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Sod Off Scobie! Omid Scobie Gets New Gig At Yahoo!

The appointment of the PR peddling pillock Omid Scobie to ‘Royal Executive Editor’ at ‘Yahoo! News’ is just yet another own goal by the wicked wench formerly known as Meghan Markle; it is time this sop was simply told to “sod off!”

Self-anointed know-all Omid Scobie is rather like his nickname ‘Scabies’ in that he has become an infestation that burrows into the skin and has caused an irritating rash to form. He is unwelcome everywhere and that he’s set his troll squad on everyone from the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden to the wonderful Welsh warbling YouTuber Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’) simply reflects his own rotten-to-his-core persona.


This pointless PR peddler and anything but a genuine journalist has long been known more simply as a tin banger for the Duchess of Sussex and her moaning drip of a husband. Now, however, with his ‘elevation’ to becoming the “Royal Executive Editor” (in capitals, of course) for Yahoo! News just gives this windbag wazzock another space in which to whinge and whine.


A former hanger-out in naff nightclubs with the lowbrow ‘glamour model’ that is Jodie Marsh in his days at the equally lowbrow Heat gossip magazine in days past, Scobie used his first column for Yahoo! News to have a pop at everyone in the royal family except the money motivated minx who uses him like a puppet.


In his first “5-minute read” for the online only title – which frankly if produced in printed form wouldn’t even make tomorrow’s chip papers – the Sussex Squaddie chieftan’s continual references to such things as “pearl clutching,” “faux outrage” and “hysteria” about the Sussexes “on the royal beat” simply prove that he is anything but capable of making a rational or indeed reasoned analysis.


Never known to have produced an unbiased story about the mistress he is so devoted to, Scobie ludicrously claims in his ‘article’ that Prince Harry’s vicious attack on his grandmother’s staff “had everyone (including Downing Street) rushing for the smelling salts” and laughably added: “As someone who got closest to the story of Harry’s royal departure, it was certainly not my first thought.”


Firstly, not many would consider Scobie a “thinking man” and secondly, it wasn’t this potless prick that clenched an interview with the royal rotters that are the ‘Modern Day Mr & Mrs Simpson.’ Did they go running to him when they wanted to give an interview? No, they most certainly did not and “why was this?” some might ask. Well, given the woman formerly known as Meghan Markle is utterly money motivated, with Scobie, where, indeed, is the money?


Pitching himself as on a par with Oprah Winfrey is certainly laughable, but in claiming his “I remember how my jaw dropped when a friend of the couple gave me a play-by-play account of how the Queen’s private secretary, Edward Young, went out of his way to prevent the couple from visiting the monarch in Sandringham,” this wannabe and anything but jovial jester to the court of ‘MeGain’ simply shows himself as deranged and delusional.


Going further, in saying “inside the institution of the monarchy is an environment where mental health and wellbeing is not prioritised,” this ‘woke warrior’ is only attempting to draw himself and to promote his bargain-bucket, bag-of-bilge ‘book’ Finding Freedom.


Tellingly, this totally biased ‘article’ ends with a pointed attack on the royal family with the words: “When you look at the famously unsympathetic institution the Queen lives within, Harry has every reason to worry” and then a very relevant sentence: “Buckingham Palace declined to comment to Yahoo News UK.” Miaow.


Scobie, like scabies, should learn that he’s not wanted; it’s now time for him to simply sod off.


Pictured top – The new “Royal Executive Editor” (left) and the woman who is his puppet mistress with the drip that is her husband, the Duchess of Sussex (right).


In other equally vicious comments, ‘Scabies’ shamelessly had a pop at the Queen’s much-loved dresser on behalf of his mistress. He ridiculously remarked: “Angela Kelly, who multiple sources told me made it almost impossible for Meghan to have a necessary ‘hair trial’ with her chosen wedding tiara – even standing up the duchess-to-be and her hairstylist, who had flown in especially, at a pre-scheduled fitting. Harry, sources said, felt it was a cruel attempt to put his partner ‘in her place.’” This is not journalism, it is simply gossip reported by a ghastly guffawing goon.
Tweet 1
The ‘Finding Freedom’ author’s attacks on amongst others ‘Yankee Wally’ are indicative only of a moronic meddler determined to get attention for himself. Here is a mouth-not-a-man who’ll do anything to keep himself in the favour of the mendacious minx from Montecito.
Tweet 2
Attacking everyone in the royal family other than his meal ticket that consists only of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is the only way for this buffoon to continue to get media moments.
Sussex Squad
Aiding this anything but impartial prat on social media are trolls including ‘Unstoppable-Chi’ and ‘Gin Perdide.’ These ‘people’ and the likes of the Bot Sentinel bore that is Christopher Bouzy are vicious and vile.
The self-serving, plastic-not-fantastic PR peddler bragged about his new gig on Twitter and shared his first ludicrous headline: “Why Prince Harry has every reason to ask questions about the people around the Queen” with his 82,600 followers. In another tweet, the cretinous creep added: “Excited to start a new content partnership with Yahoo! News, one of the world’s most read outlets. As Executive Royal Editor, I’ll be working with @YahooNewsUK on original podcasting, video content, and giving my unfiltered take on the big royal stories every week. Let’s go!” Most would be delighted if he’d indeed: “Just go!”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. What a glorious way our Matthew has, of bringing us the absolute truth, but in his uniquely gifted way…yes, a “spoonful of Matthews sugar helps the medicine go down”!!
    But we didn’t need or like the medicine anyway but Matthew helps us stomach that Plastic Poncey Pissant.
    I adore these reports from Matthew steeples, I check daily for any news, because Steeple times makes everything funny. And I loves a goof belly laugh! As usual, a witty, informative, accurate update on those who make our beloved Royal Family sleep with one eye open. Or should I say their trusted aides. Know your enemies and keep then close,! If you can stand the pong! Bravo Matthew we love you 👏 👍 🙌 👌

    • Thank you very much Sadie. It is a pleasure to have discovered you and your alter-ego, Yankee Wally. You are brilliant at exposing the nonsense and tripe from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their ‘Squaddies’ and I hope you are restored to YouTube again soon. I shall be in touch directly about doing an interview with you in due course on email as our readership love your Welsh warblings.

      • Hahahaha you nutter! I’ll do anything for you Matthew and of course, my fee will be waived! I got a big crush on your ✍️ writing. Not you, your writing because your way too old for me!

        • You Tube and Twitter were correct in removing your platforms. Hate for profit should be regulated.I find it very hypocritical that a former brothel madam should be so judgemental. You pointed a gun at someone over a parking space. Crazy!Your own daughter has denounced your behavior.You use people who cater to hate like you exploited vulnerable prostitutes. You recently asked your fans for donations. Disgraceful!

  2. Sadie definitely needs to be reinstated on You Tube. Hopefully, with Elon Musk at the helm of Twitter, her account there will also be restored. Miss you desperately on YT dear Yankee Wally, haven’t figured out how to watch your new channel on my telly 🙁

  3. Dear Matthew I relished every word of this wonderful article calling out this total tool Scooby Doo. Keep them coming Meghan Markle collects total losers including her disgraceful husband. Love from Florida

  4. Honestly, I think it should be a requirement that on every story about this freak should be his “before” and “after” photographs, to remind everyone just how sick he is. How much self hatred is involved for you to deliberately butcher your own face? Bleach your own skin? Try to completely erase your features/ethnicity? Omid Scobie has a LOT of problems. Being Dumb and Dumber’s lying mouthpiece is just one of them.

  5. What a joke article , Yankee is a known hate for profit merchant , who promoted lies and conspiracy theories on YouTube and Twitter. The reason she was removed was Bot Sentinel exposed her hate for profit accounts. Buzzfeed caught her out along with her accomplice that nut job liar Samantha Markle. Making a fortune from spreading hate. Rightly banned off all platforms and cancelled. Let’s get rid of the rest of you nasty lot off SM. The world will be a better place. What a nasty, malicious article. What kind of person writes this certainly not one, who can afford to judge anyone else. Is that Yankee with an alias. IS it true you are an ex ho monger. Well what can you expect from a pig but a grunt or a sow to be in a sty. 😂🗣you got to laugh though. A pack of loons.

    • Thank you for your comment. If you do not like our articles, you have the right not to read them and you have the right to go elsewhere. Pip pip.


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