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Rot In Hell Rolf – Rolf Harris Should Only Be Remembered As A Nasty Nonce

As his death is announced, Matthew Steeples joins those hoping that rotten Rolf Harris goes to rot in hell; his innocent victims – as young as just 7 years old – can now have the closure they so deserve

Having encountered both him and his weirder-than-weird wife on several occasions and having come to know several individuals he so disgustingly abused, it is not hard for me to join those taking – at the very least – relief at the death of the convicted paedophile Rolf Harris.


Nasty nonce Harris – whose other ‘victims’ effectively included individuals I’ve spoken with who bought his ‘art’ thinking it would form part of their pension funds (some of whom subsequently just burnt it) – supposedly died two weeks ago at his riverside home, ‘Highlands’ in Bray, Berkshire. He had ‘suffered’ a long and no doubt painful end, was fed by a tube and ultimately died of neck cancer and “frailty of old age” watched on by his dippy Alzheimer’s disease suffering wife, Alwen Hughes.


Aside from having met Harris and his wife at ritzy London parties and dined at the next table to him on occasions at Noor Jahan restaurant in Bina Gardens, SW5 – he terrified a young Australian girl in my party; she described him as a “creepy old letch” – I began to learn of the antics of this evil monster in the early 2010s and was contacted by victims of his as early as 2011.


Subsequently, I was amongst the first to report on the allegations made against him and, when he was first accused, recall going on BBC radio programmes to discuss the matter. In the early days, there was widespread disbelief that this supposed ‘national treasure’ known for working in amongst other things children’s television could be in the league of Jimmy Savile, but ultimately this vile Australian import was quite rightly convicted of abusing girls as young as just seven years old.


Harris, however, maintained his supporters and many bombarded me regularly. In a tirade of messages on Facebook in February 2016, for example, Ivan Godfrey – a man with a tendency for also sharing posts by the racist group Britain First and one of over 3,600 loopy people to have supported a disgraceful petition that seeks to free Harris – told me:


“I read your stupid irresponsible comment on Rolf Harris… Harris was sent down with NO EVIDENCE, by a corrupt imbecile of a judge, a corrupt jury and hammered by a vile corrupt government laky [sic] of a prosecutor Wass. You are obviously the sort of creep that has turned a once Great Britain into a cesspit”.


My response was simple: “You have the right not to read our content so please exercise that.”


Prison did not change Harris and in September 2014, this dedicated lover of Indian cuisine – who according to the Mail Online, “enjoyed eating curried lobster and roast quail as part of his pre-prison diet” – complained that he was having to “make do” with the food at HMP Bullingdon. He reportedly lost a stone as he “[did] not like the taste” of what he [was] being fed.”


Just a month prior, in August 2014 Harris seemed to be in better spirits and at the time, The Mirror reported he’d been handing out chocolate bars to fellow inmates and “thus affectionately became known as ‘Willy Wonka.’ The paper also claimed that the 84-year old also gave away sketches to those that queued outside his cell and that he had taken up dominoes.


Several deservedly unsuccessful attempts to overturn his convictions followed and when that didn’t work his daughter Bindi Nicholls – a woman who’d for a time disowned him, but who clearly came back looking to ensure she got a good chunk of the disgraced entertainer’s supposed £11 million fortune – decided she’d write a book about him in October 2018.


At the time, the Daily Star on Sunday revealed that Miss Nicholls “herself stooped to a new low in deciding to write a book about this monster’s life.” In notes for such a tome seen by the paper, Nicholls outlined her ‘plan.’ Comments included:


“Does this mean my father has suddenly found sex at the age of 87? Good for him I say. I hope I’m still thinking of sex at that age! He can barely run or get upstairs so it is great he can get the energy to fantasise at least!”


“How many Page Three models are over the age of 20? How many people have looked at Britney Spears in the video of her dressed in schoolgirl outfits?”


“Well I can tell you dad is no sexual predator, he is no murderer or kiddy fiddler!”


“Dad is from the age of Benny Hill, Carry On films. He is Australian – which was pretty male chauvinist in those days – that is the era he is from, so sometimes he says non-PC jokes.”


“He loves a flirt, which he does very openly, much to my embarrassment, but I have met many a man from my dad’s generation like that.”


“It’s harmless and you know it doesn’t lead anywhere. Dad loves to give compliments to women so they feel good, for no other reason!”


In his latter years – aside from bizarrely turning up at school to wave at children and wandering around Maidenhead in soiled clothing – the “health [of Rolf Harris supposedly] took a turn for the worse after the sudden death of his beloved poodle.” He is now thanfully brown bread and, given he was cremated, there’ll thankfully be no grave for his remaining ghoulish ‘fans’ to worship him at. This morning, my thoughts are with the victims of this repugnant rotter; may they now finally have closure and may rotten-to-his-core Rolf Harris rot in hell.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Yesterday on Twitter as news of his death was announced, Matthew Steeples issued a poll asking: “Will you mourn death of evil paedophile Rolf Harris? Equally, do you think his daughter Bindi Nicholls will come out of woodwork to claim his £££?” Still live by 10:45am on Wednesday 24th May 2024, the very, very clear majority of respondents (83.1%) not so unsurprisingly favoured the answer: “No; let him burn in hell.”

Reactions to the announcement of the death of Rolf Harris…

Gutter Girls… The worst verse penned by Rolf Harris (30th May 1930 – 10th May 2023)

Harris, it must be remembered, was a monster who showed no remorse for what he did to his victims – whom called out his actions as having “destroyed their childhood innocence” and left them feeling “grubby, dirty and disgusting.” In 2015, this awful Australian penned a sordid ‘song’ in which he described them as “slimy little woodworms.” Sickly titled Gutter Girls – which in itself was illustrative of the true character of this evil rat – it went as follows:


Climb up out of the woodwork babe

From forty years ago,

The climate’s great in Britain now

For making loads of dough

You’ve festered down there long enough,

Time’s right to grab your chance

Clap eyes on a rich celebrity

And make the bastard dance



Make him squirm, slimy little woodworm

Make him squirm, squirm, squirm

Sink your claws right in to the hilt, don’t let him go


(Group) NO! NO!


Make him burn, burn, burn

Slimy little woodworm, make him burn

Get your fifty-years-old hooks into his dough


(Group) GO BABY GO


That old bandwagon you crawled out of

(rotten to the core)

Conceals a host of foul accusers,

Twenty maybe more

My guess is they’ll slide after you

All following your stench,

Perhaps you believe you’re pretty still

Some perfumed sultry wench



“Make him squirm”,

I can hear you singing

“Make him squirm, squirm, squirm:

Just imagine all of the money waiting there


(Group) OH YEAH!

Make him burn, burn, burn

Come and join the feeding frenzy girls,

Don’t miss out, come on and join me for your share




Rotten Rolf’s riverfront lair – Highlands, Fishery Road, Bray, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1UP is supposedly worth circa £5 million and has been owned by the Harris family for six decades; in August 2017 the ‘Daily Mail’ reported that neighbours were “selling up their homes disgust after [the paedophile Rolf Harris] returned from prison.”
Rotten Rolf’s dirty dinners – Prior to his conviction Harris and his weird looking wife used to enjoy consuming curries at Malik’s Tandorri House in Cookham. Whether he returned after leaving preison with “dear friend” Amanda Plattell, for example, is unknown, but if he had, he’d likely have found his local Member of Parliament Theresa – now Lady – May at an adjoining table.
Rolf Harris Boris Johnson Queen Elizabeth II
Rotten Rolf’s circle of influence – This evil man got to hang out with everyone from the late Queen Elizabeth II to Boris Johnson; just like his chum Sir Jimmy Savile here was a deviant who realised that infiltrating the circles of the great and the good was key to getting away with his evil antics.
In February 2020, Twitter users reacted angrily to a forcible deportation flight bound for Jamaica by arguing that it was wrong that the convicted paedophile Rolf Harris was not put on such a flight back to Australia after his release from prison in May 2017. Sadly, such an idea never came to fruition, but here we picture the monster with his equally off-the-scale weird chum Sir Cliff Richard.
Rolf Harris boat to prison July 2014
On the day he was sent down on 4th July 2014, Rolf Harris tried unsuccessfully to evade photographers by leaving his home by boat. To the very end, this ratbag thought everything “just a bit of a laugh.”
A binbagged berk – Rolf Harris pictured arriving at his Berkshire home with a binbag full of his possesions on 19th May 2017 after leaving Her Majesty’s Prison Stafford earlier that morning.
Bindi Nicholls Rolf Harris
In May 2015, joining cranks demanding the release of her father on a Change,org petition, Rolf Harris’ daughter Bindi Nicholls remarked: “Rolf Harris is my father, I have known him all my life, he is a kind sweet, honest man on stage and off. He has worked tirelessly all his life to bring joy, laughter, inspiration and happiness to all he meets. He is a workaholic, work is his priority and he lives to entertain. I have never witnessed him being interested on [SIC] children in that way, EVER. In public he is more interested in getting groups of people singing or telling jokes than sculking [sic] off with one person, he is just nothing like the man the press have been portraying him to be. All of his dear friends are shocked and desperately upset that he has been tarred by the propaganda out there. He has been swept up in a witch hunt because of his high profile and celebrity! A total travesty at his age”.
In what was a very clear attempt to justify the actions of her monster father, Rolf Harris’ deranged daughter Bindi Nicholls was highlighted as writing a book supposedly titled BinVincible in October 2016. An excerpt leaked to The Sun, this crazy woman was said to complain about her father’s paintings being removed from galleries and remarked: “I watched a programme about Picasso’s wives and how he fell in love with this girl who became his muse and secret lover at the age of about 14 to 15. They waited until she was 16 and then got married and were married for years. Do we now take all of his paintings from the galleries and burn them and denounce him as an artist and forget he ever painted? Because Picasso was a paedophile.” Going further, of one of Harris’ victims, Miss Nicholls specifically commented: “She loved drinking, she was a great drinker, which she inherited from her drinking family. Yes, my father should have been stronger, should have had better boundaries. He should have said no. He was married and he was the older wiser of the two, this was my best friend so that was also a no-go area, but he didn’t say no, they both loved the danger and the secrecy, and don’t forget this flirtation went on for twenty odd years, but they only had actual sex twice.”
Rolf Harris was quite deservedly described as a “Jekyll and Hyde character” at his trial in 2014. Here, he is pictured with his wife Alwen Hughes, daughter Bindi Nicholls and another relative; the fact that he needed so much security was indicative of how utterly detested he had finally and most deservedly become.
Rolf Harris Sir Jimmy Savile
As with many of their type, paedophile Rolf Harris was friendly with fellow monsters including Sir Jimmy Savile. Here they are seen “sharing a joke” and “grinning creepily at each other” as the Australian ‘artist’ painted the abuser of even corpses and here they are also appearing on a television programme with an innocent little girl.
Harris also had the support of some truly strange sorts – amongst them a twisted Twitter user going by the name of Lizzie Cornish (who raged on her now suspended Twitter handle: “ROLF HARRIS IS INNOCENT! I’m a woman pissed off by Lying Women”) and the convicted criminal ‘pop paedophile’ Jonathan King. Another, Kris Finch from Liverpool, remarked in 2015: “I have spent the past 50 years collecting Rolf Harris memorabilia, that collection was my pension and unless Rolfy is pardoned it’s worthless.”
In July 2014, Conservative MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell was rightly condemned for having a photograph for having posted a picture of himself “grinning” with Rolf Harris on his Facebook page a month after the later convicted paedophile was first questioned by police in November 2012. The right-wing ranting Tory responded by whining: “I will try and take it down. I don’t know how to take it down to be honest.” He later bleated: “People better not be photographed with anyone in case they become future criminals.”
Soiled clothing Rolf Harris
In September 2020, ‘The Steeple Times’ reported on the filthy paedo pest pounding the pavements of Maidenhead in soiled clothing after previously being snapped in February 2019 waving at children in a playground whilst “hobbling along on a walking stick.” Clearly, this provided illustration that the ‘Two Little Boys’ singer had well and truly let himself go and was well into a stage of mental illness.
That the convicted child abuser paedophile Rolf Harris “[hated] the noise” of children seemed most perplexing given his February 2019 visit to the Oldfield Primary School in Maidenhead, Berkshire to “wave” at children. One can only surmise that this noxious nonce did protest too much; he was subsequently given a warning about his frankly weird and creepy behaviour but should really have been recalled to jail many observed.
Bizarrely there are still people out there who seek to defend and justify the twisted antics of the now late criminal sex offender. Amongst them are individuals going by the names of William B. Merritt and Mark Walker. The book by the former of the two, a private investigator, came out remarkably in May 2022 in paperback format and shockingly attempted to claim the Australian abuser innocent and his very much-deserved convictions “sinister.” Sickeningly Merritt went as far to allege: “Harris had no chance. Rolf was an entertainer he was a kind, artistic man who had spent most of his relying on others to manage and organise his working life. He had no experience in the rough and tumble world.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Great article, Matthew and I enjoyed your conversation with Shaun on Attwood Unleashed 101 today. Sure would be great to catch these pedos long before they die, but at least Rolf won’t be harming anyone anymore.

  2. I so wish there was a way to change the attitude of protecting these people just because they are rich and famous or because they can make someone else rich and famous. If I ruled the world things would be very different. Growing up in Australia with RH on the TV only to find out what a filthy pervert he was, was such a betrayal of trust. Media and political outlets need to issue a public statement of intent/ code of conduct to expose/ report these people as they are discovered.

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