‘Screwing’ With Ghislaine – Moaning Mucky Madam Ghislaine Maxwell Complains About Abuse In New Prison

Noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell complains that prison guards are “screwing” with her; she should be reminded she was the one who has been convicted after “screwing” her victims

Ghislaine Maxwell (AKA ‘prisoner 02879-509’) used to enjoy ‘screwing’ the young girls that she used to pick up to sex traffic to Jeffrey Epstein and her other creepy cronies. Now, the worm has turned and this noxious nonce is allegedly getting a ‘screwing’ by prison guards at FCI Tallahassee, the supposedly “cushy country club-esque” prison where she deservedly will rot for the rest of her twenty-year sentence.


Yesterday in the, Daniel Bates shared a supposed “exclusive” in which a “prison consultancy company” founder named Holli Coulman told him that guards are “not easy” on Maxwell and that she has been forced to “keep close to her pod mates.”


Going further, Coulman, the founder of Pink Lady Consultants and a woman “who has a number of clients serving time inside the same prison,” added:


“She rarely associates out of that group. I am told that the guards like screwing with her by shining their lights at night, clanging their keys and talking really loud and derogatory at her. I know that the guards at night are not easy on her when they come by her bunk and check that she’s there.”


“They don’t like her because of her entitled attitude. I’m sure it’s something she can’t change as she has a different demeanor than let’s say an inmate serving time for drugs. Her upbringing was upper class.”


Clearly not content with buckling down and getting on with her sentence silently, mucky madam Maxwell has not stopped moaning since her arrest on 2nd July 2020 in Bradford, New Hampshire.


Showing a temper akin to that of her poisonous pension pot plundering papa in August 2021, Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew’s supposedly shared one-time lover barricaded herself in the video conferencing room of the Metropolitan Detention Center with a cart load of documents and subsequently got banned from using said cart.


Earlier, in April that year, the mendacious madam’s family complained she was being deprived of sleep, her hair was falling out and that she “was being treated worse than Hannibal Lecter.” The Metropolitan Detention Center responded to these clear falsehoods by declaring: “[We have] not observed the defendant experience any noticeable hair loss… Most recently, when the defendant was weighed last week, her weight was 137.5 pounds… [Maxwell wears an eye mask and] regularly sleeps through night-time wellness checks.”


In the time since, “boob groper” Maxwell has had her PR peddlers out complaining also. In May 2022, Ian Maxwell bleated: “There are nasty Internet trolls out there continuing the lynch mob against her… [Her] once-close friends have only disowned her because of cancel culture” whilst quite rightly, at sentencing in June 2023, United States attorney Damian Williams observed:


“Ghislaine Maxwell sexually exploited young girls for years. It is difficult to overstate the magnitude of her crimes and the harm she caused… The lenient sentence the defendant seeks would send the message that there is one system of laws for the rich and powerful, and another set for everyone else.”


“Maxwell was an adult who made her own choices… If anything stands out from the defendant’s sentencing submission, it is her complete failure to address her offense conduct and her utter lack of remorse. Instead of showing even a hint of acceptance of responsibility, the defendant makes a desperate attempt to cast blame wherever else she can.”


“Moreover, even now, at sentencing, the defendant has shown no acceptance of responsibility, and her submission fails to even mention, much less accept responsibility for, the harm she has caused her victims. Instead, her entire submission is an effort to cast herself as a victim: of her father, of Epstein, of the media, of prosecutors, of the Bureau of Prisons.”


Illustrating further that the ‘bestie’ of Prince Andrew had no concept of accepting what she had done and that all that this “remorseless” woman ever does is moan and groan, Williams added:


“At bottom, the defendant’s complaints about jail seem to come down to the vast gulf between the conditions of her confinement and the defendant’s lived experience up until her arrest and detention on July 2, 2020.”


“Until July 2020, the defendant spent her entire life living in extraordinary luxury. Her childhood and adolescence were filled with wealth and privilege. That access to wealth continued into adulthood when the defendant found a benefactor in Epstein, who provided her with millions of dollars and invited her to share in his luxurious lifestyle of mansions, house staff, private chefs, and private planes.”


“After leaving that relationship, the defendant remained exceptionally wealthy, residing in palatial estates and owning multiple homes. It is no wonder, then, that she found jail jarring. Going from being waited on hand and foot to incarceration is undoubtedly a shocking and unpleasant experience.”


“The massive difference between the defendant’s prior life and the life of an inmate may feel extreme to the defendant, but when compared to the experiences of other pretrial detainees in this District, her experience is by no means so shocking as to merit a downward variance.”


“If anything, the defendant’s privilege remained intact while at the MDC, as demonstrated by the exceptional benefits she received. No other inmate received the kind of access to discovery and to counsel that the defendant did. The defendant had her own shower, her own television, her own desktop computer, her own laptop, and her own space to spend the day outside of her cell.”


“The defendant was able to get any concerns, no matter how small, immediately brought to the attention of MDC legal counsel through her attorneys. Comparing that treatment to SAMS is out of touch with reality.”


“In many respects, the defendant’s conditions of confinement were preferential and more beneficial than those experienced by other inmates… At bottom, the defendant does not like jail.”


“… Finally, it bears emphasizing that the defendant has told blatant lies about her conditions of confinement. She repeatedly claims to have suffered significant hair loss, but anyone who has seen the defendant in court can easily see that is not true.”


“She repeatedly claims to have lost an extreme amount of weight, but, as noted above, BOP medical records make clear that she has not. The defendant is perfectly healthy, with a full head of hair.”


“The investigation uncovered that the defendant committed terrible crimes, and that is what this case is about. The Court should see the defendant’s attack on the Government’s motives for exactly what it is: a desperate attempt to shift the blame for her own crimes and distract from the gravity of her offense conduct.”


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Pictured Top – Ghislaine Maxwell liked ‘screwing’ around with the FBI and when caught had ludicrously wrapped her mobile phone in tinfoil (the trick, by the way does not work); in happier times she lived-it-up drinking Krug and fine wines with the likes of Mick Jagger; those days for this wicked wastrel woman are long gone and she now gets the punishment she deserves instead.


Ghislaine Maxwell black eye Hannibal Lecter
Moaning Maxwell and her soppy siblings have regularly suggested her conditions to be akin to those of Hannibal Lecter. Sadly for her, there’s no Chianti let alone Krug on tap.
Ghislaine Maxwell prison call Jeremy Kyle Daphne Barak
That this paedophile groomer was recently allowed to go on Jeremy Kyle’s TalkTV television show – courtesy of assistance from her PR peddler Daphne Barak and no doubt her old mate Rupert Murdoch, the channel’s owner – is frankly outrageous. It is not this evil monster that deserves a voice; it is, instead, her victims.

The Privileges The Pension Pot Plunderer’s Deviant Daughter Once Enjoyed…

Ghislaine Maxwell Nettie Mason Cash & Rocket Rally
Fast cars… In June 2019, in her last known public appearance, lived it up with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason’s wife by driving from London to Monte Carlo in the Cash & Rocket ‘charity’ car rally. Ironically, the rally was meant to raise funds for victims of sex trafficking; a great pity that the organiser, Julie Brangstrup, clearly was someone who didn’t bother with due diligence and allowed a woman who’d already paid compensation to one of the victims of her sex trafficking activities to participate alongside Paris Hilton and Caroline Stanbury.
Private plane Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express
Private planes… No more jetting around will be possible for Jeffrey Epstein’s enabler until at least 17th July 2037 as this is grubby groper Ghislaine Maxwell’s earliest possible parole date. Instead, the only private jets she’ll see are the ones flying over FCI Tallahassee as she jogs around the jail’s running track.
Ghislaine Maxwell Dancing Hare Lady Ghislaine yacht
Floating gin palaces… Enya’s song ‘Orinoco Flow’ playing on her radio – if she opts to buy one off the prison commissary list – is about as close as this deviant will get to sailing away also. Meanwhile, the yacht that her daddy Robert Maxwell ‘fell’ off on 5th November 1991 was rebranded as ‘Lady Mona K (1993 to 2018) and has since been ‘Dancing Hare’ since 2018. It is ironically owned by the ex-wife of the disgraced media baron’s rival and now counts Anna Murdoch Mann as its mistress.

The ‘Privileges’ The Convicted Sex Offender Has Had Since Being Incarcerated…

Kirby Sommers tweet Metropolitan Detention Center conditions Ghislaine Maxwell
On Twitter in April 2021, crusading author of ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography’ Kirby Sommers illustrated how privileged Jeffrey Epstein’s sidekick’s pre-trial prison conditions were. Whilst most prisoners make do with a bucket and gruel, the mucky madam had access to “perks in jail” that included both a desktop and laptop computer from which she can send and receive emails, had a television and a telephone in her cell and a private bathroom also. She was the sole inmate on the second floor of the jail, was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and was allowed more time to communicate with her legal representatives than other inmates. Talk about a hard life!
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. For all Ghislaines bragging about her brilliant mind and capacity for learning, she really is a stupid woman. She has no intelligent adaptability. She has , in fact , a learning disability, which has been covered up by extraordinary support from the moment of her birth. She is clinically disassociated and insanely vain. No one likes her, even those invisible “good friends” that her family members keep telling the world she has. I don’t think she ever had friends. Apparently she has found companionship with a murderer and a thief, no different than her than her life as a procurer. I imagine that somewhere in her identity she is mortified past coping. She still name drops with impunity and has zero self respect. If she weren’t so mean and arrogant it would be sad.

  2. Those evil guards need to be fired. 😂.. News flash MS Maxwell, prison is NOT a country club. Better get use to not being Queen there. Should have used your brains before you did all those filthy things you did to those beautiful girls. Ya see, they’re getting the last laugh &, it’s delicious!! OT, but we have the super bowl in America tomorrow & I just want to say, #GoChiefs! #KCChiefs!#LovePatrickMahomes


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