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Where Is Meghan Markle? Where Has The Meddling Menace Duchess of Sussex Vanished To?

Where has the never-normally-far-from-the-limelight meddling menace formerly known as Meghan Markle vanished to?

A woman known normally for displaying more front than Harrods, the deviant diva that is the Duchess of Sussex has literally vanished off the face of the planet. Normally, as she has repeatedly said in the past “always moving together,” the fact that the “like salt and pepper” duo that are her and her hapless husband have not been seen together in weeks is telling.


Said by some to be allowing Prince Harry his own space to promote his tittle-tattling tome Spare, ‘Moaning Meg’ is likely, given the flooding that devastated the surrounding area recently, not at her £14 million Montecito mansion.


Instead, this hard-faced harridan, it has been claimed, could have returned to her old chums from her Suits days in Canada or possibly headed to Washington to begin what she supposedly desires most next – a career in politics. As Prince Harry once said: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” and a frontline role in the Democratic Party is very much on her tick list.


For this former actress, this move would likely, however, come too soon. Presently, even the once loathed and detested Queen Consort, Camilla, is more popular than her in America – with an official poll ranking the former -13 and the latter -8.


Aside from facing upto and settling a lawsuit from her far more sensible sister, Samantha Markle, it might be better for this deranged duchess to do something else. It is time for this alleged former ‘yacht girl’ to Prince Andrew to head off to Siberia and if they’re not divorcing – as some have predicted – she ought to take her seriously stupid sidekick with her; ‘MeGain’ ought to get gone and simply never come back.


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What’s the truth about the stories that abound about the Duchess of Sussex?

  • In November 2021, the duchess was forced to apologise to the Appeal Court in London for making a misleading statement in her privacy case against The Mail on Sunday’s publishers.
  • Her very own father, Thomas, has called out her many untruths about him and others again, again and again.
  • Of her claiming having got married the day before she actually did, Mr Markle stated: “Lying about the archbishop? How can you say: ‘We’ve been married three days before we got married’? Her lies are so obvious, I don’t know why she says them.”
  • Her very own half-sister, Samantha Markle, who is currently bringing a defamation case against her, has called her out as a liar on multiple occasions also. It has been proven that the duchess’s claim that she hasn’t seen her sibling in over 20 years was untrue given a photo of the pair together 14 years ago proves quite to the contrary.
  • Her very own half-brother, Thomas Jr., said of her: “I told Prince Harry, I think she’s going to ruin your life. She’s very shallow… She’s a phony, a bully, a jaded, shallow, conceited woman.”
  • The wife of Prince Harry has been called out on multiple occasions for spinning stories against other members of the royal family, most especially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Staff who’ve worked for her have complained that she is a bully and investigations into this remain ongoing.
  • The Duchess of Sussex is a known manipulator of the press and paparazzis and it has been claimed that she’ll “twist the truth” to get any headline she wants.
  • Questions remain as to how many times she’s actually been married in total. Some say twice, some say thrice.
  • What’s the truth about Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland? Is this clearly equally manipulative woman an honest and decent citizen or is she a jailbird who has spent time in the clink?
  • Did the ‘Montecito Meddler’ meet Prince Andrew or Prince Harry first? Rumours abound that she could have spent time and holidayed with the former as long ago as 2001 and that her claim to have no prior knowledge of the royal family until 2016 is just utter baloney.
  • “Would you trust this woman with a bargepole?” is something often asked of this money motivated minx.


Markus Anderson Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Could the Duchess of Sussex be with her allegedly gay ‘bestie’ Markus Anderson? The Soho House employee is always close to anything murky that is going on with this mendacious minx and he’s undoubtedly the first person she turns to with any problem.
Omid Scobie
Could the wicked wench formerly known as Meghan Markle be with her ever-willing to say anything she tells him PR peddler Omid Scobie? Prince Harry has made out that ‘Finding Freedom’ included clear lies in recent days whilst promoting ‘Spare’ and in response Scobie has clearly begun to turn on his masters. In comments, reported on in the ‘Daily Express,’ the ‘author’ remarked: “In many ways, how can a regular person not have Sussex fatigue at this point? I almost feel it’s like my duty to follow it every step of the way, but I can understand how general members of the public have just had enough of hearing about the royal dramas in general. I sympathise with the Sussexes in some ways, because they’re only now getting to join the story at this very late stage. For many years, they weren’t able to share their side. They watched others try and tell versions of it or they sat back and watched things reported about them that they didn’t agree with or didn’t feel were a fair representation of themselves. So now they’ve come in with their versions of events, with their stories and are filling in the gaps that we didn’t know about. But of course, it comes after years and years of coverage. So, I think people are starting to get a little tired of the story in general.”
Doria Ragland
Could the deranged diva Duchess of Sussex and her mouthy mother Doria Ragland be hiding out in Canada or could she be spinning herself into the world of politics in Washington even? The truth is always stranger than fiction with ‘MeGain’ and God only knows what this psycho will do next.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


    • Joan,I heard that too. I’m also hearing she’s in Canada! The thing we know for certain about that piece of trash is,she goes for money and white men. She has NEVER even dated a black man. Oopsie, it would appear that trashy mattress actress is the actual racist!🤔

  1. Oh how exciting…we could all use more tacky behavior . Harry will have to settle for watching her on Canadian television. It is hard to imagine any sane man touching her with a ten foot pole. Someone with a death wish….

  2. “She has NEVER even dated a black man.” Lottie, this isn’t accurate. Joshua Silverstein was MM’s first boyfriend. They dated for many years. He’s clearly a black man or a biracial man with a very strong black mixture. He has appeared on Lorraine’s show many times. He speaks very highly of her and said she asked him out. She was attracted to him.They dated for 5 years, he wasn’t rich or white. There’s an enormous gap between the truth and the clickbait written about MM. Feb 2017 The Sun, Miss Meghan Markle-An Apology-The Sun. This is a British newspaper apologizing for publishing fake news. It’s vital to fact check our media on ALL MM stories.

  3. I don’t see anything unusual about a couple doing separate and joined projects together. Prince Harry was absent from Meghan’s podcast project. She’s absent from Spare which is his project. Perfectly understandable.What I do find weird is the BM’s obsession on the whereabouts of a woman who live in another country
    and is no longer tax funded by Brits. KM takes a lot of tax money but only completed 90 engagements last year. This means she was missing from work for 275 days. Did the British media write about the whereabouts of this lazy freeloading parasite? Where was lazy Katie for 275 days? Double standards?

  4. .Meghan asks everyone out…she is hardly demure or poised…that’s one of her problems …she not only lacks classic qualities …she has no idea what they are…she is making a fool out of poor emotionally crippled Harry…hard to watch…

    • Jane, very well stated. She’s merely a social climbing, stalkerish, 💩!! Just rich trash! I think her karma could be hitting her this year.



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