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Moron of the Moment 2022 – Maniac PR Peddler Omid Scobie

In yet again making it all about his anything but sorry self and tittle-tattling about his delusional worries about his personal security, the PR peddler for the Duchess of Sussex that is the maniac Omid Scobie yet again shows himself as nothing but a prized pillock and prat

Some people make it their life’s work to laud those that do good whilst others make it their life’s work to bring down those that behave improperly. In many ways both sets of people – and some fall into both categories variously – are to be celebrated, but then there are those that simply have to connect anything to their not at all relevant in any way to anything narrative’s to themselves.


Unsurprisingly yet again showing himself as the ultimate example of such yesterday, the rotten-to-his-core PR peddler for the Duchess of Sussex that is the maniac Omid Scobie turned a story about who ought to pay for royal security into a fantasy about his worries about his own personal security.


In a rabid rant for Yahoo! News, the – just like the deranged duchess he so toadily cosies up to – the one-time mate of the glamour model Jodie Marsh whinged and whined and then whimpered:


“I witness a lot myself, too. Thanks to a never-ending stream of false tabloid tales calling me the couple’s ‘close friend’ or ‘spokesman,’ I regularly receive an extension of their online threats. The messages range from extreme racism to disturbingly violent scenes involving the likes of dismemberment, car accidents and rape. They always get forwarded to the police.”


Deservedly called out on many an occasion by amongst others The Steeple Times favourite Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’), the leading apologist for the drippy Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed earlier this month that he’d be dribbling out more drivel on behalf of the delusional duo in a new book to be published by Harper Collins.


Clearly aimed at countering the deserved hatchet job done by Tom Bower’s Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors, this as yet untitled tittle-tattling trash, according to its avaricious author, will focus on “a new chapter of the royal story and feature unique insight, deep access and exclusive revelations… [that will] have the world talking.”


Desperate to scavenge anything he can from the car wreck that is the frankly increasingly boring ‘story’ of the modern day ‘Mr and Mrs Wallis Simpson,’ Scobie should (but of course won’t) finally realise one thing: The world’s laughing at this ludicrous arse-licker and not with him and his birdbrained bosses. It’s time all three of them did something else: It’s high time the lot of them bloody well bogged off.


Prince Harry security
“The safety of others should never be up for debate” pontificated the ‘Finding Freedom’ author whilst sharing his latest bag of bilge. He pompously ended: “Reinstate Harry’s security at his own expense – before it’s too late.” Clearly a crackpot crazy conspiracy theorist, what does this berk expect to happen to the couple he has made a career out of arselicking? A car crash? Murder at the Montecito mansion Manson style? Them eaten alive by a lion?
In August 2020, the ‘Daily Mail’ shared that plastic-not-fantastic Omid previously worked at gossip magazine ‘Heat’ and partied with the ‘glamour model’ Jodie Marsh. They mentioned how somebody had “airbrushed” Meghan Markle’s “entry on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia… to include more flattering details days before her romance with Prince Harry became public” and illustrated the ‘Finding Freedom’ author’s “drastic transformation” in two very different photographs. Maniac Scobie is someone who most definitely would like his past forgotten, but here again we remind him that he’s actually just a two-faced twerp.
Fake Followers
An analysis of maniac Omid Scobie’s Twitter feed clearly shows that a large proportion of his followers are a bit like himself: FAKE.
Illustrating his clearly delusional desperation for attention, the ‘Finding Freedom’ author recently took to Twitter to declare: “Know that if I’m quiet at the moment, it’s because I’m busy writing – (and it feels so nice to be able to finally admit that!)… I’m always watching though.” Who on earth does this blabbering bozo think he is? MI5?
Richard Eden
On 4th August, the day the wicked wench formerly known as Meghan Markle turned maybe 41 or maybe 45, the both witty and wise ‘Daily Mail’ diarist Richard Eden tweeted: “Happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex, who’s 41 today, or as Omid Scobie would put it, 31. #MeghanMarkle.”

Can anyone solve a problem like ‘MeGain’?

  • In November 2021, the duchess was forced to apologise to the Appeal Court in London for making a misleading statement in her privacy case against The Mail on Sunday’s publishers.
  • Her very own father, Thomas, has called out her many untruths about him and others again, again and again.
  • Of her claiming having got married the day before she actually did, Mr Markle stated: “Lying about the archbishop? How can you say: ‘We’ve been married three days before we got married’? Her lies are so obvious, I don’t know why she says them.”
  • Her very own half-sister, Samantha, who is currently bringing a defamation case against her, has called her out as a liar on multiple occasions also. It has been proven that the duchess’s claim that she hasn’t seen her sibling in over 20 years was proven untrue when a photo of the pair 13 years ago emerged.
  • Her very own half-brother, Thomas Jr., said of her: “I told Prince Harry, I think she’s going to ruin your life. She’s very shallow… She’s a phony, a bully, a jaded, shallow, conceited woman.”
  • The former Meghan Markle has been called out on multiple occasions for spinning stories against other members of the royal family, most especially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Staff who’ve worked for her have complained that she is a bully and investigations into this remain ongoing.
  • The Duchess of Sussex is a known manipulator of the press and paparazzis and it has been claimed that she’ll “twist the truth” to get any headline she wants.
  • Questions remain as to how many times she’s actually been married in total. Some say twice, some say thrice. Any answer to such allegations, ‘MeGain’?
  • Who did this wicked wench meet first? Prince Andrew or Prince Harry?
  • Was the Duchess of Sussex ever associated in any way with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in the 2000s and 2010s?
  • What exactly defines the relationship between the Duchess of Sussex and Omid Scobie and Markus Anderson? Is it social, financial or is there something more to it?
  • “Would you trust this woman with a bargepole?” is something often asked of this money motivated minx.


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. It figures that Meghan would be chomping at the bit to get “her version” of her story out after Tom Bower’s book. We also all knew who the author had to be. The main person who will write whatever he’s told to write whether it’s the truth or a lie. I’m betting I know what this next book will be full of, lol.

  2. I am sure that the British tax payer on whom the bill will fall are not willing to foot the cost of a man who has trashed their country and left to live elsewhere. A country where people are frantically trying to find money for horrendous fuel bills and looking for ways to cope with the forecast recession. How can a privileged, wealthy resident of the United States have the nerve. Harry, I am ashamed of what you have become.

  3. This book of fairy tales will fail too. Mattie just can’t help herself. Really don’t like to talk badly about someone’s appearance but, with the millions she’s worth, she never wears anything that looks good on her. Mattie,get yourself a new fashion designer. I’ve always admired Catherine.. She looks great in everything she wears.


  4. Whether this is true or not, I make no claims.

    The idiot subject of this article is (allegedly) being financed by the other idiots who live over the water.

    I had come across that bit of ‘news’ about six months ago on youtube.

  5. The question about whether or not Megsey was affiliated with Epstein or his Madame, Ghislaine, should be expanded to include alleged NXIVM, “financier,” Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman. It’s alleged the group was part of several in the sexual blackmail business had been seeking a bi-racial woman to marry Harry & place her close enough to Prince Andrew’s inner circle as to FORCE him into doing what they wanted – or else. (Looks like he chose the, “or else!”). Did she volunteer for such a NEFARIOUS plot & then go rogue & turn it into a global spectacle???

    The, “opportunity” for this plot allegedly came from Prince Charles allegedly wanting to start to make the royal family more diverse in line with the changing demographics of England & the Commonwealth in general. The group snatched up this opportunity, allegedly, and the first woman approached turned them down, too much integrity.

    That’s when a desperate Meghan Markle, on her way of being written OUT of her only major acting gig allegedly VOLUNTEERED to take that, “job.” Allegedly, her, *’Bag-a-Prince”* plot was announced, carelessly, allegedly, in the soon to be closed online brag blog, The Tig. Oh, CV of only she realized the internet never forgets!!!

  6. Just to clarify, Harry was chosen to marry a bi-racial woman because he was the last, remaining, UNMARRIED SENIOR ROYAL in Charles’ plan for a
    * slimmed down* Monarchy.

    The last part has an auto spell check insertion of a CV that is random and a change from “if” to “of.” Don’t you love auto spell check?

  7. SCOOBIE literally cannot see clearly anymore, his eyes are covered in the haze he gets from having his head up MM’s ahole most of the day and all of the night. He yelled at me on Instagram. I’m so proud.

  8. We wish Low IQ Harry would leave the U S too.
    To be honest, I’m not sure who is despised more here in America,Haz or mattie aka (mattress actress,alleged😂). Personally I’m sick & tired of their tyrannical antics. Sad to see my country be turned upside down by tyrants. The guilty get set free &, the innocent are targeted & framed. Anywho,Haz still needs protection for when Mattie rages.


  9. Haha,good one Megain Hater. I saw where someone challenged him on Twitter about HIS upcoming book. We all know ole Mattie is scripting every word. I see old crypto scammer is still getting people banned,or claims he is. He is a sorry pile of 💩,much like Eh, Os & the SS.


  10. By the time Megs has finished dictating her new novel to Scoobie, she will be the great granddaughter of the surviving twin experimented on by Mengele in Auschwitz who escaped, leading 30 barefoot, emaciated children through winter in the mountains, to freedom in France. She later received both the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes, was psychic, and foresaw that her reason for existence was to produce a grandchild named Meghan who would lead the world to peace and prosperity as an adored, revered and worshipped Queen. Space travel will likely be in there somewhere too.

  11. If this creature REALLY wanted to write a book, he should explore his own journey into body dysmorphia and self-hatred that would lead him to mutilate his own face to the extent he has. The fact he has obviously BLEACHED his skin several shades lighter than is natural is perhaps the bigger clue to his self esteem issues.

  12. Omid uses those fake accounts too. The things he says about the Cambridges is just vile. He even picks on their kids. Question is how is he allowed to spread so much hate on S.M.

  13. I was feeling quite down today (detest estate agents) but you lot have cheered me up immensely. I hurt from laughing. Please carry on the great work.

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