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Loopy Liz Panned By Poem – Liz Truss Poetry

As Liz Truss continues to gain the support of further Tory members, her supporters make a fool of her in verse in penning poetry referencing her as ‘Bizzy Lizzy’ and ‘Thatcher Mach 3’

Supporters laud her as ‘Lioness Liz’ whilst unsurprisingly detractors unsurprisingly label her ‘Ludicrous Liz’ and ‘Loopy Liz,’ but now after the former published two poems about her, Liz Truss MP has become a bit of a laughing stock.


Written in a manner that would make even the ‘Queen of Doggerel’ Pam Ayres embarrassed by someone of unknown identity and a Londoner going by the name of Bill Sutton, the poetry (featured below unedited) is illustrative only that the MP for South West Norfolk’s fan club are incapable of grammar, spelling, sense and logic.


Peppered with hatred for the man they view to be the “back-stabber” (though they reference him as a “back stabbee” and “snake”) Rishi Sunak, the poems express also loathing for the “woke” and admiration for Margaret Thatcher (whose surname is put down as “Thartcher”). All criticism is then subsequently described as the “mock and snicker” of “lefties.”  


With backing like this flocking to the cause of the likely next Prime Minister, God help once Great Britain. Could this Oxford educated PPE graduate, ex-Liberal Democrat, pro-abolitionist of the monarchy and ex-Remainer not find anyone intelligent to pen a verse about her?


Pictured top – In 2021, as International Trade Secretary, the now wannabe ‘Fat Controller’ visited Derbyshire train-makers Alstom Derby; she was mocked for “enjoying a day out at Thomas The Tank Engine World” in altered imagery.


Two poems by supporters
The aforementioned verses truly are beyond cringeworthy. If this is the best kind of supporters the Conservative Party can muster, surely greats like Sir Winston Churchill would turn in their graves.
Mock and snicker
Bill Sutton thinks his favoured candidate “normal” and someone capable who is “all about being kind to each other and not mocking” (though his spelling of such leaves much to be desired).

The first ‘poem’ in full (unedited and peppered with errors):

Untitled and shared by someone on Facebook’s ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers,’ this shocker was mocked by over 1,000 group members.


Of it and its author, remarks included:

  • “Jesus wept, the gin in that.”
  • “I want to hear more about her army of Brians.”
  • “Brian isn’t thrilled about matching her face.”
  • “And they say right wing comedy is dead.”
  • “These people actually vote.”
  • “No irony they couldn’t spell brains right when talking about her.”
  • “Daft bigoted melt.”
  • “Back stabbee would mean he was the one stabbed in the back, NOT the one doing the stabbing.”
  • “Clearly wrote this just before his medication was kicking in.”
  • “Has anyone checked if this person is having a stroke?”
  • “I’ve never written poetry whilst falling down some stairs before. Good effort.”
  • “This has to be a Poe.”
  • “Keats, Thomas, Amis; Step aside… We have found our Laureate.”
  • “It’s like watching a descent into mental instability in real time.”
  • “If this is satire, it’s genius. If it’s real, it’s frightening as f*ck.”
  • “MRS THARTCHER and getting rid of THE WOKE. Possibly the best poem I have ever read.”



Bizzy lizzy will win by a.mile

She has a got    a lovely smile

Brians to match her lovely face.

She will win this pm race

Sunaks a snake

A back stabbee he is

He turned on boris

And will turn on liz

She will be a great pm

Not as Maggie but no one could


Mrs thartcher mach 3

Liz will stand proud over our lands

Holdinh out both her hand

If we wotk to gether we can

Get of the woke

And them. Cry into there


As liz makes our country great.

In liz we trust god speed to our new pm


The second ‘poem’ in full (also unedited and peppered with errors):

Penned by a Londoner named Bill Sutton who commented: “So I have writ [sic] this about liz.please don’t mock my soelling [sic] like the leftys [sic] do.thank you.hope you all like it.”


Comments included: “I wish you had spell checked your poem before putting it up” and “about as good [at] spelling as Truss.” Mr Sutton responded: “Alright lefty” whilst someone named Sheila Williams added: “Bloody lefty grammar police.”



Liz is the make things right

She shines bright like a lovley light

She is a lady with lot of class

She is  a women and is.a badass

She will put sunak in his place

We all know hes  a waist of space

Maggies would love to see her win

And she.would put sunak in.the bin

Cone on liz you can win this

Dont let them bully you like snakes who.hiss.

We support our lovley liz

Liz for pm liz for pm liz for om


Rishi Sunak cheating allegation
Meanwhile other super fans of the Oxford born 47-year-old heir apparent to Boris Johnson have ludicrously been suggesting that a conspiracy is being organised by supporters of Rishi Sunak and the introduction of foreign members from India to boost his vote.
Ben Wallace endorsement
Worse still, this birdbrained flip-flopper – who has been married to an accountant named Hugh O’Leary since 2000 but who had an extra-marital affair with the then also married now ex-MP Mark Field – has acquired the backing of Ben Wallace MP. He has remarked: “She’s honest. She’s authentic. She’s experienced.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. We have one crisis after another and to be honest I don’t think our elected representatives give a toss about any one other himself/herself/themselves.Their one and only concern is keeping that place on the gravy train.
    Whilst it is a cliche, it is as true today as it has ever been…………Do as I say and not as I do.
    (and make sure you don’t get caught every time you break a rule.)

  2. Thats a terrible poem…the Western World needs a pocket full of Statesmen ..we keep getting these bizarre characters that make fools of our problems…not good since our problems are very very grouchy already.Now that I am old I see trouble everywhere…I miss being so empty headed that I couldnt find it anywhere.


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