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Grim, Gobby Grimes Gone – Bombastic Brexit Bore Darren Grimes Axed By GB News

As ghastly, gobby and grim Darren Grimes gets axed by GB News, we call for the complete cancellation of a bombastic Brexit bore known best for pulling a Diane Abbott in wearing mismatching footwear

Self-declared “Northerner that says it how it is” Darren Grimes fits into the same category as Tom Harwood, Owen Jones and Omid Scobie in terms of being considered utterly irksome. With his nasty nasal twang and a Priti Patel-like use of language when he’s “scramblin’,” “wavin’” and “invadin’,” here is a tedious twerp who made even right-wing viewers of GB News turn off.


Now “abruptly cancelled” – according to Wikipedia – by GB News, Liberal Democrat turned right-wing Brexiteer Grimes took to Twitter on 4th November and declared:


“Sadly, my GB News show, Real Britain, is ending in a few weeks. I want to make its last few episodes on air the best of all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have loyally tuned in and supported me and the channel – it has been the greatest ride of my life!”


Responding on the social media network, most were unsympathetic of the plight of this County Durham born 29-year-old. One observed that GB News had “caused distress to his one viewer” whilst another added: “Good riddance to @Darren_Grimes: A vile racist and sh*t stirrer. May they all tumble, one after the other.”


Whilst Christine Hamilton proved herself a lone voice of support in stating: “You will be much missed” and adding “you will succeed whatever,” the cancellation of the founder of the since disgraced BeLeave campaign is something that has unsurprisingly been widely celebrated. It is now simply time for something else and that is to banish dimwitted Darren Grimes to Siberia for once and for all.


Pictured top – Darren Grimes (left) on a beach with what appears to be a small man running up his arm and a “coming soon” sign behind him; mockery of this “half-witted t***er” is unsurprisingly widespread on social media (right).


Rather like Diane Abbott, here is a tedious twerp who doesn’t appear able to match his footwear. Pictured at his beloved Newcastle United Football Club in a white shoe and a black shoe, Grimes has also been repeatedly subjected to widescale discussion of what he used to get upto whilst in the classroom as a child in year nine. “I’m not messing about,” he whimpered before not doing anything about his accusers.
Mocked widely on social media channels, the now axed GB News presenter is nothing but a disaster and a joke.
The diatribe of drivel that came from the mouth of ‘Grim Grimes’ clearly made viewers of even the right-wing news channel GB News turn off. His “I’m English and I’m damn well proud to be so” message didn’t even resonate with Brexiteers and BNP and EDL fanatics and now it is time that he was simply cancelled permanently.

Darren Grimes on Twitter…

Twitter 1
Though he thought his time presenting ‘Real Britain’ the “greatest ride of my life!” the viewing public clearly felt otherwise and hence GB News unsurprisingly axed this very boring berk.
Twitter 2
His Twitter handle speaks volumes… “Media personality” is hardly the way someone with a viewing audience of just the “mam” he bangs on about so much would be described by anyone with half-a-brain.
Twitter 3
Though ‘Dim Dazzer’ seems to find most of his ‘fans’ on Twitter, he slammed it on the 6th November with the remark: “You virtue signaling cesspit.”
On the 5th November also, one of his videos was unsurprisingly removed from TikTok after it was deemed to be “hate speech.”
Twitter 5
Trying to make out he’d actually had messages offering him “support and encouragement,” on the 5th November ‘Dopey Darren’ declared: “Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop making videos! I’ll be on your screens in some format!” God help the viewing public if that proves true.
Twitter 6
Returning to type a day later, the opinionated oaf took his fury out on those calling him out and childishly branded someone who’d condemned him as “Mr Britain-loathing Liberal Democrat.”
This morning, very predictably, the now axed presenter got very, very, very upset over the cancellation of Boris Johnson’s pet project ‘royal yacht’ replacement by Rishi Sunak’s government. “Could it be that the left just doesn’t like anything associated with Britain?” he whined.

Reaction to ‘Crafty W*nk’ being cancelled and removed from television screens…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.



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