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MeGain’s Nemesis – Her Very Own Sister

Could the Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister Samantha Markle prove to be her ultimate nemesis? ‘Yankee Wally’ Sadie Quinlan most definitely thinks so

Rightly described yesterday by the brilliantly batty Welsh warbler Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’) as a “right fool,” the Duchess of Sussex may now finally meet the nemesis that is her half-sister Samantha in a court room.  


Deservedly smacked in the arse with a lawsuit for £57,000 ($75,000, €69,000 or درهم275,000) by the 57-year-old author of The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, Prince Harry’s wicked wastrel wife is being sued for defamation for allegedly making “false and malicious” statements during her March 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.


Headlined in a punchy fashion in TMZ as “SISTER CLAIMS LIES TO OPRAH, OTHERS… Her ‘Rags to Royalty’ Story is Total BS!!!!” with a matching “Megan Markle didn’t have the crappy childhood she wants the public to believe” to follow, Samantha Markle’s suit alleges her sibling’s comments about her have damaged sales of her autobiography, prevented her from getting jobs and caused emotional and mental distress.


Responding, Michael Kump, a lawyer for the Duchess of Sussex, told TMZ: “This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behaviour. We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves.”


Of the amount sought, Quinlan – who last spoke with Samantha Markle some six weeks ago – stated: “It’s not enough… If it gets dirty between Meghan and Sam, it’s going to get very dirty because Sam has a lot more ammo up her sleeve. Meghan’s got nothing on Sam. We’re in a situation here where Sam’s the poor little church mouse whose got nothing to lose.”


Going further Quinlan added of PR peddling pillock Omid Scobie’s Finding Freedom: “Even know now we do know Meghan contributed vastly to it. She practically wrote it… Slap a lawsuit on Meghan. Fantastic. Sam’s got all the evidence.”


Elsewhere, Geo News commented on the responses to the case from “Meghan Markle’s fans” (otherwise known as ‘The Sussex Squad’) and claimed that one went as far as to claim: “Not today Samantha. Let’s finish with Ukraine first. C’mon now.”


The Welsh wonder that is Sadie Quinlan summed up the lawsuit perfectly in a 19:30-minute video shared on YouTube. Shared with her nigh on 50,000 subscribers, the summary has already been liked by 1,700 accounts and viewed over 8,900 times.
Meghan Markle family
A truly dysfunctional family – Meghan, Tyler, Thomas Sr, Thomas Jnr and Samantha.
Modern Day Mrs Simpson Megan Markle Duchess of Sussex Mrs Simpson Wallace Simpson Duchess of Windsor
The Duchess of Sussex truly morphed into the ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ for her interview with her and Sarah, the Duchess of York’s crony Oprah Winfrey in March last year.
Heather Mills McCartney tweet
‘Yankee Wally’ fan @yankee_wally took to Twitter to claim: “Meghan Markle has become the new Heather Mills. It is not a compliment.” Spot on! Responses included: “I can’t stand Heather, but Meghan is worse” and “yes, they are both from the same mould.”
Omid Scobie
Attempting to distract from the case, pointless prattler Omid Scobie – the leading media mouthpiece for the Duchess of Sussex – took to Twitter to announce: “Tonight I have made equal donations to six organisations responding to conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Syria and beyond. The lives of our brothers and sisters are at risk in every corner of the world – please remember them all.” He ought to be reminded that most people do their giving in a more private and far more dignified fashion.
Finding Freedom
In choosing to be the chief tin banger for the ‘Sussex Squad,’ Scobie will go down in history only for one thing: Being on the wrong side of history. The public have seen through him and they’ve seen through the rotten royals who have done nothing but damage to the monarch, her first born son and Prince Harry’s elder sibling. Shame on him.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I’d love to see you do an article with a list of MM’s lies, and half truths eg we got married 3 days before the televised wedding; I haven’t seen my sister in 20 years; I didn’t have anything to do with Scooby-Doo’s biography.

  2. Narcissists believe they can compartmentalise their lives. That only works when they don’t overstep to promote themselves on the world stage. Then they need deep pockets. Very very deep pockets.

  3. This is war and we must defeat the treacherous Sussexes and their psycho squad. Wally deserves a statue in Wales, she knew early on Markle was a fraud. Bless Yankee Wally

  4. Aw, this was an extremely good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to make a top notch article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and never seem to get anything done.

  5. This wanabee Me Me Megain obviously will do anything to get to where she thinks the grass is greener, she has alienated just about everybody she comes in contact with, including her own family. I hope her sister does release some of the ammo she has, maybe Ginge might wake up and see he’s just a copy of Mrs Bouquet’s hubby, certainly no offense to dear Patricia, although I think it’s far to late for him. Like I keep saying, this marriage, a max of 10 years.

  6. Defamation is extremely hard to prove in the state of Florida. SM must prove that MM saying she didn’t have a relationship with her was the cause of her poor book sales and loss of additional job offers.How do you prove this? Books don’t sell for many reasons. Florida allows a judge to dismiss frivolous civil suits that fail to meet the heavy burden of proof placed upon the claimant. Does this case go beyond a request for dismissal?

    • I don’t think she’s is a “piece of scum.” I think she’s a victim of a dysfunctional family. TM: “Meghan was the most important person in my life.” I think this created resentment, jealousy and hatred for a much younger, richer and famous half sister. When you have made thousands of pounds bashing someone in trashy tabloid, it might be hard to make a case that you’re a victim.

      • If Sam kept her mouth shut, and stopped rubbishing her sister, she may have had a chance in selling her book…..but wait, the book probably contains more rubbishing, or is it defamation against MM?

  7. I think Meghan was lucky and has had love and support from both her parents.They traipsed after her ambition best they could Harry certainly has contributed to the present confusion. The cruel reactionary advise he breathed heavily into Meghan ear has displayed to the world his wonky mental condition.

  8. Sconce you should have said this to H&M overcoat clothing and jewelry at the NAACP awards showed very little taste when you are trying to convince people to give to Ukraine people! No one thinks you matter enough to listen to you ! We don’t need to be told by you that we should help ! You guys are a disgraceto Amererica and the UK ! Try Russia they would love to have you there !!!!!!


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