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A Maxwell Meltdown

Mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell has a meltdown and barricades herself in the conference room of the Metropolitan Detention Center

Late yesterday afternoon, the MailOnline reported that Ghislaine Maxwell had a meltdown and “tried to ‘barricade’ herself in the video conference room in [the Metropolitan Detention Center] prison with a cart of legal documents.”


In a report by Daniel Bates, it is claimed the mucky madam “was banned from bringing the cart in and was forced to carry materials from her cell to the conference room” and that prosecutors claimed she used a cart “to barricade the door to the VTC room, thereby preventing MDC staff from being able to access the room.”


They continued of the petulant alleged paedo:


“Because of the security threat posed by the use of the cart to barricade the door to the VTC room, the defendant is no longer permitted to bring the cart into the room.”


“Instead, the defendant may bring whatever materials she can carry into the room, and if she needs other materials during a particular meeting with counsel, she may leave the VTC room, retrieve those materials by hand, and then return to her meeting with counsel.”


Predictably, in response, Bobbi Sternheim, Maxwell’s bombastic lawyer, stated that her client “never” tried to block the door with the cart and did not stop guards getting in. She claimed prosecutors “cannot resist the opportunity to gratuitously cast Ghislaine Maxwell in a negative light while it defends the Metropolitan Detention Center at all costs.”


Maxwell, of course, has previous with regard to tempestuous antics and demanding behaviour. Aside from allegedly making her cell filthy and not flushing the lavatory, in August last year we reported that she had been moaning about not having a desk or email access.


Again now, we ask: “What do you want next Ghislaine? Krug on tap?”


Pictured top: Ghislaine Maxwell with major supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Laurene Powell Jobs. Billionaire Ms Powell Jobs was married to Steve Jobs between 1991 and his death in 2011.


Ghislaine Maxwell computer
Ghislaine Maxwell is used to having things her way and here she is pictured in her youth tapping away at an early computer. In January, the pension plundering ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ daughter demanded more access to laptop
Life behind bars isn’t easy for anyone, but in the case of a woman used to luxury and nobody telling her “no” ever, it is certainly a situation that must have been hard to get used to. Given Jeffrey Epstein’s hideous henchwoman’s predilection for bullying and brashness, it is perfectly conceivable that she went rogue and blockaded herself in the prison conference room.
Kirby Sommers tweet
Crusading author Kirby Sommers tweeted about the latest developments at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn on Friday. To purchase a copy of her latest work, ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography,’ click here. It is a must read for anyone interested in this tawdry topic.
Robert Maxwell
Pension plundering Robert Maxwell once stated: “I have a beautiful daughter and she’s just like me.” Pictured here in a T-shirt – somewhat ironically captioned ‘Are we rich yet?’ – the temper tantrum prone robber baron and all-round bully’s aggressive antics have most certainly been inherited by his dangerously deviant daughter.
Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein
If grubby Ghislaine had any sense, she’d start behaving herself and quit the tantrums. Her demanding antics and bad behaviour will not be looked upon favourably at sentencing if and when she likely gets sent down.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. When I was rudely and wrongly banged up in a Cat AA Prison the Governor’s were very careful to pointedly make the library off limits to me. Ms Maxwell seems lucky to have access to documents by comparison. I liked your Krug comment Matthew and strange to relate I used to wind the worst chastising screw up at lunchtime by asking ‘what have we got today ’51 Krug in Magnum with Gulls Eggs’. My nonsense went on to be fully quashed but I somehow suspect that that road will prove difficult for Maxwell despite curious capital with a naughty President or twain.

    • …..speaking of Naughty Presidents how come the [known] videos that Epstein took all so conveniently ‘disappeared’ in (by) the hands of three letter agencies who were very careful to immediately squirrel them. Sounds a bit Cyril Smith to me. Further Epstein’s ‘deal’ in Florida was an impossible disgrace even to a fully odd, silly and malleable ‘Justice’ system. Miami PD knew what they had was worth 300 years until the establishment got it. On, how come it is only Maxwell that has been pursued when it is fully know that there were 4 or 5 others girl-fixers, indeed The New York Times wrote about them.

      I think my colleague Officer Duck (below) and I should prepare for yet another breath taking wriggle of some kind.

      • Partly agree- exactly. Why havent countless other females been charged for admitting they recruited or introduced females and teenagers to and for Epstein? Yet Maxwell is being made the scapegoat and almost placed in his shoes since his death. Very wrong and grossly unfair.

  2. Sorry Madam . You’re not sitting in a Luxury Yacht telling minions what to do. You are in prison, slammer, jail, nick, penitentiary/ Your future is an orange overall, leg irons, Big Hairy Mamas are going to love you in due course and teach you respect and manners, and put you in the place you deserve.

  3. This steeple times article and author is so bias against and anti Ghislaine Maxwell and others. The style of writing is woeful and tacky. Anyone that attacks others for being objective – speaks voiumes. Who believes unproven unverified allegations from proven lying accusers like Guifree ? Steeple Times is the no 1 gullible fan.

  4. Mathew Steeples and Steeples Times seems like Z grade absolute gutter quality journalism. Its not even journalism but trash. For instance describing without proper thought a meltdown when the trolley was blocking the door as deliberate without proof. Or brat behaviour when a detainee needs to read 3 million legal documents when the technology in the MDC is third rate would find that unacceptable- any pre trial detainee would. Most pre trial detainee can mingle yet the intense media attention and notoriety requires her to isolated ( and yet that is more cruel in itself – a kin to torture- yet you surmise her behaviour is unruly by trying to prepare for her case. Moronic Guards guarding her in that prison ( NY judge described the MDC was run by morons) Any one that refers to Kirby Somers ( who is complete conspiracy theorist nut job- falsities ) and targets and degrades others regularly with the same narrative is NOT impartial journalism- its NOT journalism. Stop pretending to be


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