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Marlene, Marlene… Ngozi Fulani (Born ‘Marlene Headley’) – The Gruesome Grifter of 2022

As ‘Harry & Meghan’ premieres on Netflix, a video of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s supporter Marlene Headley (AKA ‘Negozi Fulani’) proves her to be nothing but an attention seeking grifter

On the day that Netflix’s ‘moanathon’ Harry & Meghan ‘drops’ millennial style, a video of that “grifter that’s gotta grift” Ngozi Fulani – whose name at birth was actually Marlene Headley – is also doing the rounds. In it, noxious nuisance Ms Headley, as many are now referencing this toxic troublemaker, is shown parading around blatantly telling people how she has to dress up to get noticed.


Clearly illustrating herself as someone prepared to act up in order to get any kind of attention at all, here again is proof that the entire debacle with Lady Susan Hussey was orchestrated and planned in a very twisted fashion. It was anything but a chance encounter on the part of Headley – a woman who previously effectively suggested our now Queen Consort, Camilla, to be someone who inflicted “domestic abuse” against the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle – and the victim in all this, it is becoming more and more apparent, was actually an 83-year-old who had served her nation diligently for over 60 years.


Yesterday, GB News reported that Ms Headley had issued a further statement about an incident she’d previously claimed she didn’t want to make a fuss about. On Monday, she supposedly ludicrously opined:


“What took place at the event is now well-documented, and sadly is something that occurs on an all too regular basis… I have experienced first-hand what happens when a black woman faces adversity and has to overcome additional barriers when trying to report it… I remain dedicated to raising awareness around cultural competency, and will go to Buckingham Palace, or anywhere else, if it will help raise positive change and save lives.”


Meanwhile elsewhere in the Daily Mail’s ‘Ephraim Hardcastle’ column this morning, reference was made to one half of the Duchess of Sussex’s supplier of private jets, Sir Elton John. It was noted:


“With Sir Elton John confirmed to headline Glastonbury, Prince Philip’s biographer Gyles Brandreth recalls sitting with the duke before a performance by the Rocket Man.”


“‘Looking at the programme,’ says Gyles, ‘Philip groaned, ‘Oh God, Elton John… again.’”


Sadly, still titleless David Furnish, Sir Elton’s other half and ‘close friend’ of Danny Williams, didn’t get a look-in and yet again the late Duke of Edinburgh was proven to be a far wiser sort than his drippy grandson in his observations on good and bad character.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Pictured Top (left to right) – Ngozi Fulani explaining how she dresses up to get attention in a video clip shared on TikTok; Prince Harry with his supplier of private jets Sir Elton John and hubby David Furnish; Lady Susan Hussey showing herself to actually be anything but a racist and the Duchess of Sussex called out for what she actually is: “The meanest girl in the world!”


Ngozi Fulani Marlene Headley Queen Camilla
Ngozi Fulani has repeatedly banged on about how she didn’t like Lady Susan Hussey having touched her during their encounter; the hypocrite, shown here behind Queen Consort Camilla at the very reception where that encounter occurred, is pictured touching somebody else and up close and personal with another. Here is somebody who has turned a storm in a teacup into almighty PR opportunity for nobody but her nasty self.
Elton John David Furnish Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The ‘Daily Mail’ had a pop at Sir Elton John on the day of his friend Prince Harry’s Netflix premiere. In mentioning that Prince Philip was anything but a fan of titleless David Furnish’s hubby, they pointedly showed the late Duke of Edinburgh to be a far better judge of character than his soppy grandson.
David Furnish Danny Williams Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex
When he’s not paddling around whilst holidaying in the land of olive oil, David Furnish (pictured here with the male ‘friend’ he bought a flat for, Danny Williams) likes to make programmes to air on Netflix with his female chum the Duchess of Sussex. The programmes, unsurprisingly, just like this dastardly duo themselves, don’t prove to be very popular.
Curtains for Meghan Markle
Today, with their Netflix premiere, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have signaled what should be next for them. This greedy, grasping, grubbing duo should be told: “It’s curtains for you!” by King Charles and then they should be sent off to where they belong: Siberia.

Twitter reacts to Ngozi Fulani’s ongoing publicity stunt at the expense of an 83-year-old pensioner…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Omg! I was hoping you would do a story on this. Typical race baiter & grifter.. Could you possibly also find something else out for us?. Would love to know what actual work H & M do? You know other than opening their mouths & trashing their families! You got this Matthew!

  2. Marlene is going to Buckingham Palace to save lives…that’s her grand plan. What a comfort to us all. I’ve been losing sleep over all the lives at risk in that ghetto.

  3. What’s in a (Fake) Name?
    Few in the media seems interested in the truth, even though it is fairly easy to find, from Ngozi dressing up in front of sixth formers and telling them the fake African gear isn’t what she would normally wear, through to the tweets on the charity account dissing the Royal family, and the donations from the Black Liberation Movement clearly acknowledged on their accounts (which are signed off by NF as the CEO and paid employee, but not by the trustees – and 69 days late).

    Lady Hussey would have seen through Marlene Headley straight away as her adopted West African name is an insult of the worst kind against the Igbo tribe she claims ancestry from (and appears not to exist in the real world), as demonstrated by this message from YouTube:

    ‘As an Igbo woman from the Eastern part of Nigeria, living in the USA, I must say that her name choice (Ngozi Fulani) is not only annoying but outrageous! The barbarous treatment IGBO people have gone through in the hands of FULANI herdsmen should not be made fun of. No Igbo person bears Fulani as a surname! Whoever advised her on that name choice is either trolling Igbo people or the person is nuts! Sorry to that old lady that was preyed on by this imposter!’

    Anyone with event limited knowledge of the region will know that the Igbo have been subject to massacres at the hands of the Fulanis since the 1960s (and currently too)

    Meanwhile, there are plenty of web-grabs of the anti-monarchy bile she puts on the Charity Twitter account, including on 21 March 2021 when she stated that she felt for MM whose in-laws had subjected MM to ‘DM’ domestic violence (and not domestic abuse, as stated in your article).

    So she has been even handed in trolling the Royal Family and her ancestral tribe …..

    Going back to the made-up name, Lady Hussey might well have wondered why on earth parents would give their child a name which insults the Igbo tribe – the answer that she was born in the UK of Barbadian parents would explain the ignorance of the political situation and hence the faux par.

    It’s a bit like an Orthodox Jew of Austrian descent calling their son Adolf Hitler in memory of their heritage! But, of course, the answer is in the finally acknowledgement of where she was from. NF needed to add, for final clarity, that she made the name up, which why it is a terrible joke against her supposed ancestors.

    So, Lady Husssey’s question was highly pertinent in this instance (considering her role is to help vet the charities and to advise The Queen Consort which she feels are particularly worth putting he authority behind).

    Please view the on-line charity and you will see that they are sponsored by the Black Liberation Movement. They have gone from £45k pa in donations to £350k -plus in 4 years.

    A google search under Marlene Headley will also uncover a message from a lady of mixed race who was turned down by the charity and coldly told she was ‘privileged’. The captured tweet adds that the lady was told she would face court action if she complained to anyone – hardly the actions of a caring soul.

    She stated her trauma at having her hair moved away from her name badge – no wonder as she needed to hide her bungled tribal name and her charity name, bearing in mind her hate tweets (she was the ‘plus-one’ of Safe Space.)

    Look at the images of the happy NF at the reception where hand is on the shoulder of the person she is talking to, yet consider someone touching her hair to be a no-no. This is covered in your article.

    It was Lady Hussey’s role to introduce the guests to The Queen Consort … a difficult job if you don’t know someone’s name or charity or any nugget to help start the conversation.

    We only have a grifter’s version of what was said. Even if it were a direct transcript, then they were obtuse answers to a civil questions – one hardly expects such prickly answers from a guest who is after your patronage.

    The Charity and MM share the same celebrity photographer (Vogue refers), and this all happens in the lead-up to the new Netfix series ….., while NF asked for another £70K which they are short of to buy a refuge.

    Despite having promoted herself and her charity to the extent that they received £365,000 in donations, the name Ngozi Fulani does not crop up in a Google-search prior to 30th November – and it seems there are no Ngozi Fulani’s in the real world, as there are no other people who appear under this search, even a week ago! It’s almost like her name has been scrubbed from the internet.

    The only way you can find out the truth about NF is if you Google Marlene Headley! The it all there to see.

    If I comment on any of the MSN news articles, I immediately get the stock message saying I’ve used language which is not allowed (now, even if I place a good luck message on another subject! Meanwhile, most YouTube news features do not accept these nuggets either, yet other people can post semi racist material at will!

    Nick Thomas

  4. Wow ..Nick…what an illuminated epistle!! I will be rereading your words tonight when I collect my thoughts and put them to use. Whoever you are…thankyou.xojo

  5. Huge congrats to M+H. UK viewers for documentary- 2.4 million tv viewers. Higher than The Crown debut numbers. Actual numbers higher. (Doesn’t include those viewing it on computers and phones.) US ranked no 1 TV show in its debut. Tom Bower, “I hope my book leads to their demise.” It’s working! Samantha M called it a “docuflop.” It’s no 1 in her country.

  6. *The figures in the UK represent the largest number since Netflix started reporting single day figures last month. The number is also twice the figures for The Crowns first day debut.

  7. Yes!Thank you Nick for your eye opening information! Please get your information out into any & every website you can. All the best to you in each & every endeavor!! Stay Strong!! 😇

  8. #1- US, UK,Canada, Italy, Switzerland, S. Africa. #2 France,Spain,Trinidad, Hungary, Kenya, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Jamaica. #3 India, Algeria,Panama, Brazil. One day-19 countries in top 3 spots. The British media trashed it and the world ignored the gutter press. Netflix must be very pleased.

    • Susan,you seem to always come across as a bit erratic in your hilarious defense of a woman who would probably turn on you @ the drop of a hat. I’m betting the Markles rebuttal ie much more anticipated. King Charles3rd MUST release her bullying victims of their Ndas!


  9. The World is nosey…not interested in the normal sense of the word. There is literally nothing to be interested in…all those embarrassing observations from the duke&duchess of southern California…Meghan’s Mother has been seething from back stage it appears….”The Markles”..boy oh boy….and I thought my family suffered DNA in crisis..😟

    • Hello Jane,I believe it could be labeled morbid curiosity. Did you hear when people started down voting it on net flix,they took.away the down vote button? SO, many many people went to Netflix solely to push the down vote button. So,the two crybabies are not all that. Just a couple rich entitled people acting like a couple 5 year olds who had their candy taken away! This most likely end up like Edward & Wallis. Btw, Thomas Markle Jr said the Markle family will be doing their own show rebuttal.. I’m betting that will be much more anticipated!


  10. Hello MS Jane. I believe it could be called morbid curiosity. Ya know like a train wreck about to happen. Many YouTube’s are suffering through it to report to us. We know Susan is a Squad member. She seems to.copy & paste things. Hope she’s well compensated as ole I keep asking Susan if the children were born of a surrogate &, she won’t answer THAT particular question. Bless her heart.
    Have a great day Jane. The truth WILL be revealed one day about the 2 phony balonies!

  11. Lottie,
    You don’t have to wait on the Markles’ documentary. One
    of the Markles appeared in H+M documentary. Ashleigh Hale, the eldest daughter of Samantha. She dissected all her mother’s lies. She spoke of her mother abandoning her at age 2, no contact for over 20 years. She describes Samantha as angry and resentful of Meghan. “Some people you can’t reason with. I stopped seeing her.” She was raised by her grandparents like all of Samantha’s children. Noel Rasmussen, her youngest daughter accuses her of physical violence.The British media gave a platform to a woman who abandoned and abused her own children. But they failed to vet her unsubstantiated claims that she “helped raise MM.” Liar!! She didn’t raise her own kids. Piers Morgan-2018 Access Hollywood, “Samantha Markle charges you to breathe, she wakes up in morning and you have to give her a check.” She appeared on his show many times.

    • Susan – Were you there? Did you witness any of this? How can you know 100% that Samantha Markle’s version of events is not truthful? You speak as some kind of expert. You are clearly not and as such I had to respond to ask such.

    • Hello Susan, how is my favorite squaddie? Yes I do have to wait on the Markles rebuttal. Listen sweetheart, I saw that pathetic attempt from Ashley. I don’t believe her any more than her Satan worshipping sister(allegedly) 🤔🙄 Also, were you there when Merchie & Lillibucks were born? You do know a child born of a surrogate will look like the egg donor? Many of us still have so many questions we need answers to.

  12. Lottie,
    To answer your question. Absolutely not. The children were born from MM. No surrogates needed. Both her pregnancies were well documented. No allegations of abuse or abandoning her children.

  13. One last thing Lottie, not all Brits support the monarchy. They have less than 30% support with people in my age group, 18-24. One day we will abolish them. Parasites!

    • The evidence I have seen is to the contrary. You do not cite how you get to the figure you mention. The royals are loved by most Brits actually. EG IPOS poll, 2021: “Poll finds popularity of the Monarchy remains stable among Britons… 43% said Britain’s future would be worse should the monarchy be abolished… Only 1 in 5 (19%) now believe abolishing the monarchy would be good for the country’s future.”

      • Matthew, you know Susan just seems to parrot anything the vile & vicious SS tell her. She seems to think she can actually change minds about her nasty hero MM. Not happening. To your point about the BRF, they are also becoming more popular & respected in America. The latter as a result of the many lies on the Oprah interview. Trust me on this. I might be an American dinosaur but I can see right through the cons of the 2 entitled crybabies of MonteShitShow. You have gained my respect & appreciation as you don’t hold back. Thank you for that & also for advocating for our hero YW!

        • I’m thinking like you Lottie… Susan a real person?? She(?) sounds like an algorithm…a one note boogy…a cult member…some ones chump…it’s so unhuman like..

          • Jane, Ya think Susan could work.for BuzzARD feed? I noticed Ellie Hall has an article on her Twitter feed about reverse racism. It’s almost like they come to.the Steeple Times to get ideas as they don’t seem to be capable of an original thought of their own. Looks like Matthew Steeple keeps them going for content. The nasty SS squad have never been accused of being too bright ya know.. I think their lights are really dim if ya know what I mean. 😀

  14. The magnificent possessions that the Royal Family guards for England are not culpable for much, besides being world class and priceless. Thank God for the Brits they can still get dressed appropriately and Q up. Let’s not bicker with Londinium. 😅

  15. Just had to mention Harrys’latest….that the Royal Family resented Meghan’s fame. What balderdash in the extreme. She wasn’t famous! No one above average knew her name or. ridiculous acting credits ..she was and is a washed up effort. Harry is out of his mind


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