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Ghislaine Maxwell – From ‘Seasoned Socialite’ to ‘Sordid Sex Trafficker’

Matthew Steeples reflects on shamed sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction and slams the BBC and Sky News for their coverage of the verdict; he also calls on the Met Police to reopen their 1994 investigation into the deviant’s activities in London

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s totally deserved transition from being a super-connected “Miss Moneybags” to going down in history as nothing but a “Mendacious ‘Monster Moving’ Mucky Madam” sets in concrete, the BBC and Sky News have been quite rightly called out over their disgracefully lax coverage of her conviction.


When the guilty verdicts on five out of the six charges came in last night, wall-to-wall coverage began across all media channels, but both aforementioned stations got it totally wrong in how they presented the story. Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves and frankly, they owe the victims an apology.


In the case of Sky News, I was amongst those calling the channel out on Twitter as they continued to call ‘Cap’n Bob’s’ decidedly deviant daughter a “socialite” when in fact they should have replaced that description with “convicted sex offender.” Miss Maxwell, it must now be noted, will simply go down in history as a wicked wench abused by her monstrous father who then who turned to wickedly abusing others in cahoots with her monstrous associates.


Worse still elsewhere, the BBC tripped up in an even bigger manner in asking lawyer Alan Dershowitz – a man who once stated of his ‘activities’ at the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lenox Hill, New York mansion: “I kept my underwear on during the massage” – on to comment on the verdict in spite of the fact he has been accused of being one of Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abusers.


Responding on Twitter, human rights lawyer Caoilfhionn Gallagher got over 16,900 likes when she remarked:


“Sorry, what?! @BBCNews now have Alan Dershowitz on to analyse #GhislaineMaxwell’s conviction, without any reference to his background; he’s simply introduced as ‘constitutional lawyer’ as if he’s a neutral expert. Shocked. Utterly bizarre decision & does the audience a disservice.”


“It’s the choice to interview him, but more importantly 1) not contextualising in any way: no mention of Dershowitz having acted for Epstein,or that Virginia Giuffre accused him of abuse, or the defamation suits, & 2) giving him a platform to undermine Giuffre, unchallenged. Appalling.”


“I’m adding to this Thread given some replies simply to say that I’m generally an admirer of BBC editorial standards, & as a media lawyer I understand pressures with breaking news stories. But in my view there were many mistakes here. I hope @BBCNews will acknowledge this & apologise.”


“I see some others have pulled @BBCNews up on this terrible decision-making tonight, too. See these other threads on Dershowitz being interviewed as a ‘legal expert’ on the #GhislaineMaxwellTrial #GhislaineMaxwell, by @sarahchurchwell & @NadiaWhittomeMP.”


Going further subsequently, British Labour MP Nadia Whittome quite rightly added:


“Alan Dershowitz, who was accused of the same crimes as Prince Andrew, is on the BBC trying to silence victims following Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction. I can’t believe this needs to be said but the BBC should not give a platform to people accused of child sexual abuse.”


Turning to analysis of a woman described by her father – a pig-like murdering maniac nicknamed ‘Bouncing Bob’ after his cheques went awry after he stole £500 million from his company’s own pension fund (that has to this day never been found) – as being “just like me,” victim Sarah Ransome this morning shockingly told Sky News:


“Ghislaine was the main enforcer. Jeffrey said: ‘You answer to Ghislaine. She is the lady of the house.’ … She forced me into Jeffrey’s house in order to be raped… [Afterwards] I looked at her and that’s why it is really important for me to have looked at her and said: ‘You forced me into that room to be raped.’ And she smiled. I smiled right back at her.”


Indicative of how vile a person Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover and procurer truly is, this description of a woman known for putting dildos on dinner tables as part of place settings provides illustration that she is most definitely just like her deranged daddy – someone with utterly no moral compass.


In the end for Ghislaine Maxwell her lush life and privilege was no protection. May this evil woman, a person who believed she could get through based on “manners and magnetism,” now get what she deserves; to end of her days rotting in eternal hell. A second trial now looms large and though she’ll appeal the first, this murky menace would do well to remember a tweet from her very own account of the 20th December that read: “Remember money, manipulation and memory.” In the end, that’s what actually got her.


1 Alan Dershowitz Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell
The BBC disgraced themselves in inviting Alan Dershowitz to comment on the verdict given he is linked not as an expert, but as someone implicated in partaking in ‘activities’ connected to the now convicted mucky madam Maxwell. They must apologise to the victims for this clear error of judgment. The 83-year-old was slammed after the BBC failed to censure him when he stated: “The most important thing for British viewers is that the government was very careful who it used as witnesses. It did not use as a witness the woman who accused Prince Andrew, who accused me, who accused many other people, because the government didn’t believe she was telling the truth. In fact she, Virginia Giuffre, was mentioned in the trial as somebody who brought young people to Epstein for him to abuse, so this case does nothing to strengthen the case against Prince Andrew, indeed it weakens the case against Prince Andrew considerably because the government was very selective in who it used. It used only witnesses it said were credible and it deliberately didn’t use the main witness, the woman who started the whole investigation – Virginia Giuffre – because they ultimately didn’t believe she was telling the truth and they didn’t believe a jury would believe her and they were right in doing so.” Earlier this week, as the world mourns the loss of Desmond Tutu, Dershowitz reprehensibly branded the Nobel Peace Prize winning archbishop an “anti-Semite” and a “bigot.” Shame on him and shame on the BBC.
2 Matthew Steeples Sky News Socialite Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell
Responding to Sky News’ decision to continue referencing a convicted criminal as a “socialite,” Matthew Steeples responded by suggesting she should instead be branded a “sex trafficker” and “sexual abuser.” Going further, crusading author of ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography’ Kirby Sommers thanked ‘The Steeple Times’ for publishing excerpts of her book “when [the] mainstream media was busy calling her a ‘socialite.’
3 Ghislaine Maxwell family statement Kirby Sommers conviction
After the guilty on five out of six charges verdict, the Maxwell family used their @RealGhislaine Twitter channel to predictably protest their sister’s innocence. They announced that their sibling would be appealing and elsewhere Kirby Sommers – whose book can be published by clicking here – surmised the now convicted sex offender’s mood in the courtroom. Sommers commented: “[She] showed no emotion in the courtroom when the charges were read. She simply whispered something into her attorney’s ear while the charges were being read. And as she walked out of the courtroom she glanced at her siblings – the other spies in the Maxwell family.” Continuing in a separate missive, Sommers added: “This is a big departure from 14th July 2021 when she stood in front of Judge Nathan, after her arrest on 2nd July, and was denied bail. At that time she dried a tear drop off her cheek.”
4 Ghislaine Maxwell Scott Borgerson Prince Andrew Jeffrey Epstein
Ghislaine Maxwell has shown herself to be devoted only to money and men. Pictured top left with a photograph of her evil father, she subsequently replaced him with grubby associations with her husband since 2016 Scott Borgerson (top centre) – a man who couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to her trial – and Prince Andrew (top right, clearly not sweating) and her late lover Jeffrey Epstein (lower photograph) – a man whose feet she charmingly liked to massage with her breasts.
5 Keith McNally Ghislaine Maxwell
No word has been heard yet from the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter’s supporters. Amongst them have been restaurateur Keith McNally, PR peddler Brian Basham, tellybox twerp Richard Madeley and mouthy meddler Jay Beecher.
6 Ghislaine Maxwell Cressida Dick 1994 London Met Police investigation
After the conviction of this sordid sex trafficker, Matthew Steeples tweeted: “I believe she was the chief and the former taxi driver Epstein the functionary. I now call on the Met Police to reopen their 1994 investigation into her activities in London.” In a subsequent tweet, he added: “Dame Cressdia went to the same school at the same time as Ghislaine Maxwell; they studied at the same college. Why was the 1994 Met Police investigation into the brothel at GM’s house stopped?”
7 Peter Mandelson Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell
Elsewhere online, a petition calling on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to “suspend Lord Mandelson from Labour while carrying out probe into extent of his involvement with sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell” has been started. Peter Mandelson holidayed with the convicted paedophile Epstein, called him whilst he was in prison in January 2009 and left supportive messages on the now convicted sex trafficker Maxwell’s TerrMar Project website in 2012.
8 Ghislaine Maxwell Madeleine McCann
Bizarrely, in June 2020, after ‘The Steeple Times’ reported on Lord Mandelson’s links to the case of ‘missing’ Madeleine McCann, a likeness of a suspect that looked remarkably like an image of Ghislaine Maxwell emerged. We do not believe this to be one and the same woman, but it is indeed a remarkable coincidence.
9 Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell finishing sentences raunchy
The irony of grubby Ghislaine’s downfall is that the viral meme that has done the rounds of this sexual deviant has finally come true for her: “True love is… Finishing each other’s sentences.” Long may this wicked wench rot in hell.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. The socialite of the slammer will find herself socialising with some remarkably unsociable people for quite a few years. I reckon on 20, so she can be out on her 80th Birthday. That should be long enough for her to look back at the happy times she shared while on bail, good food, computer and so on. It is not quite throwing away the key, but somewhere in the bottom of a dusty old drawer, someone will have to scratch around finding it.

  2. Well guilty as expected, we now wait to see what sort of sentence she cops, I’m thinking around 4 to 5 years on each conviction, so around the 25 year Mark, with elagability for parol after 10 to 15 years. I still can’t fathom out why she went on the run in the USA, she is also a citizen of the UK and France. If she had been arrested in France, there is no extradition with the US, so she probably would have been much better off.
    If she ends up getting the maximum sentence allowed for all charges, I think around 65 years, which will be life for her. I hope she decides to cut a deal and starts naming some big names to get a reduction. However, if that happens, she’s going to have to have eyes in the back of her head in the shower rooms.

  3. Live at Bolebeck House in Belgravia and often used to see her in the area. Nice lady and hope she gets an appeal and is out soon. The story has been vastly overblown to what really happened. How does a massage suddenly become an illegal rape and the dates never added up. The jury were also blatantly rushed into a judgement.

    • George, what Absolute rubbish, a nice lady, are you joking? I suppose you think all her victims were lying as well, and also her father was totally innocent?

    • Convicted by a jury of her peers; what more do you want? To pretend she knew nothing about this is beyond credibility after all the years with him

  4. There was no proof other than what the girls said. She’d never have been convicted in a UK court as the evidence was clearly not overwhelming. It was 100% heresay

    • Er, hearsay. You may live in Belgravia but you’re full of crap, denizens of that part of London are generally entitled idiots, prove me wrong.

  5. Prince Andrew should already have been convicted in a UK Court. The creepy lack of moral fiber and healthy energy displayed by the UK in this matter is a reminder of Victorian pornography (we’ve all heard about it).I sense a passive aggressive hide and watch coming from officials in England. The Queen has lost me over this as well and I loved her for decades.


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