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It’s NOT “Duchess Meghan”

In constantly referencing the Duchess of Sussex as “Duchess Meghan,” PR peddler and arse-licker Omid Scobie proves himself anything but an expert on royalty, titles, honours and protocol

If you’d believe the twaddle on his Twitter handle, Omid Scobie is supposedly some kind of expert on all things royal. Here is someone who shares “positive vibes only” – please pass the sick bag – and laughably claims to be a “bestselling author.”


If you then turn to reality, you’ll find – as Nikolay Kalinin revealed on these pages in July 2021 – Omid Scobie is in fact instead a pompous prattler who used to hang out with ‘glamour models’ such as Jodie Marsh. He’s anything but a real journalist and is in fact nothing but a wannabe spin doctor whose Twitter following is composed of at least 25% fake accounts.


Botoxed to a point that he actually looks rather like the wench formerly known as Meghan Markle, Scobie is what one might call a ‘groupie’ and in constantly referencing Prince Charles’ second son’s wife as “Duchess Meghan,” he attempts to show familiarity and kinship with the former actress. He is, however, completely wrong and whatever one might wish to call the mendacious minx who may have been married twice or may have been married three times perhaps, it’s most certainly not “Duchess Meghan.”


Whilst it must be remembered that the Duchess of Sussex – as she unfortunately is still correctly known in spite of her and her husband having renounced any kind of royal responsibilities – was forced to apologise over her cooperation with Scobie at the Appeal Court in London in November 2021, the co-author of the bargain bin confined Finding Freedom does, like her also, like to cause a ruckus at any opportunity.


Whether having a pop at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge over “palace diversity,” as he did during the couple’s recent visit to Jamaica, or making false claims about Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’), here is someone with a clear chip on his shoulder.


Faced with losing his own company, Meyou Limited, right now after failing to keep his accounts up to date, it is time for Scobie to also realise that the Duchess of Sussex – who also retains the titles of Her Royal Highness (not used in practice, but kept in style), Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness Kilkeel – is simply NOT and never will be called “Duchess Meghan.” Lexical semantics do matter and it is time that this tedious twerp was taught just such.


Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The overtly ambitious and clearly arrogant Duchess of Sussex has unsurprisingly been called out over her supposedly rude behaviour and alleged bullying of staff in many quarters. Unsurprisingly, her chief cheerleader Omid Scobie has little to no interest in highlighting that and only spreads the poison his favourite American wishes to put out there.
Dan Wootton shared his mirth about Scobie’s use of “Duchess Meghan” on Friday and remarked: “Give it up, mate.”
Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton added: “Why refer to her as Duchess Meghan? Meghan Markle and Harry walked away from that life.”
Twitter users got in on the use of correct titles on Friday. One going by the name of Mrs Frensham rightly responded: “Get with the programme please.”
Line of Succession
Another account, Line of Succession, rightly concluded: “Do you mean the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Why can’t journalists ever get royal titles right?”
Returning to criticism of Scobie, a “Cambridge fan” going by the name of Scarfie, observed: “Cracks me up when you read “positive vibes only!” In his bio… then read his comment section. Not to mention his snarky tweets.”
Responding to a discussion about the best and worst things about Twitter orchestrated by Michael Sayman, a “product lead” at Twitter, a user named Amanda observed that she enjoys “talking to people from all over the world” but viewed the presence of the Bot Sentinel bore Christopher Bouzy and his cohort Omid Scobie to be her “least favourite” things on the medium.
Twitter abuse
The ‘Finding Freedom’ co-author often bangs on about “hate speech” and “abuse” online and constantly carps about those that have the audacity to have a differing opinion to his own. This pathetic specimen likes to give it out, but he simply cannot cope with a little bit of stick himself.
Yankee Wally radio
Twitter user Gill B. twisted the conversation back to logic and reminded the PR peddler: “You will be pleased to learn that Yankee Wally is now a Royal Reporter, having been signed by Sobel Promotions, and will be broadcasting to millions worldwide on Rainbow Radio FM. You and Bouzy have given her a louder voice! Well done!”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. As an American, I am far from any expert on royal titles. However, isn’t it also incorrect to ( at least until the inevitable divorce ) call her “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex”? Isn’t she just plain “Duchess of Sussex” ? I thought their first names before the title were only in cases of divorce, as in “Sarah, Duchess of York” and “Diana, Princess of Wales” ? Had Prince Andrew ever remarried, his legal wife would be titled “Duchess of York” while Fergie would be titled “Sarah, Duchess of York”. Same with “Princess of Wales” and “Diana, Princess of Wales.”

  2. Yup, Tommy. It wasn’t even Princess Diana, she was the Princess of Wales, but no-one minded. Only those who are Princesses in their own right can have their first name used eg Princess Anne, Princess Margaret, but a spouse takes her husband’s name eg Princess Michael.
    Fergie lost HRH – presumably she’s now just a non-royal Duchess, so she’s Your Grace, though I’ve never read that anywhere.
    Don’t you love all that protocol stuff?

    • Fergie uses the title Duchess of York to sell her books and other stuff she’s always hawking, no one gives her as much hassle as they give Meghan, at least Meghan is still married to a Prince, unlike Fergie who is divorced from Andrew, but still lives with him….weird.

  3. Amazing how much of this criticism comes from people who insisted on calling the late Diana, “Princess Diana” Including much of the British press (home of the ridiculous Dan Wootton).

    • It is understandable that sometimes Diana was called Princess Diana as she had the official title Princess of Wales as the wife of the heir to the throne. Meghan is the Duchess of Sussex and princess of nowhere.
      The Duchess of Cambridge will, in time, have the title Princess of Wales. She is not Duchess Kate nor Princess Kate.
      Camilla is known by her title Duchess of Cornwall as she chose not to take the title Princess of Wales in deference to Diana.

      • But she is “Princess William of Wales”, even though she doesn’t use the title. Similarly, Meghan is also “Princess Henry of Wales”. Both are actually princesses of the United Kingdom, albeit by marriage not by birth.
        They were even described as such in the “rank/profession” section of their children’s birth certificates.

        • No she’s not a ‘princess,’ royal protocol dictates that one must either be born the daughter of the sovereign or a prince—or become a prince’s wife, and therefore take his title upon marriage. Marrying Prince Harry didn’t’t technically make Meghan a real princess. Technically, she holds the title of Princess Henry of Wales, but her title is derived from her husband, she is not a princess in her own right, which one can only be born into.
          Prince Harry received a royal dukedom from the Queen as a wedding gift becoming The Duke of Sussex on his wedding day. That makes Meghan The Duchess of Sussex HOWEVER once Prince Charles becomes King of England, Prince William will become The Prince of Wales, as the direct heir to the throne and Kate will become The Princess of Wales.
          Since Harry is only sixth in line for the throne, he will remain a duke.
          So in short NO Meghan isn’t and never will be a Princess in any real terms

    • Well, I think you have to credit both the love of a snappy headline AND the fact that when the world was first introduced to her, she already had the title of “Lady Diana”…..which would soon be shortened to “Lady Di” in the never-ending quest to save space while still cranking out those attention-grabbing headlines. So it was quite the easy jump from “Lady Diana” to “Princess Diana”, even if it wasn’t formally correct.
      I think we see much the same with how the Duchess of Cambridge is still often referred to as “Kate Middleton”, mostly out of familiarity with the name rather than a deliberate show of disrespect towards Her Royal Highness.
      Even IF Harry’s wife had served as a royal for longer than two minutes, she also would likely always be known as “Meghan Markle”, simply because that was how she was first introduced to the public. No matter what her fans would have you believe, very, VERY, few people knew either her name OR face before she was reported to be dating Prince Harry.

  4. Its immediately obvious , that the odious Scobie , did not get his big break in Royal Magazine Reporting without moving in the right circles .


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