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Mandela & MeGain – Duke & Duchess of Sussex trend on Twitter as hypocrites and liars

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are slammed as “hypocrites” and “liars,” they perform another “PR stunt” in announcing a forthcoming speech on Mandela Day

“At Archewell, we unleash the power of compassion to drive systemic cultural change” begin the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the website for their “non-profit.” They continue by referencing the noun “Arche” as a “Greek word meaning ‘source of action’” and “Well” as “a plentiful source or supply; a place we go to dig deep.”


Trending this morning on Twitter with hashtags including #PrinceHarryisaLiar, #PrinceHarryisaHypocrite, #PrinceHarryisaRacist, #MeghanMarkleisaLiar, #MeghanMarkleisaBully and #MeghanMarkleisaNarcissist, Yahoo!News yesterday reported Prince Harry will be “relaunch[ing] his career as a global humanitarian with a keynote address to the United Nations in New York next week to mark Nelson Mandela day” on Monday next.


Described by the publication’s Tom Sykes as an attempt to “flirt with increasingly political causes” and an attempt to “turn a page on the humiliations they suffered during their visit to England for the Platinum Jubilee, where snubs by the royals, which included being seated behind the Duke of Gloucester in a church service and being banned from appearing with the Queen,” here is another example of the decidedly drippy but also deviant duo yet again stirring the pot.


Rightly, Sykes pointed out “many observers were left wondering what the purpose of their appearance was” and resultingly on Twitter, condemnation and mockery followed.


In separate news, the noxious nuisance formerly known as Meghan Markle has failed in her attempt to dismiss her half-sister’s defamation suit against her whilst the singer Dolly Parton’s sister has come out in support of the actress turned activist.


Stella Parton stated: “I think more people should speak out when they see phony [sic] people in high places thinking their snooty behavior is ok. I also think it’s very telling of Meghan’s sister to change her name back to Markle then use it to trash her little half-sister.”


Twitter 1
Twitter users including @DuchessPnocchio reacted to the trending topics about Prince Charles’ second son and his wife by stating “let’s keep this trend rolling.” The intense dislike for the pair of pontificating prattlers continues to grow.
Twitter 2
Another @tartanpirate1 added: “Guess his past misdemeanors have come back to bite him. That’s what you get when you Nelson Mandela, the global freedom fighter against Apartheid as a PR stunt to launch your business. Still standing on the back of others, eh?”
Twitter 3
@LemonTrifle concluded: “2 of the most hypocritical, deplorable people ever to step foot off a private jet and sashay into the UN to record private conversations on hidden recording equipment.” Here, indeed, are a couple that are considered an embarrassment to the royal family and here is a pair who have proven themselves to be not at all private – as they had claimed they wanted to be – but instead publicity seeking personal profiteers.

Can anyone solve a problem like ‘MeGain’?

  • In November 2021, the duchess was forced to apologise to the Appeal Court in London for making a misleading statement in her privacy case against The Mail on Sunday’s publishers.
  • Her very own father, Thomas, has called out her many untruths about him and others again, again and again.
  • Of her claiming having got married the day before she actually did, Mr Markle stated: “Lying about the archbishop? How can you say: ‘We’ve been married three days before we got married’? Her lies are so obvious, I don’t know why she says them.”
  • Her very own half-sister, Samantha, has called her out as a liar on multiple occasions also. It has been proven that the duchess’s claim that she hasn’t seen her sibling in over 20 years was proven untrue when a photo of the pair 13 years ago emerged.
  • Her very own half-brother, Thomas Jr., said of her: “I told Prince Harry, I think she’s going to ruin your life. She’s very shallow… She’s a phony, a bully, a jaded, shallow, conceited woman.”
  • The former Meghan Markle has been called out on multiple occasions for spinning stories against other members of the royal family, most especially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Staff who’ve worked for her have complained that she is a bully and investigations into this remain ongoing.
  • The Duchess of Sussex is a known manipulator of the press and paparazzis and it has been claimed that she’ll “twist the truth” to get any headline she wants.
  • Questions remain as to how many times she’s actually been married in total. Some say twice, some say thrice.
  • “Would you trust this woman with a bargepole?” is something often asked of this money motivated minx.


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


    • Agree. They were also used to distract from the SG report. £100 millions pounds spent by the RF.Also, PC leaked a story about his joy over seeing Lili AFTER it was leaked that his charity was under investigation. Distract and Deflect. PC once leaked the story on PH going into rehab AFTER our rags were critical of his relationship with Camilla. They’re a firm not a family. Anyway, we need to focus on fixing our economy.

  1. Matthew,
    They also trended in the 🇺🇸. # King Harry, #Dutchess Meghan. Also Harry trended in South Africa. Many positive comments from the people of SA. We can be a salty and bitter island at times. I don’t believe the judge has made a decision on the dismissal yet. I just checked the actual court site. No decisions has been made according to the official court site. No UK or US media is reporting a decision.

  2. SM just made a post on the UN trip but nothing on her alleged win over the dismissal. She would be the first to know. Just rechecked and nothing from the court. I saw where the Megxits claimed this,but I’ll wait on the court’s decision. Not the most reliable group.

  3. Important to note: The tweets you mentioned are only under the royal family tweet section. This is a very small subdivision of twitter users. NONE of those tweet made it into the top 50 trends in the UK. Right now PMQ, Hoyle and MS Marvel are trending high.

  4. Some trending figures: positive PA trending with 17.7k, PA is a racist at 8,833, MM is a liar 1,788, Dutchess M at over 3000. PH trending in SA over 14,000. Btw -Prince William is a racist also trending alongside Prince Harry. Lol!! Their fans are fighting back strong.

  5. Was disgusted to read today that the Polo Club membership is £8 000 ……………………….a MONTH.

    They should be challenged about
    ”we unleash the power of compassion”

    Where is THEIR compassion for the starving and the homeless when they jump on their private jet and spend £5 000 on an evening’s eating and drinking.

    ………….and since I’m on a roll.
    Harry is obviously driking far too much when you look at his bloated ruddy face and a red nose growing bigger by the day.
    He is an alcoholic who should pack it in and donate the money he saves.

    • Joan,
      The polo club you’re disgusted with raised over $500,000 for his African charity, Sentebele. No one uses more private planes and helicopters than the RF. The difference is we’re paying for their private flights. H+M costs us NOTHING. It’s no one’s business how someone uses their OWN money. They have a right to throw it in a fire pit.

      • I couldn’t resist responding to this particular post. So, why would someone throw their money in a fire pit & burn if?? Dang it Susan,you’re slipping a bit Sunshine. Is that what woke college professors teach these days? Still waiting for an answer as to why, ole mattress actress handed out rotten tomatoes & sent them an invoice for$5? Could you possibly explain that? Personally I’m burnt out on the selective outrage. I have a dachshund that’s more humanitarian than the mattress actress. Just thought that might interest ya!😂

    • Hey Joan, did ya see the beautiful hi racial gal in NewcYork? She had a huge sign that said mandela spent 27 years in prison &, Markle spent months in a castle or mansion complaining during a pandemic. Whoa, somebody PLEASE give that young lady a medal.😇😇😇

  6. Speaking of hypocrisy. NYT- March 2020- HMTQ, “You can be assured that my family and I stand ready to play our part.” Wapo- 2020, “PW and Kate accused of breaking Covid rules again.” PE and his wife were also accused of breaking Covid lockdown rules. Dailymail Feb 2021- “PC faces backlash over 200- mile lockdown breaking drive.” Is that her family doing their part? #HMTQ is a liar! #Royal hypocrites!They don’t live by the same rules of the average bloke. They repeatedly broke Covid rules. An entire family of freeloading hypocrites.

  7. Awesome article Sir. One does wonder how much money changed hands for these 2 losers to get this invitation. I mean Bunker Harry & the mattress actress have NEVER known poverty or oppression! Sunshine Sachs must be working overtime. I’m quite certain Mr Mandela never disparaged his family & friends. Ole haz hates our 2nd amendment. Then ole mattress actress wants women to have a voice but, has every woman that dares disagree with her shut down. I PRAY they get more booooos. Boo the hell out of them.


  8. Update on SM’s case. All Florida courts are now closed,so this is based upon all decisions made by 7/13/22. Judge Honeywell hasn’t made a decision on MM’s request for dismissal. Her last ruling on the case was dated July 6. This was an order to “show cause” giving SM’s attorneys 14 days to provide in writing why their case shouldn’t be dismissed. They failed to provide a “case management report” in the time prescribed by Florida law. Furthermore,SM has been posting on her Gettr account for 10 hrs and still no mention of her win. Quite strange because she tags GB news on every update. SM only submitted her reply on Friday so unlikely a decision will be made anytime soon. I use the site for updates. It covers all 🇺🇸 legal cases.Type Markle v Markle into search engine.

  9. Very depressing news-7/22 Sen/Scot Research showed that over 20% of parents went hungry in order to feed their children in 🇬🇧.They also sold their kid’s toys to pay for food. Our economy is sliding into a quick recession. How the hell did this happen so quickly?😢. BJ was the worse mistake working class Brits made.

    • So, you say mattress actress was in the top one percentile of the richest Americans? THAT is a flat out lie..WHY did SHE donate ROTTEN tomatoes to a school in Brooklyn New York & then have the audacity to actually send them a bill for them? THIS is a FACT as the parents were infuriated with her. There was this black lady that let loose about it. Ole DuchessPinnochio dripping in diamonds & expects poor black families to relate to HER? SHE would be nothing without HasNoBallz & HE probably has the I Q of a second grader. No offense to second graders as they’re probably much smarter. Try being a bit more fair with the BRF & so obsessed with the other 2. A good 80% of Americans 45 & over are fed up with those 2. Some good reasons are as follows, SHE claims to be vegetarian =Big Kid as, she eats sushi, baked chicken, wants privacy = another big lie as SHE craves publicity. They both whine to Oprah about being cut off financially. Really? These 2 millionaires whining like 5 year olds. Lying about Princess Catherine. Hope ya saw the video where she was at a USO event & our brave mi!Italy men & women were having no part of her. You better we Americans wish they would both go away & leave us alone. We have absolutely no sympathy OR love for them. We call them.Bunker Harry (thanks Trevor) < a REAL BRITISH was hero & the mattress actress. One last thing. By the constant harping on & about the BRF, you are giving HMTQ & the BRF millions more fans. So, the BRF is in great hands & will be around thousands more years..

      #GodSaveThe Queen

  10. Need to clarify something. #ToHellWithTheDetractors is meant as TOTAL support for the wonderful BRF. They have lots of support around the globe!


  11. Zoleka Mandela, SA activist and granddaughter to Nelson Mandela, drowning out the voices of hate. “The thing that I admire most about them is that they are activists and go out of their way to put their name behind causes that are important to them.” 😃.

  12. Matthew,
    In the latest court document, SM said it was 16 years not 13. So the liar has changed her story. I don’t take the word of child abusers. Go read Noelle Rasmussen’s account of her mother “punching, kicking and spitting” on her as a child.(Dailymail, March 20, 2018) YouTube video also available by the same date. Since when is some nutter who spits in the face of their own 9 year old daughter credible??? Only to the BM!

  13. Forgot to add: If you watch the video version of it, the older woman sitting next to Noelle and nodding is SM’s mother.

  14. Was going to post but the only opinions that matter belong to Susan who has obviously been kicked off every other site and is now hell bent on being a nuisance here.

    • Whoa! Thanks Joan. Was wondering about Susan the shill. She reminds one of a teeny bopper fan. All over an over the hill D list mattress actress. Certainly hope she gets compensated. Certainly wouldn’t want crypto scammer Bouzy to make all the $$$$. 👺


  15. Update on the SM’s case.Today MM’s attorney filed a motion to reply to SM’s NEW assertion that MM is the LEGAL publisher of FF. SM had previously contended that MM was only a source for the book -supplying the email.Sources can’t be sued under Florida law, so her story is evolving to make M the legal publisher. This is rather nutty when you have a well known publisher, Harper Collins, asserting they’re the legal publisher of FF.That they prepared, issued and controlled the content of the book. Another interesting fact is court evidences shows most of the email NEVER appeared in the book. So publisher Meghan forgot to include it. Clearly Harper Collins chose NOT to use the email. If you give a journalist information, you’re classified as a source(MM).The decision to publish the infro is retained and controlled by the jounalist and his publisher.

  16. Since we’re counting lies, let’s do the same for SM.
    1.She claimed she didn’t abuse her daughter.(She lost custody)
    2. She claimed MM’s black mother was the family “maid”
    3. She claimed that MM couldn’t have children.
    4. She called Archie a “doll.”
    5. She claimed Lili was a “surrogate baby.”
    6. She claimed to be a “confidante” of Meghan’s
    7. She claimed Meghan had an affair with her co-star during her marriage.
    8. She alleged MM was an “escort.” (No credible media source or alleged John )
    9. She claimed that MM bribed a Florida State’s Attorney to throw her 2019 case out of court.
    10. She claimed her own mother was such a “whore” she wasn’t sure if TM fathered her brother. She’s in fact MM’s biggest troll and a far more pathological liar.

    • Well okie dokie Susan..Here is what I think of your list..As we all know nobody lies more than the D list mattress actress. You possibly have one out of ten right. Very bad average.😲 😆 😏

  17. Joan,THAT is mostly more true than our forum Shill’s top 10 list. Ya see a vast majority of Americans, much like the British & global community think of her as a nothing. Her only relevance is because of Harry! Am personally loving the blowback.from the vile & violent SS & their sycophants over the Tom Bower book Are there ever pissed because they could NOT stop his book. Can’t wait for Bozo the crypto scammer to weigh in. What or a GREAT week. Whew!


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