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Samantha Markle Slams Sister – Interview with Shaun Attwood, Jennifer Hopkins and Matthew Steeples

Ninety-minute interview with Samantha Markle watched by over 40,000 since premiering 13 hours ago; in it the Duchess of Sussex’s sister slams both her and her husband Prince Harry

Fresh from having shared several stories with The Steeple Times in recent weeks, the sensible sister of the murky meddler formerly known as Meghan Markle gave a 1:31-minute interview on Friday evening on Shaun Attwood’s YouTube channel.


In it, Matthew Steeples and Jennifer Hopkins joined Attwood for a wide-ranging chat with Samantha Markle that delved into the fallout from Prince Harry’s tittle-tattling tome Spare. Markle spoke via telephone and didn’t mince her words and whilst Attwood and Hopkins calmly moderated, Steeples added a somewhat ‘refreshed’ perspective with some punchy questions and observations.


Beginning with a focus on the book that most would rather be actually ‘spared’ from, other topics included numbered the situation created by Marlene Headley (AKA ‘Ngozi Fulani’) with Lady Susan Hussey and her charity being under investigation by the Charity Commission. Allegations about the Duke of Sussex being involved in an incident in Jamaica, Christopher Bouzy and Omid Scobie’s PR peddling and those lies about Air New Zealand tickets were also touched upon.


Commenting afterwards, viewer Tracey Reed observed: “This is the most forthright interview I’ve seen with Samantha yet.” Another, going by the pseudonym ‘Ten Ten,’ added: “Samantha Markle is so well spoken and articulate. She delivers such complexity in such a clear manner. It’s evident that she’s a very intelligent person and a very genuine person.”


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Pictured Top – Samantha Markle with her sister Meghan in happier times prior to the latter ghosting her birth family.


Follow Shaun Attwood on Twitter at @shaunattwood and Samantha Markle at @_SammyMarkle. Follow Jennifer Hopkins on Instagram at @jenhopkins88.


Shaun Attwood’s YouTube channel has over 744,000 subscribers and though any video uploaded there tends to trend as a result, that this particular episode has attracted over 40,000 views in just 13 hours is telling of the interest in the saga of Prince Harry and his decidedly deviant other half.
Separately in a poll yesterday, Matthew Steeples asked his Twitter followers: “Where is Meghan Markle hiding out?” The majority response thus far from the 400 who’ve voted are of the belief that she is back in Canada. It remains to be seen if that is the case and what this currently very unusually and strangely silent woman will do next.
Jennifer Hopkins and Shaun Attwood
Jennifer Hopkins and Shaun Attwood took the lead in questioning Samantha Markle in an interview conducted by telephone on Friday evening and premiered at 9pm on Sunday 15th January 2022.
Spare 1
Mockery of Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ has been relentless since its launch earlier this month. It seems that the Duke of Sussex has well and truly dug a hole and has continued to fail to realise that when you’re in a hole, it is generally wise to stop digging.
What’s next for this deviant duo? Money motivated and revenge reekers most definitely, the popularity of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has plummeted since not only the publication of ‘Spare’ but also since that God awful interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. A recently released YouGov poll found: “Just 26% of Britons have a positive view of Prince Harry, the lowest level since we started tracking in 2011. This represents a seven-point drop since the previous survey in early December. Currently, approach two thirds of Britons (64%) have a negative view of the fifth in line to the throne, up from 59%. Even younger Britons, who generally tended to hold favourable views of Prince Harry, are now divided, with 41% having a positive impression and 41% a negative one. In December’s survey there had been a twenty-point lead, with 49% holding a positive view and 29% a negative one.”
Bog roll
Some Sainsbury’s stores have confined the Duke of Sussex’s book to where it truly belongs – next to the bog roll. In other shops it has been placed next to wet wipes and even Bella Mackie’s book ‘How To Kill Your Family.’
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Meghan and Harry are PERSONALLY involved in keeping me from talking Mathew. For some strange reason they have targeted me. I can’t upload to rumble or YouTube….I’m still fighting my right to freedom of speech, but they are running me around in circles, to the point where I just gave up! But Fiona Mont ( she’d fantastic) has taken up the fight and we fight for freedom of speech. They are all over the Internet and using their privilege to shut people up. Anyway keep up the great work! Love to Samantha and of course you. Yankee Wally the Welsh Warbler!

    • Hi Wally..We (your diehard fans) know exactly what’s going on. Ole carrot boobs with a dog bone looking nose is looking more & more stupid ,& envious by the day. She & her vicious & sycophantic minions are ALL green with envy over the new Prince & Princess of Wales! Dang,they make me proud of my Welsh heritage. None of them have no idea that money can’t buy class, grace, dignity,etc. Catherine,Princess of Wales was born with all the aforementioned. I read something about dorito & a mustang ranch! 🤑😂 Hang in there Wally & know we’re here for you ALWAYS! You’re my hero! Matthew,many thanks for keeping us apprised on the former royals & big time grifters. Certainly hope welfare checks are being done on Merchie & Lilibucks!🤔🙄

      • Lottie,
        The RF recently released the royal engagements for 2022.Lazy Katie was ranked #9 out of the top ten royals. In 360 days she only completed 90 engagements. This means she worked 2 days per week, a typical engagement ranges from 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs. This means KM worked an average of 3 hrs or less per week. The average NHS employee works 6 days a week and 12 hrs per days. NHS workers are struggling to heat one home. This lazy parasite lives in 5 homes. Brits payed the RF over 100 million pounds last year. The estimates for the Coronation are over 100 million pounds. Who’s going to pay for it??Abolish the monarchy!

        • Lazy Kate << this is what its ALL about since MRS Frosty Todger married Mr Frosty Todger..GREEN with envy over the gorgeous new Princess of Wales. Susan,since you want the monarchy abolished,start with taking away those titles of your 2 fake lords,the duke & DuchAss of Sussex! As far as abolishing the monarchy,not going to happen. Thanks to your favorite fake duchess carrot boobs, the REAL.royals are now more loved than ever. I truly am enjoying the meltdowns of the disgusting petulant,infantile,etc SS over backlash from little Todger's "Spare"! Btw, Catherine, Princess of Wales is becoming VERY loved & respected in the U S as are the vast majority of the brf. Ya,see,we don't care or respect people who lie & turn on their families for monetary gain & on a world stage..Personally, , I hope the Brf lasts many many more centuries. God bless them.& God save the new King!

          • Lottie,
            The Todger is irrelevant to the major theme of the book: what is the relationship between the rf and the bm. Is it a symbiotic relationship marked by an invisible contract? Royal reporter, Robert Jobson to Sunrise Australia- November 2021, “KP did an awful lot of leaking on Harry and Meghan.” On June 5,2020, Byline investigates reported that “the Sun paid £4000 to a partner of a royal official at KP for negative stories on H+M.” Independent Dec 20,2022- “Queen Camilla under fire for hosting MM hater JC.” The basic principles of journalism are accuracy, unbiased, ethical reporting. Without fear or favour. Does that exist within the BM? Spare is a harsh and factual indictment of the BM. It’s not about the distraction of a penis.

          • Other members of the royal family largely cope with the British media and though there is the odd spat here and there, none of them use flamethrowers in the way that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have. Is it surprising that their strategy has backfired and continues to backfire? Meghan and her drip are morons of the first order and they are now becoming extremely tedious. They should put up and shut up; better still actually do what they once promised and go and be genuinely “private” (i.e. never seen again).

      • Hey Lottie 👋 👋
        So grateful to know that you are aware of what’s happening. I’m at my wits end! It’s like the sussexes have gaffer taped my mouth! Bonio-nose and Ginge are on borrowed time. Freespeech will win. It simply has to. Thank you Lottie from the bottom of my heart. Ps I’m thinking of writing to the Royal Family myself. I favoured Camilla because I’ve written to her before….and she sent me 2 x lovely replies! What do you think? She obviously won’t remember me but she is a very kind lady and supports domestic abuse and international abuse no doubt! 😉 love you all! Wally 💝

        • Oh yea. Wally, Good idea to contact Queen Camilla. I have gained so much respect for her.. She has been harrassed,maligned,called names,etc. One can tell.she has a heart for others less fortunate than herself..The monarchy is in excellent hands with King Charles & Queen Camilla as well as the new Prince & Princess of Wales! Alsi,Princess Anne never gets the credit she so deserves. I could go on ya know lol..There’s also Sophie, Zara, I LOVE Mike & Zara!

  2. Go Sammy go! I appauld her using You Tube and her Twitter account. I think it allows Meghan’s attorneys to gather information. I love her aggressive style. It goes along way to making her appears the “victim.” In more relevant news, Amazon Prime Videos is “parting ways with Jeremy Clarkson.” He won’t appear on any new shows beyond 2024.This is the way you do it. Hit him where it counts the most, his bank account. A huge congrats to Prince Harry. His book is the top seller in non- fiction books according to the Guinness book of World records. Where is Meghan? She’s busy counting a lot of money. Love wins!LMAO!!

    • Top seller in non fiction books! WHAT?? There’s more lies in that book than Carter has liver pills! There’s more truth in “Little Bo Peep!😂


    • The only person who has demonstrated aggression here is you Susan, with your passive aggressive attitude & immature juvenile remarks, your intellectual capacity doesn’t appear to have progressed past junior school.

    • Whoa! Susan,didcha see the founder of blm ie black lives matter (I believe she’s british) , is calling out your 2 lords as liars? I believe it’s you who has your Markles mixed up there!!😂😂😅😅 . Just a word of advise for ya. Money can NOT BUY class,dignity,etc & least of all happiness. Man,I’m absolutely loving how people are turning on Mr Frosty Todger & his,let’s just Mrs Frosty Todger! All the lies are being revealed. I’m so enjoying the downfall so.much that,I feel like a kid again!

      • Thanks Lottie. I know my past isn’t squeaky clean but I was disgusted by his “todger” comment. Especially when he mentioned Diana using “Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream” on her chapped lips so he used it on his todger. DISGUSTING. your mother and your todger and rubbing cream should NEVER be in the same sentence, paragraph, page or chapter. It was very vulgar and sordid.

  3. H+M are clearly going for a global audience. Netflix documentary opened top 10 in 85 countries, #4 globally, her podcast opened #1 in 10 countries, knocking Rogan to #2.The book sold 1.4 million in its opening day, more than Obama’s book.Still no 1 on Amazon. Her book was a NY Times best seller for picture books, his Apple podcast with Oprah made the top of the charts. I think they left the UK behind in more ways than one. Go Harry and Meghan! Show the tax dependant royals how to stop living off the back of taxpayers in food lines and cold homes. Get a job!!

  4. Oh boy counting money, that is what she has always been doing. It used to other peoples’…now she has her very own. Watching her cling to her self importance is going to be entertaining . She is sliding off the social calendar with the “C” list , it’s going to get desperate.
    The bit about K_&W being jealous of Meghan continues to embarrass the world at large …with the exception of Oprah..it’s impossible to embarrass Oprah.

  5. Tom Bower comments on the H+M documentary- TMZ, Dec15. “It’s a very serious situation. I will concede they are getting a lot of sympathy both in America and Europe, and especially across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. They’re believed and that’s a serious problem.” The documentary gave the world a different narrative to consider and that was powerful. They reclaimed their humanity on a global platform viewed by millions. Well done.

    • Harsh & factual? Harsh, yes but not many actual facts. I think we all know who.is actually behind this book of fairy tales &, seriously doubt Pr!ck no kahones comes across as dense & somewhat illiterate. SO, we in the U S are claiming Catherine,Princess of Wales as ours too.😇😇 We just adore that beautiful soul! She is an angel who values her family & friends..I pray I live to see King William & Queen Catherine. What an absolute joy that will be.


  6. Thank you Matthew. Always here ready to warble!! And thanks to all the other comments here….yes even Suesan

  7. Wally,we do NOT care about your past. We love & respect you for yourself! You’re a voice of reason for so many of us. It will be delicious if & when the flood gates open &, reveal the lives of your self righteous critics pasts & even their present. Stay true to yourself. Ya know what, you probably have more REAL fans than Mr & Mrs Frosty Todger! Look,their REEL friends & fans are turning on them. Our love & respect for you is sincere. Wishing you all the best life has to offer &, praying your you tube channel.is reinstated soon!

  8. Wally….wear your past like a badge!! The fact that you know you have one is the good news . Personal growth often leaves one with a ” little bit of past” to use as foot holds in our lives. Harry is gossiping about Kates’ past with William as though she should be embarrassed by being young and fun loving ….Harry accuses her of changing to suit being Queen in her present life….wel1,.that’s what one does….isn’t it?


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