Friday, July 23, 2021

Will and Calum Thompson (AKA “The Eat Wild Boys”)

Will and Calum Thompson Pictured with country sports PR guru Claire Zambuni, the Gloucestershire born co-founders of Eat Wild – Will and Calum Thompson – can be credited with shaking up how game is cooked. Stars of Channel 4’s First Time Farmers, the Thompson brothers describe themselves as “observing the traditional ethos of fieldsports while presenting cookery with a modern slant” and their extremely popular Cirencester restaurant as being “the home of sustainably sourced dirty food, made with local game and wild meat”. It is decorated with both graffiti and taxidermy and is said to be rather akin to a “country pile meeting an urban warehouse”.

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    The Roll Call - WILDCARDS

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    Evelyn McHale (1923 – 1947) – Little is known about what drove Evelyn McHale to jump from the Empire State Building and be captured in the “most beautiful suicide [photograph] ever” on 1st May 1947.


    Evelyn McHale (1923 – 1947)

    ‘Mr Black Lives Matter’ – Little is known about this Belgravia entertainer – A regular outside Peggy Porschen’s Parlour, 116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9QQ ‘Mr Black Lives Matter’ attempts to entertain those queuing for cakes.


    ‘Mr Black Lives Matter’

    Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman – Port Townsend, Washington State residents Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman live as if they are Victorians. They get a lot of abuse.


    Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman

    Designer and tastemaker Eileen Gray (1878 – 1976, née Eileen Smith) – A pioneer of both the Art Deco style and the functionalist Modernist movement, bisexual Irish aristocrat Eileen Gray was best known for designing the Bibendum chair and the E-1027 table.


    Eileen Gray (1878 – 1976, née Eileen Smith)

    Robert Adam – Hampshire based architect and designer Robert Adam (born 1948) followed in the steps of his namesake and has become one of the most important figures in neo-classical style.


    Robert Adam

    True wildcard Lady Ridsdale DBE (1921 – 2009, née Victoire Bennett) – Dame Paddy Ridsdale was an intelligence operative, secretary to Ian Fleming and the inspiration for the Bond character Miss Moneypenny.


    Lady Ridsdale DBE (1921 – 2009, née Victoire Bennett)

    Bob Marshall-Andrews QC – Barrister, former Labour MP and novelist


    Bob Marshall-Andrews QC

    Interior designer and philanthropist Charlot Malin (1969 – 2017) –Oslo born, San Francisco based interior designer and philanthropist Charlot D. Malin worked with George Lucas and Robert Redford. She loathed microwaves.


    Charlot Malin (1969 – 2017)

    Baba Vanga (баба Ванга, AKA ‘Nostradamus from the Balkans’, 1911 – 1996) – Blind, illiterate, psychic Macedonian villager and clairvoyant


    Baba Vanga (баба Ванга, AKA ‘Nostradamus from the Balkans’, 1911 – 1996)

    Mr Make a Big Issue


    Mr Make a Big Issue

    Mary Millington (marital name Mary Maxted, born Mary Quilter, 1945 – 1979)


    Mary Millington (marital name Mary Maxted, born Mary Quilter, 1945 – 1979)

    Sir Ken Adam OBE (born Klaus Adam, 1921 – 2016)


    Sir Ken Adam OBE (born Klaus Adam, 1921 – 2016)

    Will and Calum Thompson


    Will and Calum Thompson (AKA “The Eat Wild Boys”)

    Arthur Woodham


    Arthur Woodham

    Hannah Wick


    Hannah Wick

    Daniel Lismore


    Daniel Lismore

    Irish fugitive and world record holder John Patrick Hannan


    John Patrick Hannan

    Max Whitlock (nicknamed “Maxi”)


    Max Whitlock (nicknamed “Maxi”)

    Kelly Killoren Bensimon


    Kelly Killoren Bensimon

    Lee Miller (Lady Penrose, born Elizabeth Miller, 1907 – 1977)


    Lee Miller (Lady Penrose, born Elizabeth Miller, 1907 – 1977)

    Parrot man - Ted Richards


    Ted Richards

    Victoria Pendleton


    Victoria Pendleton CBE (married name Victoria Gardner)

    Christopher Mason


    Christopher Mason

    Bonnie Lee Bakley (1956 – 2001)


    Bonnie Lee Bakley (1956 – 2001)

    Gino D’Acampo (born Gennaro D’Acampo)


    Gino D’Acampo


    Gillian Clarke (1941 – 2015)

    Francesco Macera


    Francesco Macera

    Nick Loeb


    Nicholas Loeb

    Reverend Robert Parker (AKA “Squire Parker” and “Britain’s richest vicar”)


    Reverend Robert Parker

    Gillian Duffy


    Gillian Duffy

    David Hallberg


    David Hallberg

    Ruthann Aron


    Ruthann Aron (AKA “Ruth Aron”, née Ruthann Greenzweig)

    Lady Alice, Lady Eliza and Lady Violet Manners


    Lady Alice, Lady Eliza and Lady Violet Manners (AKA “The No Manners Girls”)

    Topsy Taylor (born Lesley Taylor)


    Topsy Taylor (born Lesley Taylor)

    Peter Dinklage


    Peter Dinklage

    Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olson


    Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olson

    Nina Campbell


    Nina Campbell

    Crispin Baynes


    Crispin Baynes

    Bill Martin


    Bill Martin MBE (born William Wylie MacPherson)

    Henry Blofeld


    Henry Blofeld OBE (AKA “Blowers”, “Tycoon” and “Typhoon”)

    Emma Sayle


    Emma Sayle

    Nancy Cunard


    Nancy Cunard (1896 – 1965)

    Elliot Bssila


    Elliot Bssila

    Joudie Kalla


    Joudie Kalla

    Ross O’Connell Jennings


    Ross O’Connell Jennings

    Alexa Jago


    Alexa Jago

    Claire Zambuni


    Claire Zambuni

    Amanda Eliasch


    Amanda Eliasch (née Amanda Brown)

    Charlie Anson


    Charlie Anson

    Louis-Marie de Castelbajac


    Count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac

    Jeremy Lloyd


    Jeremy Lloyd OBE (1930 – 2014)

    Sandra Howard


    Sandra Howard, Lady Howard (née Sandra Paul)

    Anne Naysmith


    Anne Naysmith (1937 - 2015, AKA “The Rag Lady of Chiswick”)

    Claudine Longet


    Claudine Longet

    fantasy cyclist


    The Fantasy Cyclist


    Sarah, Duchess of York (AKA “Fergie”, née Sarah Ferguson)


    Fredrik Eklund


    Sir Gerald Nabarro (AKA “Old Whiskers” and “The Abominable Showman”, 1913 – 1973)


    Lord Bell (Tim Bell, Baron Bell of Belgravia)


    Teresa Gorman


    Julia Child (1912 – 2004)


    Keith Floyd (1943 – 2009)


    Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart VC, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO (1880 – 1963)


    Dan Bilzerian (AKA "Blitz")


    Cognac Wellerlane


    Thai Dang Cao (1953 – 2014)


    Craig Brazier


    Alejandro Flores


    Doris Thompson


    Gloria Minghella MBE (AKA “the Queen Mum of the Isle of Wight”, 1930 – 2014)


    Clarissa Dickson Wright (1947 – 2014)


    Wayne Bryson


    Mary The Elephant (AKA ‘Murderous Mary’)


    Fred Dibnah MBE (1938 – 2004)


    Emeritus Professor Jane Somerville


    Russell Brand


    Cindy Crawford


    Lady Camilla Bloch (born Lady Camilla Bingham)


    Terry Deary


    Dame Norma Major DBE


    Jeannette Etheredge


    Michael “Chalky” White


    Nubar Gulbenkian (Armenian: Նուբար Սարգիս Գյուլբենկյան, 1896 – 1972)


    Huguette Clark (1906 – 2011)


    Viola Herms Drath (1920 – 2011)

    Ian Towning


    Ian Towning


    Ryan Lochte (nicknames 'Reezy' and 'The Lochtenator')


    Jerry Hall


    Austin 7 man


    Martin the Poet


    The Waitrose Clepto


    Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba (1926 – 2014)


    Tim Tebow


    The Most Hon the Marquess of Bath


    Judy Joo


    Toby Flood

    Justin Timberlake


    Justin Timberlake


    Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan (1971 – 2007 and 1966 – 2007)


    Norman Balon


    Bubble (2012 – 2013)


    Dr. Vanessa Neumann


    Martin Miller (1946 - 2013)


    Lady Docker (Norah Docker, née Norah Turner and also Norah Callingham and Lady Collins, 1905 – 1983)


    Beverly Cohen


    Patricia Kluge (née Rose)


    Charmian Brent (better known as Charmian Biggs)


    David Nalbandian


    April Ashley MBE (born Toni Jamieson)


    Scott Disick


    Andrew Embiricos (1985 – 2011)


    Shireen Ritchie, The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Ritchie (1945 - 2012)


    Eugene Carokis


    Anouska Hempel (Lady Weinberg)


    Joseph "Joey" Barton


    Neil & Christine Hamilton


    Iris Apfel

    Marisa Masters


    Marisa Masters (1925 – 2016)

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    1. Where do you find these all these spoilt, trust-fund kids? Never done a days work in their lives, they need a good three year stint in the Army before they get daddy to fund a play restaurant for them.

      • I have met Will and Calum and they are so far away from what you described. They actually started with very little help and they’ve worked hard to get where they are. Their food is innovative and yet it is still affordable. Before making such a silly remark, David, do some research and take a look at their website.

    2. Love their attitude. Not at all self-important (David has got it so wrong): Their food is affordable yet great. A double entendre of Jamie Oliver at the start of his career I’d say. Their popcorn pheasant, I’m reliably told, is divine!

    3. They were brought up, ‘hunting & fishing. How did the idea for the restaurant come about?
      Calum: We got drunk on a night out in Cirencester and met our now landlord who said he was thinking of setting up a fish and chip shop. He asked if we’d be interested in providing the meat for his fish & chip shop, and I said that we’d be more interested in having our own place.

      He said ok, grabbed the keys and we went and looked around the place while we were quite drunk. It all seemed like quite a good idea, so I gave him my number and said we’d talk about it over a coffee when we were sober and it all went from there !!!!

      This sounds like a fairy tale, Cinderella perhaps, meeting a fairy godmother, while drunk on a night out, who set her up in a restaurant. not the sort of thing that happens to most boys from the local comprehensive is it?

    4. David: Get a life! These boys are cooking wholesome food in creative ways. They’re not spoilt and they’re not living off anyone but themselves. If I lived nearer I’d go to their restaurant. Hope they open in London (preferably Wimbledon soon).

    5. I doubt they will open one in Wimbledon. It sounds as if a friend, or relative, has promised to get them their own TV series, and both brothers have said that that is their ambition. upper middle class boys like them, all want to be in media, and on ‘television’.

    6. I don’t envy them, here in Chelsea we have hundreds of these ‘trust fund kids’. They lead a very privileged lives, and then are given shops etc, and strings are pulled to get them into television.

      I just don’t think we should be publicizing these peoples very shallow lives, when others, just as privileged, do make an effort, joining the services, or doing voluntary overseas aid work, or working in hospitals.

    7. I’m with David on this one. I see that “Claire Zambuni has launched a public-relations and marketing agency – Zambuni Paver – based in central London to cater for the luxury country-lifestyles sector.” The “luxury country-lifestyles” sector, I think, says it all.

      • Claire represents some great British brands and she does it with aplomb. Long established country businesses like A. Hume (a Scottish tailoring business) are amongst them as well as bigger brands like Orvis.

    8. Good evening David, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about my brother and I. However as you have stated your opinion, I feel it’s only fair for me to shed some light on the truths. Neither my brother or I are trust fund boys. My father worked labouring for the age of sixteen and retired at sixty. Also neither myself or my brother attended private school. We set Eat Wild up some time ago, we started with a three meter marque and worked incredibly hard from that day to get to where we are. As for the article you quoted bare in mind that not all you read is true. We started our restaurant on a small business loan from HSBC. If there is anything else you wish me to clarify please feel free to email me, our email is listed on our website
      Kind regards Calum Thompson

      • Thank you for sharing your story Calum. It was a pleasure to meet you at Orvis and I thought the trout you prepared was fantastic. I do hope to come to your restaurant one day and I also hope you open in London soon too. Your hard work is obviously paying off and I think your success is much deserved. Well done.

    9. Of all the fish I think trout is the most overrated….all those bones! It’s seems to me to fall into the same bracket as mackerel(who feed around sewage outlet pipes) and that abomination, the kipper.

    10. Having stopped in for a burger and watched Will working his socks off to keep a packed lunchtime crowd happy (turning away 5 sets of customers as they were so busy), I’ve got to say they’re (a) doing something right and (b) doing the hard work themselves.

    11. Calum ‘Armstrong’ Thompson, more affectation? The quotes were from an interview ‘you gave’, not invented.
      The photo’s of you ‘hunting’, with land rovers, shooting hats, etc are the type of thing I see at ‘Sandringham’, and look nothing like, ‘two working-class boys out shooting’?

      All the ‘connections’ you have show a very privileged background. I am sure I will see you later, as TV presenters, not cooks.

      • David: I think you have made your point (though I am not sure what it is given it does not make sense) so please refrain from further provocative remarks. As I have pointed out and as Mr Thompson has reiterated, these two brothers worked hard to start their business and they should be respected for that.

    12. Good afternoon David, I hope this finds you well. As I said plenty of things can be taken out of context and even miss quoted, as for Land Rovers I have never owned or been lent one. The photo you are referring to was actually a photo shoot we did for a country clothing brand. I also fail to see what relevance my attire has to do with my social class. Furthermore the inverted snobbery you demonstrate quite frankly baffles me. I don’t understand why in a modern civilised society you feel the need to put such enfisis on some one’s class or social standing. Personally I am of the thought that all are equall and should be treated as such. As I said neither of us have had particularly privileged backgrounds however I was lucky to have studied at Cirencester Deer Park School (a state school), the contacts we have are from hard work and good social skills. As for TV it is something we were aproched about and didn’t chase. We are both keen cooks as you said. If we do mange by hardwork to become ‘presenters I do hope you will tune in. Oh and as for my name the Armstrong is a middle name, all the males in my family carry it as a mark of respect for a relative lost in the war.

      Kind regards Calum Thompson


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