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Scobie’s Childish Clownery Backfires

MeGain’s nodding dog PR peddler Omid Scobie claims “clownery” forced him to delete a tweet deemed by many “hateful” to a 4-year-old child, Prince Louis

After beginning his stint at Yahoo! News with a nonsensical “800-word rant” in May, the plastic-not-fantastic ‘Megamouthed Montecito Meddler’ that is Omid Scobie twisted his already leaky pen again last week with a feature titled: “Thomas Markle turned on his own daughter – Meghan owes him nothing.”


As ever, shockingly written and peppered with his trademark use of “snark” and “toxic,” the ‘author’ of the bag of bilge that is Finding Freedom concluded of “publicity-hungry” Mr Markle: “Meghan doesn’t owe him a damn thing” after effectively suggesting that Prince Harry’s wife for now’s father was “conveniently captured” by paparazzi as he arrived at a California hospital after having a stroke.


Aside from being unnecessarily insulting to a clearly unwell man – who he alleged also tells “twisted tales” and has supported “single-purpose-hate accounts about his daughter” – Scobie simply showed himself as ridiculous. Going further, this PR peddler continued in the same vein and yesterday in a tweet about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, Prince Louis, again made a total prat of himself.


Later deleted after he was widely condemned for picking on a 4-year-old child, accompanying an image of the clearly nothing but playful youngster, Scobie wrote: “I did wonder why Prince Louis was taken out for a while. Kids will be kids, eh?”


Obviously a pointed jibe that aimed at hinting that the behaviour of the children of the House of Cambridge and the parenting skills of the heir to the throne and his wife are looked on differently to those of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Scobie was subsequently asked: “Why did you delete your tweet?”


His response – called out as “crying victim” – read: “Because despite turning off comments (something I now try to do on any tweet about royal children), there was negativity in the quote tweets and also some insane trolls claiming ‘kids will be kids, eh?’ is ‘inciting hate.’ I’m tired and have no time or patience for clownery.”


Predictably once again here is a circa 40-year-old mouthy-mouse-not-a-man who throws his toys out of the pram when criticised; equally, shown up by a 4-year-old child, here is a proof that Scobie likes to give it out but he most certainly has again proven he can’t take it back. This gobby gadabout ought to learn to think before he tweets and leave commentary to real journalists and grownups.


OS Tweet 1
This tweet by the ‘Finding Freedom’ lasted less than a couple of hours. It was widely condemned as a “pointed jibe” and “offensive” and some went as far as to say it simply showed this PR peddler for the ‘House of Montecito’ to be a nasty piece of toerag and a pot stirring troublemaker.
OS Tweet 2
Asked why he deleted the missive, pathetic pontificater Scobie threw his toys out of the pram and declared: “I’m tired and have no time or patience for clownery.” In doing so, he simply illustrated himself to be anything but thoughtful in his communications and skilled at nothing but drawing attention to himself by any means.
Response 1
“Crying victim,” however, did not work out well for him and instead other Twitter users remarked of their view that he is the one “enabling hate” and “encouraging hate online against children.” He would have been wise not to have embarked on such a course of action in the first place, but having done so, his back peddling proved even more disastrous.
Richard Eden
The ‘Daily Mail’s’ Richard Eden responded to last week’s ‘Yahoo! News’ article by suggesting that it is “the royal family [who owe] Meghan nothing” rather than her owing her father nothing.
OS Tweet 3
Bragging about his article on 31st May on Twitter, the former ‘Heat’ magazine columnist and sometime mate of the titty flashing ‘glamour model’ Jodie Marsh called out the Duchess of Sussex’s father as a “toxic parent” who “has a long history of causing stress, anxiety and pain.” He argued: “Cutting them out is often the only answer” in spite of having no known knowledge of psychology.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. TM to Sunrise(Australia)- “It(staged paparazzi pics) was to mess up the wedding I was just a part of it.” He received 33% of the profits. Currently suing to gain more.TM- My Story, “Harry owes me, Meghan owes me, the Royal owes me. It’s time to take care of daddy.” TM (last YT podcast)- “It’s so trashy.” He’s talking about his grandaughter’s birthday overshadowing the Jubilee. TM-(from Thomas Markle-My Story 2020. )”Her face is everywhere.” He laughed holding up a picture of his daughter on a pack of condoms. He continues to accept every invitation to trash his daughter for cash because she “owes him.” Contempt is what she owes him. His quotes and actions label him toxic.The Times- “Meghan has ever right to blank her deadbeat dad.” Damn straight!!

    • The Duchess of Sussex HAS handled this situation completely incorrectly. If she and the royal advisors had kept Mr Markle in the fold, none of this would have ever happened. She is a very, very, very foolish wicked wench.

  2. I took a break after being ill, but now I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meghan and Omid deserve to be pelted with rotten tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT send Down Under, do not send round to me for Castlemaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck the rotten stuff right at the pair of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He needs to crawl in the same hole with Nutmeg and Ginger and basically just shut up. We’re all tired of listening to his one-sided, megafantastic hoopla!

    • You need to neck a Castlemaine or ten Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get on the hooch and get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rotten tomatoes need chucking too!!!!!!!!!!! Bet you’d be good at that —- I imagine you as a feisty Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “Credit” – most certainly not. He should not have written it in the first place and if he considers himself a “real” journalist, why doesn’t he engage brain before hitting the keyboard? Clearly, not a very bright spark and also nothing but a PR peddling pillock.

  4. Matthew,
    Meghan’s mother required no special handling by advisors. She simply refused to sell her kid to the trash tabloids. TM could have done the same thing. When does he accept accountability for the bad choices he made? Greed and attention seeking is what drives him.

    • Doria was goven help by BP prior to the wedding but Nutmeg denied the same help for her father. In my opinion she set him up for a fall because he would expose her lies.

      • Omg. Right. Oh sure. You are insane. He was asked by his daughter – dad is it true? Did you fake a story for the paparazzi? No darlin. Not me. He is a liar and made up a heart attack to get out of facing the music like a mensch. Sure. Meghan planned it. Right. You are so dumb

    • Meghan’s mother quit her recent job when Meghan got married and hasn’t worked since. Where do you think Meghan learned how to grift? From her sketchy deadbeat mother. Greed and attention seeking are Meghan’s biggest traits.

    • LOL…Greed and attention seeking is what drives Thomas Markle? Then clearly his daughter not only learned well from him but has excelled at and way outshone his talents in that area.

  5. What did he expect? A four year old child being asked to sit like a statue
    for hours on end, never going to happen. All three of those children are
    beautifully behaved. A credit to their parents.

  6. Picking on a 4year old child is off limits, omid scobie is a disgusting vile man ,great report steeple times 👍

  7. Ole scoobie knows all about how children behave. I mean after all he works for two of them ie duchess copycat & her ginger sock puppet. Ole MeGain has absolutely no problem exploiting other people’s children for photo ops. Was thrilled to see them put in their place at the jubilee. Being wired by Netflix was shameless & a new low. Everyone saw it. The real Royal were so beautiful. Catherine is perfection & you can’t improve on perfect. 😇

  8. Tina Brown from her new book- “Eventually Markle succumbed to the press’s carrot. They offered him money. Going off the advice of his disturbed eldest daughter, (Samantha)he took the cash.” Disturbed😃 Best summary ever written of TM and SM.

  9. Oh oh Omid. You really can’t help taking a swipe at the Royals, can you? I thought Catherine handled Louis with patience and love. He’s a child! And he’s being trained in public. Imagine how nerve wracking that is?! You are losing respect as a journalist more each day. Just hand your account over to meghan and be done.

  10. Matthew,
    You don’t need Tina Brown to tell you SM is disturbed. Here she’s in her own words promoting a crazy conspiracy theory against an infant. SM from her Gettr account: ” Gee! this is allegedly Lilibeth…way too many teeth for a one year old.” Matthew, this is batsh** crazy. Didn’t you just condemn Scobie for attacking a child? I bet you give Samantha a free pass.

    • Normal one year olds have 2-4 teeth. Found this out from a dentist. How did this cute little girl then develop an entire mouthful?

  11. How can anyone defend Migraine’s treatment of Thomas Markle when he has always been a caring and concerned father to her? She has repaid him by behaving just like an ungrateful, petulant child who is so self centered that she doesn’t care if he lives or dies but it is entirely unjustifiable.

    Thomas Markle funded her throughout her life, paid for her orthodontist so she could get her teeth fixed and likely helped her with most of her plastic surgery too! He definitely paid for her private school tuition as well as the exorbitant university fees she racked up at Northwestern. He got her the very first jobs she ever had and supplemented her whenever she was in need. With her uncle’s assistance to set her up with an internship in Argentina, Thomas Markle bank rolled her whole stint there too.

    He helped her out during the days when roles were few and far between and was there for her as a committed parent whenever the chips were down. He is the exact same father whom she spoke highly of until he became an embarrassment to her as she edged her up into the Royal Family. Only then did she decide that he was a liability and that’s when conveniently wrote him off. This was ironically after she had written loving tributes to him in her banal blog space “The Tig” where she propped him up to her audience as a caring and wonderful father! She was able to go to him whenever he could do something for her and he routinely obliged her, and we should all be so lucky to have such a “deadbeat” for a dad!

    Meanwhile, she and Harry gave him absolutely no assistance before their wedding, when the media descended upon him like a swarm of flies. But they were sure to provide Doria Ragland with plenty of protection and security. Thomas Markle was given no such help, and was unwittingly taken advantage of by the press. It’s highly probable she was aware that this would happen yet did nothing to stop it too, using it as a convenient excuse to cut him off!

    Even when she wrote that letter to him, (which she lied about), she did it all the while keeping in mind that it would get leaked, yet Thomas Markle didn’t leak it. It was a bunch of bunk to illicit unwarranted pity and some people are simply dense enough to fall for it, which is pathetic and at the expense of an aging man suffering from ill health.

    He did nothing to deserve being ghosted by his ungrateful, narcissistic child, who has lied about him and her other family members enough to make them justifiably angry. The most glaring example of what a phony hypocrite she is was in going to Uvalde, TX with a camera crew last month as a grandstanding interloper. She flew down there in a private jet to take pictures of herself pretending to care about an unthinkable tragedy (which were later brokered and sold to the highest bidder), all the while her dad was laying in a hospital bed after a major stroke only a stone’s throw away! That was one of her lower moments, yet people think her father is the problem?

    Who are you ingrates who truly believe that she owes her father nothing? What level of filial ingratitude would you all stoop to? You must have been brought up under rocks with that kind of attitude. You would never see your dad again, or let your kids ever know him, all because he got duped into falling into a deviant media trap? Because that’s a pretty shallow reason to hate a parent who has spent a fortune on getting their child where they are in the world, while making sure they never wanted for anything.

    It’s pathetic and sad, and for someone who claims to care so much about “family” she is a piss poor example when it comes to her own family, not to mention her husband’s, because she has treated them pretty terribly as well. Anyone that buys into her sob stories is probably just as delusional as she is.

  12. I’ve never really wished this much bad karma on people I don’t know but seriously MEGAIN is a disgusting excuse of a woman, person and she’s even turned Haz into a whinging ungrateful spoilt man child! 🤷‍♀️
    Had I been at the Jubilee I would have been the Aussie yobbo yelling out, “Fuck off!”
    Every family has issues but to just write them off because your embarrassed, it’s the lowest of the low! She makes me sick! 🤢

  13. How dare you! This is the S squad’s mental
    .health dept. We’re all mentally ill except them. We should be thankful.for their wise counsel. Hahaha 😅😅😅😂😂

  14. The failure of our media to thoroughly vetted the Markles is a story of dishonesty in journalism. The media is fully aware the Markles aren’t credible. Camilla Tominey-2018 Twitter, “Everyone I know thinks she’s a nutter.”(Samantha) The Markles have a documented history of cash for trash, child abuse, domestic violence, grifting, staging pics for cash, faking “Diana like” car accidents,drug abuse and disturbing behavior. (Google TMjr licks the a** of a dog.) There’s an actual pic of it. These are “credible sources?? No contact with MM for a combined total of 30yrs. (SM-14yrs, TM-4yrs, TMjr 12 yrs) This is simply cash for trash journalism.We have a long and respected history in reporting and using accurate sources. We can and should do better in the 🇬🇧.

    • If the Markle family are such “trash,” why would you support their leading member marrying into any family let alone the royal family?

  15. Could any grown man have a more pointless existence than this Omid Scobie character? A pointless parasite, who claims to be a royal expert by leeching off scraps of information about the actual Royal Family, whilst obviously being paid as a media shill for the train wreck that is Cringe and Ginge.


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