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Taking Everyone Down Maxwell Style

Prince Andrew’s second cousin calls out Daphne Barak’s ‘interviews’ with mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell as “self-serving” and her way of “taking everyone down with her”

Hillary Clinton mouthpiece Daphne Barak’s ‘interviews’ with convicted sex trafficking nonce Ghislaine Maxwell have gone down like a lead balloon with Christina Oxenberg, a second cousin of Prince Andrew.


Speaking to The U.S. Sun about what she views as a pair of “self-serving” interviews by Jeffrey Epstein’s co-collaborator in multiple abuse of multiple victims, Oxenberg remarked:


“They are pretending that they’re on [Prince Andrew’s] side and they’re helping him and they’re working with him. They’re not at all, this is entirely self-serving.”


“He doesn’t need any more help from Ghislaine. Here they are saying: ‘We’re gonna prove that the photograph is not real.’ It doesn’t really matter anymore. He’s already paid the money.”


“This is her way of pretending she’s helping him, and he’s buying it.”


“She says there are 50 points wrong with the photograph, that’s how liars speak.”


“A truthful person would say: ‘The three of us were never in that house. So, it’s impossible.’ And she never goes anywhere near that. She’s like: ‘No, look at the shadow on his hand.’”


“She really destroyed the last year of the Queen’s life, making Her Majesty worry about Andrew and the shenanigans and that’s all on Maxwell, she caused all of that distress.”


“And her only motivation is to save herself, meanwhile taking everyone down with her on the way.”


“I wish he would come out and say: ‘I am so sorry [Maxwell] tricked me and I fell for it. I brought disgrace, I brought misery.’”


“But now that I see clearly all I can do is be grateful that I know the truth and cut all ties with Ghislaine and admit my shame and move forward in a positive way.”


“The best thing he could do is have the courage to come out and admit he was used by her. And then he would be free of her. Let her rot in jail and forget about her. And he could start his road to redemption.”


Turning to Maxwell’s comments about her former “friends” President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump, Oxenberg surmised that she was “’signalling’ to the pair that she still holds the power.” She added:


“She is reminding them who is boss. She’s so sinster and creepy, she’s evil and I won’t drop that stance. She has no remorse.”


“This line that she’s pushing about how any woman could have fallen in love [with a bad guy]. Very few women would agree to commit felonies, multiple felonies for years. There are some, but there are very few. And most are in jail.”


“That is so insulting to say that: ‘Oh, anyone who’s been in a bad relationship.’ First of all, it wasn’t a relationship, it was a job. And she never said she loved him, she tried to get him to marry her.”


Of how the former Oceana ‘charity’ chief will cope in the clink, Oxenberg offered:


“I’m well aware that Ghislaine is a good fit. She’s with her own kind, those with a criminal mind. She’s tough, she’s arrogant and they’ll love her accent, they’ll find it funny. And she’s just going to blame everything on Epstein.”


Previously, in January 2020, Christina Oxenberg told Page Six that she had attended a “ladies’ tea party” in Maxwell’s then home on 79th Street in New York in 1991 where the mucky madam was dressed in just her knickers and bra.


Of the bizarre encounter – prior to which the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter had “wailed… ‘I’m poor!’” on the telephone whilst inviting her guest – Oxenberg recalled:


“Ghislaine presided in a white lacy bra and underwear set and lots of jewelry; she jangled as she moved. She explained the lack of clothing was because she was hot and it was summertime. She fanned herself with a copy of Vogue … I can’t remember their names but there were three other females at this tea party. We remained fully clothed.”


Also present was “a baby Yorkshire terrier” named Max, “which Maxwell had been gifted.” Of this Oxenberg observed: “More than once, she threw the quivering little bundle violently across the room. She thought this was hilariously funny.”


Terrier Max
Taking everyone down Maxwell style – The deranged deviant, mucky madam with the terrier she is said to have abused just like she abused her victims. Here is a wicked woman allegedly abused by her wicked father who did not know right from wrong and who thus viewed abusing both humans and animals as perfectly normal.
Christina Oxenberg
Taking everyone down Maxwell style – The mucky madam with Christina Oxenberg and His Royal Highness Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia in 2013.
Taking everyone down Maxwell style – The mucky madam with her siblings in London in the summer of 2019.

Key quotes from Daphne Barak’s ‘interviews’ that are more PR peddling spinning than journalistic digging and key questions that arise as a result of this disgraceful PR peddling even being allowed

The recent toady interviews in The Sun on Sunday and The Mail on Sunday by ‘journalist’ Daphne Barak, who seems to like associating with the mates of the mucky madam Maxwell as much as she did herself, have been rightly called out as “poor” and “nothing but PR” by a woman with a goal of “taking everyone down” with her.


Key questions that arise as a result are:

  • Why did the American authorities allow a prisoner to give such interviews so soon after her conviction?
  • Did the authorities not consider the impact such interviews would have on the victims of this convicted sex trafficking nonce and grubby groping abuser?
  • What is the agenda of Daphne Barak and what involvement did Kevin Maxwell and his siblings have in setting up these interviews?
  • Did PR peddlers for the mucky madam – such as Brian Basham, Jay Beecher and Ross Gow – have any involvement in the bringing about of these interviews?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask anything about what this mucky madam feels about the impact of her actions on her many victims?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask anything about this mucky madam’s secret marriage to Scott Borgerson in 2015?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask why Ghislaine Maxwell – someone she’s associated with for at least 30 years – hasn’t paid off her debts to her lawyers?


Some quotes from Barak’s clearly biased in favour of assisting Jeffrey Epstein’s one-time-lover and co-abuser’s interviews follow:


Of Prince Andrew:

“I accept that this friendship could not survive my conviction. He is paying such a price for the association. I consider him a dear friend. I care about him.”


Of President Bill Clinton:

“It was a special friendship, which continued over the years. We had lots in common. I feel bad that he is another victim, only because of his association with Jeffrey. I understand he, like others, can no longer consider me as a friend.”


Of Jeffrey Epstein:

“I said in my court statement that meeting Epstein was the greatest mistake of my life. And obviously, if I could go back today, I would avoid meeting him, and I would make different choices.”


Of President Donald Trump:

“We knew each other and mingled in the same circles, in New York, Palm Beach. I was very grateful when he wished me well after (the arrest). He got bad media for it, but he dared, while others didn’t.


“I was honoured he remembered me. Well, he is known to say what he thinks. It gave me a big boost.”


Of other friends and former friends:

“There are people who have disappointed me and there are people I’m surprised have not, you know, been a little more proactive. I completely understand people have livelihoods to protect… children to protect.”


“But having said that, there are people who have stood by me privately. Quite a few, actually, and I’m extremely appreciative of their private support.”


“I have friends who I have literally known my entire life since I was at kindergarten. It’s good to know there are people out there who know who I am, really.”


Of that now infamous photo with Prince Andrew and the then Virginia Roberts at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgavia in March 2001:

“This photo is not real… There was never an original one produced.”


Names in the firing line most obvious from Ghislaine’s filthy ‘Little Black Book’ as she seeks to minimise her sentence

Ghislaine Maxwell has until June 2023 to cooperate and thus “name names” if she wishes to see her sentence reduced.


Those Scott Borgerson’s estranged wife has been known to associate with – none of whom The Steeple Times is suggesting at this time as having been involved in any of her crimes, but whom she might seek revenge against for not offering her what she might consider enough public or even private support – include:


  • Alexander Acosta
  • Woody Allen
  • Ehud Barak
  • Tom Barrack
  • Scott Borgerson
  • Jean-Luc Brunel (deceased)
  • Naomi Campbell
  • President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Glenn Dubin and his wife Eva
  • Bernie Ecclestone
  • Bill Gates
  • Geordie Greig
  • Countess of Iveagh (AKA Clare Guinness, Clare Hazell)
  • Lord Mandelson
  • Marvin Minsky
  • George J. Mitchell
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Elon Musk
  • Peter Nygård
  • Bill Richardson III
  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Jes Staley
  • Ken Starr
  • President Donald Trump and his potentially trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein wife Melania
  • Ivana Trump (deceased)
  • Chris Tucker
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Leslie Wexner
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Who organized this interview with Ghislaine?? Who covered the costs? The Jewish connections that the Maxwell family clings to are interesting to me. What exactly goes on with all that? They clearly inherited some relationship that lives on well past whatever complex situation their father was embroiled in…..where does all the Jewish relevance come from??? They don’t appear to be religious folks ….why would Jewish people stand when Isabel Maxwell enters a room?? Why would Epstein and Maxwell visit the Pope for God’s sake?? Anyone have any suggestions or answers???


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