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The Montecito Meddler – Omid Scobie Strikes Again

As PR peddler for the ‘House of Montecito’ Omid Scobie again “rants” about the royals, all this one-time mate of the not so glamorous glamour model Jodie Marsh does is show himself up

“Whether you are a royalist or not, Her Majesty deserves better than this” droned the pugnaciously predictable PR-peddler-not-a-credible-journalist Omid Scobie in what has been branded an “800-word rant” by The Daily Express’s Jon King.


Peppered with quotes from unnamed sources – who could, quite frankly, very easily be invented – the mendacious minx formerly known as Meghan Markle’s personal scribbler and ‘friend,’ as always, referenced himself to be something of an expert on the royal “beat” in a feature for the decidedly out-of-date Yahoo! News. He made out that those making a “fuss” about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex not appearing on Buckingham Palace’s balcony during next month’s Platinum Jubilee have got it wrong and suggested the real reason is to “keep a certain disgraced royal [Prince Andrew] at bay.”


“Makes sense to me” added Scobie – who also remarked of “pot-stirring polls” about people threatening to boo the drip that is Prince Harry and his ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ wife and pointedly stated: “I suppose his recent multi-million settlement with a woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her at 17 years old is nothing compared to the audacity of two people who moved abroad” – before he declared: “It’s the sections of media hellbent on joyriding the focus towards soap opera-style drama and embellished tales.”


Perhaps, instead, this one-time sidekick of the not so glamorous glamour model Jodie Marsh – a plastic not fantastic creosoted creature who once declared she wanted to get married in a fetish ceremony in a dungeon – should take a look in the mirror. It is his tittle-tattling tome, Finding Freedom, that is the book that will go down in history as nothing but “embellished tales” and it is avoiding the damage that the nonsense he spins that the Queen “deserves better than this” of instead.


Pictured top (from left to right) – The Duchess of Sussex back in her days as a lowbrow actress in ‘Suits’ in a clinch with ‘co-star’ Patrick J. Adams; boob exposing ‘glamour model’ Jodie Marsh and PR peddling pillock Omid Scobie.


Jodie Marsh
Like his puppet mistress the Duchess of Sussex, the ‘Finding Freedom’ co-author is not keen for anyone to know his past. His days hanging around in lowbrow nightclubs with glamour models will, however, forever haunt this anything but a genuine journalist. Instead this peddler of poison about good people, such as Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’), are what Omid Scobie will rightly be remembered for. Shame on him.
Finding Freedom
‘Finding Freedom’ will not be remembered for its accuracy. It will, instead, be listed as a bargain bucket bag of bilge that represented nothing but a clear attack on the actual hardworking, dedicated members of the royal family.
Meghan Markle naked
Whilst Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will forever be lauded as a wonderful lady of style, substance and service, the Duchess of Sussex will simply be remembered as a ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ who cares only about money, fame and power. This decidedly deviant diva has turned her pathetic husband into a drip and she has made herself nothing but an international laughing stock. Her treatment of others –most especially her father and siblings – has been nothing but shocking and her audacity has been simply beyond the pale.
The fact that people make videos titled “Omid Scobie freaks me out!” about says it all of this tedious tittle-tattling twerp. Here is a megamouth-not-a-man who does not follow the journalistic code of citing stories with evidence. Here instead is a feckless fool who likes to reference sources unnamed and in doing so just thus proves himself to be nothing but a galavanting gossiper. If anyone truly deserves “cancelling,” here is the very finest example available currently.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Joan loves you but I’m screwed-up British unable to show
    emotion so I’m just very fond of you. Is that enough?

  2. This just made my Sunday even brighter! Amid Scabies, as Lady C refers to him makes me want to hurl. If things were to truly go south for him does he actually think ole Meghan would defend him? She’d be on the from pages saying Omid Who? Both of them are nausea worthy!

    • Why is there a distinct lack of snaps of these two supposed friends together? Why doesn’t the Duchess of Sussex want to be snapped with her chum Omid Scobie? Why did she have to apologise for forgetting her cooperation with his book? What have this pair got to hide?

  3. I too believe you are too kind! I’m kind of concerned that he is inciting a heck of a lot of hatred towards the royal family and to some extent the UK, I feel it does fall under indirect harassment and he should really be investigated. The more I read about him the more unpleasant he comes across. I never really supported either side in all this but he is doing Markle no favours.

  4. As they say, creeps gonna creep. Please pardon. me if, I just thought insulted creeps. Lol

    Just HAD to add this post script.

    I LOVE Yankee Wally!!

  5. 89.5 million is what we payed to the royal family last year. We currently have about 1 in 5 children who suffer from food shortages. We have old women riding buses to stay warm. We have a wealthy family that lives in tax funded mansions and one is a rapist. I prefer the “low brow actress.” At least she earned her money.

  6. Hi Matthew, any idea what’s going on with Yankee Wally possibly getting conned by Fiona “the Cat” “Britain’s most wanted and Graham “the Baron” Heckseth pretending to be lawyers using a bogus GW Law International LTD that was just formed in May 2022. Poor Wally she never gets a break.

    • I have no knowledge of Sadie Quinlan being “conned” and the messages I have received from her have all been rather positive to be honest. She is a dynamo and pretty tough I’d suggest.

  7. Great article again! I love the fact that Omids shortcomings are not lost on Matthew Steeples.
    Sharp as a tack is our Matthew. He misses nothing and yet manages to turn this utter Royal mess into a funny witty piece that dismisses scobie as the snarky snivelling plastic not-so-fantastic nasty nuisance that he is.
    And what really annoys me is that he contacts the police and makes complaints about me, trying to say im a fixated stalker of meghan Markle.
    What a waste of precious police time! I can hardly walk far! I’m hardly a stalker and my ‘fixation’ is nothing more than a sense of duty to my Royal family. They have been publicly embarrassed by a person, the likes of which they probably didn’t know existed! The Royal family need to know the truth. And if they know the truth, ( surrogacy x 2) then it’s time to come clean and remove those children from the line of succession as per Royal protocol. Avid and the Baron & GWLaw are all different people. Avid Gardner is a Royal fan. Graham ( The Baron) is her husband. They live in Gibraltar. GWLaw are a firm of solicitors that are based in Stockholm (Sweden)
    I have a great friendship with Avid and The Baron, and I have a very good business relationship with GW Law. Most of my friends and business acquaintances are people with integrity & intelligence. I always choose wisely. (Debbie Hill) thank you, but please don’t worry about me! I am grateful for your concern. But right now, I’m extremely hopeful and very happy! Chow Amigos!

    • Sadie,
      Please start to take responsibility for your actions. CB, OS and MM didn’t force you to violate Twitter and YT’s rules. You made that choice. Please stop asking your fans for donations. This has always been about money. This is why you chose prostitution/ brothel madam for a living. Quick and easy money. The real victims in your life are the women you exploited. Your daughter has also suffered. She has labeled you a “liar, whore.” Twitter, YT have all banned your hate for profit con games. Your 15 minutes is expired. Do better!

      • If you don’t like Sadie Quinlan’s views, perhaps stop watching her videos. No one is forcing you to watch and there are plenty of other things that you could turn your attentions to. I personally find ‘Yankee Wally’ refreshing and honest and spot on about the wicked wench formerly known as Meghan Markle. Next!

        • Good morning Matthew,
          Did Sadie violate Twitter’s and YT’s rules? Did she agree to those policies?Did she receive many warnings before she was banned? Is she responsible for her actions?

          • Seems you are having a go at Sadie without knowing the facts – YT did the editing of the videos and passed them to upload, that means their staff found no problems – on Twitter all she did was say what she believed, no threats, hate or anything that I have seen from many others attacking her and yet able to still be there. Those who gave out her personal data are all still around yet she was removed – it was the hired bully Bouzy and the paid sugars all reporting on behalf of NutMeg and Harry BooBoo. These people are vile and yet still able to post – along with plastic Scobie and the man who looks like a flasher Sexton – all on the payroll to abuse – and trying to push Sadie into topping herself

        • YES! Right on Matthew!! These bateful.anti Yankee Wally fans act like they are SO perfect. Btw, all those outstanding people (sarc), are monetizing their sites. Wouldn’t ya just love it if they,were as open about their past transgressions as our beloved Wally? Seems as Mr CBS’s daughter, had a few not so nice things to say about him. They’re always trolling Wally’s fan sites. Hopefully one day they will learn we don’t care about wa!ly’s personal life,past or present.

          I Love & Support Yankee Wally!!

  8. Sadie,trust me. H&M & the SS are not fooling us in the US either. We were onto them as soon as the Oprah interview.. Actually, a great many of us caught on with that farce of a wedding.

    Hang in there Sadie. You have tons of love & support ALL over the World!

    Love & blessings,
    Lottie from Oklahoma U S A

  9. Well let’s see Susan. Since the strange ginger Prince got with your precious actress, it would appear they have turned on both sides of their families. What a strange person to side with. I wonder why & who had lots of info scrubbed from
    the internet about your MEgain. Hmmm One does wonder
    You have a good day now.

    I love & support Yankee wally &,try as you will,nothing you SS say or do will change our minds. As they say in the southern US. Bless your heart

  10. Never been a member of the SS, not a MM supporter. My comments were in reference to the cost of the monarchy. I think these resources should go to the people. Not millionaires. Take a look at fuel, food prices, increase in cost of living, rise in food banks.


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