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Fly Me, I’m Mendacious Meg! Prince Harry Proven To Have Lied

Air New Zealand call out Prince Harry’s lies about bookings to fly Thomas Markle and again illustrate that him and ‘Mendacious Meg’ find the truth highly inconvenient

Sir Frederick Laker was the original budget airline man. Though his Skytrain project went bust in 1982 owing the equivalent of £818 million ($1 billion, €923 million or درهم3.7 billion) today, this bonkers businessman with a “common touch” was never one to “creep away with his tail between his legs.”


Whilst also Sir Freddie admitted this his “devotion to his work possibly short-changed all his wives,” another frequent flyer with a problematic wife – though generally himself prone to using land of olive oil production loving Sir Elton John’s private jets rather than anything as common as Easyjet – named the Duke of Sussex has been called out after telling ‘porky pies’ about booking flights with Air New Zealand in his tittle-tattling tome Spare.


Responding to claims in the book that the former Meghan Markle’s now husband had booked first-class flights to bring her father, Thomas, to Britain from Mexico, the airline yesterday tweeted: “Introducing #SussexClass. Apparently, coming soon.”


Air New Zealand later added that it has never operated flights between Mexico and the United Kingdom and equally confirmed, that they do not offer a first-class service. Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, a spokesperson for the firm very clearly added: “We’ve never had flights between Mexico and the UK. And we only have Business Premier.”


Responding on social media, members of the Twitterati then understandably piled on – with one writing: “Any spare seats, anyone?”


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Air New Zealand Prince Harry tweet
The tweet in question has well and truly made yet another mockery of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
Freddie Laker 1
Sir Freddie Laker’s remarkable life story was immortalised in a book by Roger Eglin and Berry Ritchie in 1980.
Freddie Laker 2
Here was a frequent flyer who was a lot more fun than the noxious nuisances that are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
Described as a “Russian oligarch kind of jet,” the Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft that the couple returned to California on from Farnborough in June 2022 emitted nearly 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Of this, the ‘Daily Mail’ stated: “Under the terms of the Paris Agreement objective of keeping global warming below 2C, each person’s carbon budget should be no more than 2.1 tonnes per year – meaning Harry and Meghan exceeded this by nearly 15 times in just one flight. As the Sussexes also flew into Britain on a private jet, and assuming it was the same aircraft, their overall return trip would have exceeded the annual limit by nearly 30 times. By comparison, the carbon emission rating of flying from Heathrow to LA in an economy-class seat on a commercial aircraft is 1.4 tonnes, according to climate consultancy Cube6.” They added: “The Queen’s grandson previously described climate change as one of the ‘most pressing issues we are facing’, and told Oprah Winfrey during the couple’s bombshell interview last year: ‘We need to do better about stopping or allowing the things that are causing so much harm to so many of us at the source, rather than being distracted by the symptom.’”
In September 2019, it was reported that since marrying the alleged former “yacht girl” Meghan Markle, the now King Charles III’s second son is said to have used private plans for six out of ten flights despite claiming to travel commercial 99% of the time. Here is a condescending couple who tell others what to do and then who themselves go and do the exact opposite without shame or explanation.
The pathetic attention seeking son of the late Diana, Princess of Wales has previously claimed that his decision to use private aircraft is because he is determined to “keep his family safe.” Clearly immune to the fact that the vast majority of the public who fly commercial are perfectly safe, here is a brat who clearly has no conception of how hypocritical he and his sordid sidekick truly are.

Twitter reacts to Air New Zealand’s tweet…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I also noticed that in the book he describes the first time he took Meghan to meet William at William’s Kensington Palace apartment sometime in 2016. Fast forward to early summer 2018, shortly after the wedding, when he describes him and Meghan going to meet with William and Kate at that same Kensington Palace Apartment. THIS TIME, Meghan is agog at all the art and books and lavish displays of wealth AS IF SHE HAD NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE. I’m not shocked Harry lies…oh, excuse me, “misremembers”….but you would think Penguin Random House would have a team of dedicated fact checkers who would be catching all of these whoppers.

  2. NO! Prince Dunce & almost X rated actress Carrot boobs lie? I’m shocked I tell ya! 😋. @ almost 73 & lived a lot of life, I’m pretty sure this is 99% green envy over Catherine,Princess of Wales. I believe Hawwy was in love with Catherine himself. SO sorry Royal fans about getting stuck with the creepy & almost stalkerish American Carrot boobs. We don’t want them here either. Btw, has anyone ask carrot boobs how she is lately? Better yet, how about those children’s mental health? Welfare checks should be done regularly on them!

  3. Maybe Penguin Random House didn’t want it all fact-checked. There have been more articles/comments about all the discrepancies than there have been about the boringness and inappropriate content eg the frostbite in his WingWang. So … more copies sold.

    Oprah didn’t do any fact checking either. Deliberate? I have my own suspicions.

  4. Now let’s be fair. I don’t think there’s much evidence that Elton likes the land of olive oil, though he may well pool his resources and pay, so that his titleless husband and others can enjoy it.

  5. As Oedipus rubbed his cream into his chipolata, which brought back whimsical memories of his late dear mother. The frostbite, which he contracted started to thaw and the itch became less of an irritant and more of a fragrant summer memory of times playing Soldier In the bunkers of Afghanistan. As he buttons up his last button, to become the best fake best man he could be for His brother, big Willy. Tally ho Willy big brother let’s get you to the Chappel so I can marry Kate oh sorry, where was I yes. Let’s get you to the Chapple Big Willy so you can marry Katherine. Oedipus Mountbatten-Windsor


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