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Bombastic Bouzy & Noxious Netflix – Christopher Bouzy Should Be Cancelled

As fake news muckspreader Christopher Bouzy appears in Netflix’s ‘Harry & Meghan’ trailer, we remind readers of what a noxious nasty this reprehensible rubber-lipped rotter truly is

Rubber-lipped rotter Christopher Bouzy is best-known to readers of The Steeple Times as the bullying braggart who has spent much of the last year attempting to cancel the wonderful Welsh warbler Sadie Quinlan. Now though, this noxious nitwit is having his 10-seconds of fame after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex included him in their second 1:16-minute Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer.


Better known as the online sensation ‘Yankee Wally,’ Quinlan provided entertainment to millions with her YouTube video missives where she shared her thoughts on the money-motivated-menace formerly known as Meghan Markle. She always brought joy, whereas Bouzy brought Barry Bollocks.


Aside from always beginning with the now much missed: “All my content is found on the public domain, it’s just my opinions and I play by the rules” [whatever they may be], Quinlan often remarked: “I thoroughly enjoy exposing the lies of Meghan Markle, and her husband is just as bad. I’m here till they lose titles and funding.” She was spot on in her analysis then and it is still as relevant now.


Now, bombastic bore Bouzy is trying get his revenge and in the tiresome trailer declared: “It’s about hatred. It’s about race.” After it released yesterday, the founder of the bag of bilge that is the Bot Sentinel founder pompously took to social media to declare:


“I guess I can officially announce I am in the Harry & Meghan docuseries.”


“I want to thank everyone who has supported Bot Sentinel’s research and allowed us to expose the targeted hate campaign against Harry and Meghan.”


Harry & Meghan premieres on Netflix tomorrow, Thursday 8th December, when tree episodes will air. An additional three installments will follow on Thursday 15th December and no doubt Christoher Bouzy’s “dirty games” will continue thereafter.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party or endorsed by Christopher Bouzy – a tedious twerp who bombarded Matthew Steeples with nonsense also. We’re lucky to be amongst the elite blocked by him on Twitter.


Matthew Steeples @CBouzy
Matthew Steeples found interaction with the coder-turned-complete creep very odd, very odd indeed.
The Times
‘The Times’ reacted to the Bot Sentinel founder appearing in the trailer by reminding its readers that the hateful horror had once nastily trolled the now Prince of Wales and in March 2021 remarked of him: “I am sorry but Prince William isn’t sexy, that is quarantine thirst talking. William looks like a balding Muppet.”
Since declining to do the royal duties they ought jolly well have honoured, ‘Ginge & Cringe’ have lived beyond their means and made themselves out to be some kind of moral crusaders. This deranged duo have instead just turned themselves into international laughing stocks who simply live beyond their means.
In the latest trailer, Prince Harry makes many a pop at his relatives and declares: “There’s a hierarchy of the family. You know, there’s leaking of stories, but there’s also planting of stories.”
CB 1
The Bot Sentinel founder likes to go to war with all sundry. Even Ellie Hall, a waste of space wack-job not a writer, has been subjected to being called “dishonest” by him in spite of him using her as a way of releasing “a steady flow of information.” This hypocrite deserves to be shown for what he is – rotten-to-his-never-sorry-core.
CB 2
Providing indication of how wicked and warped of mind he truly is, Bouzy took to Twitter on another occasion to share to mock Sadie Quinlan when it was announced that she was in hospital. This shameless cretin was then called out for being “the true hate troll he really is!” Sadly, it did not stop him continuing his hate campaign against an elderly Welsh woman, but equally, it unsurprisingly also did the opposite of what he desired and actually engendered yet more support for ‘Yankee Wally.’

Twitter reacts to the Bot Sentinel founder’s appearance in the latest Netflix trailer for ‘Harry & Meghan’…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Scobie and bouzy just got my twitter account suspended because I know Markle is a drug user and she does not want that getting out, her being a ‘role model’ for little girls.TWITTER still allows BOUZY to spill his crap is Elon Musk employing him?

    • I have just heard about Bouzy’s participation in Megan and Harry’s Netflix rubbish. And I also heard about how he bullied Trevor Coult who dated right criticise Henry and Megan, into silence. He went to Trevor’s YouTube & Twitter channels, watched every single one of his videos in search for a material to use against him. He then took things out of context to lobby hatred against him in his YouTube and Twitter channeled to cancel and demonetise him.

      I sent Bouzy two civil tweets. Straightaway, he blocked me. This man is fascist and narcissist who feels totally entitled to criticise people who expose his inner circle but he gets enraged when being criticised. He is racist and plays the racist cards himself to promote the false narrative in Meg Harry show, spread hatred against British people and their monarchy. He makes false allegations in Netflix BS show, but provides no evidence, no proof, and simply expects people to trust him regardless however baseless bizarre BS the allegations are. He does all these, just for money.

      So, I want to know how much Netflix paid this man for his hard earned money?

    • Just to correct, I meant to say, he bullied Trevor Coult who dared to criticise Harry Meg, i to silence.

      I also would like to thank the author for putting this man into his place. No one can have a civil conversation with a coward who blocks people with opposite opinions to his, but they can make him read it!

  2. Excellent 👌 article Mathew, as usual. This witty Welsh warbler is almost ready for ’round 2!’ Bouzy exposed his paymaster by uttering just 3 words in that Netflix trailer. ‘Hatred and racism’ is what he thinks motivates us! Sometimes I’m lost for words, thank goodness you’re not! I’ll be back very soon. Your excellency ! Love Wally ❤️

  3. I’m so glad somebody wrote an article exposing this former bitcoin scammer now paid harasser for the disgusting piece of lying garbage he truly is. He’s targeted and harassed so many people on Twitter and YouTube just because they disagree with his PAYING CLIENTS. He’s such a loser he’s currently being investigated for filing a fraudulent bankruptcy to avoid eviction after not paying rent for a YEAR. And when his landlord sued for the back rent he called her RACIST! He’s a classic RACE BAITER. He’s also got 2 separate defamation cases pending! Thank you for your article! Well done!

    • @ Mystifeyed. Does this include Nate The Lawyer? I know CB went after law tube & Nate the Lawyer! Surely justice HAS to be coming & give ole CB his just dues. #Get him Nate! Ole CB comparing his physical appearance is laughable. Just looking @ Cb’s image is pukeworthy. Yuck!

  4. Wally,I’m glad to finally meet you…I have been reading about you from all your many supporters. I have been hoping to hear from you on Steeple Times.
    I love this site! Send us your thoughts. xojo

  5. Brilliant and accurate writing! If only the mainstream media would so their diligence and speak the truth, but luckily there are people like you. Thank you for standing up for what is right.

  6. These fire breathing racist boogymen are doing it all for themselves. They couldn’t care less about interpersonal justice or the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. So tiresome and life sucking ..and unsophisticated and etc etc…hohum. I wish it didn’t matter so much.

  7. Fantastic report, we’re tired of this dribble from the gruesome twosome Bouzy and the minions who donate to him, The end is nigh for bouzy’s shenanigan’s. Hopefully we’ll have our Yankee Wally back soon 👍❤️

  8. Great Article as always and spot on – Nice to see you here Wally hope to see you back very soon – you are missed and your facts were correct

  9. Shifty & ugly as hell! Why he thinks he’s the second coming.. Ya know,he has lots of fans on twitter. You know the bot generated fans! Yep,ole Boozer’s fans created on his bot farm, created by him. Yep the creepy dude is his own biggest fan. 😏


  10. Sublime report, this man needs to put his laptop away and get out of his kitchen more often. At least The Prince and Princess of Wales, have children who want to be with them unlike Bouzys daughter. Yet that’s anotherstory entirely allegedly.


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